Term Paper: Youth Market in U.S. Wine

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[. . .] S. wine industry is facing stiffer competition from foreign wine manufacturers in the wake of globalization. Such competition is likely to increase in future

Recommended Strategy:

The U.S. wine industry can no longer afford to ignore the youth market

Substantial increase in advertising targeted to Generations 'X' and 'Y' is required. The campaign needs to be designed with care as 'tricking' the youth into drinking wine could prove to be counter-productive

Other measures such as designing smaller wine bottles and simpler, Anglo-Saxon names for wines are needed


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Although U.S. consumption of table wines has been increasing since 1990, the number of drinkers hasn't kept pace with the rise in the adult population (Report sponsored by Wine Market Council in 2000)

This is now widely recognized by the wine market as the Wine Market Council, an industry-funded research and marketing group, has launched an ad campaign in the U.S. aimed at the youth wine market

SWOT Analysis

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