Youth Transition Out of Foster Literature Review

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The instrument used for the investigation was the Multidimensional Adolescent Satisfaction Scale. Results of the study indicated that the only background characteristic found to be significantly associated with satisfaction with counseling was custody status, while attitudes toward mental health services was the only variable found to be a significant predictor of counseling satisfaction in the study (Scott et al., 2009).


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Munson, M.R., Smalling, S.E., Spencer, R., Scott, L.D., Tracy, E. (2009). A steady presence in the midst of change: nonkin natural mentors in the lives of older youth exiting foster care. Child and Youth Services Review, 32(4), 527-35.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Literature Review on Youth Transition Out of Foster Assignment

Scott, L.D., Munson, M.R.,…
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