Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck Term Paper

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If we can really be with who we are, Transformation occurs."

The power of life is already inherent in all of us and she makes that clear throughout the book. Instead of being caught in the tangle of trying to find a solution for our lives, she believes that we must be enlightened from being dimly aware of the endless possibilities that are available to us.

The simplicity of life is within us and we need to rid ourselves of the "if only" I had this or that or did this or lived there or had that job or that family, etc. Beck admonishes that "we all go through that one. Slowly we wear out most of our "if onlies. Not one of us isn't to some degree, still wearing out our "if onlies." She believes the process for doing this is slow and we attain levels of inward spirituality.

Looking outside ourselves for that complete person only adds to the anxiety we feel. We're all afraid that life will pass us by, that we are missing something and the truth is that we are creating an internal environment where we foster that worry instead of enjoying and being and living each day for what it's worth.

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We have all spent many years building up a conditioned view of life," according to Beck and "there is me and there is this thing out there that is either hurting me or pleasing me." Unfortunately we try to avoid the parts of life that don't please us but that doesn't work either. Freeting about what might happen, what will it mean, how will things change are all visions we create in our heads. We miss the moment because we are already trying to live the next. We worry we might miss something when we our creating the circumstances and we are missing something -- life at the moment.

Term Paper on Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck. Assignment

Pain uneasiness and anxiety govern our lives because we let them. We nourish them. We try to pretend that we aren't but our external behavior proves us wrong. Not sleeping well, overeating, drugs, drinking, fatigue, over working, short tempered. The worst part is that most f us don't realize that we are just existing in a small worlkd that is "safe." A world of what we know instead of what might be. We don't get it. We don't see that now is all we have. No one guarantees that you will wake up tomorrow. If you do, that in and of itself is a gift.

That's what enlightenment is all about. It is the realization that you are not missing anything. That you already have it all. That joy and life are yours and that you limit your own views by your thoughts.

Beck further offers that we are not just "I' alone but part of something greater. "We have to see through the mirage that there is an "I" separate from "that." Our practice is to close the gap. Only in that instant when we and the object become one can we see what our life is."

Beck suggest that we recondition our thinking and not have restricted viewpoints of what life and the "I" are all about. To fully appreciate our life, we need to be aware of it and at the very least, to let ourselves experience some enlightenment.

Life isn't meant to be perfect, it is just meant to be life. As complicated and perplexing as it gets, is as simple as it can be. We all try to solve the puzzle and sometimes, we work to hard at it. We miss the point of life.

Everyday Zen provides a usable guide for making the most of life and creating an inner spirituality that can help us correct the error of our ways. As Beck tells us, "We are caught in the contradiction of finding life a rather than perplexing puzzle which causes us a lot of misery...." Life can be our own downfall unless we seek the shelter of our internal soul and end our search within ourselves. Then everything else will be available to us but not a requirement. We will find that we have all we need in "us" and the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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