zombies family structure and the romero trilogy Essay

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Throughout Night of the Living Dead, both Harry and Helen and Tom and Judy remain intact couples, all bitten together and none put into the precarious position of needing to destroy their significant other's reanimated corpse.

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The third film in the trilogy, Day of the Dead, explores the radical concept of the potential to "train" zombies, keeping them as a sort of pet. Pets in American society are family members, and Bub is in fact Dr. Logan's pet project. His keeping of Bud and diligent feeding and training of Bud means that Dr. Logan becomes the Dr. Frankenstein to his monster, his Bub. Dr. Logan tries to impose the patriarchal family structure in which the father is progenitor and dominating authoritarian figure. He has the power and the status in his relationship with Bub. Bub is an undead, helpless and yet he does possess the power to kill out of what can be misconstrued as human passion for revenge against those who murdered his surrogate father. Day of the Dead allows Romero to examine the potent question of whether Dr. Logan exploits Bub for his own selfish reasons or whether he treats Bub with greater kindness and compassion than the living who actively seek to kill the undead. Dr. Logan creates new kinship ties with Bub in spite of their existential separation of one being alive and the other dead. They have effectively transcended the social codes of blood kin, but they do so within the patriarchal framework in which one male, Dr. Logan, has paternalistic power over the other, Bub. Dr. Logan's paternal relationship with Bub is not based on sexual reproduction but on the sheer power of will -- and therefore indicates the post-apocalyptic need to create a new social order with new definitions of family and kinship.

Essay on zombies family structure and the romero trilogy Assignment

Romero's Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead revise what is essentially thousands of years of patriarchal human history that depended on family structures designed to maximize the breeding power of women and men. Patriarchy has resulted in social hierarchies and caste systems in which race, class, and gender intersect to inform who has power and who does not. Zombies upset the patriarchal social order. Zombies work together with zero social class stratification to feast on the living. Their unique threat to humanity goes beyond just life or death; zombies threaten the belief systems, values, and norms of human society. Any survivors must eventually confront their biases as they bond together to fight zombies. When human beings fight zombies using patriarchal social norms, they fail. Human beings need to create a new social system with a new concept of family. The family structure that works to fend off the zombie invasion is best described as feminist, cooperative, and collaborative.

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