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Wireless Network Implementation Wireless Business Term Paper

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Since 802.11g systems are so new, it is likely that subsequent improvements will result in continued technological evolution, while prices come down, as has always been the case, from past experiences with new PC hardware systems. Presently, 802.11g routers and adapters are approximately twice as expensive as 802.11b and 802.11a system components.

In light of relative cost factors and data security issues, it may be that an alternative to any wireless option is preferable for our needs at the present time.

HomePlug-PowerLine Networking:

There is a fourth option that does not rely on any wireless technology at all. Rather, it employs existing electrical wiring to create an internal (with respect to our facility) network connecting all computer terminals (and laptops) to a single Internet connection, and to each other, as well, using existing electrical infrastructure instead of any installed cabling or wireless transmissions.

HPPL networks require only that all components of the system be plugged into the same electrical circuit. The necessary hardware consists only of a "bridge" to the Internet

access point (roughly $100) and adapter cards for each user computer terminal (also about

$100 apiece).

The primary advantage to HPPL over any 802.11 wireless system currently available is that HPPL networks are even more secure and impervious to hackers than the safest wireless encryption, since there is no airborne signal capable of being intercepted at all. In our situation, this consideration militates heavily in favor of HPPL, especially since data transmission rates are not subject to the comparatively limited speed offered by 2.4 Mhz and

5.4 Mhz wireless microwave signals, respectively.

Whereas our wireless accessibility site survey revealed numerous extraneous sources of signal drain and other (typical) electromagnetic interference of indeterminable origin, our more recent electrical system survey suggests that we can accommodate a stable HPPL

system on the necessary single circuit. Given the limitations of 802.11b systems to support our anticipated data transfer requirements and the natural physical impediments compromising the effective range of the 802.11a alternative, the HPPL option seems preferable, even without the additional security benefit of avoiding microwave data transmission.


At this preliminary juncture, our wireless site accessibility survey and electrical system survey suggest that HPPL is preferable to implementation of either 802.11b or

802.11a component systems. Our data transfer requirements exceed the operational limits of

5.4 Mhz system and the idiosyncrasies of our physical facility precludes the use of older 2.4

Mhz-based systems .

The newest 802.11g systems and their associated amplification hardware might solve both issues, but the data security concern might be prohibitive as far as any wireless system is concerned. Ultimately, the decision will ride on the comparative importance of the data security issue and the remote networking capability of the newest 802.11g systems offering the VPN feature.

In the final analysis, we must await a detailed security analysis to determine whether any wireless networking system is feasible. Once the matter is cleared by internal data security analysts, then the matter will depend almost exclusively on the practical… [read more]

Industrial Management Continues to Remain Term Paper

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The proposal will include a detailed discussion of the literature as well as a proposed study. The study proposal will include an introduction; a statement of the problem, a definition of common terms in research, methodology, (including instrument, population, and data analysis methods) a discussion regarding the importance of the study and a conclusion. The study will be designed to determine whether incentive programs to reduce absenteeism are effective.

There will be eight sources used to complete the literature review and discussion. They are listed below.


All Present and Accounted For?(decreasing absenteeism, attendance awards and the Family and Medical Leave Act)

HRMagazine; 10/1/2001; Tyler, Kathryn

Many companies are eliminating perfect attendance incentive programs in light of Family and Medical Leave Act regulations.

Non-cash rewards and incentives: Big bangs for little bucks.(Brief Article)

Behavioral management and task performance in organizations: conceptual background, meta-analysis, and test of alternative models.

Personnel Psychology; 3/22/2003; Luthans, Fred

Institutional bias, risk, and workers' risk aversion.

Journal of Economic Issues; 12/1/1995; Doucouliagos, Chris

Eswaran, M., and A. Kotwal. "Why Are Capitalists the Bosses?" The Economic Journal 99 (1989): 162-176.

Everett, Michael J., and Alanson P. Minkler. "Evolution and Organisational Choice in Nineteenth-Century Britain." Cambridge Journal of Economics 17 (1993): 51-62.

Fanning, C.M., and T. McCarthy. "A Survey of Economic Hypotheses Concerning the Non-Viability of Labour-Directed Firms in Capitalist Economies." In Labor-Owned Firms and Workers' Cooperatives, edited by S. Jansson and A. Hellmark, 7-50. Aldershot: Gower, 1986.

Rooney, P.M. "Employee Ownership and Worker Participation Effects on…… [read more]

Wireless Local Area Network Term Paper

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Since Wireless LANs use the air as their data transport medium, they are vulnerable to unauthorized use and eavesdropping. The hawkers sometimes use a network "sniffer" to monitor and steal network information from Wireless LANs with much ease than a wired LAN.

Moreover the range and connectivity of the Wireless Network depends on the strength of RF signal which is adversely affected by the complicated factors like building, structure, room layout wall construction, RF emitting devices like microwaves etc. This has a direct effect on the throughput of the wireless connection. It is also essential to carefully coordinate the wireless frequency in order to avoid malfunction and signal washout. The location of Access Points also determines the performance of the Wireless LANs. Irrespective of so much worries, the Wireless LANs have their own beauty in terms of flexibility, scalability, mobility which can not be undermined and of extremely useful to a particular Mobile Group of users. [What wireless is/is not]


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3. What wireless is / is not retrieved at http://bits.eller.arizona.edu/services/resources/WLAN / whatiswireless. Aspx Accessed on 04/01/2004… [read more]

Data Input, Output, Storage Devices Term Paper

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5 inches and 5.25 inches. The latter has become totally obsolete, it being used on large mainframes and XT computers now. 3.25-inch floppy disks are still being used today. They provide storage capacity of about 1.44 MB of data. The single most benefit of floppy disks is that they provide for easy transfer of data from one place to another.


CD ROM is the newest form of secondary storage device that is here to stay but somewhat its use would be considered obsolete in the coming years. DVD ROMs would take their place. CD ROM stands for Compact Disk Read Only Memory. It means that they can only be written at once and their data cannot be changed. But in certain cases like that of CD RW the data can be read and changed back and forth. They can store up to as much as 700 MB of data.


Tape has seen the light of the day in its heydays when the use of XT computers was on the rise. It, of late, has become obsolete in the computer world.

Role of each in determining the speed of the computer

RAM: This brings to the user fast available data. This is quicker than the hard disk. RAM is also called the primary storage within the computer.

Clock Speed: The clock speed determines the number of revolutions that the hard disk rotates within a second.

Data on Hard Disk: If the data is aplenty, then the speed of the computer would be slow but this can be aided by increasing the RAM or getting in a new hard disk.

Data on CD-ROM: This data can just be viewed and read but cannot be written (changed) to. It also is an important factor in determining the speed of the computer.

Data on Floppy Disk: Floppy disks slow down the activity of a normal running computer when they are being used. This is due to the less revolutions per second capability of the floppy disks as compared with hard disk and the RAM. [Author Unknown, 2004]

Works Cited

Author Unknown, 2004 General Computer Basic Input/Output System Overview URL 1: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=299697

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Tattoo Removal the History Term Paper

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For this reason, Tylenol is recommended for any pain relief required in the days prior to laser treatment. Since lasers are a bloodless methods, the side effects are minimal, and infection is not the concern it is with excision, dermabrasion or salabrasion. However, since individual treatments require time to heal, tattoo removal via laser methods are often done in several… [read more]

Spontaneous Playfulness and the Instinctive Research Paper

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Spontaneous playfulness and the instinctive tendency to imitate manifested in children are traits that appear to linger into adult life. Theatre in the form it exists today was born somewhere along humanity's childish behavior combined with the profoundness of thought of ancient philosophers. Theatre writers such as Aeschylus possessed the power to get together and entertain thousands of people though… [read more]

Philip Glass: The Light Essay

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The final two sections provide the sense of closure, reflection and the finality of overall achievement.

The piece, "The Poet Acts" is the first composition of Philip Glass's legendary score, The Hours. This is the piece which has the most profound sense of foreboding in perhaps the entire soundtrack to this film. The melody of this piece seems to be riddled with the most profound sense of sorrow: melodically the sounds work together to convey an almost palpable human emotion. This track is entitled "The Poet Acts" because it is used in the film against the moment when Virginia Woolf commits suicide by drowning herself. Thus, melodically, there needs to be a sense of not only palpable human sorrow, but also of a sense of the inevitability of all that is. The suicide is imminent and nothing can be done to stop it. Harmony is the connection between several pitches and is impacted by chord progression. In this regard Glass is able to keep a harmony which is able to adequately influence both the thematic and melodic elements. The rhythm helps to create variance in the accentuation of the sounds over time, while keeping a strong sense of the human heartbeat or pulse, which helps the listener to bear in mind the fact that so much is at stake. In this sense the rhythm is able to help create a clear picture of all that is going on; one is never able to forget just how high the stakes are. The quality of the sound and the color work together to strongly evoke this sense of melancholy. The texture of the piece is able to shimmer, eerily evocative almost of the intangible surface of the water that the protagonist ultimately drowns herself beneath. In this manner, all of the elements of the score are all able to work together to convey both action and human emotion in a manner that few pieces of music can.

Thus, these two pieces, The Light and The Poet Acts, composed by Philip Glass, are both testaments not just to his genius, but to his keen and rare understanding of music, a sense which some claim is both uptown and downtown (Thrasher, 2012). In this sense, Glass is able to harness all the different components of musical composition in one of the most complex ways possible and is able to both convey a meaning along with the specificities of human emotion. Glass uses factors like melody, harmony, timbre and texture to create an auditory canvas which is rich and unparalleled and which helps the listener to better understand an idea.


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Chronic Fatigue in the Aviation Research Paper

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Increased concentration and effort might assist the workers for a few minutes, but this does not compensate for fatigue during the entire shift. People need to understand that fatigue is real and can have a detrimental impact especially on safety in aviation. Employees need to balance between rest, work, and play for them to continue performing safety-critical tasks. Fatigue is… [read more]

Inhibition Drives Early Feature-Based Attention Term Paper

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The second experiment focused on generating conclusions from the first experiment through comparison of the mean P1 amplitude in reaction to target and distractor color probes against baselines from neutral-colored probes. The third experiment focused on joining behavioral evidence that the luminance-detection task stimulated an inhibitory or excitatory feature-based attention block.

The authors found that the neural response induced by distractor colored probes was lessened depending on the response induced through neutral-colored probes at early stages in visual processing. The researchers did not find any evidence for an enhanced neural reaction to target-colored probes based on neutral-colored probes. The data suggest that feature-based attention can change incoming sensory input during an early phase of processing through inhibition of distractor features. Since they detected inhibition consistent with task goals in early stages of visual processing, the authors answer the research question by concluding that inhibition plays a significant role at an early phase of target selection that previously determined. Generally, the study shows the significance of understanding the role of inhibition and activation in attention. The findings of this research highlight the crucial role of inhibition that necessitates consideration in future analysis and models of attention (Moher et al., 2014, p.8).

Article Critique:

While the study highlights and provide insights regarding the critical role of inhibition in attention that can be used for future studies and models, the research design or experiments are relatively unclear. The processes that are used in each of these experiments are relatively the same with very minimal differences between them. It is relatively unclear why the authors used the three different experiments and the specific research design. Moreover, the researchers have not provided comprehensive information about each of the processes undertaken in each of the experiments carried out by the researchers. The other participant is that the researchers do not show how they ensured that the participants had relatively similar visual capacity with regards to normal vision or relatively normal vision. Since the authors provide insights on an issue that has not been previously recognized, further experiments should be conducted to determine the role of inhibition in analysis and models of attention. The future experiments should analyze this issue based on the impact of distractors in the role of inhibition in feature-based attention.

There are other studies that have been conducted regarding the role of inhibition in early feature-based attention. One of these researches was conducted by Liqiang Huang on the speed of feature-based attention with regards to selection. The researcher mainly focuses on examining the speed of attention in relation to processing optimization and the selection of information. After conducting experiments on a group of undergraduate students, the researcher concluded that feature-based attention works through the creation of a spatial representation. The representation is achieved through the stimulus of a feature and a processing optimization of visual information with the region of the spatial representation (Huang, 2010, p.1382). This study seems to imply that inhibition or activation drives early feature based attention.

In conclusion, the… [read more]

Maintaining an Optimal Temperature in the Workplace Term Paper

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Risk Management: Thermal Comfort

Because our homes and businesses exist in a continually temperature-controlled state, it is easy to forget the risks posed by improper temperature management. Risks may be posed to employees if internal heating and cooling systems break down, if there is a power outage or simply if on a consistent basis there are not adequate steps taken… [read more]

United Nations in East Timor Successes and Failures Essay

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¶ … peacekeeping missions of the United Nations in East Timor ultimately turned out to be more or less unique in terms of the history of UN actions. A quick review of the specific details is necessary to analyze the UN's achievements in East Timor more closely. East Timor had been a former Portuguese colony on the divided island of… [read more]

MDG Turkey Literature Review Research Paper

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Varol, C., Ercoskun, O. & Gurer, N. (2011). Local participatory mechanisms and collective actions for sustainable urban development in Turkey. Habitat International Vol. 35 (1) 9-16.

This article outlines Turkish progress with respect to Local Agenda 21, which is the section of the Millennium Development Goals relating to sustainable development. Agenda 21 is a massive document, so there are many different definitions and standards by which the nation will be held under this agenda. The authors surveyed five cities in Turkey with respect to their participation in Agenda 21 and whether or not they are meeting the goals set out in that agenda. The authors found that Agenda 21 goals are not generally being met by the Turkish cities, and that the civic authorities feel as though they have had little input into the implementation of Agenda 21 obejctives.

The paper is moderately useful. The main positive is that it is one of the few that actually addresses the UN Millennium Development Goals with relation to Turkey to have been written in an academic journal. However, the methodology is weak, with only five cities being studied and the results of the survey being little more than subjective evaluations on the part of the cities. At some point the barely-controlled sprawl that most Turkish cities face is the responsibility of local government, so their claims that they have little input into or control over the process are specious. That said, there are valid points to be made about the level of cooperation between governments that is required to meet UN Millennium Development goals, and whether or not it is reasonably feasible for different layers of government, with their different interests, to effectively work together towards those goals.

UNDP (2014) The Millennium Development Goals Report 2014. United Nations Development Program. Retrieved October 31, 2015 from http://www.tr.undp.org/content/turkey/en/home/library/mdg/2013-millennium-development-goals-report.html

Primary source material from the UN and NGOs will form some of the best material for…… [read more]

Brazil Tunisia Egypt and Civil Unrest Essay

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Youth of Tunisia, Brazil and Egypt

[Author Name(s), First M. Last, Omit Titles and Degrees]

Youth have a way of inspiring change. In developing countries like Brazil, Tunisia, and Egypt, working class individuals have made progress and joined an ever-growing emergent middle class. This middle class has become responsible for some of the biggest protests seen in the last decade.… [read more]

Globalization Through the Internationalist Lens Essay

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Defining the Concept

Globalization is understood as a concept of increasing integration of people and societies around the world. This condition has been brought about by the reduction of barriers that have traditionally divided people. Those divisions resulted in compartmentalization, where cultures, nations and lifestyles sometimes differed quite significantly between peoples. With instant global communication, rapid transportation, reductions in… [read more]

How Vietnam Changed From a French Colony to Independence Research Paper

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Southeast Asia and Australia / Pacific Rim

How have outside influences in the form of arriving people and countries impacted the culture of Southeast Asia and the Australia/Pacific Realms? And what will be the most important influence (positive or negative) in the future? This paper covers those important cultural issues.

Indochina, the French and Americans

About the time the Americans were beginning to go to battle fighting the Civil War, in 1860, the French were just beginning to intrude into Southeast Asia, also known as Indochina. The U.S. History website points out that there were " ... riches to be harvested" in Indochina and those riches were " ... economically enticing to the French." In 1887 the French took total control over many regions of Southeast Asia, calling the area French Indochina. The region the French laid claim to included today's nations of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

The polite translation of "colonie d'exploitation" -- "colony of economic interests" -- clearly pointed to France's reasons for this exploitation. The French colonial government made local people pay high taxes for goods like " ... salt, opium, and rice alcohol," which helped put money in French government's coffers; in fact 44% of the budget for France in Indochina came from those taxes (about.com). Soon the French began serious exploitation of the resources: Vietnam was rich in zinc, tin, and coal, as well as crops like rubber, rice, coffee and tea; Cambodia also had rubber and rice; and Laos had "low-level timber harvesting" (about.com).

The Japanese invaded French Indochina in 1941 during WWII, and intended to exploit all its resources as well, but about that time Ho Chi Minh organized a guerrilla fighting force to liberate Vietnam from Japan. After WWII the French tried to reclaim their rights to Indochina but they met their final demise at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, led by Ho Chi Minh's guerrilla forces.…… [read more]