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Wireless Network Implementation Wireless Business Term Paper

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Since 802.11g systems are so new, it is likely that subsequent improvements will result in continued technological evolution, while prices come down, as has always been the case, from past experiences with new PC hardware systems. Presently, 802.11g routers and adapters are approximately twice as expensive as 802.11b and 802.11a system components.

In light of relative cost factors and data security issues, it may be that an alternative to any wireless option is preferable for our needs at the present time.

HomePlug-PowerLine Networking:

There is a fourth option that does not rely on any wireless technology at all. Rather, it employs existing electrical wiring to create an internal (with respect to our facility) network connecting all computer terminals (and laptops) to a single Internet connection, and to each other, as well, using existing electrical infrastructure instead of any installed cabling or wireless transmissions.

HPPL networks require only that all components of the system be plugged into the same electrical circuit. The necessary hardware consists only of a "bridge" to the Internet

access point (roughly $100) and adapter cards for each user computer terminal (also about

$100 apiece).

The primary advantage to HPPL over any 802.11 wireless system currently available is that HPPL networks are even more secure and impervious to hackers than the safest wireless encryption, since there is no airborne signal capable of being intercepted at all. In our situation, this consideration militates heavily in favor of HPPL, especially since data transmission rates are not subject to the comparatively limited speed offered by 2.4 Mhz and

5.4 Mhz wireless microwave signals, respectively.

Whereas our wireless accessibility site survey revealed numerous extraneous sources of signal drain and other (typical) electromagnetic interference of indeterminable origin, our more recent electrical system survey suggests that we can accommodate a stable HPPL

system on the necessary single circuit. Given the limitations of 802.11b systems to support our anticipated data transfer requirements and the natural physical impediments compromising the effective range of the 802.11a alternative, the HPPL option seems preferable, even without the additional security benefit of avoiding microwave data transmission.


At this preliminary juncture, our wireless site accessibility survey and electrical system survey suggest that HPPL is preferable to implementation of either 802.11b or

802.11a component systems. Our data transfer requirements exceed the operational limits of

5.4 Mhz system and the idiosyncrasies of our physical facility precludes the use of older 2.4

Mhz-based systems .

The newest 802.11g systems and their associated amplification hardware might solve both issues, but the data security concern might be prohibitive as far as any wireless system is concerned. Ultimately, the decision will ride on the comparative importance of the data security issue and the remote networking capability of the newest 802.11g systems offering the VPN feature.

In the final analysis, we must await a detailed security analysis to determine whether any wireless networking system is feasible. Once the matter is cleared by internal data security analysts, then the matter will depend almost exclusively on the practical… [read more]

Controversy Is of Zylon&reg Term Paper

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1% fault rate).

Kevlar gave way to Zylon as the standard because Zylon appeared to be not only much stronger, but also far lighter which made the vests more comfortable to wear. Many officers chose to leave their vests behind when they are on patrol simply because they downplay the risk and because the vests are so uncomfortable. By making… [read more]

Industrial Management Continues to Remain Term Paper

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The proposal will include a detailed discussion of the literature as well as a proposed study. The study proposal will include an introduction; a statement of the problem, a definition of common terms in research, methodology, (including instrument, population, and data analysis methods) a discussion regarding the importance of the study and a conclusion. The study will be designed to determine whether incentive programs to reduce absenteeism are effective.

There will be eight sources used to complete the literature review and discussion. They are listed below.


All Present and Accounted For?(decreasing absenteeism, attendance awards and the Family and Medical Leave Act)

HRMagazine; 10/1/2001; Tyler, Kathryn

Many companies are eliminating perfect attendance incentive programs in light of Family and Medical Leave Act regulations.

Non-cash rewards and incentives: Big bangs for little bucks.(Brief Article)

Behavioral management and task performance in organizations: conceptual background, meta-analysis, and test of alternative models.

Personnel Psychology; 3/22/2003; Luthans, Fred

Institutional bias, risk, and workers' risk aversion.

Journal of Economic Issues; 12/1/1995; Doucouliagos, Chris

Eswaran, M., and A. Kotwal. "Why Are Capitalists the Bosses?" The Economic Journal 99 (1989): 162-176.

Everett, Michael J., and Alanson P. Minkler. "Evolution and Organisational Choice in Nineteenth-Century Britain." Cambridge Journal of Economics 17 (1993): 51-62.

Fanning, C.M., and T. McCarthy. "A Survey of Economic Hypotheses Concerning the Non-Viability of Labour-Directed Firms in Capitalist Economies." In Labor-Owned Firms and Workers' Cooperatives, edited by S. Jansson and A. Hellmark, 7-50. Aldershot: Gower, 1986.

Rooney, P.M. "Employee Ownership and Worker Participation Effects on…… [read more]

Computer Vision Syndrome Term Paper

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The continual refocusing sets off a chain of effects that ultimately leads to CVS:

While using a computer, the average person blinks about four to six times per minute. The normal rate is 22 blinks per minute that keeps eyes naturally moistened.

Reduced blinking leads to a "dry eye" condition caused by excessive evaporation of eye moisture. The condition devolves… [read more]

Information Technology 1985 Hacking Term Paper

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As a response to the increasing awareness of the destructive effects of fuel energy in the environment, electric vehicles were manufactured, which uses and runs on low emission fuels by consuming electric energy.

1997 The Internet emerged as the most prevalent form of multimedia technology for this period, integrating the audio and visual elements found in print and broadcast technologies.

Cloning followed after gene therapy, providing opportunities for further improvement of 'correcting' and developing cures and treatments for ailments and genetic disorders among humans.

1999 Medical transplantation replaced cloning and gene therapy as efficient forms of medical procedures in curing and treating certain ailments, primarily because of ethical issues regarding the practice of cloning and gene therapy. Thus, kidneys, eyes, and other organs of an ill or injured patient are transferred into another patient who needs an organ in order to live and survive the operation.

2000-2001 Marked as the period of Information Technology, this period is characterized by the introduction of MP3 and digital piracy, which focused centered on two important aspects of digital communications" information and the Internet. Internet communications and technology are gradually replacing other media forms, providing as an effective alternative where media users can enjoy the multi-media features and accessibility of the Internet.


Evidently, an analyses of the three period enumerated above illustrates how technology has become a lucrative and useful phenomenon for human society for many years already. Through the Internet, humans have learned to create and destroy, to establish ties and produce conflicts among others. Noticeably, over these three periods, medicine, the automobile industry, and computer technology have been the most productive sectors that utilized technology optimally. However, over time, medicine and computers took precedence as the top priorities wherein technologies are to be applied. Furthermore, two important factors of today's technology are emerging to be crucial in the development of these two sectors: information and the Internet. Society's need for more information about all issues involving humans, society, and the present and future civilizations are provided by the Internet. In effect, the Internet is considered the primary medium that acts as a source and receiver of information and provides for human interaction among people from all over the world. The accessibility and profound information obtained from the Internet makes it an ideal venue for the development of the future of technology in the coming years. Thus, the Information Technology age is just beginning for the 21st century, and has a long way to go in further improving human civilization, making way for more information to proliferate and be shared and better interaction among people (users) in the Internet.


Daniel, C. (Ed.). (1993). Chronicle of the 20th Century. NY: JL International Publishing.

McNeil, I. (2002). An Encyclopedia of the History…… [read more]

Radiation Safety in Industrial Term Paper

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By changing the wire configuration, or the phasing or other line characteristics to lower the resultant magnetic field will cause minor changes in the limited economic costs for the utilities or ratepayers. The Commission did this so that limited cost increments would cut down the warranted potential hazard of magnetic field exposures.

Those areas with the highest magnetic fields, receive… [read more]

Taoism Smehra Yin and Yang Term Paper

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People would become depressed and lack certain vitamins if they were to live in darkness for the rest of their lives, while the same could ring true for an imbalance in constant daylight as everything on this planet needs time to rest and experience their 'dark' half.

Another example is the dichotomy of the seasons as they traverse through hot and cold, hot and cold stages in the year. Winter is cold, but Spring is warm/hot - one does not need the other to survive (as seen in climates that are always hot and always cold) but they complement each other in balancing the extremes in nature that allow for the passage of time and the progression (and decomposition) of nature.

A third example is that which is much simpler in terms; left and right. Each is required for the other to be balanced and we use left and right in a multitude of things through out our lives. Left would be considered Yin, while right is yang and though each complement each other; and could exist without the other, it is necessary to have both in order to maintain a balance. Take for example typing on the keyboard using both your hands. The speed is much faster than with one hand, and there is a balance in the amount of work each hand is doing in order to progress through, say, this essay.… [read more]

Ice and Rain Affect Normal Term Paper

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But using each of them can be time consuming. Thompson et al. (1997a) states: "in the real atmosphere, icing cannot exist in sub-saturated environments (RH<100%), except within precipitation or a decaying cloud." This was followed by another study, which had the purpose of locating regions of cloud using NOVA-AVHRR satellite data. (Thompson; Bruintjes, Brown and Hage, Thompson, G., R.T. Bruintjes,… [read more]

Bluetooth Wireless Technology Has Developed Term Paper

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This however involves synchronizing with the different piconets. Similarly a master can relinquish control of the piconet and join in another piconet as a slave. A link manager manages all individual devices within the bluetooth network. The Link Manager Protocol on the different devices enables communication between them. The Link managers in turn depend on the link controller which is responsible for setting up the connection, authenticating and setting the devices into particular modes. (Hold mode, Park mode, and Sniff mode)

Industrial experts are still working on the possibility of arriving at a uniform communication standard for different communication devices. Bluetooth is fast gaining acceptance as the standard mode of wireless communication with more than 1300 companies already accepting it as the standard. According the Mr. Michael Hentschel, the Managing Director of TechVest Ventures there is a great scope bluetooth technology. He opines, "There are a myriad applications for wireless personal area networks, and there could easily be 1.5 billion Bluetooth devices by 2005,." [Jeff Strip].


The basic difference that exists between these two wireless protocols is that IEEE802.11 is an infrastructure-based network wherein communication is effected between two nodes by means of an access point within the network. That is there is no direct communication between any two wireless nodes. Bluetooth on the other hand is an Ad Hoc network protocol that facilitates direct communication between wireless nodes without the need for infrastructure. Bluetooth is a well-known example of an ad hoc wireless network. [Jochen Schiller, 167]. Another major difference is that the problem of power management is a lot simpler in infrastructure-based networks. This is because the access points (AP) in these networks buffer up all the data for any station, which is operating in the power save mode. Presently IEEE 802.11 is much faster than bluetooth and has a wide range of applications but in future the these differences may subside. [Jyrki Oraskari]


Communication technology is evolving continuously with new standards appearing with marked advantages over the existing ones. For example bluetooth offers a new dimension of wireless communication overcoming the need for infrastructural support and interlinking devices eliminating system tethers. However in the communication industry there is no marked preference for one technology over the other, and products are coming out supporting these different technologies. It transpires that bluetooth and IEEE 802.11 are technologies that complement each other. The distinction and the choice between these different protocols is an issue that needs to be addressed by the industry but there is no question of doubt that the integration of these different technologies have bought a paradigm shift to our world of communication.


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Raymond P.… [read more]

Ring of Time Term Paper

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The theme of the circle of time is constant throughout the essay. Each day is a circle, and each day brings us closer to the end of our own circle. The ring in the circus is a metaphor for this circle, and so is the circle of days the writer spends in Florida. These things seem to slow down time because they are enjoyable and a little bit unreal or surreal, but the ultimate theme of the essay is that time does not stand still for anyone, and the circle is never unbroken. White says, "Time has not stood still for anybody but the dead, and even the dead must be able to hear the acceleration of little sports care and know that things have changed" (White 149).

Change is the other theme that White uses in this essay. Just as time cannot stand still, time always brings change, as the end of the essay clearly shows. The area of Sarasota where White spends his summers changes, the policies on integration change, and the circus changes, and does not stay in Sarasota. Change is just as constant as time passing, and this essay shows this, because everything changes by the end of the essay, even the fiddler crab changes from morning to evening, and continues to change in the laboratory, even when it does not know what time it is outside. Change and time are interwoven, and you cannot have one without the other.

It is funny how an essay that starts out about the circus turns into an article about time. It does not seem as if these two things have much in common at first, but White makes it quite clear how time is common in everything that happens around us. Time, and the passing of time, changes our perceptions as well as our bodies. When we are young, like the girl on the horse, time seems to stretch out in front of us forever, but as we get older, we realize that time does not go on forever for us. Time might be infinite, but our time is not, and as we get older, this becomes more real, and the passing of time seems to speed up, just as the girl in the ring speeded up on the horse as she went around and around. Time is constant, and that is the only thing that cannot be affected by change. We cannot add years to our life, or hours in a day, because they are constant and do not change. We see everything around us change except time, and this essay really makes that seem more real and more understandable.

At first, this essay seems light and not very deep, but as it continues, it is clear White had some important things to say, and chose a simple setting to make them even more important. The circus is where we go to forget about the real world for a little while. However, the real world is always… [read more]

Tank Warfare in World Term Paper

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7 mm gun, while the front hull had an immobile, but larger, 7.5 mm gun (Tank Encyclopedia). The tank was also too high off the ground, and unstable in rolling terrain. The first of these tanks saw action against Germany's "Desert Fox," Rommel, in Africa (The War in the Desert). These tanks immediately fell prey to the German Panzers and… [read more]

Modernity- New Changes and Their Term Paper

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Race and gender are no longer considered impediments to growth and success and self has experienced major changes. Despite rapid technological growth and more materialism, self is now studied in the light of its relation to soul and spirit. In other world, spirituality has also grown enormous in new-modernity era with people from all walks of life turning to people like Deepak Chopra and Dr. Phil for spiritual guidance.

This shows that modern self is not as shallow or materialistic as it is made out to be; instead it is interested in introspection and reflection. A through self-analysis on regular basis has become a common habit that satisfies the inner quest for a more secure self. (See reference 3)

Modern man is thus also an experiencing more confusion and chaos than his older counterparts. This confusion arises from the dizzying speed at which his world is moving and his desire to make sense of all this. Charles R. Walker (1962) in his book Modern Technology and Civilization: An Introduction to Human Problems in the Machine Age almost the situation of today's modern man. He was of the view that man required "both more knowledge and more rigorous thinking" (399) to understand the phenomenon of new-modernity and make sense of it. he compared modern man to a confused adolescent whose world is suddenly very much larger. The "life space" of the individual, as Kurt Lewin would call it, is expanding at a dizzying --and gratifying -- rate. He is able to move farther and faster -- by motorcycle or sports car, for example, and with enormously enhanced ego satisfaction." (399)

All this has resulted in greater expectation of success and growth while at the same time new changes have shaken the roots of old definitions. modern man in the 21st century is thus reformulating and redefining various concepts to make this transition easier for him and to minimize the confusion resulting from massive technological modernization. Changes have man is experiencing today have also exposed him to the vulnerabilities of old myths and ideas. He is no longer interested in social or cultural restrictions and is actively looking for better definitions to suit his changing lifestyle. Modernity, as we see and feel it today, has had a profound impact on our lives, which is both negative and positive in nature. While it has helped us discard old myths and redefine various concepts, it has also given rise to new kind of imperialism, which is the result of globalization. This imperialism in turn has led to exponential growth in terrorism worldwide. Modern man is thus not free of its fair share of troubles and while he reaps benefits of technological advancement, he will have to counter its negative effects too.


Charles R. Walker, Modern Technology and Civilization: An Introduction to Human Problems in the Machine Age, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1962: 399

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Shyness and Late Modernity

http://www.cf.ac.uk/socsi/shyness/shysoc6latemod.html… [read more]

Posters Have Always Carried Term Paper

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Although the subject matter doesn't seem to "match" the images or colors used, it is still a powerful poster because it causes the viewer to stop and think. Both methods are successful in attracting the attention of the viewer and prompting him or her to think about the poster's message.

A graphic element that works along with the colors of… [read more]

Chaucer's "Retraction" and Its Meaning Term Paper

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It reeks of false modesty, as Byron remarked of Augustine's Confessions: "Augustin in his fine Confessions makes the reader envy his transgressions" (quoted by Nourisson). Chaucer refers to the Tales as a "litel tretys or rede," and refers slightingly to his own "unkonnynge" (Chaucer, Retraccioun). He lists all his most accomplished works in order to denounce them a "many a… [read more]

Dreams Deferred Trafficking and Prostitution Term Paper

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Linda Smith, a former congresswoman and now a leading activist in Shared Hope, has opened nineteen homes for trafficked women in Jamaica, India, and Nepal. Testifying before the House International Relations Committee on June 14th of this year, she had the following to say:

In the three countries where Shared Hope is working, we have seen no significant evidence of… [read more]

Familiar-Unfamiliar Term Paper

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It is my most private self. And this I give to you. Don't be afraid. It is a desire to destroy and to see things destroyed and to see the inside of them. It's my nature (Fornes 82).

Here, again, the playwright brings together the familiar and the unfamiliar, the public and the private, showing them to be manifestations of the same impulses.

Sally Porterfield describes Fornes and her work as follows: "Fornes loathes what she considers fakery, anything that lacks the authenticity that propels her, the thing without which she cannot accept her own or anyone else's efforts" (Porterfield 204). The authenticity to which this refers is the authenticity of the characters and their situation, not the realism of the set, though the familiar elements in the set do draw in the viewer and make him or her recognize the authenticity of the playwright's view of the world. This is true even with a minimal set such as exists for this play. It evokes a duality, the same duality affecting Orlando, the combination of domestic life and his public life, which intersects for him in the basement where he keeps Nena and carries out different forms of torture than he does in his military life, but torture just the same. What he says above suggests that this is just part of his nature, something he cannot control even when he does not like it, just as his nature leads to the insults directed at his wife, the ambition that propels him forward, and the way he hides different parts of his life from his wife and servant. These different parts of his life are seen in the play only feet from one another, yet they are walled off by his conduct. The home is familiar, but it is made unfamiliar as what takes place there is heightened and emphasized, made more real than reality by being shaped and isolated. It is the nature of drama to do this, just as Arthur Miller isolated moments from the life of Willy Loman, or Henrik Ibsen isolated moments in the domestic life of Nora and her husband in A Doll's House.

In this regard, while Orlando is pressured by the political realities of his job and the pressures put on him by his country, the effect is seen in his home, in the kitchen and the bedroom and the basement. Fornes brings this out in the series of short scenes that make up this play, as if moving the audience from one rom to another, one time to another, and giving each viewer only a dose of the larger reality she is depicting. The home life is familiar, but it is also unfamiliar. It is the gap between the familiar and the unfamiliar that gives the action added meaning and that makes the viewer stop and take notice. The set suggests what it is rather than recreating it -- it suggests a home but is not a home. It is not a… [read more]