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Can We Trust the Computer Term Paper

… Rock Climbing Technology

Rock climbing is both an indoor and outdoor sport that requires stamina, endurance, and patience, primarily because it is an activity where gravity is the greatest adversary and what becomes the main objective is not to fall.

In rock climbing, an individual, whether acquainted or not acquainted to the rules of the sport, is challenged to work his or her way through the maze or series of handholds and footholds, thinking of the best strategy in which climbing can be easier and faster. In fact, there are no rigid rules in rock climbing: it is sufficient that the individual is able to come up with solutions to the problem presented to him/her -- that is, climbing given a series of small or large and unmanageable holds. Once a strategy is formed, the individual's ascent or descent to the wall or a mountain (in extreme free rock climbing) becomes easier and faster -- more… [read more]

Biologist He Was Born Term Paper

… He loved her then stopped loving her, you see

Or she loved him but her love flew away.

Too soon love becomes the same old story; story of feelings that cannot stay.

Sooner or later the best of love dies;

The poetry and kisses die too,

Until the joy of love turns into sighs,

Leaving all moments unhappy and blue.

So please do not say that love is splendid;

It's just a song that hasn't yet ended.

The Misfit's Side of the Story

Me and Hiram and Bobby Lee had quite a day today. We thought it would be a day full of nothing but running now that we are out of the Federal Pen. But we had the pleasure of stumbling upon a lovely southern family that was kind enough to increase the total number of our victims by six. There was a mamma, a papa, two young ones, a baby, and an old lady. Those poor people -- they never made it to their vacation and the worse thing is that they never saw it coming. It must have been some shock to be heading somewhere and then stumble upon The Misfit and his gang. Meeting up with The Misfit is no vacation. You can always tell when folks are going on vacation. They wear their bright and fancy vacation clothes and they always have to take grandma along. Grandma in her nice dress was looking all nice and pretty until she realized she was looking at The Misfit. Can I help it if my reputation has managed to spread over these parts?

That granny and all her Jesus talk. She might have been a nice woman if she ever tried to shut up but who could ever tell with her mouth running all the time like that? It must have been driving her family crazy to hear her going on and on in the car. Well, I might have even done them a favor. No one should talk that much. She almost got to me with her talk about Jesus -- she even said that I had good blood in me. She almost had me thinking that maybe if I prayed, I might find something out about myself. But I knew better than that. The head doctors already told me that I was a killer and there was nothing that could save me. That includes that old granny and her Jesus. Jesus was the one who messed everything up anyway. That old lady was agitating me with all her talk to the point that I could not take it anymore. If I had not have put me and her both out of our misery, I don't know what would have happened. I kept her cat as a souvenir of our happy little talk but I will not miss her. It sure isn't fun being a cold-blooded killer but that's what they told me I am, and so I… [read more]

History Has No Place Term Paper

… Certainly, many mistakes were made by our ancestors and parents that can be learned from by being avoided, but there were also many things that were done correctly and could be adapted to suit today's modern hospitality industry. Take, for example, the customs of holding doors for and taking coats from patrons when they enter an establishment. Certainly, this is not the norm today when people expect a far less formal environment even from respectable establishments. However, there is a certain charm that may be quite appealing to customers upon receiving that service. Also, businesses often have a great deal of luck in sporting a "retro" atmosphere, whether that be an Old West theme for a steakhouse, a 1960's Psychedelic appearance for a college-town coffee shop, or a 1950's makeover for a previously struggling diner. Take, for example, the custom today for many bars and clubs to offer a "Goth Night" where patrons are welcome to wear anachronistic clothing from the Medieval, Victorian, Classical, and even 1980's time periods. This has been a remarkable way for many establishments that were previously struggling to make ends meet to bring in a whole new style of business. History is something that cannot be returned to, but reminiscing about it can be quite enjoyable. Basking in the styles of decades and centuries past may be just the thing that customers are looking for, and could be the solution for a business that is looking for a way to stand out.

The important thing, then, is for any business in the modern hospitality industry to strike a balance between today, yesterday, and the future. The patrons who may seek out services are living in today's world, and dealing with today's lifestyle. There are certain expectations of a modern business regarding what services are to be offered and the manner with which they should be performed. However, keeping historical lessons about the "right" and "wrong" way to conduct business and to treat customers is important, because the history cannot be erased and therefore must be utilized. Additionally, a little touch of historical style may be appealing to customers that could use a break from the mundaneity of today's world. Finally, every business should keep a sharp eye on the future and not be afraid to take steps to stay ahead of the competition by offering futuristic-like conveniences and comforts to patrons. Indeed, complete anachronism may be the key to success in the modern… [read more]

Hospitality Consumption. The Relationship Term Paper

… In all but the most leisurely and expensive places, tables must be planned in such a fashion that servers have quick access to customers, and that tables can be cleared quickly and expediently for a high rate of turnover. Larger banquet-style tables, despite a desired high rate of patron turnover, may be necessary where courses may be served on numerous platters, or shared amid the entire table, as they often are in Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and other such restaurants and cafes. If this is not possible, folding tables must be available so servers can make use of these platters to situate a variety of dishes upon one table for a number of patrons.

In places where meeting strangers is the goal, however, bars and tables must be situated in a clear and unobstructed fashion, so that rafters and other aspects of design do not get within he customer's view -- sometimes necessitating small tables that can only accommodate appetizers and drinks. Conversely, in restaurants where customers desire more intimate settings, forms of decorative obstructions can be used to convey privacy. Even in ethnic restraints, the use of strategically placed screens can create a unique atmosphere as well as convey privacy. However, this is not necessarily the case in all ethnic restaurants, as is clear in the popularity of 'noodle shops' where customers happily slurp noodles side by side, in true Japanese fashion.


The paradox is, there is neither one typical patron nor one single desired design experience that is sought in any dining establishment, at any restaurant. Rather, what is critical is to integrate the design, food, and intent of the establishment in a way that can satisfy the particular patron's needs, whether young or old, single or a couple, a tourist or a local resident. And all the while, one must be cognizant of the fact that the hospitality industry is one of craft as well as art, and whatever food is served must be of high quality and that the design must expedite the server and the chef's function, as well as the… [read more]

Compulsive or Pathological Gambling Term Paper

… Fisher continues, "the inevitable losses suffered by the Machine Beaters leads to self deprecation and remorse. But this is rarely sufficient to halt their gambling" (Fisher 465). Thus, machine beaters represent a solid segment of the pathological gambling population, as they exhibit many of the characteristics common to problem gamblers. They bet more than they can afford, they cannot stop, and they adversely affect other relationships and responsibilities to gamble. As reporter Marriott notes about one problem gambler he encountered, the man, in a matter of fifteen months, bet more than a million dollars, and "All the while, Mr. S. said he could not manage his family's most basic expenses, such as regularly paying his household's electricity and telephone bills" (Marriott 61). Sadly, this is the case for most problem gamblers, and eventually they lose their families, their homes, their possessions, their jobs, and everything meaningful to them. Problem gambling can lead to homelessness, health problems, and even suicide when the gambler sees no other way out of their predicament.

Pathological gamblers do not know how to stop gambling and in trying to chase their losses, they turn into problem or compulsive gamblers. Clearly, the implications and consequences of problem gambling are numerous, and they affect more than the gambler, they affect people surrounding the gambler in many areas. The casinos and gaming establishments need to provide more information to these types of gamblers, and there need to be more avenues available for them to understand their disease and seek treatment. Few studies have been conducted on the treatment of compulsive gambling, but the most prevalent is psychotherapy. One expert in the treatment of the compulsion notes, "For many of those who seek help, several types of effective treatment are available; most are variants of psychotherapy" (Blaszczynski 38). Various types of psychotherapy are used, including aversion therapy, and they have had varying rates of success. The author continues, "like alcoholics and smokers, some compulsive gamblers can stop on their own, yet others seem uncontrollable despite the best of today's treatments. As our understanding of compulsive gambling increases, we may develop new treatments for people not now helped" (Blaszczynski 38).

Clearly, these "machine beaters" who cannot control their addictive behavior need help and understanding. They see themselves as losers against a mechanical device, and this adds to their compulsion to win. For some, it is a never-ending spiral toward destruction, while others manage to pull themselves out of the whirlpool. As these gamblers chase an ever-growing amount of losses, they adversely affect every aspect of their lives. Many steal gambling funds from family or employers with little compunction. Chasing gambling losses is a losing battle, for the odds are always in favor of the casinos and the gaming establishments. To truly understand what makes people gamble uncontrollably, more studies need to be done, and more treatment options need to become available.

Clearly, the limits of this research are many, for only a few of the many sources available have been utilized.… [read more]

Casinos and How They Lure Term Paper

… Several studies indicate there are between 15 and 20 million Americans who show some signs of problem gambling (Hills). Problem gambling can lead to many complications, including loss of job, home, and family, homelessness, abuse, health problems, and even suicide. The National Gambling Impact Study Commission (NGISC) spoke of suicide in its Gambling Report of 1999. "Commissioners heard repeated testimony about suicide and attempted suicide on the part of compulsive gamblers" (Hills). Thus, as casinos stimulate heavier gambling from their patrons, they are also adding to the continuing problem of compulsive gambling. They are tearing apart families and lives for the profit of the company.

As these studies show, the casinos have all the power in the equation. They lead their players to the tables just like "lambs to the slaughter," and all along the way, there are smiling faces more than happy to take their money. From the moment a gambler enters the casino, the odds are all in favor of the casino, and they have the upper hand in all their dealings with the gambler. It is common knowledge that the games' odds all favor the casinos, but far fewer gamblers recognize the great lengths that casinos go to in keeping gamblers in their seats and betting. As Popkin's article shows, there are numerous ways casinos manipulate gamblers, from pleasant-smelling air to color, lighting, and free alcohol. This manipulation is subtle in many ways, but it works on many of the people playing in casinos, and it adds to the number of problem gamblers in our country. In turn, problem gamblers strain local and national resources, and cost their communities in lost time, wages, loans, and increased social services. Thus, the casinos get richer at the expense of many who cannot afford to lose. Once a gambler enters the casino, he or she is putty in their hands, and their wallets are at stake. Casinos have only one purpose, to make money, and as Popkin notes at the end of his article, "If you wanna make money in a casino, own one'" (Popkin 108). This is funny, but for those players who cannot control their gambling, it is not funny at all. While some casinos do recognize the part they play in problem gambling, there is still much to be done to increase public awareness and treatment. The casinos have a moral obligation to do more to help problem gamblers, and since they do so much and spend so much to lure gamblers in the first place, it seems reasonable that they should spend more to help treat those who need it. Casinos spend millions to retain gamblers, and use a wide variety of ploys to keep gamblers playing. They have all the control when patrons enter their doors, and they should use some of this tremendous power to do something good for some of the people they have been luring in like sheep for years.

Clearly, there are limits to this research, since it only uses two… [read more]

Diploma, so Where's Your Dream Term Paper

… Consider taking additional classes to pump up your resume. Most colleges and universities offer night classes, so it shouldn't be difficult to continue learning as you enter the business world.


1. Have a plan this summer.

Decide in advance what you would like to do this summer. Successful people do not become successful by accident-their success is typically the result of a well-executed plan. Instead of rushing around madly, trying to accomplish an undefined set of goals, or constantly "intending" to go on that trip to the beach, make a list of what you would like to do while the weather is warm and beautiful. Rank order your choices according to your preference.

Then plan your summer accordingly.

2. Learn how to multitask.

Organized people can do more than one thing at a time. Suppose you need to conduct some business in another town. Is there a way for you to add some fun to the trip? Are there theme parks, museums, or sites of natural beauty in the area? Investigate the possibilities, and you may end up packing a bikini in your briefcase!

3. Create some long weekends.

Some of the most pleasant vacations take place over long weekends. Leave on Friday and return on Monday night. If you live near an airport that is a "hub," you may be able to jet down to Key West or New Orleans for the weekend. Return to work on Tuesday refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to plan for the next long weekend.

4. Make time for the family.

Vow to get the family active this summer! Winter tends to lull most families into a lazy pattern that often includes television and junk food, but little real bonding time or strenuous activity. Think about how much closer your family could be after a white-water rafting trip or a visit to a rock-climbing gym. Then again, simply adding a family game night to your schedule might serve the same purpose, and there is less chance of personal injury.

5. Try new things.

Have you always wanted to try water skiing or rollerblading, but have never had the opportunity? Create your own opportunities this summer. Do research on the Internet about that sport you have never played (but always wanted to try), and then get on the phone to the experts. Take lessons. Read the entertainment section of the local newspaper, which is usually full of helpful suggestions for having FUN. Make a promise to yourself that you will experience something new this summer, whether it is guitar lessons, skydiving, or swing dancing. You will be better… [read more]

Walt Disney World in Orlando Term Paper

… Nevertheless, Animal Kingdom offers a welcome alternative to the three other major Disney theme parks in the Orlando area.

Disney-MGM Studios opened in 1989 and now consists of five main areas of attraction. The studios are arranged to provide the visitor with insight into the filmmaking industry as seen from the Disney perspective. Mickey Avenue is a genuine working studio; New York Street mimics the excitement of Manhattan; and Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard offer wild rides including the "Twilight Zone Tower of Terror" and the "Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular."

Disney's Epcot Center consists of two major sections: the World Showcase and Future World. The former consists of pavilions from major countries including China, Canada, and Germany. Each world pavilion boasts shops and restaurants selling native wares. As the name suggests, Future World offers the visitor a glimpse into the future through interactive rides and exhibits designed to stimulate creativity and awareness of science.

Finally, the Magic Kingdom is the heart of Walt Disney World in Orlando. With such famous rides as "It's a Small World," parents and children and people of all ages can lose themselves in the fun and frolic of the truly magical kingdom. From Cinderella's castle to Tom Sawyer's Island, the Magic Kingdom is not to be missed on any first visit to the Orlando-area theme parks.

Walt Disney World offers something for everyone. In 2004, Disney World consists of four huge theme parks, some of which have yet to be totally completed. Therefore, for the foreseeable future, the Disney Corporation will continue to invest in improving the quality of its Orlando-area parks so that their visitors will never cease to be amazed and will always have a reason to return.


All Ears Net.

Disney Online. [read more]

Yosemite Falls Gives Term Paper

… Amy McConnell after visited the falls commented that,

With skiing, hiking, fireside retreats -- and no crowds -- Yosemite glows when it snows.

Maybe it's the stark beauty of snowcapped granite towering against a slate gray sky.

Or the image of the Ahwahnee hotel, serene in an empty meadow, so quiet you can almost hear plumes of smoke rising from its chimneys. Or the ephemeral artistry of pine marten tracks imprinted in newly fallen snow (Yosemite In Winter).

The Yosemite Falls are connected to the cross-country trails via a hiking trail. Travelling west to this route leads the tourists to the Lower falls. After traveling for about half a mile the route climbs steeply through thick pine woodland. Only after travelling a 1000 feet, the elevation becomes more leveled and contravene the cliff facing eastwards in the direction of Yosemite creek. From there hence, the view becomes much clear and allows the tourists to view the impressive sights of the valley. Travelling a bit further allows the tourists to view the Upper Falls.

Most of the tourists travel as far as the base of the Upper Falls. The path beyond this becomes very dangerous, as it is very steep.

Trailhead for Upper Yosemite Fall is at Sunnyside Campground, near Yosemite

Lodge in Yosemite Valley For an easier look, the trailhead for the 1/4-mile walk to the base of Lower Yosemite Fall is west of Yosemite Village and east of Yosemite Lodge

on Northside Dr. (Anne Marie Brown, Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park).

Hence the Yosemite Falls and the park around it gift its tourists with its great beauty and allow one to actually witness this splendid sight. The reverberation of the fall can be heard throughout the valley. Even though the falls present a magnificent view all through the years, it however is most grand during springtime.

Work Cited

Anne M.B. Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park. Sunset Publishing Corp. March 2001.

Amy… [read more]

Articles on Compulsive Gambling Term Paper

… One talks about how dangerous and debilitating compulsive gambling can be, and the other clearly illustrates it. The first article looks at compulsive gambling as a disease that needs treatment, while the second article shows just how a compulsive gambler cannot face his addiction, or his need for treatment. Together, the articles form a more cohesive picture of compulsive gambling, giving the reader not only facts and figures, but the real experience of a gambler attempting to quit while unwilling to face up to their addiction. Both articles show the dangers of compulsive gambling, but in very differing ways.

The authors of both these articles present their material effectively and in a manner that is easy to read and understand. One uses statistics and a hypothetical gambler to make their point, while the other simply discusses the personal experience of one highly visible compulsive gambler. Both articles clearly illustrate how dangerous this disease can be, and how easy it is to become addicted. They discuss addictive behavior clearly and realistically, and one gives the reader some hope because there are many treatment options available to those who really want to quit. These articles are quite effect in not only presenting the dangers of gambling, but they put the reader right in the middle of the problem, making them more aware of why compulsive gambling is so addictive, and so harmful to not only the gambler, but the surrounding support group and the community. It is clear that gambling addiction costs the community money in the form of treatment, unemployment, bankruptcy, and even physical and mental health costs not only for the gambler but also for the family. The articles make the reader more aware of this problem, and more aware of what needs to be done to combat it. As the first article notes, "The benefits from the gaming industry come at a price" (Weinstock, Whelan & Meyers, 1999).


Virtues guru Bennett: 'Gambling days over'. (2003, May 31). The Christian Century, 120, 18.

Weinstock, J., Whelan, J.P., & Meyers,… [read more]

Role of Video Games Term Paper

… The survey will be conducted on parents of children between the ages of five and 15 years old. The population will be drawn from school districts and will be randomly selected for the purpose of the study. There will be a three-month window in which to complete the surveys and return them to the research team. The survey will ask questions about what games the parents purchase for their children. There will be three sections to the survey. The first section will ask for general information such as the age and gender of their children as well as questions about race, income and the names of recently played games in their household. In addition this section will ask questions about the amount of time spent on video games.

The second section will ask questions that are not about video games per se but about the children's personality characteristics. How many times has the child been disciplined for violent acts or verbal abuse in recent year. Out of those times how many of them were toward females and how many toward males.

The third section will be more free style based. It will allow the parents to describe their methods of discipline at home as well as their beliefs about video games and violence.

When the surveys are collected they will be analyzed to determine whether or not video games play an active part in the current socialization of the genders of children as they grow up in today's society.

Findings and Analysis

The findings will be analyzed by separating the surveys into two groups. Those that are completely filled out will go into one pile while those that are partially filled out or have other errors will be rejected. Those that are accepted will be further divided into groups of female and male and age groups. This will allow the analysis of the data and the collection of it to be grouped in different ways for different reasons.


The research will attempt to address the question of gender targeting for video game marketing. It will ask questions that will determine whether the games are geared more for males than for females. In addition and along with that it will address the issues of socialization in the children who play them and how the genders are impacted by playing them.

This study will be important to the future of the industry by shedding light on what the marketing department is doing to turn away female consumers and possibly how they can change the games to be more gender equal and more socially responsible.


Violent Video Games Affecting our Children.

Grand Theft Auto' creators sued for $100m over killing.(News)

Computers, video games, and literacy: What do girls think?(Statistical Data Included)

Popular video games: quantifying the… [read more]

Fear and Beating Timidity Term Paper

… The moment I jumped off the 50 feet high bridges, I knew I was doing something that would profound affects my beliefs about my capabilities and in a positive way too. And God, Was it liberating!

Liberation-Yes Liberation, more than adrenalin rush and exhilaration, is what I felt after that experience. It liberated me forever from the chains of false beliefs about man's capabilities. Bungee jumping may be a regular thing for some, but since I could never even picture myself jumping off a 50-feet high bridge, it was certainly a huge personal achievement. It was significant because to this day, this one experience helps me remove my self-imposed limitations in many areas, Its gives me the confidence to give destiny a nudge, fear a smack and dare to achieve more. The experience made me realize that one single opportunity of this kind contains within it the power to profoundly affect your old beliefs provided you are courageous… [read more]

Marketing Data Collected Term Paper

… However, they may be considered useful when developing marketing information.

Comment on the usefulness of the margins of error you have obtained for a selection of your confidence intervals (both means and proportions). Perform two sample size calculations, one for means and one for proportions, using acceptable margins of error. Justify your choice of all the parameters used.

The margins of error were acceptable in analysing the sample: most of the variables consisted of small numbers (between one and five) and the sample size was 200, which is adequate for the determination of data. Population analyses were not used to analyze data for the American guests. The numbers were normally distributed and I was able to interpret customer data with a reasonable amount of certainty.

Statistical data shows that the firm consistantly operates at a loss during the fall and winter months. The modal motel guest is from New Zealand, consists of a couple with a child, and spends two days at the motel. The modal guest is extremely likely to eat at the restaurant and somewhat unlikely to engage in other activities such as sailing. Principal expenses are related to staffing. If the hotel were to close its doors during the winter or limit operation to being open on the weekend, revenues would be slightly better than they are now.

Information that would still be of interest includes that regarding monthly data for 2001; between 2001 and 2002 profitability slumped considerably. This could be the result of several reasons; one is probably the failure of the organization to attract return visitors from New… [read more]

Rationality Humans Are Lousy Term Paper

… A cancer specialist might observe that almost all his lung cancer patients are also cigarette smokers.

When our minds form a generalization, we are always making a judgment about a large number of cases based on a small sample of those cases. Our observation about peaches having pits is based on a small number of peaches, but we expect it to apply to all peaches. The estimate of the basketball player's shooting ability is based only on shots taken during the tryout, but the coach expects this sample to be representative of the shots that will be taken over the course of many games. Noticing that most lung cancer patients are smokers is based on a small number of patients, but is assumed to apply to lung cancer patients in general.

Almost all our behavior is based on expecting things to respond to our actions in the same way that they have in the past. Making and using generalizations based on limited experience is as fundamental as any aspect of human thinking can be. Without doing this, we could not survive (

Thus while it is true that humans often fail at rationality, this is not the same thing as saying that the majority of humans are stupid. Rationality is a skill and a virtue, but there are other virtues as well, such as the evolutionary advantageous one of assuming that all bears are hungry.


Paulos, J.A. (2001). Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences. London: Hill and Wang. [read more]

Business Management Discuss Specific Challenges Term Paper

… 4. Detail the steps in the rational decision-making process as it relates to the following three scenario:

A. A manager at K-Mart who recognizes the need for the store to recover from its prolonged poor image and retail slump might follow these steps of thought:

1. People do not shop here because we are not as cheap as Wal-Mart nor as upscale as Target.

2. We do not have the resources to change our stores fundamentally so we have to capitalize on what we have.

3. We cannot charge as little as Wal-Mart because they pay their employees less. But we can capitalize on the public's uneasiness about exploited workers by running an ad campaign emphasizing our commitment to our workers.

4. Target has been successful because it emphasizes its unique products. We should also do so - and more than we have in the past - relying on our name brands such as clothing by Jaclyn Smith to help us.

B. A plant manager realizes that employee turnover is up by over 10%.

1. The manager must first ask himself or herself why turnover has increased.

2. If he or she doesn't know, then the manager must talk to workers to find out.

3. The manager must take steps to remedy the problems that the workers find most serious. He or she may not be able to do so, of course, but often some problems that really bother workers can be relatively cheaply solved. For example, has some new, expendable rule just come into effect that has prompted the higher rate of turnover?

4. The manager must find ways to reward seniority. Additional days of vacation or increased flexibility in scheduling hours for those workers with more seniority may well convince workers that they should stay with their current job to reap these benefits.

C. A student suddenly realizes that a "C" is a strong possibility for a final grade.

1. The student should review how many points are still obtainable in the class.

2. The student should talk with the instructor about making up any missed work.

3. The student should talk with the instructor about revising any work that received a low grade.

4. The student should talk with the instructor about doing extra-credit work.

5. The student should consider dropping the course and… [read more]

Entertainment Violence in Recent Years Term Paper

… According to Henry Jenkins of MIT, criminologists rarely consider media violence to be a serious contribution to crime, rather they consider "access to weapons, mental health and consumption ranks very low on the list" (Newit pg). Yet, while crime and violence has actually been decreasing, the news coverage of it has doubled in recent years with stations routinely reporting of incidents outside their area (Cockburn 27).

The entertainment industry appears to be simply a scapegoat for more serious issues facing society, such as poverty, healthcare, access to weapons, and education incentives.

Works Cited

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Newit, Annalee. "Blame Game: Gamers say social problems, not video games cause violence" San Francisco Chronicle. January 14, 2002 06-28-2003). [read more]

Walker Evans the Emergence Term Paper

… S. Resettlement Administration and during the Depression, recorded the social conditions. It is during this second period, from 1931 to 1935, that Evans mastered his skills and developed a full "palette " in a salon where when one goes into… [read more]

Wild Horse Saloon Term Paper

… One of the most profitable things the club has done is make it a family venue. Anyone over the age of 18 can enter its premises and those under 18 can come in if they are with a parent or adult guardian. The Wild horse is strategically placed near many well-known Nashville Hotels including the Opry Hotel, which is a few miles away.

The cover charge Monday - Thursday is $4 and Saturday & Sunday is $6, except for concerts and special events. Cover begins at 7 p.m. daily, except for concerts and special events when it begins at 5 p.m. See our concert calendar for a complete list of concerts and special events (Wild Horse Saloon ("

Because the club offers dancing and eating there is a restaurant atmosphere upstairs with a dance club ambiance downstairs. The restaurant serves the usual touristy American fair and the servers are dressed in Levis, boots and country western shirts. The drinks are reasonably priced as are the meals. One can get a meal for 7-10 bucks and then dance off the calories downstairs on the shining hard wood dance floor. The Wild Horse is well-known for the live performance such as Faith Hill, Dan Seals, and others but it also has lesser known bands who can apply to be featured there either as an opening band or as the main act.

The Wild Horse hospitality is what brings the guests back again and again. The service is excellent, the ambiance is something that stays with the guests long after they have gone home and the opportunity to hear some of the best acts in the world on the stage are all things that the Wild Horse offers the public.

The Wild Horse Saloon has gained world wide acclaim for its ambiance and ability to entertain and for those who live in the Nashville area it is a local gold mine. Those who have the chance to travel to Nashville and stop in at the Wild Horse will find themselves taken by the friendly yet active atmosphere the club provides.


Eff, Tony; Kyle, Reuben (1995). Circle of prosperity. (Nashville, Tennessee)(includes related articles on Nashville's achievements in 1995). Vol. 9, Business Perspectives, pp 1(9).

Author not available (1994). WHEN THEY'RE NOT DANCIN', THEY'RE WATCHIN'., St. Louis Post-Dispatch, pp 01H.… [read more]

Interactivity in Video Games Term Paper

… The locations are made to appear attractive to the player, so that the player doesn't just have a good story line but also a good environment to enjoy while playing. Sometimes, games even have characters that the players can talk… [read more]

Future of Internet Gaming Term Paper

… As the X-Box and Playstation 2 consoles become wired to the Internet, it will be all other companies can do to stay afloat in an easily dominated industry.

Sony's Playstation 2 will account for 72% of global console sales by the end of 2002 (Greenspan, 2002) with the average user being 23 years old. Games are currently being marketed towards an age bracket that includes teenagers, and within the next few years it will be evident what age group is dominating Internet usage, and namely, online gaming. Teenagers will probably continue to be a viable source of income, as more and more DVD releases are held in conjunction with game releases, like Reign of Fire, which conveniently has a T. rating.

So what can we expect from online gaming over the next five years? Along with an increase in game options, a lot will depend on technology advances and the economy. Games already launched, like The Sims, require a subscription service of $10 a month and though it will rely on it's established popularity to grow online, most of its success will depend on the members and their enjoyment.

In the case of movie crossovers, games will have to be challenging and visually attractive, as well as having a movie-like atmosphere. LucasArts Entertainment and other powerhouse studios like Dreamworks are already using their cinema technology in creating realistic graphics and authentic themes, like Spielberg's Medal of Honor series set in World War II.

Needless to say, the possibilities these types of games could lead to are endless and will only be a matter of time before big studios produce more elaborate game designs that will require more advanced consoles and computers. It is a self-perpetuating industry that relies on the gaming experience being, at often times, just as good as a movie experience.

Companies are striving to keep gamers interested and this leads to increased research and spending on graphics and storylines. Broadband and DSL have made it easier to play high-resolution graphics online, and companies like Sony and Microsoft are making Internet gaming more accessible to it's console markets (Becker, 2002b). More than likely we will see a large crossover of console games appearing on the Internet, where games will be available for free (Burnham, 2002). How this will affect the cost of console games vs. PC games remains to be seen.

The recent issue of Newsweek (Croal, 2002b) highlights the emergence of The Sims Online, a game that has players 'playing God' as they create people and families and run (or ruin) their lives. The crossover from PC game to a virtual online community has been made, quite often unsuccessfully, but EA believe they have a winner with the much publicized and Game of the Year that promises to have more expansion packs than ever before.

Computer games have come along way from the days of Pong, and with the evolution of the Internet, we can be assured a growth in online gaming, and remarkable progress in the… [read more]

Fire at MGM Grand Term Paper

… "The MGM, which was at 99% capacity the day of the fire, only had sprinklers in a galley and in the basement, areas where the fire was stopped dead in its tracks by the heavy flow of water (Koch, 2000)."

In addition the MGM Grand had an air system that allowed toxic fumes to be piped throughout the building. There were no fire control rooms in the building either which meant there was no central way for the hotel to contact the hotel guests and advise them on measures to stay safe until they could be rescued." Today, every major public building has such rooms with computers that can pinpoint the origin of fires and vent smoke out of areas to help firefighters (Koch, 2000)."

More than two decades later the fire is still remembered. The Nevada Lions' Burn Care Center at the University Medical Center devoted lots of time helping fire victims that day and currently still donate money to the treatment of fire victims (Tragedy Remembered Through Gift MGM Fire Fund to Help Burn Victims (

The investigation found many bodies that were just feet from doors that would have led to escape. "All they had to do was push the door open," Burns said 20 years later from his office at Fire Department headquarters (MGM GRAND FIRE: Horror can't be forgotten ("

Though there were many rumors over the years that the fire was started by arsonists the true cause according to fire investigators who reported faulty wiring as the culprit. The wires in the wall in a restaurant called the Deli within the hotel smoldered for hours without detection due to flaws in the design and installation of the wiring. "Several minor factors, from exposed wires near the fire's origin to flammable glue in the ceiling tiles of the casino, all came together to make the fire so deadly. "

The MGM fire made history. Causing over 80 deaths, and creating the springboard for many fire laws that were passed following the fire, it will be a historical tragedy for many years to come. The fire was tragic indeed, costing many people their lives. But the changes that came because of the fire's occurrence, have the potential to save millions of people in the future.


Koch, Ed (2000).MGM GRAND FIRE altered safety standards. Las Vegas Sun.

Tragedy Remembered Through Gift

MGM Fire Fund to Help Burn Victims

MGM GRAND FIRE: Horror can't be forgotten


Author not available, NT: Fire in casino, 150 guests evacuated., AAP General News (Australia), 12-09-2001. [read more]

Secretary Went on Vacation Term Paper

… This idea was rejected because it did not fit with the rest of the facts of the case. If the secretary had claimed to be out of town for a funeral, this solution may have been plausible. Another idea was that she may have posted something confidential that was not meant to be posted. This solution was also rejected because it did not fit the rest of the information.

The idea was then thought of that perhaps she took the keys and mailed those back. This led to the final solution. The solution meets all the facts of the case. The keys are an item likely to be taken home inadvertently by a secretary. The fact that she took the keys was not the reason for her sacking. The secretary mailing the keys is critical to the scenario and explains why she was not sacked for taking the keys but sacked on her return.

The steps of this problem-solving approach included:

1. Determine the question.

2. List the facts of the case.

3. Analyze the facts to determine which one might provide the answer.

4. Brainstorm to find solutions that explain why this fact might be relevant.

5. Determine if each of the solutions also meets the other… [read more]

Company Holiday Function Research Paper

… It is the opinion of the planning committee that the problem lies in the fact that the caterers are not being contacted until late in the season. The month of December is filled with holiday events and waiting until the last minute prevents us from obtaining the best food (Dusen, 2002). This year we have decided that the catering will be secured no later than September 15. Each month several caterers will be contacted and allowed to prepare samples for the food committee to taste and evaluate. The theme for the party is going to be summer breezes and Hawaiian foods. The caterers will be allowed to bring us a miniature sample of what they will provide if we hire them to provide food for the event (Dusen, 2002). By September 15 we will choose the caterer and book them. The budget allows for about $24.00 to be spent feeding each party guest and the caterers being interviewed will be asked to provide samples that will fall within that price range.

The planning committee was formed after we looked at the possibility of outsourcing the panning of the event. There were several companies contacted who are in the business of planning and conducting events for businesses but the planning committee believes it will be best to allow employees to handle the tasks as they know their fellow employees and will be able to discuss their likes and dislikes when the need arises and not have to wait for special meetings or phone calls. We did however, take several ideas from the businesses that provide parties and actually used their idea about early catering decisions to try and improve this year's festivity (Dusen, 2002).


The party will be held from 6 P.M. until midnight. Those who plan to attend will be expected to rsvp by November 1, 2002 to give the caterer time to plan the menu. The venue is set to be secured by the middle of September and the entertainment will be determined by October first. This year's event is shaping up well and the members of the planning committee is working to begin recruiting sub-committee members. It is anticipated that there will be a need for about 75 volunteers, and the committee believes offering a raffle of a weekend get away to those who volunteer will stimulate the offers. We will meet back with the director's office in three months to go over the completion of plans for the party.


Dusen, Van, Christine (2002). Business… [read more]

Infinite Megapixels Digital Photography Term Paper

… As a result, the purists will probably continue to use conventional photography no matter how many advantages digital photography poses. Also, conventional photographs are easier to print. Digital photographs require an expensive color photo printer, but even then, to get the best quality print out of a digital photo, one needs to send the file to a professional printer who may charge upwards of ten dollars a print. Conventional photographs may be developed in a dark room with the correct chemicals.

But the most striking advantage of conventional photography over digital photography is the sense of humanness about it. Conventional photography, as we discussed earlier, eliminates the computer's efforts to mitigate humanity. Roland Barthes, in his "Camera Lucida," discusses his attempts to find the perfect photo of his dead mother in the second part of the work, and his writing and his search are so poignant and human. We identify with Barthes and we are warmed by the fact that a man with such an imposing intellect and understanding can be brought to his sentimental knees by even the prospect that a perfect photograph exists of his mother. We could never imagine the same gut human reaction to a digital photograph. We are human, and therefore we are analog: we have no computers within us, and so to best represent humanity, computers cannot play a role.

But that is our view today. Surely writers in previous decades claimed that they could never envision themselves creating their art on computers; the manual nature of a typewriter was the only way to convey their thoughts. And of course, even before them, writers insisted that they could never use the new-fangled typewriter because it seemed so mechanical: writing for them was dipping a pen in ink and opening up their minds to the paper. All that has changed, and perhaps our attitude towards digital photography's dehumanization will change as well. We can only wait and see.

There is, currently, an interim medium that combines both digital and conventional photography: the scanned picture. We can take conventional photos and then scan them into zeros and ones using a quality scanner: This allows us to maintain the human element of the print in the original photo and on the negative, and also allows us to modify and share it easily on the computer format.

However, the problem with that procedure is, scanning technology has lagged behind digital photography technology. When we scan, we sacrifice quality of picture, which is one of the reasons digital photography has become so popular. Perhaps time will cure that deficit as well. [read more]

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