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Evolution of Island of Adventure Theme Park Research Paper

… Florida's Islands Of Adventure

Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure: Helping to Support Florida's Economic Recovery

Universal Studio's Islands of Adventures theme park opened in 1999 to share in Orlando's $17 billion annual tourism market (Hirsch 1999, n.p.). This was the… [read more]

What Does the Modern Hospitality Consumer Wants? Essay

… ¶ … Hospitality Consumer Wants

The consumers are changing, both in terms of numbers, origin and type. Therefore there are demography induced changes in consumer needs, which are based on change with the times and with the change in population, both in terms of numbers and ethnicity. For example the changing times have caused the Mayfair Hotel which was legendary for British hospitality to be taken over by an Indian company. The Royal Bank of Scotland sold Grosvenor House, the luxury Mayfair hotel built on the site of the former London residence of the dukes of Westminster, to an Indian billionaire for £470m. (Bowers, 2011, p. 6)

This could be the result of changing times and interaction with communities outside and tours abroad and many facets of globalization. It is also the result of the current depression that has changed the entire industry. Changes for example, affect the consumer feeling about what is being given to them -- in other words the feelings of the customer on the service or product offered has changed. (McCabe, 2008, p. 100)

Changes in the pattern of consumption can be seen in the way the British have changed their eating habits and demands for food. This change marks the differences in hotels, and the springing up of many new types of hospitality services, fast foods and kiosks. Eating out was a rarity that was earlier indulged on special occasions. Surveys show that English urban populations have sense of pleasure and satisfaction from eating out. This is another change that has become evident in the UK which has brought about its own set of demands. This trend has affected the retail sector caterers and entertainment hosts. There are now many places where meals can be had in Britain. These include restaurants, cafes, steakhouses, brasseries, diners, bistros, pizzerias, and costly places for oriental food like kebab-houses, grill rooms, coffee bars, teashops, ice cream parlors and many more. There are also the old tavern, or pub, and the old boarding house with the modern motel. (Warde; Martens, 2000, p. 21)

Basic changes have been seen in the beverage section. In the wine preferences, Unoaked chardonnays are replacing the big oak wines of the past. The Champagne sales are down but the sale of Spanish Cava, Prosecco, French Cremant, are up. Today the major preference of the consumer is 'Craft beers' and 'Beer dinners' and there is a growing demand for local beverages. (Hospitality trends, 2010) the changes that these preferences have brought about… [read more]

Visitor Attractions One Definition Essay

… ¶ … Visitor Attractions

One definition of a visitor attraction, according to the Dictionary of Travel and Tourism Hospitality Terms is "a physical or cultural feature of a particular place that individual travelers or tourists perceive as capable of meeting one or more of their specific leisure-related needs. Such features may be ambient in nature (e.g. climate, culture, vegetation or scenery), or they may be specific to a location, such as a theatre performance, a museum or a waterfall" (Harris & Howard, 1996, cited by Western Australia Tourism Board).

For example, a tourist might travel to a Caribbean island to enjoy the warmth of a sunny climate, even if there are no historical places there of interest to the tourist. Another tourist might head to a rainy British village to see a famous house. Visitor attractions provide an 'attraction' for leisure-seekers that have value beyond their utility, unlike going to work. Some visitor attractions may possess a dual purpose, of course. A shopping center, for example, has a utilitarian function of providing goods and services for sale. However, many people enjoy shopping as part of their leisure time activities, so a shopping center could be said to be both useful and a 'visitor attraction.'

Another definition of a visitor attraction is "positive or favorable attributes of an area for a given activity or set of activities as desired by a given customer or market, including "climate, scenery, activities, culture," and "man made attractions" like "physical structures" as well as "physical phenomena deemed unusual and/or beautiful" (Metelka, 1990, cited by Western Australia Tourism Board). Integral to this definition is the fact that culture is a part of a 'visitor attraction.' For example, seasonal events or activities can make a place into a tourist attraction. Many shore-area towns are largely unpopulated during the winter, but draw flocks of tourists in the summer; the Olympics, famous horse races like the Kentucky Derby, and concerts all draw people to areas that otherwise might go unnoticed.

A more cynical definition of leisure-time or visitor activities, might be that leisure is what people 'pay' to do, in contrast with work, which is what people are paid for: an example for this might be found in recently popular volunteer vacations, where people pay to tour but also help out in underprivileged areas. "A Travelocity survey of 1,017 people in late 2007… [read more]

Construction of Gender and the Associated Power Reaction Paper

… ¶ … construction of gender and the associated power relations is considered to be a property of the society. Thus there are ubiquitous gender roles and responsibilities. Roles and responsibilities vary by culture and social norms. This is succinctly observed in the development of romance tourism in Jamaica. In romance tourism, travel becomes a medium through which foreign white women engage in the construction of new gendered realities. These realities are often in contradiction to the norms of their original cultures. The young black males are willing participants in this engagement as they consider it to be a lucrative opportunity. The end product is the reshaping of the meanings and interpretation of gender within these relationships.

Pruitt and LaFont in "For love and money: Romance tourism in Jamaica" produce an engaging narrative that unearths the multilayered nature of the relationship between Jamaican young men and foreign white women. The study considered the "negotiation of gender identity" through the formation of intimate, emotional relationships. This transaction is termed romance tourism as opposed to sex tourism because while there is sexual contact; the relationship is much more complex than what obtains in prostitution. There is usually an aspect of extended connection between the parties, where males are often taken to live with these women. Additionally the relationship is constructed around love and the idea of an exotic experience. While there is the exchange of money or material goods for sexual intimacy it is not a strict business transaction like traditional male-female prostitution but is convoluted with emotional entanglements and considerations.

This process is facilitated by the travel industry through several avenues. The women are usually from North America or European countries that are in search of a liberating experience. The prospect of finding a partner without the attendant impediments that would be limiting in their own culture is exciting to them. Thus travel itself becomes an avenue that serves to free women from the strictures of their own culture. The relationships that are formed are an expression of this freedom since they do not conform to the expectation… [read more]

What Benefits Does Expanding in China Bring to Marriott Research Proposal

… Marriott's Move Into China

What Benefits Does Expanding in China bring to Marriott?

Marriott International (NYSE: MAR) is a global leader in the travel and hospitality business, earning $11.43B in revenues in their latest fiscal year, yielding a gross profit… [read more]

Hotel Strategy Marketing UK Research Proposal

… Hotel, Strategy

The Impact and Future Effects of the Recession on the Hotel Industry

Over the last several years, the hotel industry has faced a number of different challenges, as the sector would change focus and begin to concentrate on… [read more]

America's Tactics During the Cold War Research Proposal

… ¶ … America's tactics during the Cold War, the term "soft power" has come to mean the use of policies at the national, regional and local levels that can achieve a wide range of desirable outcomes. One of the desired… [read more]

Hotel Management Hotels Have Entered the Initial Thesis

… Hotel Management

hotels have entered the initial stages of one of the deepest and longest recessions in the history of the domestic lodging industry." (PKF predicts sharp drop in 2009 hotel revenue, 2008). The demand for lodging accommodations in the… [read more]

Corporate Environmentalism in the Hotel Sector: Evidence Research Proposal

… ¶ … Corporate Environmentalism in the Hotel Sector: Evidence of Drivers and Barriers in Penang, Malaysia (Kasim, 2007) the authors discuss the dichotomy of having tourism locations in many of the world's most environmentally sensitive areas of the world needing the greatest levels of corporate environmentalism yet having the least chance of attaining it. The authors specifically focus on the hotel sector of Penang, Malaysia and the barriers to enabling a greater level of corporate environmentalism in this region. Through a series of expert interviews that deliver qualitative data the authors extrapolate across the region the conclusion that despite recognition of how the unique environment is a critical part of the tourism industry's growth there is little chance of seeing corporate environmentalism become active. The daunting challenges of overcoming perceptual bias and cultural barriers lead the authors to contend that creating a sustainable corporate environmentalism program is daunting in the region.

In the… [read more]

Cancun Mexico Research Proposal

… Physical and Cultural Geography of Cancun, Mexico

Built from the ground up in the early 1970s, Cancun represents one of the more successful examples of governmental economic planning and development in cooperation with the private sector. Selected for its desirability… [read more]

Competitive Advantage Both Greece and Spain Research Proposal

… Competitive Advantage

Both Greece and Spain are major tourist draws in Europe. According to the latest figures, Greece attracts 13.3 million visitors annually while Spain attracts 52.4 million visitors annually. Spain was #2 in the world for tourist arrivals, while… [read more]

Ecotourism: Cultural and Environmental Learning Research Proposal

… ¶ … Ecotourism: Cultural and Environmental Learning

Ecotourism is becoming increasingly more important in the tourism industry due to the internal crises which include the economic recession, the SARS outbreak, terrorist attacks and the war on terrorism. (Chafe, 2004; p.… [read more]

Ecotourism the Emerging Ecotourism Market Eight Years Research Proposal

… Ecotourism

The Emerging Ecotourism Market

Eight years into the 21st Century, people from the industrialized world are beginning to grasp a fuller understanding of how their actions impact those across the globe. Where there was once little interest in protecting… [read more]

Casino Business in Las Vegas Thesis

… ¶ … Gaming in Las Vegas

Brief History and Guide to Casino Gambling in Las Vegas he had an idea -- to build a city out of a desert stop-over for GI's on the way to the West Coast. That… [read more]

Travel Agents Analysis Term Paper

… Travel Agents Analysis

The following pages will focus on providing an outlook on the situation of the U.K. tourism in general, and of travel agents in particular. The main aspects brought under discussion by this research paper regard the differences… [read more]

Corporate Universities Investigation of Their Development Internationally in the Field Sector of Tourism Term Paper

… Corporate universities"-investigation of their development internationally in the field/sector of tourism.

In this paper, it will be discussed how corporate universities function internationally and otherwise. From there, their development process of tourism will be discussed and how it is affecting… [read more]

Issues in Leadership Awareness of Relationships Between Health and Physical Activity Term Paper

… ¶ … Leadership

Issues in Leadership - Awareness of Relationships Between Health and Physical Activity

Today's recreation leaders face more challenges than leaders of times past. In the article presented, the author discusses how much the problem of obesity has affected young and old alike. According to public health officials, there is much concern expressed given the high numbers of diseases that correlated with being overweight or obese. If the trends in eating continue in the United States, more people than ever may sacrifice their good health over nothing more than a cheeseburger or two. How does this relate to recreation leaders?

Recreation leaders can take many steps to help encouraging people to become more active and involved in their health and wellness. For example, the article notes that educational programs can be created and distributed to visitors that emphasize health in a fun way. While visiting parks for recreation, there are plenty of opportunities for the individuals staying to have fun and enjoy physical recreation. The sports leaders can encourage do depend on the type of recreation enjoyed, but by and large, they include walking and hiking on various park trails, swimming, playing volleyball and other similar outdoor activities including outdoor mountain biking if someone lives in an area where this is possible.

For any leader to succeed they must be knowledgeable about a problem and charismatic; they must also be the type of person capable of disseminating information and engaging followers or subordinates in a positive way. A recreational leader embodying these traits could easily entice park visitors, whether adults, children or seniors, to engage in fun activities. Most parks do this free, although there are some parks that offer a small fee for special hiking trails where a guide is provided to also provide information to park participants interested in learning more about the area, the wildlife that may inhabit the area and may also instruct campers or other people staying at a recreational park in matters of health and safety. For example, it is important for someone that is obese or overweight talk with their doctor before they embark… [read more]

Videogames and Violence in Children Term Paper

… Video Games & Violence in Children

"It depends," Eisenman (2004) stresses in regard to whether playing violent video games, one of the primary contemporary substitutions for yesteryears' play, increases violence in youth. Eisenman (2004) concedes that although video games may,… [read more]

Disability Assessment Reasonable Adjustments Term Paper

… Reasonable Adjustment

In any business, service or facility, it is important to take into consideration every sector of society. This applies particularly to the disabled and their needs. Humanity has evolved towards and inclusive, caring paradigm. This is particularly so in terms of disability. Persons with disabilities should be accommodated so that they can enjoy the basic rights every human being does without the feeling of being discriminated against.

The hairdressing salon appears to have done everything in their power to meet the needs of disabled persons. Firstly, the owner familiarized himself with the official requirements to accommodate such persons. Physical disabilities are accommodated in a variety of ways, including accessibility to the premises, clear signs and less confusing decorations. I therefore believe that this shop has met the disability requirements sufficiently.

I do not believe that the leisure center has met the needs of disabled persons adequately, especially in the light of the fact that it is a large business. While the adjusted access through the front door and disabled persons toilets are a good beginning, the adjustments should not stop there. If disabled persons are to use the facility, it should be ensured that they will not only receive adequate service, but that they will be safe at all times. Therefore the visually impaired should also be taken into account. Signs and signals for example can be adjusted to provide clearer directions for the visually impaired. Potentially dangerous equipment can be placed well out of the way in order to prevent injury should a visually or otherwise physically impaired person trip and fall. Personnel should also be trained in communicating effectively with disabled persons in order to ensure that their needs are adequately understood and met.

3. The hotel has not at all met the needs of disabled persons in a remotely adequate way. Firstly, using a side entrance at once serves a segregating function in terms of disabled persons. The subtle suggestion is that physically disabled persons are not to be seen… [read more]

Cruise Line Industry Term Paper

… Cruise Line Industry

The objective of this work is to evaluate the cruise industry, specifically Carnival Cruise, Norwegian Cruise and Royal Caribbean. The evaluation will be through use of Porter's Five Forces as to competition in the industry, the bargaining… [read more]

Disneyland in Hong Kong Term Paper

… Disneyland in HongKong

A multinational corporation is an enterprise that manages production establishments or delivers services in at least two countries (Wikipedia 2006). Multinational corporations or MNCs are horizontally integrated, vertically integrated or diversified. Horizontally integrated multinational corporations manage production… [read more]

Repurchase Intention in the Hospitality Sector Term Paper

… ¶ … Repurchase Intention in the Hospitality Sector in Vancouver, British Columbia

The Background To Tourism

Tourism is a major industry in almost all parts of the globe. Many developing nations exact the lion's share of their income from foreign… [read more]

Euro vs. Florida Disney Term Paper

… Euro vs. Florida Disney

Success of Florida Disney:

Walt Disney Company -- WDC theme park and resort complex in Florida comprises of varied set of service and entertainment properties covering an area of 30,500 acres. An excess of 50,000 'cast… [read more]

Fairmont Hotel Product: Few Hotels Term Paper

… Its stately walls house 400 superbly appointed guest rooms touting attentive, personalized service. From cozy rooms tucked away in quiet corners and warmly lit by fireplaces to spacious suites with sweeping views of the mountain expanse, Green Ridge has the perfect place for you to call home for a luxurious vacation. Our guest rooms offer an array of options, and all come with Jacuzzi bathtubs and linens handmade with the excellence and tradition found only in Old America, here in the heart of New England.


Burlington offers a wide variety of accommodations for the discriminating traveler, but the Fairmont Green Ridge remains unparalleled. While other hotels offer inadequate service at less value, the experience provided by Fairmont is worth its weight in gold. With packages beginning at two hundred dollars a night (USD) in the summer, an easy weekend retreat is the perfect salve for the steamy summer bustle. Christmas specials start at three hundred, and extra packages that include recreational activity are always available at the Green Ridge as they are at other Fairmont resorts. Come celebrate the holidays with us; Independence Day, Valentine's, Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving warrant the special treat you are sure to find at the Green… [read more]

Theme Parks Term Paper

… Theme Parks are special types of parks that emphasize one particular aspect of life and invite people to come and enjoy it. At the same time the attitude of the people changes from year to year and this requires the… [read more]

Hyatt Hotels Term Paper

… Hyatt Hotels

The Hotel Industry

Figures showed that the growth of worldwide hotel chains went down from 5.1% in 2000 to 3% in 2001 and 1.9% in 2002, with 40,000 properties registering under 290 brands and 175 corporate-operated chains (MKG… [read more]

Sexuality in the Hospitality Industry Term Paper

… Often, flowers, massages, and romantic dinners play an important role in the use of sexuality (as romance) within the hospitality industry. Further, entire holidays are built up around the romantic theme, including Valentine's Day, and the promotion of romantic events and products for personal wedding anniversaries and honeymoons. Here, sexuality is used in the hospitality industry in a socially sanctioned and publicly acceptable manner. The advertisement of the romantic component of hotel stays or restaurant dinners is unlikely to be objectionable to much of the larger buying public. As such, romance is an important and profitable component of sexuality in the hospitality industry that is sanctioned and accepted by society as a whole.

Other components of sexuality in the hospitality industry are less well-known, and certainly not sanctioned by larger society. These include the use of certain hotels and hotel rooms for activities like prostitution, and the use of many buildings as strip clubs and houses of prostitution. Pubs that offer topless entertainment and waitresses also fall into this category. Perhaps on the fringe of this more blatant use of sexuality in the hospitality industry are otherwise "reputable" pubs and nightclubs that offer "ladies nights" where male strippers like Chippendales appear. While this last example depicts sexuality as focused toward female consumers, the large portion of illegal and more blatantly sexually-oriented services and events in the hospitality industry are focused almost entirely at men. This is changing, certainly, as more women frequent strip clubs as a form of entertainment, but the primary focus of most of this type of industry is male.

Finally, sexuality is also apparent within the hospitality industry within events aimed at the younger, college aged crowd. Events such as wet t-shirt contests, and "girls gone wild" events fall somewhere between publicly-sanctioned events and the more "hardcore" sexual content of strip clubs. Generally, however, this sort of event is perceived as largely harmless by larger society, and seen as young people blowing off steam.

In conclusion, sexuality in the hospitality industry is widespread, and likely plays a large component in its financial success. Interestingly, while a sizeable portion of this financial success comes from an industry based on stripping and prostitution, this area of sexuality within the hospitality industry is largely not sanctioned by larger society, and often even ignored within the hospitality industry itself.

Works Cited

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Status in Hospitality How Class Term Paper

… This was the case recently when New York's Le Parker Meridien Hotel offered a ?565 caviar-filled omelette. (Harwood, 2004). The Meridien saw a need in the extreme upper socioeconomic echelon for excess and novelty. Along the way, they also garnered a lot of publicity for themselves.

Trends in the hospitality industry also reflect the fact that consumers and their socioeconomic status are of paramount concern. The growing movement towards "VFR" (visiting friends and relatives) tourism is driving a hospitality industry response that is catering to a lower status of consumer. Similarly, the more affluent consumers are driving the popularity of cultural heritage tourism and the concomitant hospitality industry response.

The "why" of the equation ... why is the industry responding to issues of class and status is a simple function of business. If you provide more of what the customer wants, this attention will show itself in your profits. "Customer satisfaction leading to profit is the central goal of hospitality and tourism marketing."


This responsiveness of the industry to the demands of a specialized public does have its limitations. The public's appetites change much more readily that the hospitality industry's ability to respond to them. It is interesting to consider if this will become apparent in the future as some hospitality providers lag behind the consumer's changing tastes, and whether other businesses will jump in to serve that niche.


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Lau, Anita and Mckercher Term Paper

… For example, tourists interested in adventure sports might also be less interested in shopping than other groups of tourists. Such information would help marketing and travel professionals. Furthermore, following a specific set of subjects over time would prevent errors in further research, by confusing the needs of an entirely new set of tourists with those already studied.

Dolcinar also conducts two consecutive data-driven segmentations, by administering a questionnaire to one of the select subgroups. The results of the double data-driven segmentation study shows that significant differences, such as age, intended duration of stay, familiarity with the destination, daily expenditures, and motivations for travel, can exist within a distinct data-driven segment such as sports tourists. Basically, the consecutive data-driven segmentation reports indicate the potential for gearing marketing for niche markets.

Article Reaction

Dolcinar's article demonstrates the importance of segmentation in marketing reports in general, and for the tourism industry in particular. Overly generalized marketing efforts can be a waste of money and resources and in the long-term do not achieve intended results. Focusing on niche markets helps industries better tailor their marketing efforts for subpopulations. Although commonsense segmentation studies are common, they ignore many potential subgroups. Dolcinar urges marketing professionals to conduct more in-depth and conclusive studies-based either on successive data-driven segmentations or a data-driven followed by commonsense segmentation. In both cases, niche markets were illuminated when they otherwise wouldn't be by performing simple, pure commonsense studies that only serve to describe a priori groups.

The successive data-driven segmentation yielded promising results for the travel industry. Results can be replicated in further reports in different markets, as the current study only included information on summer tourists visiting Austria. Performing novel segmentation studies like the ones proposed by Dolcinar in different tourism markets could be fruitful. Moreover, as the author suggests, many other permutations of commonsense and data-driven segmentation studies can be designed to maximize marketing potential in the travel industry. However, Dolcimer's study is an excellent beginning in exposing the weaknesses of existing reports, illustrating their limitations. The breakdown of sports tourists to Austria into ten distinct groups provides an optimal example of how powerful such segmentation studies can be. At least two of the groups represent strong niche markets that can be examined to thoroughly ascertain what types of direct and targeted marketing should be used instead of relying simply on a priori knowledge. While segmentation studies may be difficult and costly to employ, over time they would pay off by stimulating consumer interest and increasing competitive advantage.

In spite of the alluring potential of performing the types of novel segmentation studies that the Dolcinar suggests, the article does not offer a detailed or thorough literature review. A more thorough literature review, coupled with examples from marketing research, would better prove why existing segmentation studies should be improved. It is entirely possible that the pure commonsense studies that make up the majority of marketing segmentation studies are indeed effective. Designing and implementing more complex analyses might not be necessary. The… [read more]

Online Travel Agents Term Paper

… Disadvantages quoted at a recent TIA conference include: "They [the customer] would rather talk to a live person; their plans were not definite; they don't give credit card details online and are concerned about privacy of information; the internet does… [read more]

Management of Casinos the History Term Paper

… Treat the chips as hard-earned cash you save for your child's tuition, mortgage payment and other regular bills.

4) Never increase your bet when you lose. If you do, you become like a lamb led to slaughter. Discipline is the… [read more]

American Amusement Parks Term Paper

… But following the extraordinarily successful World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago (there were 21,480, 141 paid admissions), city planners and architects from the New York area - and elsewhere - were inspired to duplicate Chicago's excitement and enjoyment in… [read more]

History of Disneyland Walt Term Paper

… In 1965, ten years after it opened, over 50 million visitors had come through the gates.

Walt Disney was very particular about the way the park looked. If anything was ever out of place, or did not quiet look right,… [read more]

Future of the Cruise Line Term Paper

… The product of a cruise line is entertainment. A cruise is a highly desirable form of entertainment for many. There are many other forms of entertainment. After the World Trade Tower attacks, the video industry and other forms of domestic… [read more]

Risk and Security Dissertation

… Risk & Security

Hotel security: Personal and financial data theft


The hospitality enterprises spend time and allocate resources to enhance their:


Boost sales

Customer service

Competitive operations

With the help of technological advancement, bundles of information relating to… [read more]

Creole Christmas in New Orleans Essay

… A discussion of what this argument tells us about the nature of events

There were an overarching theme of "build it and they will come" in the Chacko and Schaffer article that suggested success for Creole Christmas was a foregone conclusion when in reality the success of the event was largely attributable to the hard work of the organizers and volunteers involved in the initiative. Despite this constraint, some of the more salient findings that emerged from this article included the following:

Use and build a festival around existing heritage and cultural resources that provide an authentic and credible marketing foundation.

A core group of activists, consisting of major stakeholders, must be involved from the outset.

Economic beneficiaries such as the hospitality industry should be prodded to provide financial support.

In-kind donations can be used effectively to promote the event.

The organizer or executive in charge of the festival should be able to acquire and manage volunteers.

After the first year, economic impact studies must be done to show the community the benefits of the festival.

Social and cultural impact should be assessed continuously.

Events should be accessible to local citizens at very little or no cost.


The research showed that Creole Christmas is staged in New Orleans during a 20-day period each December. The event has transformed a lackluster off-season for the city into a profitable period that has experienced consistent year-to-year growth. Despite the challenges that are involved in promoting any tourist destination off-season, the research also showed that the event organizers leveraged New Orleans' attributes into yet another celebration that highlights the best of the city while generating millions of dollars in revenues in the process.


Chacko, HE & Schaffer, JD (1993, December). 'The evolution of a festival: Creole Christmas in New… [read more]

Restaurant Management Challenges Essay

… The interdependence in the food serving, lodging and meeting places in Park hotel improves through lying down of a common set of principles that guide the conduct and ethics of the working place. Andrews (2009) notes that, employees who provide the hospitality services are the key to marketing the image and quality of the business. Through a stipulated code of conduct for all sectors, the synergy has significantly improved. Improving the interdependence in the industry helps to promote the brand name of the business.

Economic impact of gaming in California and effects to other segments of the hospitality industry

Introduction of gaming activities in California creates employment and increase entertainment choices to people. Gaming generates tax revenues to the state and local governments. Living standards are now high to the people who operate gaming in Casinos and other legal places. The expansion of gaming in the hospitality sector has led to a decline or fall in other forms of entertainment provided before the introduction of gaming. Economically, expansion of gaming increases the revenues of hotels and restaurants that offer gaming facilities. Hotels and restaurants have employed a significant number of people who control the gaming machines and regulate gaming programs. Gaming increases tourists and local people need for hospitality services. From gaming, people use other services such as food and lodging. All segments of the hospitality industry economically benefit from gaming activities.


Singh, A.J., & Kasavana, M.L. (2005). The impact of information technology on future management of lodging operations: A Delphi study to predict key technological events in 2007

and 2027. Tourism and Hospitality Research, 6(1), 24-37.

Griffin, W.R. (2007). Fundamentals of management. 5th edition. Printed in U.S.A: Cengage

Learning Inc.

Andrews, S. (2009). Sales and marketing: A textbook… [read more]

International Marketing of a Seaside Resort Term Paper

… International Marketing of a Seaside Resort in Gulf Shore, Alabama

The objective of this study is to develop a communications plan to promote a new seaside resort complex that offers tourists luxury villas on a weekly basis. The plan will follow a marketing plan but will emphasize the promotional part of the marketing mix.

The seaside resort complex at focus in this study will be located at Gulf Shores, Alabama. Gulf Shores, Alabama is located on the Gulf of Mexico at the southernmost tip of the state of Alabama. Gulf Shores is a favorite vacation destination for families and college students alike. The area is graced by sparkling white beaches and has many restaurants and attractions that draw visitors to the area each year. It is difficult to make reservations in the height of the on season due to limitations in the availability of either beach houses or condos located directly on the beach side of the Gulf. Several years ago, a hurricane wiped out many of the businesses in this area and this has made the ability to get a reservation during the height of on season even more difficult. There is a need for more overnight accommodations and particularly in the area of luxury accommodations to accommodate tourists and visitors to Gulf Shores.

I. Gulf Shores, Alabama Overview

According to one study, Gulf Shores is considered as "one of the top 10 tourist towns in the U.S." (All Alabama, 2013, p.1) The 2013 Travel Award Winners, April Issue, surveyed 2,000 individuals and 360 destinations and found that Gulf Shores is a preferred vacation spot along with Yellowstone National Park, Monterey California, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and others. Gulf Shores was named one of the "best luxury locations in… [read more]

Americans Should Take Longer Vacations Research Paper

… Americans Should Take Longer Vacations

The objective of this research is to examine why that Americans should and actually need to take longer vacations. In fact, Americans need to simply take vacations since an OECD report reveals that among countries surveyed the United States has less paid annual leave and paid public holidays than all other countries surveyed. The highest number of paid holidays and annual leave was found to be in the countries of Portugal, Austria, and Spain followed closely by Italy and Finland. Thompson (2012) notes that the science on vacations is very clear concerning the effect of a coffee break or a two-week vacation on productivity in that these breaks make individuals more productive workers through energy replenishment and affecting the attention of the individual and even in enabling the human brain to create new connections "that are obscured in the daily grind." (p.1) Thompson relates that the gurus on productivity have identified at least three variables that are critical in determining productivity output: (1) practice efficiency; (2) energy; and (3) end spurt.

II. The Need for Change

The research shows that Europeans "work about 300 fewer hours on average each year than Americans. Consequently, they have a lot more free time to exercise, eat slowly and healthily, sleep longer and socialize with friends and family." (Thompson, 2012) All of these are very healthy activities evidenced by the fact that Europeans "only pay a little over half as much as we do for health care." (Thompson, 2012) in fact, every worker in Europe is guaranteed four weeks vacation each year and that is paid vacation required by law. Many individuals in Europe enjoy six weeks vacation or even more each year. A recent poll of 1,000 Americans conducted and reported by the Opinion Research Corporation states findings that "29% of American workers took no paid vacation time last year and another 24% took a week off or less." ( ) a poll conducted by the Pew Research center states findings that "more middle class Americans or 68% reported having free time was a high level priority for themselves and their families with only 12% reporting that acquiring wealth was highly important. The Opinion Research Corporation states findings that 69% of Americans responded stating that they would be in favor of a law that guaranteed paid vacation time to all workers with the majority stating that they favored at least three weeks if not more paid vacation time each year.

Studies have also reported that men who take vacations on a regular basis are "32% less likely to die of heart attacks than those who don't." (de Graff, 2008) Women who fail to take vacations are reported to be "up to eight times more likely to suffer heart disease than women who take two vacation breaks a year." (de Graff, 2008) Yet another study states findings that women who do not take vacations "are more than… [read more]

Diagnosis the Relevance of Maintaining Research Paper

… For instance, it is important to note that currently, the city seems to have difficulty implementing regulations with regard to food safety. This is particularly the case given that it is not uncommon to see people selling food in the gas stations and parking lots after the sun goes down. Such street vendors escape the scrutiny of health officials and for this reason, the foods they sell may not be fit for human consumption. However, as I have already pointed out, the widespread gambling in the community is of greater concern especially given its impact on the well-being of individual gamblers, their families and the entire community at large.

Those suffering from pathological gambling are often unable to fight the urge to gamble. For an individual, excessive gambling could lead to financial ruin. Excessive gambling could also be a cause of emotional distress as individuals hopeful of winning continue on a losing streak. To families, pathological gambling could lead to money problems, marital challenges, and even emotional isolation. In the words of Castellani (2000, p.178), "the girlfriends, the boyfriends, the parents, and the children all pay a price for their relationship with the pathological gambler." A community not at peace with itself because of numerous problems at both the individual and familial level cannot be regarded a progressive community. It is easy to see why gambling should be considered a serious problem for this particular community. Reining in this particular problem will be in line with the goal of one of the objectives of Healthy People 2020. Under Mental Health and Mental Disorders, the initiative has an aim of "improving mental health through prevention…." (Healthy People, 2013).

Historical Significance

For many reasons, Las Vegas is "the mother city of all gambling and casinos" (Casino-History, 2009). This is more so the case given that it was Nevada that was the pioneer state in the legalization of gambling in the U.S. Indeed, for years, Las Vegas has derived a significant chunk of its revenues to drive its economic agenda from gambling licenses and fees. It was the success of El Rancho, the first casino to be opened in the city, that motivated the establishment of numerous other casinos across the city (Casino-History, 2009).

North Las Vegas has largely picked up the gambling trend from Las Vegas. According to Sieroty (2013), as of 2011, Las Vegas (and perhaps the nearby cities) was still the leading gambling market in the U.S. Like drug abuse, gambling is highly addictive. The allure of making millions and the said addiction may have combined to make the problem of gambling even bigger in North Las Vegas.


Given the revenues the city rakes in from gambling fees and licenses, it is clear that many people in the community engage in the activity. The risk of pathological gambling is therefore real. Currently, there are laws that seek to ensure that those below the age of the majority do not engage in gambling. For this reason, the population at risk… [read more]

Communications CEO and VP, Human Resources Essay

… Communications

CEO and VP, Human Resources

The Malaysia Project

To determine the best approach to opening a hotel chain in Malaysia.

Country Overview: Malaysia is a nation in Southeast Asia, and is the 9th-largest tourist destination in the world by number of foreign visitors. The country is divided between peninsular Malaysia, where draws include the cities of Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Melaka and offshore beach resorts. The other parts of Malaysia are on the island of Borneo, most notably Sabah and Sarawak. There are both cities and ecotourism opportunities in Borneo.

Audience: The audience for this report will be the senior executive team of the company, who will hear details about the opportunities and risks inherent in operating in Malaysia. The audience will need information specific to the country that will make them to make the decision whether or not to pursue opening a chain of hotels in the country. The audience is knowledgeable about our business and only needs to learn about Malaysia.

Topics to Investigate: There are several key topics. The economic environment is important, including the role of government in business in Malaysia, and the shape and size of the tourism industry. Unique cultural factors must also be analyzed as they will affect the business decision. In addition, the competitive environment should also be analyzed, to understand the best way to exploit the opportunities presented by the Malaysian market.

Methods and Resources: Given the breadth of topics that need to be covered, a wide range of sources will need to be used to gather this information. These include primary sources, secondary sources and trade publications. An example list is presented following:

CIA World Factbook. (2013). Malaysia. CIA World Factbook. Retrieved April 8, 2013 from… [read more]

Business Communications C.E.O Opening a New Hotel Business Plan

… Business Communications


Opening a New Hotel Chain in Kualalumpur, Malaysia

As per your request I have researched the business environment in Malaysia in order to evaluate the scope of our new hotel chain opening up in Malaysia. Malaysia has a highly lucrative tourist industry and can prove to be a very fruitful market for Hotel Ritz.

The Malaysian Tourism Industry

Malaysia is currently one of the world's most rapidly emerging tourist market. Not only tourism but it is a growing economy in general. Sharing its borders with Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia, the tropical Malaysia remains host to foreign tourists throughout the year. For this reason tourism remains one of the third largest sector that contributes to the Malaysian economy.

Apart from the tourism itself, the abundance of natural resources in the country and increasing industrialization has attracted immense amount of foreign investment. As a result, Malaysia also attracts a number of business tourists all year round (Rahman).

The fact that tourism is of high priority to Malaysian government has resulted in strong tourism marketing by the Malaysian government. The tourism campaign 'Malaysia Truly Asia' has proven as one of the most successful tourism campaigns in the world. With Malaysia ranked as the 9th most visited country in the world, opening up a small hotel chain in the country would be a lucrative prospect.

The Malaysian Business Environment

The Malaysian government recognizes tourism as a key industry and provides immense support to the Malaysian tourism industry. An important step taken by the Malaysian government in this direction is the launching of a tourism promotional campaign called 'Malaysia Truly Asia' (Suratman). This campaign promotes the Malaysian tourism in a very appealing manner. The campaign has an official website that flaunts the country's traditional and modern attractions and implies that Malaysia has something to offer for people of all ages, gender and social stature. The campaign is also active on social networking sites such as Facebook. The official website of the campaign carries out regular online polls to get an idea about the prevalent consumer demands. Moreover the Malaysian government has made and continues to make heavy investments in developing the Malaysian tourist industry and has relaxed policies in order to attract foreign investment in the tourism industry. One of the greatest… [read more]

Hospitality Identification Essay

… The key principles presented as qualities of an organizational crisis at the beginning of this article seems to stand against this idea. Principle #2 requires a crisis to have a low probability of happening. Malaysia, relative to other nations throughout the world involved in the hospitality industry, should have a higher probability of crisis due to its inherent disadvantages mentioned.

The article is, in its own words "only conceptual,"(p.43). In other words, no new real experiment or practical demonstration was performed to confirm, or deny, their argument. The article serves a worthwhile purpose for gathering and researching a very specific investigation however and its literature review is very informative.

Critique of Article #2

Esu's (2012) article discussed many of the same principles as the other article included in this essay with some slight differences in approach. This article's main premise attempts to equivocate human capital and the quality of service delivery in the hospitality industry. While at first glance, this may seem to present a difficult challenge, the specific circumstances that existed in the country of Nigeria allowed a worthwhile opportunity to attempt this investigation.

The social and political landscape of Nigeria is one of change and development. Tourism and economic development as natural resource for this country is relatively new concept and provides a supple base of data. Nigeria appears to be on a track of breaking out of their third world status and this inquiry into the inner workings of this country's developmental approach not only gives interested parties a modern and relative means of investigation but also exposes opportunities for learning on a more widespread and general level.

The article in question breaks down the human resource situation as it stands in Nigeria to help contextualize the argument. This tactic is useful as it helps frame the information in terms of the nation as an isolated unit. This approach both helps and detracts from its practicality. While the strengths and weaknesses of any organization is important in terms of measuring the effectiveness of human resource management, Nigeria, much like Malaysia is a unique country with unique qualities. The ability to interpolate the results to a more general assumption is limited due to this uniqueness.

Ultimately this article fails due to the lack of empirical evidence and true experiment contained in this piece. The author created opinions without fully exploring a truly scientific alternative to its conclusions. The concluding statements reveal nothing new and tend to originate out of sheer tendencies rather than concrete causes.

Works Cited

AbuKhalifeh, A. (2013). Strategic Human Resource Development in Hospitality Crisis Management: A Conceptual Framework for Food and Beverage Departments. International Journal of Business Administration, 3, 1.

Esu, B. (2012). Linking Human Capital Management with Tourism Development and Management for Economic Survival: The Nigeria Experience. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3, 11.

Elliot, D. (2006). Crisis management into practice. Tourism Management Prospectives, 135-147.

Hillyard, M.T. (2000). Public crisis management, how… [read more]

Communication Textual Analysis Research Proposal

… d) This is another reason why I am interested in this topic. There are numerous examples of relevant texts to explore the ideas. A film that comes immediately to mind is Sin City, which is highly stylized and extremely violent. Much of the violence is based within the context of gender. One of the villains only harms women specifically because they are women. A group of women perform violence upon men specifically because they are men and are men that inflict violence upon women recklessly. A video game that comes to mind is Tekken. It has a long history and there a lot of popular female characters who are very skilled within a game predicated on violence.


Bryce, J.O., & Rutter, J. (2003). Gender dynamics and the social and spatial organization of computer gaming. Leisure Studies, 22(1), 1-15.

Funk, J.B., Baldacci, H.B., Pasold, T., & Baumgardner, J. (2004). Violence exposure in real-life, video games, television, movies, and the internet: is there desensitization? Journal of adolescence, 27(1), 23-39. [read more]

Analytic Response SWOT

… Shimano is a Japanese company that manufactures bicycle parts. In the United States, its primary headquarters is in Southern California; it exceeded a billion dollars in sales in 2005.

Stated at a very high-level, the principle strengths of this company are a dedicated following of cycling enthusiasts, while its principle weakness was the fact that it only built bicycle parts, and not actually bikes themselves. The primary threat was the fact that business throughout the industry for recreational cyclers had substantially declined. The most central opportunity for growth was that all of the millions of Americans not riding bikes were an untapped, lucrative market.

The bulk of the research that Shimano conducted in order to see how most effectively to capitalize on the untapped cycling industry was actually performed by Palo Alto consultant company Rideo. The methodology this company used to figure out how to get more cyclists was to determine what sorts of things Americans were doing for fun, and figure out how to relate that to cycling. It headquartered Shimano representatives in Palo Alto during the duration of the research, and interviewed people to glean insight into this quandary. The most pervasive and profound information gained was that people enjoyed cycling as children, and that the contemporary market had become too specialized and stratified.

4. The outcome of this research was that there was a wholesale change in the nature of the cycling industry. Shimano built a simplified bicycle that stylistically and aesthetically recaptured the simplicity of cycling for children. Moreover, it made a point to systematically restructure the way that the sales component of this industry is conducted. Once bikes were made by OEM that… [read more]

Hospitality Industry Trends and Problem in Hawaii Term Paper

… Hospitality Trends and Problems in Hawaii

The Hilton Hawaiian Village at Waikiki Beach is an island paradise that is located on Waikiki's widest stretch of beach that has an impressive property that is nested on 22 oceanfront acres that offers… [read more]

Business Implementation the Ducks Poker Business Plan

… e. tables, chairs, chips, etc. As well as provide enough capital to run a successful business for 6 months while we establish our image and gain a share of the market. We expect to start turning a profit within the first 3-4 months and expect to breakeven within the 1st year. We anticipate revenues of $18,400 per month with a net income of $17,400 per month.

Company & Product Description

The Ducks Poker Room will be a new for-profit gaming club primarily hosting players of Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha. The Ducks Poker Room will offer promotions for prize pools involving tickets to college basketball and football games as well as a Bad Beat Jackpot. The Ducks Poker Room will also cater to the video poker player as well with two (2) video poker machines.

Company History

The Ducks Poker Room is a new company that will serve the public and provide a place to play all kinds of poker games. Poker, particularly, Texas Hold 'Em has exploded in the last decade thanks to ESPN and online poker sites such as Full-Tilt® and PokerStars®. During this time poker houses or poker rooms have started to pop-up all over the country. These types of Poker Rooms are sure to continue to grow as a U.S. Federal Court in New Jersey rules that Poker is a game of skill, not luck, and is not illegal in the eyes of government.

Company Objectives

Provide exceptional facilities, equipment, service, staff, and merchandise that create a highly positive impression on our core customers;

Consistent entertainment atmosphere and product quality;

Capitalize on excellent location opportunity;

Launch the venue with a highly publicized grand opening event

Maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent management and automated computer control;

Maintain food costs below 33% of food revenue;

Maintain total beverage costs below 25% of beverage revenue;

Exceed $300,000.00 in yearly total revenue by the 5th year of plan implementation.

Mission Statement

The Ducks Poker Room has a mission to ensure that each guest receives prompt, professional, friendly, and courteous service. The Ducks Poker Room will maintain a clean, comfortable, and well-maintained premise for our guests and staff. The Ducks Poker Room will provide a place to play poker that is friendly and inviting as well as ensure that all guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. The Duck Poker Room will thank each guest for the opportunity to serve them. By maintaining these objectives we shall be assured of a fair profit that will allow us to contribute to the community we serve.


The Ducks Poker Room will offer the best Poker experience for tournament and cash game players alike. Within the next five years, The Ducks Poker Room will become the premier poker room in Eugene, OR increasing revenues to $300,000 by becoming known for customer services and as a friendly place to play poker.

Market Description

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies the Gambling Industry… [read more]

Lonely Seniors Senior Citizens Essay

… The Council regularly schedules day trips for seniors, too, which can be enjoyed for relatively little money. A popular destination is the Foxwoods Casino in nearby Mashantucket, Connecticut.

Other public and private organizations also offer resources for seniors to help stave off loneliness and isolation. Local libraries often have book discussion groups and lecture series open to members of the community free of charge. An advantage to these activities might be that they are open to all ages, providing seniors with opportunities to connect with members of younger generations. The same is true for courses at community colleges, where seniors are often allowed to enroll for free, as is the case at Gardner's Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC). MWCC also has a fitness center, where seniors can swim in the lap pool, use exercise equipment, and attend fitness classes designed just for them. Privately-owned fitness franchises sometimes offer similar options.

There are many volunteer opportunities available for seniors. Animal shelters often welcome seniors who want to visit regularly to play with and cuddle pets waiting for adoption. Elementary schools often invite seniors to become "reading buddies" for young students who need practice reading aloud. Hospitals employ senior citizen volunteers to staff the gift shop and direct visitors around the facility.

Senior citizen status does not mandate loneliness. There are free and low-cost activities in which seniors can take part to enjoy a social connection and have something meaningful in their lives.

Works Cited

"Gardner Massachusetts -- Senior Calendar." City of Gardner, MA. Sep. 2012. Web.

17 Sep. 2012.

Kim, Leland. "Loneliness Linked to Serious Health Problems and Death Among Elderly."

University of California San Francisco. 18 Jun 2012. Web. 17 Sep. 2012.

"Loneliness Linked… [read more]

Living Social Escapes Changes Essay

… For those who are only a drive away it is a great deal for $275 (originally a $558 package) because they do not have much more expenses needed. As such, local tourism and travel is increasing with the rise of popularity in such sites. Where once consumers would rather prefer to book travel packages much further away from home to get the whole vacation and traveling experience, many consumers are now booking travel packages that are much closer to home because of the sheer percentage of savings that entices them to enjoy a little bit of the tourism in their own cities and regions. For those who do not live anywhere near Quinta, California, it would cost additional money to get there. Going from Philadelphia to California is another $1,000+ for a round trip so it would cost a lot more which can be a major deciding factor block. But those who are already traveling to the area, LivingSocial is a great place to find great places and entertainment. In this, consumer behavior within the realm of travel is expanding to include local purchases that encompass entertainment more so than the actual process of traveling. It would also be hard if the package has specific departing cities. Globotours only depart from Houson, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. It would be hard for someone living in Florida to even consider the package because they would have to go to one of those cities to depart. So location is a big factor in deciding whether to buy the deal or not.

Still, consumers are still looking to increase the level of convenience seen in purchasing much more [read more]

Elizabethan Theater Research Paper

… ] [7: Samuel C. Bowles. "Shakespeare's Elizabethan Audience." Amalgam 2 (2007).]

The middle group in society comprised by far the most significant number of people. Some have termed this the merchant class, but, in actuality, it was a group of people that included both the artisans and the merchants. "The biggest section of this group consisted of the craftsmen, themselves -- button makers, carpenters, masons, blacksmiths, cobblers, etc."[footnoteRef:8] This group of people had little time for the theater for two reasons. First of all, they were confined by the working life they led because it required much of their time to remain successfully employed. The work was hard and long. The average worker would get up somewhere between 4 AM and 6 AM and continue working until twilight. The artisan would likely be in bed by 8 PM to start the cycle again.[footnoteRef:9] Most would take a half day on Sunday to recuperate from the week, and all would lay off Sunday (because it was not lawful to work on the Christian Sabbath).[footnoteRef:10] The merchant class was did not have the leisure to see plays for the same reason. There was very little time during the day to either indulge in pleasure because all time was required earn the few shillings required to keep the business going. [8: Ibid.] [9: Ibid.] [10: James H. Forse. Commercial and Political Influences in Elizabethan Theater (Bowling Green, KY: Bowling Green State University Press, 1993), 2.]

However, the three classes were able to mix at the theater, and did to a large degree. Even though the middle class was not well represented, there were still enough avid theater-goers in this class to ensure a good mixture of different types of people there. The theater seating would have been divided by wealth and caste, but there were common meeting areas where business and other forms of mixing could occur.[footnoteRef:11] Howard suggests that the state used the theater, to some degree, as a means of both controlling and censoring the public.[footnoteRef:12] The goal, apparently, was to give the public something to do that would distract them from the realities of their lives, and the language applied to the different plays was sometimes carefully crafted to lend itself to a happy prosperous ideal. That was why some of Shakespeare's plays, which are highly regarded and popular currently, were not so during this time period.[footnoteRef:13] The Taming of the Shrew was unpopular because it focused too much on depressing characters, and King Lear was considered much too dark.[footnoteRef:14] Thus, the people of the different classes dictated the what they saw to an extent, but they were also fed propaganda also. [11: Jean E. Howard. The Stage and Social Struggle in Early Modern England (New York: Routledge, 1994), 14.] [12: Ibid.] [13: ames H. Forse. Commercial and Political Influences in Elizabethan Theater (Bowling Green, KY: Bowling Green State University Press, 1993), 2.] [14: Ibid.]

The influence of the theater can be seen to be relatively universal (as most people… [read more]

Gambling Odds Casino Research Paper

… The games of chance are even harder to manipulate in the player's favor than are the skills games. For example, roulette, a game that relies solely on the bounce of a small steel ball, has a house edge of 5.26%. So for every $100 spent you will lose $5.26 on average. Slot machines range from 2.0% to 35% house advantage ("The Odds of Gambling"). The one potential exception to this house advantage may lie within the game of craps. While the game of craps can be exceedingly complicated and the odds vary based on the type of wager laid, the opportunity to bet on the odds gives the player some advantage. For example, if a player bets the pass line and the dice thrower establishes a point, the bettor then has the option of laying a bet on the odds, sometimes for up to 100 times the original bet but usually at least for twice the amount (Brisman 132). If the thrower makes his point, the bettor would win both his original bet and the odds bet. The advantage of this is that, while the original bet remains with the original 1.4% house advantage, the subsequent odds bets are even with the house. Therefore it makes sense to put as much money as possible on the odds bets to decrease the overall house advantage (Brisman 132).

Why People Continue to Gamble

Most people entering a casino are blissfully unaware of such statistics. They are usually there to have fun and spend some time and money without worry. But many others come to the casinos with the expectation of earning a big payday and never having to worry about money again. These people seem to think that, is they are losing it is only a matter of time before their luck changes and they will start winning. If they begin to win some money, they begin to think that their luck will never run out and start betting even larger sums.

There are several theories about why this is so, but the casinos themselves offer packages and discounts to entice potential gamblers. Hotel discount packages are often offered at a loss to the casino with the knowledge that most recipients will lose enough at the casinos to balance the amount (Eadington 180). Similarly, casinos advertise themselves as having "the loosest slots in town" or other statistics designed to imply that more people win at their establishment than anywhere else. The occasional big winner is often shown in advertisements to prove these points and make people picture themselves as winners too. Even if this is true, the house edge is always present. The psychological impact of these advertisements, along with the subconscious concept of luck, plays into the casinos' hands.


Regardless of the potential for winning and the fact that some casinos do, in fact, pay out more than others in general, the only winners at the casinos are their owners. People will continue to come, some for fun others for… [read more]

Legalized Gambling in Galveston Essay

… People from Texas and other nearby states would be more likely to travel to Galveston for gambling than Las Vegas or Atlantic City. This would then allow for other forms of growth within the city, such as the development of hotels and restaurants and other forms of entertainment which might appeal to other members of the family who either were disinclined to gamble or who had not reached the age to do so.

The main negative that is associated with legalized gambling is the fear of promoting an activity which many people feel to be sinful. Similarly, it is a difficult proposition to undo once it has been legalized (Goodman 1994,-page 15). When gambling is legalized in a community, the casinos become the primary source of income. With economic success comes growth in the individual business which then allows the casino to provide even more jobs and thus the community becomes even more dependent on the casino. It becomes a cycle in which the people depend on the gambling and the casino owners then depend on the people of the community for continued economic success.

Although there are some negative aspects to a proposal for legalized gambling, there is a definite economic advantage to the practice. In order to create a firm decision about whether the legalization is best for Galveston, Texas would be dependent upon the attitudes of the population of the community. If their need for economic growth and desire for financial progress is of paramount concern, then legalization of gambling would be best. If, however, the people are more concerned with sin and the danger to their souls from gambling, then they will likely not support legalization.

Works Cited:

Goodman, Robert. (1994). "Legalized Gambling as a Strategy for Economic Development."

United States Gambling Study. UofM Amherst: Amherst, Mass.

Kang, Yong-Soon, et. al. (1996). "Resident Attitudes Toward Legal Gambling." Annals of Tourism Research. 23:1. 71-85.

Kearney, Melissa S. (2005). "The Economic Winners and Losers of Legalized Gambling."

National Tax… [read more]

Economic Diversification in Las Research Paper

… Las Vegas is blessed with many natural resources as a few researches have highlighted. These reserves must be explored.

Shifting the focus from tourism and gambling industry will involve a risk. Last Vegas is renowned worldwide for its casinos and the ambience which is unique and cannot be found anywhere in the world. The worst case scenario would lead to a further decline in the tourism and gambling industry of Las Vegas which will lead to an even worse decline in the economy of the city.

The tourism and gambling industries are declining and steps must be taken to shift the economic burden from them to other sectors. In case the focus is not shifted then the economy would have less capital to spend for the exploration of natural resources which could prove to be a bad move. In order to have a sustainable economy they need to immediately shift the economic burden from the two industries to other sectors and at the moment the mining industry seems to be the best possible option available.


Economic Diversification can be best described by saying that "All eggs should not be kept in one basket," this means that there must be a number of investments in order to reduce the risks. Economic diversification allows a number of economic outputs all combined to produce a better and healthier economy. When there is income from a number of sources which are not related to each other the economy is said to be diversified. (Sylivian Arthur, 2003)

Las Vegas has suffered from the lack of diversification. The economy of Las Vegas is dependent on economic outputs which are related to each other. The economy depends on accommodation, tourism and gambling. All of them are related to each other and are the major sources of income for the economy. In the past decade, the performance of these industries has been hampered due to various reasons which were mentioned earlier. Therefore a need for a diversified economy has now increased and many strategic moves are required to be taken.

Economic Diversification will help keeping the economy healthier even if the major industries are not performing well. Steps must be taken to generate investments in other sectors such as mining industry. The state also needs to spend heavily on the education and technology in order to generate more employment. The economy at the moment seems to be fragile but if the correct measures are taken then there is a potential that other industries might be able to lift the economy as a whole and that might create an increase in the declining profits of the tourism and gambling industries.


"Las Vegas, Nevada 2011 Census Profile."

"The First 100 Persons Who Shaped Southern Nevada -- John C. Fremont."

"Downtown Gaming." Official City of Las Vegas website

"GAMING REVENUE REPORT." Nevada Gaming Control Board.

"TRAVEL AND TOURISM: As market reels, room rates less than $100 -- way less -- abound."

Benjamin Spillman (Dec 1, 2008). "Downtown may… [read more]

Air the Hospitality Industry Essay

… Other than having to leave doors and windows open for air circulation which may pause great security threats or even external pollution like noise the air conditioning system is able to provide proper circulation in confinement.

Beside the air conditioner, dehumidifiers should also be installed in hotel rooms to foster the spirit of proper hospitality as it helps control the quality of air by simply drawing in moist air which in turn extracts and collects water that is later drained. This moist air is quite unhealthy as it may aggravate allergies as well as allow the growth of molds. Vacuum cleaning also helps maintain freshness by trapping dust.

These are then the considerably efficient and effective ways of ensuring that the air that guests breath within the premises is clean and in effecting attracting clients for a return visit which at the end of it all benefits the owner of the premises in the hospitality industry. [read more]

Season's Hotel Four Seasons Research Paper

… Through this strategy, the Four Seasons chain of hotels assays to provide high-profiled services and accommodation; which are its distinct combination of competence in having an upper hand in the business. For the customers of Four Seasons Hotels, the segmentation is based on affordability or price, functionality and designs available. Several customers prefer a more luxurious environ than others, of which the affordability aspect is greatly considered in foreseeing continued supply of the luxurious amenity.

The quality of the service provided is also an aspect that has led to the segmentation of their services. Four Seasons hotel has hosted high and dignified dignitaries and what is delivered to them is way different from the normative reservations done. The Clintons and the Bushes are examples of these families. Staff servicing such honorary members is also enamored leading to a positive turnover of the employment opportunities under this segment.

However, strategic development of marketing niches for customers is conjoined with several limitations. Other competitors in the industry come up with the same strategies of segmentation. This notion arises without agreeable terms making trade-offs thus, weakening the competitive environment that drives and motivates the conduction of business operations (Raynor and Weinberg, 2004, pg 24). Similarly, the business model created by segmentation of marketing the Four Seasons Hotel provokes limited incentives that marginalize the overall competency of the organizations, eventually providing limited leverage. The Four Seasons Hotel has also undergone a recession of its paralyzed business and service operations. This was attributed to segmentation fluxes experienced in the luxury department (Kingsbury 2010).


Despite the limited experienced confines challenging the four Seasons Hotel, it is still continuing to expand its operational wings to other countries that are promising in the hospitality and tourism industry. Its marketing strategies have helped a great deal in overseeing general marketing functions towards having an integrated and unremitting business entity.


Daft, R.L. (2007). Management. New York: Cengage Learning.

Hill, C. W… [read more]

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