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Game Design Thesis

… Game Design

Computer or video games have been around for about six decades, and during the time they had experienced a constant evolution. It all started in 1952 with a.S. Douglas writing a PhD Degree at the University of Cambridge… [read more]

Mizpah Hotel Fire in Reno, Nevada Research Paper

… ¶ … Mizpah Hotel fire in Reno, Nevada on October 31, 2006. The Mizpah Hotel fire is notable because it took place in an historic building in downtown Reno, just steps away from some of the largest casino resorts in… [read more]

Gambling in Cyberspace Term Paper

… Gambling in Cyberspace

Gambling has taken many forms and channels - from direct ones such as bricks and mortar to that using the internet, generally known as gambling in cyberspace or online gambling. Page (2007) has written an article discussing why online gambling is such a temptation, why it thrives in the workplace, why it is considered a problem among employers, and suggested steps on how to deal with it in the workplace.

Play in online gambling is faster and more engaging since several games can be handled simultaneously at different windows. Also, access is not a problem since computers with internet come in handy. Online gambling thrives in the workplace since it is not considered to be as grave as pornography and threatening e-mails, and is even at times regarded as means of forging ties among co-workers. And though online gambling is prohibited by the law (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), it is unusual to hear about employers sued for participating in the gambling, that is, for providing the equipment used in the gambling. Instead, it is the site operators who are being closely monitored by the law enforcers.

Online gambling is a problem among employers, one, because it results to lower productivity of the employees and two, because it posts risks for contracting viruses. Time spent on online gambling eats up the employees' work time and disrupts their focus on work. Heavy internet usage results to larger bandwidth and thus, problems with the computer system. In this regard, the author cites three steps on how to deal with Internet gambling in the workplace: "create a workplace gambling policy, provide awareness training, and make problem gambling counseling available."

More than the possibility of simultaneous gambling and the easy access to… [read more]

Xbox 360 Against Playstation Thesis

… ¶ … marketing audit is to analyze marketing strengths and weaknesses of major players in the video game console industry. The two competitors that will be analyzed are the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

The video game console industry… [read more]

Video Games Impact Adolescent Aggression Essay

… ¶ … Video Games Impact Adolescent Aggression

The impact of video games on adolescent aggression

The timing of the launch of video games by companies is more or less the same. For instance, Sony launched its Play station in March… [read more]

Effects of Violent Video Games to Children Term Paper

… Violent Video Games and Children

Ever since the Bandura research in 1965 in which little children imitated violent behavior they had seen in a cartoon, there has been much discussion and concern about the impact of media violence on children… [read more]

Ski Boots and Knee Injuries Term Paper

… Physical Education - Biomechanics


Knee injuries are some of the most interesting issues in orthopedics and sports medicine from the perspective of both prevention and treatment. The analysis of biomechanical causation is crucial… [read more]

Designing Scales Term Paper

… Scales

Likert Scale

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each of these statements:

Regarding the hotel's convenience of location:

If on vacation, the hotel was near most tourist attractions.

Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree 6. N/a

If traveling for business reasons, the hotel was near my desired destination.

Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree 6. N/a

The hotel was easily accessible by my desired mode of transportation.

Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree 6. N/a

Friendly personnel:

Upon check-in, the staff was friendly, courteous and helpful.

Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree 6. N/a

During my stay, the staff assisted me with all of my problems promptly and courteously.

Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree 6. N/a

Value for money:

The quality of my room was well worth its price.

1. Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree 6. N/a

The quality of services provided by the hotel was well worth the price of my stay.

1. Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree 6. N/a


The housekeeping services kept the room clean.

1. Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree 6. N/a

The housekeeping staff was discrete and did not disturb me if requested.

1. Strongly agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree 6. N/a

The housekeeping staff kept the rooms stocked with towels and other needed toiletries, or provided them if asked.

1. Strongly agree 2.… [read more]

Employee Gambling Casino Gambling Has Grown Term Paper

… Employee Gambling

Casino gambling has grown over the last few decades from a highly specialized, limited activity to a vast, widespread pastime for hundreds of thousands of individuals. While this expansion has created employment opportunities and generated billions of dollars… [read more]

Video Games, Violence, Aggression and Exhaustion Term Paper

… Video Games, Violence, Aggression and Exhaustion: The Making of a Violent Child

The research study in this document will focus on the theory of the affects of children playing video games who demonstrate a high level of aggression. The thesis… [read more]

Stonehenge, Located in Salisbury Plain, England Term Paper

… ¶ … Stonehenge, located in Salisbury Plain, England, has been a source of public curiosity, professional debate and even controversy. What, the question has been asked again and again, is Stonehenge; when the question that leads to perhaps a better… [read more]

Video Game Addiction Term Paper

… Adolescent Video Game/Internet Game Playing: Amount of Time Per Day Considered Addictive

Video gaming addiction has been recognized as a new form of addiction requiring treatment. Today's video games are extremely graphic and realistic. Youth who escape into the world… [read more]

Mixed Up the Numbers. I Hope Term Paper

… ¶ … mixed up the numbers. I hope you are the person who wanted the Press releases as well. If you are, the audience for the press release is a local newspaper or children's/parenting magazine)

PUBLICATION: The following is written for either a local newspaper or magazine, for a general public.

Want to know where to go on vacation? How about which airline to take, hotel to stay in or what places to visit while you are there? Not even ten years ago, that would mean going to your public library or book store and picking up several books on different areas. Many times, the books would be outdated or not cover enough information. or, you would put all your faith in travel agents and hope that they were not suggesting a place just because they were receiving a bigger cut from one place over another. Now, the Web makes all of this so much easier and more effective. You just get online and travel to find out about traveling.

The Web offers a world of information to someone who wants vacation possibilities. In fact, it offers too much. That is the biggest problem. You have to make sure you find the Websites that are the most pertinent and trustworthy. That means, you have to go with known names of travel publications and websites, not just with a site that someone's Uncle Charlie put up.

Jennifer Franklin, a graphic designer from Sydney who loves to take one two-week trip every year, says that sometimes she has as much fun looking for her next destination than she does actually on the trip, itself. "I put aside a couple of hours every day for about a month to plan my vacation, step-by-step," she says. "There is so much information to help me. The tough part is really narrowing it down after I get all the input."

She starts off with Googling favorite trips for Australians and does a general read on different people's vacations, just to see what options she has. Then, once she has a few specific locations in mind, she begins to get more into the nitty-gritty.

Travel is a very personal interest, and people approach it in different ways. Some like to purchase everything individually: air fare, hotel, automobile and special activities. They have personal specifications on each of these items and are willing to perhaps pay more than a package to meet all their requirements. Other individuals are more concerned about money and realize that there are always trade offs. They are willing to get a three-star inn or a smaller car if it means cutting the costs.

"I only go on one vacation a year for a week," says James Fritch, a busy accountant. "So, I am willing to spend more. I do a lot of star shopping." In other words, he… [read more]

Las Vegas Illusion and Reality Term Paper

… Las Vegas Illusion and Reality

Entering and Leaving Las Vegas: Illusion and Expectation vs. Reality and Experience

According to Walker Percy, the late 20th century American Southern novelist / philosopher whose work quite often explored "the dislocation of man in… [read more]

Effects of Video Games on Children Term Paper

… Video Game Addiction

With each advance of technology as the creation of the telephone, radio, and television, psychologists have conducted research to determine the positive and negative impact on adolescents. Recently, the game playing on the TV and Internet have… [read more]

Stephen Crane the Blue Hotel Term Paper

… ¶ … Blue Hotel by Stephen Crane. Specifically it will discuss what symbolic imagery and symbols Crane uses throughout the story. At first reading, the symbols are not that apparent in this disturbing short story. However, Crane does use subtle symbolism throughout the story that helps lead to the dramatic conclusion. One symbol is the hotel itself, a "blue" refuge in a flat, brown landscape. It helps underscore the theme of the story, that humankind is isolated from each other and do not take the time to understand or care about each other.

Crane introduces the Palace Hotel as if it were another character in the story. He writes, "The Palace Hotel, then, was always screaming and howling in a way that made the dazzling winter landscape of Nebraska seem only a gray swampish hush" (Crane). This symbolizes the hotel's importance to the story. It is the setting of most of the action of the story, and it is where the main characters interact with each other the most. In addition, the hotel is uncommon in that it is "blue," which symbolizes the "blue or sad atmosphere hanging over the town. In winter, snow can take on a bluish hue, and the entire town is engulfed in a snowstorm. Therefore, the entire town is "blue" or sad, just like the hotel. The hotel symbolizes the sad events that will happen in the town - the fight and the eventual murder of the Swede.

The town itself symbolizes the vanishing West that was being replaced with people like the Swede and the Easterner. Scully alludes to this when he tells the Swede they are no longer on the frontier, but will soon become civilized - a "metropolis." He says, "And,' said Scully, 'there's a new railroad goin' to be built down from Broken Arm to here. Not to mintion the four churches and the smashin' big brick school-house. Then there's the big factory, too. Why, in two years Romper'll be a met-tro-pol-is'" (Crane). The Swede has a preconceived notion of the West, thinking it will be violent and full of cowboys and Indians, when really, the West is evolving and becoming… [read more]

People Believe it Is a Victimless Crime Term Paper

… ¶ … people believe it is a victimless crime, it actually has many victims. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

Gambling and its Victims

For many people placing a small bet on Sunday's football game provides them with a source of entertainment and something to joke about at the water cooler on Monday and it is because of such minor activities it is argued that gambling is a victimless crime (Villa, 2000). While this activity may not victimize anyone but the person that loses the $10, gambling is far from victimless and should remain an illegal activity.

Gambling victims come in all shapes and sizes. It knows no socioeconomic boundaries and it rarely leaves once it has taken hold of someone's life. Studies conducted to determine the impact of gambling on society indicate 35% of college students gamble on school sports, with five percent of those males actually wagering on games they were participants in. Furthermore they provided inside information to others to try and boost the winnings and odds (Minnix, 2000).

Another important research finding reveals that more youth are introduced to gambling through sports betting than through any other type of activity, according to Dr. Howard Shaffer, director of Harvard University Medical School's Division on Addiction (Minnix, 2000)."

Currently there are more than 1,000 gambling sites on the Internet. Internet gambling provides a specific threat to the public as it can be done privately with no supervision and no fear of exposing one's gambling addiction to loved ones (Minnix, 2000).

People who become addicted to gambling often leave a long list of victims in their wake. When they empty bank accounts to gamble, their families are hurt, their bills do not get paid and because they are addicted they often resort to stealing, kiting checks and spending money they don't have to gamble (Hebrerling, 2002).

In addition the more poor the gambler is the more he spends on gambling according to recent studies.

Given the demographic attributes of the "typical" player, it should come as no surprise that lottery advertisements specifically target the poor (Hebrerling, 2002)."

Gambling sites and promotions are written in a way to make people dream that their circumstances can change if they can just get that one win.

Some examples include:

All you need is a dollar and a dream (Hebrerling, 2002)." (New York)

This… [read more]

Tai Chi Chuan Term Paper

… Tai Chi Chuan

For a person, especially a person reared in a materialist and competitive Western culture to fully experience Tai Chi Chuan simply by reading about it in a book or even engaging in one practice sparring session would be impossible. Rather, someone must go out in life, seeking the spirit of taijiquan with an open mind and heart, and look upon ordinary experience with a new point-of-view. Then, he or she can bring that experience of flow and harmony back into his or her rigorous training in the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

The discipline and mental readiness needed to practice Tai Chi Chuan is not found simply in the pursuit of technique, but by changing one's view of daily life. Every discipline that demands total control and focus of one's body, mind, and spirit has the presence of taijiquan within its essential nature. For example, when playing a simple soccer game with friends, instead of trying to score a goal, a player seeking to… [read more]

Girls Toys Term Paper

… Girl's Toys

When they're growing up, girls play with a wide variety of toys. Most, but not all girls play with dolls at some point. The dolls themselves vary considerably from Barbie-style fashion figures to softer, plush dolls to old-fashioned showpieces. The type of doll girls enjoy playing with depends on their age or personal taste. Dolls aren't the only toy n a girl's room, however. Most girls will have at least one board game with which to entertain friends or family members. Board games may be strategy-oriented or based more on luck and like dolls, may also be based on age. Finally, young girls frequently play creatively with arts and crafts. Several kits are designed specifically for children and include activities like beading or painting. These three basic classes of girls' toys: dolls, games, and crafts serve distinct purposes and functions for playtime.

Dolls are toys that can be enjoyed during solitary play or with friends. With friends, dolls come to life through the girls' imagination. For example, many girls will create lifelike situations or conflicts that their dolls have to work through. They may base their dolls' names, careers, and lives on characters from books, television, or real life. Dolls can have husbands, babies, or rule the world. No matter what ethnicity, size, or shape, a doll can be whoever the girl decides she is. Dolls are frequently age-specific but can transcend age too. Some dolls are designed specifically for young girls and are exceptionally soft, whereas others are larger, made of porcelain, and highly delicate. A distinguishing feature of dolls is that unlike board games, dolls are good toys for solitary play. The doll can become a companion and unlike any other girls' toy, takes on a distinct personality. A girl can carry a doll around with her all day, something she can't do with a game or a crafts set. Girls also come to know their dolls as if they were people, and treat them as if they were friends.

Like dolls, crafts can be played either alone or with friends.… [read more]

Target Culture Term Paper

… Target Culture

ID 72669-Title: Big City with Booming Hospitality Industry & Room for Consumer Growth

In no more than five years, I project that I will be living in a major city possibly New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, or San Diego. Within the above listed period of the next five years, I intend on developing a business proposal and plan for a new hotel. I will have a business partner that will help with the business proposal, and structure process. I see myself in a rental unit possibly a studio if I am still single at the time, until the hotel is built; after completion of the hotel, I intend on living in the hotel in one of the penthouse suits. There will be a number of adjustments that have to be made just because I am moving to a new place. At first, I will have to get use to the way of life in that big city. I will have to learn where everything is located, how business is conducted in that area etc. In conjunction with the building of the hotel, I will develop partnerships with various companies that will allow me the opportunity to develop other building plans in the future, and this will also give… [read more]

Silver Base to Digital Photography Term Paper

… Silver Base to Digital Photography

The photography appeared as the result of two experiences. First, there was the discovery that some materials are sensitive to light. Second, there was the discovery of the black room. The word camera comes from… [read more]

Why I Would Make a Good Candidate for Brooks Institute of Photography Term Paper

… ¶ … candidate for Brooks Institute of Photography would make a good candidate for Brooks Institute of Photography for several reasons. First photography has been a passion of mine since an early age. I have always appreciated the techniques and methods utilized in the process of photography. Over the years this passion has grown and developed, my interest has matured and new avenues associated with photography have become important to me. I have always given everything that I do one hundred percent. If given the opportunity to attend Brooks Institute of Photography, I will utilize the resources afforded me at the Institute. I will continue to carry on the legacy of which has been upheld by past exceptional alumni once I graduate, and will continue to carry myself in a manner of exception and determination as befitting of the character of alumni as well as currently enrolled students at the Institute. Secondly, I believe that the Institute only wants students that are willing to learn, apply themselves fully, and utilize the facilities, resources, and educators afforded to them, as well as wanting candidates that have a true passion for photography. I posses these characteristics and if given the opportunity to prove my commitment to the field of photography the Institute will not be disappointed.

I have searched for positive ways to express myself throughout my life. As of yet I have not been able to find a more expressive way to display how I view the world than using photography. This too is a reason why it is my belief that I make a very strong candidate for the institute. The passion for the field has been instilled in me for a number of years. Determination is a force so strong in my life and work that it refuses to be deterred and broken even with the most difficult situations… [read more]

Blue Hotel Term Paper

… ¶ … Blue Hotel

The majority of the action in "The Blue Hotel" by Stephen Crane occurs in a hotel so named for its blue color. Throughout the story, themes of isolation and a sense of unity with other human… [read more]

Stonehenge Opposing Viewpoints Term Paper

… ¶ … Stonehenge, an unsolved mystery in England [...] opposing viewpoints on who possibly built it, why they did, and what the site was used for. Stonehenge is one of the most famous ancient archaeological sites in the world. Many… [read more]

Tribute to My Physical Therapist Term Paper

… Physical Therapist

Tribute to Physical Therapist

Beauty comes in many different forms. I won't pretend to be an expert on beauty, but I can tell you one thing: it sure seemed like there was a lot less of it after my surgery. It wasn't just not being able to walk without crutches, although that was a big part. It was the feeling of staying still while the rest of the world was still moving. Like a cruise ship casualty, I was watching my entire world float away.

The process of rehabilitation seemed hopeless at first. My physical therapists, experts though they may have been, did nothing for me. Some were detached and unable to connect; others were soft, and unsuited to the challenge of pushing beyond strength into that peculiar region in which humans experience growth.

And that's why Pam was so remarkable. I had long since given up my prospects of full recovery, and I felt jaded and bitter. At first, I… [read more]

Should Parents Allow Their Children Under the Age of 12 to Play Violent Video Games Term Paper

… parents allow their children under the age of 12 to play violent video games?

Persuasive Speech: Parents should not allow their underage children to play violent video games

But my child has great hand to eye coordination skills! So what if he can't read!" Parents, is this what you want to be able to say about your children in ten years? Video games are not an appropriate pastime for young children, especially children under the age of twelve. Also, although many parents, raised in the era of Ms. Pac Man and Donkey Kong, might not be aware of the fact, video games also often contain sophisticated, violent content. Parents who would never allow their children to watch a movie or even surf the Internet in an unsupervised manner might still think that video games are harmless fun, kid's stuff.

Nothing could be farther from the case. According to research by psychologists L. Rowell Huesmann, Leonard Eron, children who watched many hours of violence on television when they were in elementary school tended to also show a higher level of aggressive behavior when they became teenagers. Worse yet, supporting research by Craig A. Anderson has shown that playing violent video games can increase a person's aggressive thoughts, feelings and behavior both in laboratory settings and in actual life. A 2000 study by Dr. Anderson suggested that violent video games have a more harmful impact on the developing minds and morality of young children than violent television and movies because video games are interactive and require the player to identify with aggressive, violent characters. ("Violence in the Media - Psychologists Help Protect Children from Harmful Effects," cited on the American Psychological Association website, 2006)

Of course, some people argue that video games aren't so bad and even make kids smarter. During a recent study by the University of Rochester, children were asked to count the number of squares that flashed on a screen for a 20th of a second. Gamers picked the right number thirteen percent more often than non-gamers. (Cited by Berman, 2005) But being better able to play guessing games about abstract shapes on a screen hardly seems to be worth the sacrifice of time that could be spent reading, or simply engaging in healthy, active, and imaginative play. In an era of packed schedules, and increasingly sedentary lives, giving children yet another pastime which requires them to spend time staring at a screen hardly seems like responsible parenting.

Sure, parents protest, I only buy games that are rated child-friendly, so I know the games my children play aren't violent. Not so fast. According to Iowa… [read more]

Orleans Arena Focuing on Public Relations Essay

… ¶ … Orleans Arena focuing on Public Relations

Background of facility

Where the good time rolls!" is the slogan that the Orleans Arena uses for welcoming its visitors on a periplus at one of the most modern and fascinating venues… [read more]

Chicano Youth Term Paper

… Chicano Youths are very vulnerable and can always be the target of various forms of temptations. Their behaviors and personalities are can easily be affected by different forms of media.

It should be noted that Chicano youths, like the normal Chicanos, value their faith the most. They have very strong faith to God and would always consider praying before making any big decisions concerning their lives and their families. Chicanos youths are also very competitive in nature. This is brought by the fact that most of the Chicanos are into sports, like boxing. If they reached the right age, they would always train themselves to be one of the country's strongest fighters.

However, the above-statement attributes are just the positive side of the Chicano youth. Their negative side, on the other hand, includes naivety and being hungry to freedom and wealth. Most Chicano youths are ignorant on some realities of life. They can be easily persuaded to do things that they have just seen from others. Their attention can easily grabbed by what they have seen in the media.

Moreover, most Chicano youths are products of the low to average earning families. Their country itself is not among the highest earnings in terms of Gross Domestic Product. This made them want to earn more so that they can have more. They are very hungry for wealth. Chicano youths used to think that becoming rich will provide them with much freedom to do anything that they want or to buy anything that they aspire.

These combined positive and negative attributes of the Chicano youths makes them a better target for the negative impacts of video gaming.

Video game is one form of media that allows one person to play a role of a certain character in the game. Most common forms of video games include killings of the enemies, leveling up the power by acquiring more strength from various other forces and/or doing some stunts which normal human beings cannot do.

Video gaming provides negative impact to the psychological, mental and psycho-social status of the teens. First, this form of media is an exaggerated representation of various kinds of emotions of real human beings. This game is so addicting that the players would normally tend to think that what they have been playing are part of their real lives. Emotions of the players are affected. They feel angry when somebody has overpowered them on the game. They feel angry when there are enemies popping up in the video screen. Players feel extremely happy if they are able to kill the enemies or overpower the other players. Needless, to say, as the teens continuously play with the video game, they tend to have strong emotional attachment with the character they are playing and will eventually lead… [read more]

Product Promotion and Pricing Strategies Term Paper

… Product Promotion and Pricing Strategies

Wal-Mart (WMT) is the number one seller of toys and the industry's price leader. Last year the company used a "lost leader pricing" on popular toys that lured millions of consumers from traditional toy stores.… [read more]

Online Gambling Should it Be Banned Term Paper

… Online Gambling: Should it be banned?

Gambling over the years has transpired from a frowned upon cultural deformation to a more enticing pastime for easy money making opportunity. Its approval into the social sphere is not only dynamic but has… [read more]

Hilton Website the Hilton Hotels Corporation Term Paper

… ¶ … Hilton Website

The Hilton Hotels Corporation, based in Beverly Hills, CA, is a hospitality corporation providing hotel lodging and the associated amenities, including dining and entertainment. It operates under a variety of names, including Doubletree, Embassy Suites, and Hampton Inn.

The Hilton annual report for 2005 includes financial information, a discussion of the extremely successful year Hilton enjoyed, International and National hotel information, and information on other operations such as timeshares. Overall, the annual report paints a positive picture of the Hilton chain and its profitability.

The job openings take up 32 pages in a searchable database, and include everything from employment in the corporate offices (Financial Analyst, Customer Support Specialist), to jobs in the "Brand" department (Clubhouse Chef de Cuisine, Assistant Superintendent, Niclaus Resort), to housekeepers, engineers, it personnel, and executive chefs. There are a wide variety of job opportunities available with the company, and with its growth, it seems to be a… [read more]

Cruise Line Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … cruise line companies. The writer explores their mission statements and discusses how close they come to meeting it with their products and services. In addition the writer explores the way politics, demographics and economics impact the different companies.… [read more]

Use of Vacation Hours Term Paper

… Regression (for HR)

A look at the problem

ABC Corp. (an alias) believes it has a problem with the way employees are using vacation time. It seems that employees are accruing large amounts of vacation time and then not using that time or losing it because of company rules regarding how much time an employee can carry. ABC wants to test, through regression analysis, whether this is a legitimate, company-wide problem or whether it is only occurring in isolated cases.

Before we can conduct a regression analysis, it is important to first understand how ABC employees accrue vacation time. When employees first begin their employment at ABC, they accrue vacation time at a rate of two weeks (10 days, or 80 hours) per year. Employees are paid 26 times a year (every two weeks), so they essentially are credited with 3.1 vacation hours per pay period.

Once an employee has been with ABC for five years, that employee will accrue three weeks of vacation time per year (15 days, or 120 hours). That results in an accrual rate of 4.6 hours per pay period. Finally, once employees have been with ABC for 10 years, they accrue vacation time at a rate of four weeks per year (20 days, or 160 hours), or 6.2 hours per pay period. This is the highest rate of vacation time accrual at ABC. Furthermore, although employees are allowed to carry vacation time over from one year to the next, they are not allowed to carry more than four weeks. Anything above four weeks, as of Jan.1 of a new year, is forfeited.


ABC believes that its more senior employees, who accrue more vacation time, are not using the vacation time and are, in some cases, losing it. As a first step toward understanding whether this problem is anecdotal or quantifiable, ABC wants to perform a regression analysis that analyzes the length of time an employee has been with ABC vs. how much vacation time that employee takes per year. ABC has 36 employees, 22 of whom have been with the company at least two years. We are only going to consider those 22 employees, as they have had the opportunity to accrue, in theory, at least four weeks of vacation time - enough to lose time under ABC's vacation time policy.

Furthermore, new employees could provide skewed results. An employee who has only been with the company for six weeks will have fewer than 10 hours of vacation time and will likely have taken no time yet. If… [read more]

Disney Culture Term Paper

… Disneyland Expansion

Recent history has seen significant strides in globalization. Whereas the other side of the world seemed like the other side of the universe at one time, it is now only a click of the mouse away. As the… [read more]

Persuade Someone to Buy Timeshare Resorts or Vacation Term Paper

… Persuasion don't have enough money; I can't afford a trip!" are some of the most common excuses for not traveling or enjoying a relaxing holiday with the family. As you know, Americans also work hard. Their long hours and minimal vacation benefits make traveling seem like something for the wealthy, not the working class. Hotels can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the course of a short vacation and the quality of amenities and service at hotels can also be unpredictable at best. Timeshare properties can help families save money and stress: they offer a permanent vacation home at the fraction of the price of a comparable hotel.

Moreover, many hotels are too small or unaccommodating for large groups traveling together like families. Timeshare properties offer individuals and families with an attractive alternative to tiny rooms in the form of full-featured condominiums or holiday homes. With full kitchens and all the cozy amenities you would expect… [read more]

Warsaw and Munich Comparison Term Paper

… Warsaw and Munich Comparison

Munich is Germany's third biggest citiy, located to the north of the Bavarian Alps, on the River Isar. It is Bavaria's capital, a city with many tourist attractions, combining proud provincialism with international appeal. Warsaw is… [read more]

Security Management Magazine, "A Hotel's Exposure Article Review

… ¶ … Security Management magazine, "A Hotel's Exposure to Costly Negligent Security Claims Is Controllable" by Osborn and DePasquale opened with the story of a man in an Atlanta hotel parking lot who was shot while removing luggage from his trunk. The hotel's security officer saw the crime and called the police. Still, the man who had been shot sued the hotel for negligence, arguing that the crime was foreseeable and that he should have been warned. A judge ruled in the hotel's favor, despite the fact that there was ample evidence that the parking lot has been the site of dangerous encounters before, and often. A higher court reversed the decision. Osborn and DePasquale use that story to begin an examination of the issues of foreseeability as it pertains to liability in products and services, and to make the case that it is often accounting decisions that prevent business entities from being more aggressive either in providing more substantial safeguards, or admitting to a degree of liability/culpability, or changing conditions to obviate the problem.


As noted, the legal issue underlying this article revolves around foreseeability in determining liability. The term itself, foreseeability, is, as the authors noted, interpreted differently by courts and laypeople, and because of this, discovery often enters the legal picture. Discovery involves demonstrating loss or harm as the result of the business organization's failure to adequately 'foresee' a dangerous situation and either remedy that situation, or warn people off.

A second issue that arises in, especially, hotel cases is the extent of the hotel's duty to foresee situations and protect patrons. In fact, the authors noted that, because hotels often cater to people many hundreds of miles from home, and therefore lacking their ordinary… [read more]

Hobbies/Pastimes Apart Term Paper

… Apart from that is collecting of antique cars, kit cars, motorcycles, off the road vehicles, trucks; or singing and playing of music instruments or composing music; or observing the world through amateur astronomy, sizing of geysers, or even spotting of… [read more]

Entertainment Economy Michael J. Wolf Term Paper

… .. attention-grabbing stories" instead of "boring data about prices, volumes ... " (p. 50).

Chapter Four: Radio revenues (p. 112) -- thanks to the likes of Howard Stern and marketing strategies that target specific audiences -- have skyrocketed to around… [read more]

Positive Aspects Outweighing the Harmful Side Effects Term Paper

… Gambling (Pro)

The positive effects of organized gambling on many aspect of modern life outweigh the harmful effects predicted by those who oppose legalizing organized gambling. Opponents have beaten the drum concerning addition to gambling, characterizing it as demonic and… [read more]

Scientific Observation That Distinguish Term Paper

… Therefore, using a ratio scale, the researcher would use no eye contact as the absolute zero measure and then attempt to time each instance of eye contact.

6. The correlation coefficient measures the degree of covariation between two different measures.… [read more]

Mediation and Wellness Term Paper

… The practice of Tai-Chi originated in Chinese culture. It is aligned to the philosophy of Taoism and is similar in many respects to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Taoism is a belief that is focused on knowledge of the vital life force known as chi or qi. It is also concerned with balance between the opposing forces in the human being and the environment known as yin and yang. "Tai chi exercises are designed to balance yin and yang and promote the unobstructed flow of qi." (Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Cancer Patients)

Essentially the technique of Tai-chi involves " ... slow rhythmic movements, focused concentration, and breathing." (Holistic Approaches to Health)

Tai-chi experts claim that this form of exercise is a method of controlling chi. The Tai-chi technique claims to reduce stress and increase general bodily coordination. Many practitioners also claim that Tai-Chi increases general well-being and improves concentration. Scientific studies have validated many of these assertions. " ... studies have shown the positive effects of tai chi, which include improved posture, balance, muscle mass, strength, decreased blood pressure and increased stamina, muscle mass and flexibility." ( ibid)

There are numerous other techniques and styles of mediation. Each technique has its one emphasis on certain aspects. Yoga is possibly one of the better known meditation techniques in the West. Yoga focuses on various body positions that are intended to concentrate the mind and relieve stress. Another lesser known form of meditation is the repetition of mantras or sounds that is intended to produce relaxing and consciousness altering effects. This form of chanting is used extensively in Eastern and particularly Buddhist forms of mediation. (Petulla J.)

While the methods and the immediate focus of many of these forms of meditation differ, yet they remain true to the central concept of the expansion and improvement of health. One of the important aspects of meditation for the contemporary industrialized world is that it allows for a more holistic and spiritual emphasis on health and healing issues.


Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Cancer Patients. Retrieved June 8, 2005 from University of California, San Diego. Web site:

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"WHAT IS WELLNESS? Retrieved June 8, 2005 from State University of New York. Web site: [read more]

Gambling He That Hastens to Be Rich Term Paper

… Gambling

He that hastens to be rich hath an evil eye, and considers not that poverty shall come upon him," (Proverbs 28:22). Gambling is not specifically prohibited in the New Testament, but clearly the practice violates the spirit of Christianity. The Bible does include several passages warning against greed and the accumulation of wealth. Gambling can also lead to other sins, such as stealing. Betting can become a habitual practice that can be as problematic as any addiction, and often more expensive. While some enclaves of gambling will continue to exist, our society should undoubtedly prevent gambling from becoming as common as to be legalized. Already, legalized gambling exists in the form of state lotteries and race tracks. Recently, many localities have opted to install slot machines in public places, which will only lead to more gambling. If gambling becomes acceptable, we risk becoming a morally degenerate society with an "anything goes" form of moral relativism. The practice of gambling leads to a slew of social, psychological, and spiritual problems, from poverty to depression. Gambling also eases its way too easily into politics, contributing to the already widespread corruption and degeneracy that exists. In fact, gambling leads to widespread corruption, and undermines the moral foundations of family, community, and culture and should therefore be opposed by Christians.

Communities that invite gambling into their midst are asking for numerous troubles, including political corruption, law enforcement corruption, familial corruption, and personal corruption. For example, if a gambling industry pressures the local politicians to install slot machines in shopping malls, the industry will also expect preferential treatment. In exchange for the powerful gambling lobby, the politicians will continue to support the gaming industry and each will rub the others' back. Such special interests should have no place in politics to begin with, let alone for something as potentially nefarious as gambling is. Furthermore, because politicians work closely with law enforcement on a local level, endemic political corruption can translate quickly into law enforcement corruption. Police officers who look the other way when a gambling-related offence occurs are equally as likely to accept bribes from organized crime organizations. As a matter of fact, organized crime and gambling have a long history and a solid relationship. Christians should oppose legalized gambling because it promotes such widespread corruption in our legal and political systems and thus prevents justice and social equity. Furthermore, because gambling is often coupled with other crimes like prostitution and theft, law enforcement might overlook serious crimes.

Other problems that are associated with gambling include alcoholism. Most casinos or gambling facilities include readily available or cheap drinks. Gamers are encouraged to drink as much as they'd like. The House knows that the more a person imbibes, the more likely they are to place stupid bets. The more a person drinks, the more likely they are to… [read more]

14 Day Vacation in the City of Brussels Belgium Term Paper

… ¶ … Vacation in Brussels, Belgium

Belgium, approximately the size of the state of Maryland, is multicultural and multilingual and is regarded as the essence of European culture (Introduction pp). Belgium's capital, Brussels, is one of the world's great cosmopolitan cities and is home to the European Union and NATO (Introduction pp). Brussels is also a major center of international trade and finance, with a long history of commercial and cultural exchange (Introduction pp). Both Dutch and French, as well as English, are spoken in Brussels, and the locals are courteous and cooperative (Introduction pp). The city has numerous museums, historical buildings, theatre, music and festivals, with architecture representing the past and present of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, and Nouveau (Introduction pp).

A round trip ticket from LAX to Brussels, plus fourteen nights at the Astrid Centre Hotel Brussels, which is located within a short walking distance from the Grand Place, is only $2,218, including all taxes, and buffet breakfasts (Travelocity pp). The Delta flight leaves Los Angeles, LAX, at 9:35 AM on Saturday December 17, 2005 and arrives in Brussels Sunday morning December 18 at 8:30am, and departs Brussels National Airport on Saturday December 31 at 10:35 AM, arriving in Los Angeles, LAX, at 5:37 PM (Travelocity pp). The Astrid bus will transport guests to and from the hotel and airport (Travelocity pp). The hotel offers patio area, concierge, currency exchange, dry cleaning, free weekday newspapers, 24-hour desk service, high speed wireless Internet, pay-per-view movies, satellite TV, and hairdryers (Travelocity pp). Meal plans are also available for dining at the hotel (Travelocity pp).

The Grand-Place, called the Grote Markt or Market Square, is the main tourist attraction of the City of Brussels and is one of the most beautiful town squares in Europe, if not the world, and is within walking distance from the hotel (Travel pp). The square is filled with shopping and entertainment, and especially restaurants (Travel pp). In fact, Brussels is one of the main restaurant cities in Europe, and it is best to consult the Michelin guide for restaurants for decisions concerning dining (Travel pp).

After checking into the hotel Sunday morning and resting a while, a stroll to the Square will kick off the visit with shopping and lunch, then back to the hotel for dinner and bed. On Monday, the 19th, it is breakfast at the hotel, then a tour of the King's House, then lunch and shopping, and again dinner at the hotel (Travel pp). After breakfast Tuesday morning, the day is spent touring the Guild Houses, Royal Park and… [read more]

Dorothy Allison and Dagoberto Gilb Term Paper

… ¶ … Tempest -- the Blockbuster

A remake of "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare.

The tropical island of Palau. Time Period: Today.

Note to Director: "The Tempest" is just an ancient story of survival of the fittest and class lines.… [read more]

Sony Playstation 2 Case Study

… Sony must work with these suppliers on terms that both parties can agree upon so that they can continue to work with the larger companies. Right now, many of the video games that are made for the Playstation 2 come… [read more]

Violence in Video Games Term Paper

… This suggests that rather than violence, aggression is the initial emotion felt among video gamers rather than feelings of violence. The development of aggression, in addition, was explained as a psychological process in which video gaming is often associated with "social learning," wherein an individual becomes 'embedded' in the story relayed to him/her through the video game "visually, auditorily, and physically" (Brody, 2000).

Another study went further its scope, going so far as to identify who are these children or individuals who are most likely to have aggressive and develop violent behavior. In Gaziano's (2001) survey of children who participate in video gaming, it was determined that children who have parents who feel a "sense of powerlessness" and turn this weakness into aggression towards their children contribute to the development of negative behavior among their children. These children of 'powerless, aggressive' parents were in fact cultivating their own versions of themselves in their children, who also grow to be "powerless and who attempt to assert power through angry, harsh, punitive attitudes and behaviors ... And other authoritarian characteristics." Hence, it goes without saying that children who have cultivated feelings of aggression are most likely influenced and affected by the violence portrayed in video games.

In the same vein as Gaziano's study, another empirical study demonstrated how violence and video gaming were not considered causal -- in fact, most studies have been careful to demonstrate that these two variables, exposure to video gaming and development of violent behavior, are causal. What was constantly established throughout these studies on video game effects, asserted Lynne Eagle et. al., is that violent behavior is almost always highly-correlated with video gaming. As to the causal effect that video games result to violent behavior among individuals, this finding is yet to be established and determined specifically by the researchers. Nevertheless, the research reflects the fact that "children who come to television (and other mass media forms for that matter) full of aggression tend to seek out violence in television, and to remember and resurrect that violence later in life." This finding is highly linked with exposure to video games, wherein those who have aggressive behavior develop violent behavior after exposure to video games.


Brody, M. (2001). "Playing with death." Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter, (16)11.

Gaziano, C. (2001). "Towards a broader conceptual framework for research on social stratification, childrearing patterns, and media effects." Mass Communication & Society, (4)2.

Lynne Eagle, L., S. Bulmer, and A. de Bruin. (2003). "Marketing communications implications of children's new electronic media use: a survey of parental opinions and perceptions." Journal of Marketing Communications,… [read more]

Film Prioritization Centers Term Paper

… It also meets all three of the mandatory objectives that each project must have, for the company.

It too meets the desirable objectives of the company. A powerful story, it could easily be nominated for a Best Picture award. It… [read more]

Disposable Camera Taking Pictures Term Paper

… The simplicity of use of a disposable camera makes it possible for even children to take pictures.

Since disposable cameras do not require equipment and film, they are much more versatile and portable than a regular camera. While on excursions or trips which may require physical exertion, running, jumping, or climbing, carrying around camera equipment may become a burden, physically and mentally. Having to carry around the equipment is difficult enough without the fear of losing or destroying it. A disposable camera is small and insignificant if lost, except for the photos taken. However, there is no loss of a camera as well. People can take disposable cameras places where they would not take a regular camera for fear of destroying the equipment for the very reason they want to document the experience.

Disposable cameras were taken a step further. The invention of underwater camera equipment made it possible to photograph vacation images as never before. At the birth of this invention, the equipment was expensive and mostly reserved for those with skill and money. However, camera companies quickly learned the benefits of producing disposable underwater cameras. Now, users have the option to capture a much wider variety of images without any additional skill or equipment.

Disposable cameras quickly entered into the marketplace and were accepted by the unskilled photographers. The first time I used a disposable camera I was awed at the ease of use, as I tried to take the film out myself only to learn that I had nothing more to do except drop it off and let the professionals take over! The low cost, ease, mobility, and options of disposable cameras make them one of the greatest inventions that have impacted the… [read more]

Emergency Planning Term Paper

… Emergency Planning H2

The purpose of this work is to provide an evacuation plan for a shall hotel with a gymnasium and swimming pool complex attached in Scotland during the G8 Summit to take place at Gleneagles Hotel in 2005. This paper will propose a model in which factors to be considered will be outlined in the process of preparing an evacuation plan to deal with a potential bomb threat keeping in mind the fact that evacuation plans are more lengthy than are fire evacuations.


This plan provides an outline for an emergency response plan, recommended emergency response teams, site specific vulnerabilities due to hazards, emergency procedures for employees, requirements of training, procedures exercise and disaster preparedness for employees and their families.

Mission and Goals:

The mission of the hotel's management is in the event of an attack to:

Protect lives and property

Mitigate the effects of a disaster

Prepare for emergencies and disasters

Respond to emergencies

Aid recovery from disasters

The goals are focused toward the elements of:

Providing emergency response plans, services, and supplies for all facilities and employees of the hotel.

Coordination of the use of school personnel and facilities within the school

Restore normal services

Planning Assumptions

Assumptions on the basis of this plan:

An emergency on a single site in form of a bomb threat or other such situation could arise at any time without any advance warning and it is not feasible that the hotel should wait for local response agency direction but should through immediate action attempt to save both lives and property.

In the event of an attack or disaster the local and state government may be overwhelmed thus leaving the hotel employees on… [read more]

History of Bowling, and Talk Term Paper

… Originally, bowling pins were tall and narrow, but before the Civil War, the familiar "bottle" shaped pins became more popular and dominated bowling after the Civil War. Candlepin bowling is somewhat of a throwback to those earlier pins. The sport developed in Worchester Massachusetts in 1880 after a businessman named Justin White purchased a pool hall and bowling alley in the city. After he bought the business, he discovered some unusual pins and small, three- to five-inch bowling balls stored in the building. The pins were cylinders about one-inch around and ten-inches high, and they looked a bit like broomsticks. White wanted to use the pins, but he felt they needed adapting, because he new it would be very difficult to knock down the pins with the small, three-pound bowling balls. Therefore, he created a new size, about 12-inches high and three inches around, tapering from the center to a slightly narrower base and top (Editors).

These new pins made it a bit easier to score with the smaller balls, and a new sport was born. In addition, White and a friend, John J. Monsey, decided that scores were still too low, so they developed a very important part of candlepin -- "deadwood." Deadwood are the pins already knocked down by the bowler, and in candlepin, they are not removed from the lane, so the bowler can use them to knock down other pins in later turns. Candlepin became quite popular, and many bowling alleys added candlepin lanes to please their customers. Today, the pins are "15 3/4-inches high and 2 15/16-inches at the middle, tapering to 1 3/4-inch at the ends. The ball is 4 1/2-inches in diameter and weighs from 2 pounds, 5 ounces, to 2 pounds, 7 ounces" (Hickock). A perfect score in candlepins is 300, but no one has ever reached that score, the best sanctioned score recorded is 240 (Hickock). Today, the game has died out, but still remains popular in some areas of New England and Canada.


"Bowling." The Columbia Encyclopedia. 6th ed. 2000.

Editors. "History." International Candlepin Bowling Association. 2004. 1 Dec. 2004.


Hickok, Ralph. "Candlepin Bowling." 2001. 1 Dec. 2004.


Hurley, Andrew. Diners, Bowling Alleys, and Trailer Parks: Chasing… [read more]

Restaurants in Hotels Term Paper

… This is the reason why so many hotels are turning to outsourcing their restaurant operations to pass on their headache to someone else. With most hotel/restaurant combinations, the hotel typically has a seventy percent profit margin; the restaurant's margin is closer to only ten percent (Walker, 1997). One large impediment to profitability is that most hotel guests eat breakfast at their hotel, some eat lunch at their hotel, very few eat dinner at the hotel where they are staying (Schonwalder, 2002).

Some types of restaurants in hotels fair better than others (Schonwalder, 2002). Most high-end restaurants in hotels almost all lose money. However, specialty restaurants and coffee shops typically perform better. Specialty restaurants in hotels often attract the much needed local clientele in addition to the in house guest. In general, restaurant owners in hotels should stay away from getting an expensive famous chef. Instead, they should look for a good concept, reliable kitchen and dining room operators, and a good crew to run their facility as tightly as possible.

If restaurants presented an easy profit making opportunity, hotels would prefer to run the restaurants themselves. But, they are increasingly handing over this task to restaurant specialists. These individuals have a better chance of eking a profit because they know the business, but even they will encounter challenges. However, by taking full advantage of the benefits a hotel offers and by wisely selecting the right type of restaurant, profits are possible.


Schonwalder, H. (2002, December 23). Restaurant and its past. Retrieved November 25, 2004 from RestaurantEdge Web site:

Ursin, C. (1999, January). Checking inn: restaurants signing up for extended stays at hotels, Restaurants USA. Retrieved November 25, 2004 from Web site: Web site:

Walker, C. (1997, December 5). Heathman Inc.: bolding going forth. Business Journal. Retrieved November 25, 2004 from Business Journal Web site: [read more]

Fire Project Term Paper

… Fire Project

Over the years, installation of Fire safety systems in hotels has assumed tremendous importance due to the mandatory requirement of provision of such systems under the law and also due to the growing consciousness within the hotel industry… [read more]

Mathematics in Gambling Casino Games Term Paper

… Mathematics in Gambling, Casino Games

An Examination of the Ways in Which Mathematics are Used in Gambling and Casino Games Today

Introduction common misperception exists among many gamblers that the odds are somehow with them after a series of several… [read more]

Online Casinos Internet Gambling Term Paper

… The Gaming Club offers more than sixty games including Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Scratch Cards, Keno, Paigow Gow Poker, Video Pokers, Slots and CashSplash, and Progressive Slots, with the reputation for "huge progressive payouts" (Online pp). JackPot City Online Casino claims "Home of the Biggest Jackpots" and offers $50 free bonus with the purchase of %50 worth of casino chips (Online pp).

On Preferred Online Casinos ( offers games such as blackjack, poker, video poker, slots, roulette, bingo, craps, sportbooks and sports betting (Preferred pp). The Del Rio Casino offer $600 bonus for new customers, The Golden Palace claims to be home of the "biggest and fastest payouts since 1997 ... And biggest player bonuses of any casino'(Preferred pp). Vegas Online Casino offers $888 bonus, and over sixty "exciting games, fair gaming, highest security, 100% private, fastest payouts" (Preferred pp).

A few of the casinos offered on The Top 12 Casinos ( are Platinum Play, Golden Tiger, Vegas Towers, Vegas Villa, Golden Stars, Monaco Gold, King Casino, Goldengate Online Casino, Casino Tropaz, Gaming Club, and Windows Online Casino (Top pp).

Work Cited

"Helping investors build their own online casinos for profit." Latin Trade;


"Online Casinos." q=online+casinos& btnG=Google+Search

The Top 12 Casinos. [read more]

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