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18th C. Decorative Botanical Art Term Paper

… 18th C. decorative botanical art

18th Century Botanical Art

In the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, pearls were a very popular bauble with the wealthy and the royal; brought back from the explorations of the Far East and the New World and still rare, they are seen in portraits most particularly of Queen Elizabeth I, but also of other nobles. During the 18th century, exploration had taken a different tone. No longer were the intrepid crossing the oceans in search of financial wealth (or at least, not so single-mindedly as in the Age of Exploration), but rather in terms of other unique discoveries and treasures. These included new life forms, not surprising in light of the nature of the Age of Enlightenment. That age was…. [read more]

Ancient Buildings With Modern Los Angeles Research Paper

… Karim Snoussi

Christoph Korner

Roman Visions

Take a drive around the always-crowded streets of Los Angeles and you'll notice scores of buildings whose architects drew their inspiration at least in part from the ancient world -- from Babylon and Mesopotamia as well (more commonly) Greece and Rome. Such heavy stylistic borrowing from the cities of Greece and Rome should not be surprising given how many American cities have buildings with Classical and Neoclassical elements. Americans, whose country was born during the Enlightenment's celebration of the Classical world, are inclined to borrow from Greece and Rome in part because of those societies' historical values. This paper examines a number of buildings in Los Angeles that have been influenced by Roman architectural styles. These buildings have thus…. [read more]

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