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1976 Movie Network Essay

… Network

Directed by Sidney Lumet and written by Paddy Chayefsky, 1976's Network provided one of the most cutting satires of television and American media culture to be produced in the twentieth-century, and its themes continue to resonate to this day. However, the film's incisive consideration of network television can frequently obscure one of the most interesting elements in the film; namely, the conflict between two generations of businesspeople, with the older, moralistic generation, embodied by Max Schumacher and Howard Beale, finding itself increasingly incapable of controlling or even holding its own against the younger generation, embodied by Diana Christensen and Frank Hackett. This inter-generational conflict seems to stem from the same media culture critiqued by the film as a whole, and examining it in some…. [read more]

Movie Industry in America Term Paper

… " Other famous films released at the same time were "Little Women" and "Flying Down to Rio." Other famous titles include "Bringing up baby" and "Hunchback of Notre Dame." (RKO studios) "It's a Wonderful Life," "Suspicion," "Hitler's Children," "The Bells of St. Mary's," "The Best Years of Our Lives" and "The Magnificent Ambersons" are some of the other titles. At one stage stars like Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Orson Welles, Johnny Weissmuller, Robert Mitchum, Bette Davis, John Ford, George Cuckor and Alfred Hitchcock were with them. (RKO: The period of development ended with Howard Hughes and in 1959 he sold off the physical studios to Desilu Productions as a place to make "I love Lucy" and other shows. (RKO studios)

Unlike those studios which…. [read more]

Kodak in the 1990s Research Paper

… Dish Network hopes to keep the stores running along with providing more efficient means of service to the people. The Network believes that with Blockbuster under its hold, Dish network will become more efficient in streaming videos online. ("Blockbuster Deal Dish Network," 2011, p. 1) Along with Blockbuster, Dish Network also bought satellite provider DBSD North America.

Many people think that with the increasing use of digital movies and videos, Blockbuster should have seen this coming. The company should have seen what was going to happen and thus they should have altered their model early on.

Thus, this shows that companies need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. They need to be aware of what changes are to come or how the…. [read more]

Billion Dollar Bet Term Paper

… ¶ … Billion Dollar BET

Brett Pulley is a Senior Editor at Forbes magazine and has written the book titled The Billion Dollar BET: Robert Johnson and the Inside Story of Black Entertainment Television. The Billion Dollar BET is an unauthorized biography of the founder of Black Entertainment Television, Robert Louis Johnson. The author traces the blazing path of Robert Johnson through social and economic barriers with his charm and intelligence to firmly ensconce himself into the politics of Washington and the media business. This rag to riches story should have been inspiring, but then the author has painted the methods employed by Robert Johnson as anything but noble. The sale of Black Entertainment Television to Viacom in 1999 made Robert Johnson a billionaire and…. [read more]

Insignificance of Profanity on Television Essay

… My personal experiences have been more consistent with the views of the crime drama producer than with the conservative groups opposed to vulgar language on television. First, with respect to the notion of disrupting quality family time, it is obviously no longer the case that families have only one television or that they watch the same programs together. Today, most middle class adolescents have their own televisions in their bedrooms. Second, in my experience, children of all ages are more likely to learn profanity from their peers than they are to learn it from television content. Third, it seems hypocritical to enforce such strict standards on television entertainment when, frankly, profanity is obviously no longer as socially unacceptable as it may once have been, given…. [read more]

China Syndrome Several Interesting Facts Term Paper

… For example, rather than push Detroit to build cars that get much better mileage, the administration has sided with the auto industry, and worked against legislation that would force Detroit to make more fuel-efficient cars. Two years ago, the administration even went so far as to advocate tax breaks for people who buy big gas-guzzling SUVs.

Rather than push solar power usage on middle class homes, cutting the need for electricity to heat hot water in homes, the administration has pushed for more the building of more nuclear plants, and has re-written rules regarding the Clean Air Act, in order to help utilities avoid having to install expensive equipment to put out less pollution.

The administration has also pushed for more oil drilling in places…. [read more]

Quiksilver Case Study

… Quiksilver, Inc. Case Study

Brief Company Description

Founded in 1976, Quiksilver, Inc. (hereinafter alternatively "the company") is headquartered Huntington Beach, California and competes in the global surf- and sports-apparel and accessories industries. The company initially catered to an exclusive market of surfing enthusiasts by providing innovative utilitarian product designs. For example, the company's promotional literature states that, "When Quiksilver boardshorts arrived on the market in 1970, they were the first to use two snaps and a Velcro closure to ensure they stayed on in the heaviest conditions; the first to utilize a yoked waist and scallop legs to maximize comfort and ease of movement; the first to use durable, quick-drying cotton" (About Us 2012, p. 1). Drawing on the success of its initial offerings, the…. [read more]

Agency Theory and Executive Compensation Term Paper

… 295). Because people are just people and will tend to try to get away with whatever they can in their own best interests, then, it becomes increasingly important today to ensure that executive compensation and performance are understood; these issues are discussed further below.

Compensation and Performance. The skyrocketing costs associated with executive compensation packages has emerged as one of the most compelling for researchers over the last decade (Baek & Pagan, 2002). Furthermore, the recent highly publicized accounting scandals involving Enron et al. have created a perception among the American public that corporate executives are placing their own personal interests ahead of their shareholders' concerns. In her essay, "What's Next in Corporate Pay Practices? An Enhanced Role for Compensation Committees and a Hard Look…. [read more]

In the United States Research Paper

… He is told by several people to look into business, such as in the famous party scene where Benjamin is informed that plastics are the means to financial security. However, Ben is not interested in money or in business or in the real adult world at all, but in the satisfaction of personal desire. He is not interested in going back to school or in figuring out his future. Determining what to make of his life is not a priority. Rather his intentions, like many of the members of the New Left, were in commenting about the failings and the emptiness of their fathers and father figures. Their purpose was not to live as individuals but to reflect negatively on their parents and show through…. [read more]

Steve Jobs and Entrepreneurialship College Essay

… He believed this was the same for him, and his job -- keep the key people doing what they were best at that exemplified the organization. Moreover, while he was still impatient, tough and unforgiving; these trends mellowed to the point that he realized that pushing people to their best was different than pushing them off their game (Palis, 2012)

From the Apple perspective there a number of personality traits that aided Jobs becoming one of the most innovative entrepreneurial thinkers of the 20th century. Jobs had an unbelievable imagination -- moving from not just competitive thinking, but building a company under the very real assumption that Apple's products would change the world. If we think about Jobs' designs of interactive and innovative design from…. [read more]

Food Inc Essay

… These days the food we eat is coming from massive assembly lines where the workers and the animals are being ill-treated, and the food has turned out to be more hazardous in ways that are intentionally concealed from us. This really is not just regarding the foods that we are eating. It is also regarding what we are permitted to say. What we're permitted to actually understand."

Schlosser additionally makes the point that despite the fact in the 1970s the top five beef packers have control some 25% of the market, nowadays they hold a pretty good influence over more than 90%. He also makes mention to the idea that the manufacture of chickens has started to change melodramatically: "Birds are now really raised and…. [read more]

Media Violence and Violent Behavior Thesis

… Media Violence and Violent Behavior

The notion that violent media -- especially violent film, television, and video games -- plays a role in contributing to violent and criminal behavior in children and youths of all ages is an idea that has long been a topic of controversial discourse. Is there a link between media violence and violent or criminal behavior? Huesemann and Moise (1996), authors of "Media violence: Demonstrated public health threat to children," posit that there is absolutely a direct correlation between violent media exposure and violent and/or criminal behavior in children and youths. They make a strong case for their position by using examples from over 100 studies that have taken place over the last 40 years -- all around the globe. America…. [read more]

Distance Education in Assessing the Strengths Thesis

… Distance Education

In assessing the strengths and weaknesses of various forms of distance education and its progression from manually-oriented approaches to electronically-enabled teaching platforms, it is clear that Chere Campbell Gibson's vision of how information enables greater long-term learning is happening today. At the center of Gibson's vision of learning is the opportunity for students to get away from rote memorization and engage in problem solving through interdisciplinary experiences. Ultimately technology can be an enabler of greater learning and the potential of giving students the flexibility of creating knowledge as well, and this is the catalyst of Chere Campbell Gibson's view of technology as an enabler of more effective teaching and learning. The intent of this paper is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of…. [read more]

Civil Rights Term Paper

… Civil Rights Is More Than a Period in Time

Don't Just Say, "Civil Rights": Believe in Justice as a River of Possibilities

In his acclaimed novel, Bombingham, Anthony Grooms writes skillfully about the battlefields of Vietnam and the battlefields of the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, in particular, the battles fought in and around the Alabama city of Birmingham. The title of the book of course is a contemptuous label that African-Americans gave to Birmingham during the movement, when the Black community was terrorized by Bull Conner and countless bigoted police gone out of control, by bombings and shootings and by the reality of twenty or more unsolved murders of Black folks in that community. Thesis Statement: But beyond that window of…. [read more]

Operation Condor Term Paper

… Operation Condor is considered to be one of the most important actions directed towards the subversive forces in Latin America. A plan which took place during the Cold War, more precisely in 1975 aimed at eliminating the opposition of Latin American dictators from power. However, the leaders of the countries involved soon came to be associated with a circle of death, taking into account the way in which they acted against the so called resistance, and the results their actions had on the population.

The Operation Condor "represented a striking new level of coordinated repression among the anticommunist militaries in the region, and its existence was suspected, but undocumented, until fairly recently. Condor enabled the Latin American military states to share intelligence and to hunt…. [read more]

Strategic Management: Competing With Apple Product Term Paper

… Strategic Management: Competing With Apple

Product Differing (consider calling it Product Differentiation)

Strategy Description: Proposed strategy for differentiation; Apple will continue to use one basic model for its products that customers are already familiar with and in addition, the products will continue to be priced reasonably. By doing this when a customer is looking for a new mp3 or a new cell phone, the Apple products will not be lost among the masses. By doing so, Apple will continue in making an effort to make the customer service experience an easy one. Despite low costs, consumers want the latest in technology, or what they perceive to be the latest most special piece of equipment. By using mass marketing techniques to flood the consumers mind of…. [read more]

Heard in the U.S. Supreme Essay

… S. Constitution states that "cruel and unusual punishments" are not legal. The plaintiffs claim making prisoners suffer through Texas summers without air conditioning is cruel and unusual punishment (Michaels, 2012).

That said, the Mountain View Unit Prison near Gatesville, Texas, a 610-inmate maximum security prison (and the home of death row for females), has progressive programs for rehabilitating prisoners. The opportunity is there at Mountain View for prisoners to learn how to translate ordinary materials into Braille (Turner, 2012). Prisoners also train service dogs for handicapped people. The women inmates working on the Braille project are translating great literature into Braille; books by Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe, Louisa May Alcott and others, are being made into Braille. Also books in math, geometry,…. [read more]

Art Violence and Social Engagement in Colombia Research Proposal

… ¶ … Colombia is the third-largest recipient of military aid from the United States and is at a critical juncture in its turbulent history. More than three million people have been displaced in Colombia during the past decade alone, and violent deaths and kidnappings remain alarmingly high. While violence is nothing new to the people of Colombia, their response to its sources and causes have been portrayed in the visual arts in various ways, with one of the most recent manifestations of this being portrayal such as the "The Skin of Memory," developed by the anthropologist Pilar Riano-Alcala and the artist Suzanne Lacy in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team in Colombia. Because art must also serve a social function and civic responsibility, this thesis evaluates…. [read more]

Internet's Affect on Copyright Term Paper

… A variation on this theme is the sale by search engines of banner advertising on search results depending on the search words input by the user. For example, if a search engine sells a brand name to a discount perfume distributor, the sold banner ad will pop up every time that brand name is entered. If the user then clicks on the banner ad, the user is taken to the site of the discount distributor, where a similar fragrance is advertised at a special rate.

Domain names are another manner in which the Internet poses a threat to intellectual property protection. The problem arises in whether a domain name can infringe someone else's valid trademark or service mark. Conflicts occur because registrars do not, and…. [read more]

Popularity of Foreign Restaurant: Consumer Literature Review

… 8m visitors to Thailand last year -- up 7.3 per cent on 1997 -- passed through Bangkok." (Cooke, 1999)

Additionally, according to Cooke (1999), "One of the pleasures of Bangkok is eating. While there are Thai restaurants on virtually every street corner, the capital also has a wealth of other cuisines on offer. A number of the more unusual establishments are tucked away near the leading hotels by the river. Prachak, on the New Road between The Oriental and Shandri-La, is a modest-looking restaurant specializing in Teochiu cuisine. The Teochiu, originally from around Swatow in southern China, are the dominant Chinese group in Thailand. The pig's trotters at the Prachak are said to be among the best in the country. For the brave, duck liver…. [read more]

H and M. Discussion Questions M Clothing Term Paper

… H & M. Discussion Questions

M clothing retailer is Europe's largest clothing retailer. The secret to their success is fast, fresh, and trendy fashions at incredibly low prices. This paper discusses H & M's product strategy, their sourcing and inventory management strategies, and the challenges they may face with their aggressive international expansion plans.

M Discussion Questions

Outline H & M's product strategy in comparison to its competitors as described in the article. What has made the company's line of fashion so successful?

M's product strategy is quite simple. They strive for high quality fashions at the best possible price, which translates into leading edge clothing (Author, year, p. x). H & M. currently operates in 20 countries and has over 40,000 employees dedicated to…. [read more]

Contingency Management Alcohol Marijuana Studies Term Paper

… Contingency Management


The purposes of this review are to gain an understanding of the controlled studies using contingency management (CM) in the substance abuse field, and where applicable emphasize those studies that incorporate CM with community reinforcement approach (CRA). This paper should offer a critical review of the literature with an eye toward identifying important and unresolved theoretical and research questions. Logan (1972) holds that there is much evidence that animals also respond to operant contingencies with psychoactive substances.

The New York Times reports in the work entitled: "Toward a Behavioral Economic Understanding of Drug Dependence: Delay Discounting Processes" (2006) states that many times those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs do not stay clean because they either "won't go…. [read more]

Women in Media Thesis

… Women in Media A) Barbara Walters and Her Accomplishments:

Barbara Walters is among the most thriving women in the legacy of TV journalism. Becoming the first woman co-anchor of American Broadcasting Corporation's -- ABC evening news program by accepting an unprecedented $1 million annual salary and bagging almost every award that the media world has to offer, Barbara Walters is the highest paid news hostess with $12 million annual pay packet. Born on September 25, 1929 in Boston, she found herself amidst celebrities from a very early age as her father himself was an owner of a chain of nightclubs and this supposedly contributed to her relaxed attitude while interviewing the rich and famous. An English Graduate from Sarah Lawrence College in New York during…. [read more]

Static Learning Research Proposal

… Static Learning in the 21st Century

The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test, mandated by Senate Bill 103 during the 76th Texas Legislative Session, assesses students in grades 3, through 11. Two of the tests are benchmarks for passing to the next level. The state of Texas requires students who do not pass the third grade, standardized test, to repeat that grade level and students in the eleventh grade must pass all tests in order to graduate (TEA, 2007). Test scores have come to dominate discussion about schools and their accomplishments. Amrein and Berliner (2002) found that educators at state and national levels use test scores to evaluate programs and allocate educational resources. A school, whose math test scores have dropped, might allocate…. [read more]

Copyright and Public Interest in Archives Term Paper

… ¶ … Copyright and Public Interest in Archives in the U.S.A., UK, and China

What, exactly, is a Copyright? Why is it important? A Copyright in general terms means the set of laws and rules that are set up be a government with the primary purpose of affording protection to the authors or the writers of 'original works' of their own, that they have created. These works may be related to the field of drama or to literature or to art or to music, or to anything else where the original creator and his creation need to be protected by the authorities. The author may have published his works or he may have as yet been in the possession of unpublished works; this dose not…. [read more]

John Wayne Gacy, Jr Research Paper

… Bringing Snow into the investigation is especially groundbreaking as it is the first time that forensic anthropologists were enlisted to help to identify such a large number of victims from a single case (Smithsonian Institute, n.d.).

By the end of 1979, there were still nine bodies that had not yet been identified. In an attempt to try and identify the remaining victims, Snow turned to forensic sculptor Betty Pat Gatliff to create facial reconstructions of seven of the unidentified victims. Gatliff "first set about establishing skin thickness by gluing eraser heads to strategic points on the skull. Then modeling clay was applied in accordance with certain carefully delineated measurements" (Evans, 2007). These measurements were able to provide Gatliff with an idea of what Gacy's victims…. [read more]

Mash the TV Series Term Paper

… You call it a police action back home right. Over here it's a war! A police action sounds like were over here arresting people, handing out parking tickets, war is just killin', that's all!" Yet the most intriguing thing is that, within "The Interview," Klinger's customary transvestism is entirely absent. He performs in uniform and does his menial kitchen duties without complaint. If this might seem suspicious, then it is worth noting that "Hot Lips" Houlihan is written out of "The Interview" entirely. (This is truly odd when we consider that Loretta Swit performed in 240 out of M*A*S*H's total 251 episodes.) This allows us to make a sort of feminist analysis to note that, when M*A*S*H put on its mask of high seriousness to…. [read more]

Spanish Women and Values Within the Turn Term Paper

… Spanish Women and Values

Within the turn of the twentieth century, Spanish women have spread to the fields that were greatly overrun by men. Cinematography, authorship, and activism have welcomed women in their embrace -- though not without some hardship on the way. This can be owed to the changing and non-changing class and social values of Spanish families after the poignant historical eras of both the Spanish Civil War and the Franco-rule dominating Spain around the mid-1900s.

Post-Franco era has gradually given way to a democratic Spain, and by 1976, this led to the alteration of Spanish values, most notably a view of gender roles within the scope of society (Perez). In the light of politics, film, literature, and other media, society has given…. [read more]

Parent's Selection for Supplementary Tutoring Dissertation

… Diversity can also be discovered in the ages and experiences of tutors. In a lot settings, secondary school students were able to learn a little money by tutoring primary school children, and likewise university students tutor would do the same for those for the secondary students. A lot of the parents in Hong Kong approve of that fact of getting tutored by older people, many of tutors were retirees that had wished that they still to contribute to society and earn some extra money. Among these two excesses of age are others who deliver tutoring on a full-time or part-time foundation, and who may or may not have official training. Again this picture really contrasts with normal schooling, in which teachers are estimated to be…. [read more]

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