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Concise Analysis of Health and Wellness Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

… The subsections under this section are as follows: Preparation for Visit, Facts and Directions relating to services at every OSU Medical Center location, Insurance and Billing, Financial Aid, Visitor Information, Amenities and Support Services, Recommendations for family and friends as they provide healing-related support, Requestingrequesting health records or information, and Understanding OSU's no-smoking policy and finding resources for facilitating quitting.

Healthfinder. Retrieved January 6, 2017 from

The award-winning US federal government site -- Healthfinder® - was created by the American DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) in collaboration with other bodies at the federal level. This website provides links to wisely chosen information and the webpages of more than 1800 healthcare-related entities. Its health library component enables visitors to alphabetically browse for topics…. [read more]

Clinical Education Essay

… (Condlin, nd, p.321) According to Condlin, the central feature of this process and it conscious use "both in theory and practice, of the dynamics of role adjustment." (nd, p.321) This process is reported to generate "a number of epistemological and motivational consequences of enormous importance" and as well, the process of role adjustment additionally "triggers a need to know and justify." (Condlin, nd, p.321)

The New York State Judicial Institute Partners in Justice in their "Colloquium on Developing Collaborations Among Courts, Law School Clinical Programs and the Practicing Bar reports that the earliest forms of clinical legal education was such that "…embraced the dual goals of hands-on training in lawyering skills and provision of access to justice for traditionally unrepresented clients." (Condlin, nd, p.321) In…. [read more]

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