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Homogeneous Grouping Research Paper

… ¶ … Homogenous Grouping

The term homogeneous refers to items or elements or units which are similar in nature and are in a group which essentially means that they posses the same type of basic qualities or properties. The antonym for the word homogeneous is heterogeneous. Therefore, when a group of items is referred to as homogenous then it means that the single items that make up the group have a number of similarities while a group that has items that differ in all sorts of properties is referred to as heterogeneous. These terms are not limited to items only but can also be used to describe a group of individuals by considering similarities and differences in some traits or features. When used in a…. [read more]

Ability Grouping Term Paper

… The fifth myth exposed by Fiedler et al. (2002) is the belief that the provision of heterogeneously grouped, cooperative learning situations is most effective for the achievement of all students, including the gifted. The authors argue that gifted children need regular encounters with challenging material in order to learn how to learn, and without exposure to challenging material, gifted students may have difficulties in developing study skills necessary for success in future academic endeavours.

The sixth, and final, myth explained by Fiedler et al. (2002) is that the mere presence of gifted students in all classrooms provides a positive influence for others and it improves the climate of the classroom. As the authors explain, research indicates that students model their behavior on the behavior of…. [read more]

Perceptual Grouping by Color the Study Essay

… Perceptual Grouping by Color

The study in question focused on a number of unique variables. In their experiments, Schulz & Sanocki (2003) used "grouping by chromatic color similarity because of accumulating evidence on the locus of chromatic color processing" (26). From this perspective, the independent and dependent variables can be evaluated. There were a number of independent variables. These included the exposure time of the external visual stimuli, the color schemes of the stimuli, and the level of transparency behind the center grouping of stimuli. The primary dependent variable was the exact time at which perceptual grouping occurred within the participants. Based on the nature of the independent variables, this dependent variable would be influenced to be either preconstancy or postconstancy.

Question 2

To judge…. [read more]

Perceptual Grouping Psychology Review Name the Independent Essay

… Perceptual Grouping Psychology Review

Name the independent and dependent variables used in the first experiment; include the levels of each variable.

The independent variable used by Schulz and Sanocki in Experiment 1 was the varied exposure time to a particular stimulus duration applied to the four groups of participants, comprised of levels represented by six experimental stimulus arrays, and two control stimuli. The dependent variable was the participant's process of perceptual grouping by similarity of chromatic color at early and late stages of visual processing, as measured by the two levels of the retinal spectrum (before chromatic color constancy), and reflectance spectrum (after chromatic color constancy).

Are there any methodological flaws or limitations in the experimental design? Explain.

Although the parameters of Experiment 1 were…. [read more]

Use of a Combination of Whole Group Instruction and Ability Grouping in the Classroom Term Paper

… ¶ … Group Instruction and Ability Grouping in the Classroom

Each child has his own level of ability in school. Some may be a quick learner while others may be a slow learner. Hence, when it comes to teaching strategy, it is essential that the best teaching technique is applied. One method that many teachers use is group learning. Group learning may involve teaching the whole class as one group, or it may also involve the formation of groups of students and providing each group with instructions based on their level of ability.

One situation in which class grouping would be applicable is when the majority of a class does not fully understand a lesson, and does not show the same understanding of subject, despite…. [read more]

Language and Social Grouping Essay

… The way language is used by an individual can also change with social and geographic factors, such as getting married and the spouse uses languages different. The language changes to communicate with the spouse on their own level. Sometimes languages change when individuals go to social groups that speak and use language different, the individual will change in order to communicate with the new group.

People adjust the way they talk according to their social situation (Eble). As individuals move from one social group to another, they change the way they use language. For example, someone would not talk the same to a peer social group as the way they talk to their parents. In the same respects, the individual would change the way language…. [read more]

Giftedness Is an Intellectual Ability Research Paper

… Some think cluster grouping is elitist and makes children feel superior or inferior to others as word gets out about the programs and classes within the curriculum. However, sports are grouped by ability, music is grouped by ability and as adults, and one is constantly grouped by scores and other criteria. Grouping allows for an accelerated path from instruction rather than holding back the gifted to allow others to catch up. It also allows the teacher/school to regulate the groups based on ability within core subjects (Webb, et al., 2007).

Advanced Content Courses -- Advanced Content Courses or materials have traditionally been one of the more common ways that the educational system has handled gifted children. Curriculum compacting, for instance, covers the same material, but…. [read more]

Kuali Test Drives Essay

… ).

Kuali Rice -- Kuali would not work as well nor be as powerful without a module that would allow for integration of applications so that users can customize end-user applications quickly and efficiently. The old adage about reinventing the wheel fits very well with Rice because it is a Service Oriented Object platform that has both a service and client side. For instance, the modular architecture is built so that each module performs a specific function that integrates services to applications in a way that reminds one of the way biological actions work: notification and management (the brain), the nervous system, workflow (arms and legs), rules management (chemical messages) and even a new module called Rapid Application Development that "learns and senses" when other…. [read more]

Individual Term Paper

… 31). Projective tests were introduced by the psychoanalytic school of thought that believes in the notion that every human being has feelings/urges that are unconscious. Thus, projective tests emerged on the scene with the intention of uncovering such unconscious thoughts that are not comprehended by the conscious attentiveness (Huss, 2009, p. 31). Projective tests are intended to let the assessor observe the process of thinking and behavioral traits of the individual taking the test (Huss, 2009, p. 31). Thus, the projective tests are psychological tests that allow an examiner to test the personality traits of an individual as well as his/her cataleptic urges and general mental health (Huss, 2009, p. 31). Rorschach inkblot test and the Thematic Apperception Test are the two very renowned projective…. [read more]

Are Educational Evaluations in U.S. Schools Truly Reflective of the Ability of Culturally Diverse Students? Term Paper

… ¶ … Educational Evaluations in Culturally Diverse U.S. Schools Today

An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Standardized Evaluations in Culturally Diverse U.S. Schools Today

Today, the primary goal of education in the U.S. is an education that fosters the intellectual, social and personal development of virtually all students to their highest potential. In order to obtain this goal in a diverse classroom environment, a culturally sensitive teacher recognizes that cultural conventions inform their own approach to teaching, as well as to inform the student's approach to learning. Teaching diverse cultures is growing in the U.S. And is an important learning process of all students in all cultures. Cultural is central to learning; in fact, not only does culture shape the thinking process, it also defines…. [read more]

Against Student Tracking Term Paper

… Finally, an inclusive classroom is better from both a learning and a social perspective. Harry & Milbourne (1999) describe ability grouping as "a sorting process with unsettling social consequences." Society does not accept that people should be grouped by race and class, instead there is a focus on equality and on accepting and understanding others. Beginning this practice in schools is of social benefit to students. Ascher (1992) describes the first of Wheelock's six factors for successful detracking in schools as a culture of detracking. This culture is described as one where "Teachers, parents, and students alike believe in the right and ability of students from every background to learn from the best kind of curriculum. They are also convinced that all students can gain…. [read more]

Size/Cooperative Learning and IT's Effects Term Paper

… African-American students seem to profit more from the SAGE experience than white students when compared with non-SAGE students. The achievement gap between African-Americans and white students widens each year (Smith, 2003).

It has been noted that class size initiatives have enjoyed wide spread support from parents, teachers, and the general public. People will still believe that smaller class sizes are a good idea and teachers report experiencing lower levels of stress and job dissatisfaction with smaller classes. This is primarily because they are better engaged with each student, and therefore, student motivation increases and discipline problems decrease. Parents believe that a teacher's individualized instruction leads to improvements in a child's academic performance. This is apparent because teachers with smaller classes have more time to…. [read more]

ELL Instructional Strategies Term Paper

… Allocated time includes such things as planning, classroom management, and behaviors. Time that is wasted on behavior issues is time that is taken away from effective instruction. Secondly, engaged time refers to how much time students spend actively participating in the instruction. This includes how much time the students have to spend discussing the topics and how much time they spend doing hands-on activities. Thirdly, academic learning time refers to how much time students actually spend on task. Students are more engaged when they have a clear idea of how the information that they are being taught can be useful to them. Teachers can facilitate student engagement by asking them why a particular piece of knowledge or a strategy might be useful to them personally…. [read more]

Character Edu Case Research Paper

… This is one explanation of why Black students choose to "sit together." However, the author points out other reasons more related to the social construction of race. The rest of the world tags the students as "Blac," and so they come to tag themselves as Black. This works on the individual level too, as people will reflect an identity to a child and that child will internalize the comments made about him or her.

2. In your classroom and/or workplace do people choose to self select grouping? What factors cause this to occur?

People do self-select in the classroom and in my workplace. However, the self-selection is not as extreme as the situations in high school. In college, it is assumed that everyone is pretty…. [read more]

Amazon's Cloud Computing (Aws, EC2) Essay

… A further 26% of the respondents stated they were waiting for market maturity in order to adopt the cloud strategy formally. The survey also reported that for the respondents who had been using cloud-based solutions they had been doing so for an average of 20 months which showed that the industry is still young but has great potential for growth. The results stated that scalability and reduction in costs were the primary drivers for cloud usage while innovation and agility were also quickly emerging as a key factor in the adoption of cloud computing. It also emerged that IT companies view cloud computing as a means for effectively implementing new applications quickly while keeping up with the pace of application backlogs and the demands of…. [read more]

Technology Term Paper

… Despite the bitterness of what technology has caused in terms of human destruction, its impact of course, has not absented itself from modern life, even when the final horrors of the First World War were eclipsed by the horrors of the Second World War. Technology has only become even more omnipresent in the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sherry Turkle's work on Thinking of Yourself as a Machine, stresses that even the human body has become dominated in the late modern era by a mechanized understanding of the world. Rather than having relationships with human beings, or with God, as Adams discussed at the beginning of this century, individuals have relationships with machines, with things that are not themselves, but not humans either. Machines have…. [read more]

Public Administration in Brazil Essay

… In environments with restricted citizen involvement, decentralization can act as a vital first step in developing regular and conservative opportunities for all citizens and state communication. The symbiotic connection between decentralization and contribution results to conflicting policy guidelines. Mechanisms for locals' participation need to be considered as a helpful pre-condition in evaluating the opportunities for successful decentralization. The design for decentralization needs to consider the opportunities and limitations imposed by present channels of local participation.

Lack of contribution mechanisms can be considered an inspiration for decentralization and helps in the creation of local demand to incorporate more participatory channels which voice local preferences. Participation acts as a means to flourishing decentralization and as an objective of decentralization. The broad mechanisms for participation of citizens is…. [read more]

Education Select and Discuss a Pre-Assessment Term Paper

… Education

Select and discuss a pre-assessment and post-assessment that would differentiate instruction to support multiple intelligences. How would you use feedback from these assessments to reflect upon and modify instruction within a gifted class? Make recommendations to colleagues about how differentiated instruction would help them in their teacher role as well as how it might improve outcomes for students.

To support multiple intelligences in a pre-assessment format requires focusing on the backgrounds and learning styles of the students. This is when differentiated instructional techniques can reach out to everyone. The way that this would occur is through providing a basic background in a traditional classroom setting. Then, utilizing specific tools to improve the amounts of learning comprehension such as: audio, visual and online. This will…. [read more]

Teacher Work Sample Term Paper

… Teacher Work Sample

Community, District and School Factors:

San Francisco and the greater San Francisco school district and community is largely associated with a liberal political climate, that invites creativity in teaching, falling within the set goals of the California standards and guidelines. The community where teaching took place is a middle to upper class environment consisting of a 90% white student population, in a very stable community, with few transitional situations, such as students leaving and/or new students entering the system as well as with a very low teacher and administrator turn over. The overall feeling of the community is one that is very supportive of the school system with a great deal more family/parent involvement than is seen in many other locations and…. [read more]

General Motors (GM) Thesis

… General Motors (GM) is one of the largest automobile companies in the world. Over the years GM has been able to carve out a corporate identity, to become one of the most recognizable brands in America. Over time the company was able to develop several popular brands that have come to be symbolic with the image of the American landscape including Chevrolet and Cadillac (Sloan et al., 1990). GM is currently confronting some of the most difficult obstacles that it has ever had to overcome. Government intervention is no guarantee that the company will be able to overcome these obstacles. From an internal standpoint, the company must be willing to abandon some of its old ideals. If this means that some of the top executive…. [read more]

Can At-Risk Students Learn Math Through Video Game Production? Research Paper

… Teaching

Can at Risk student learn math through digital design? Through research, it has been determined that sat risk students to school because they enjoyed math and hands-on courses (i.e. art) or that have up-to-date technology. Along with that, students' favorite courses depended on the amount of self-expression they could achieve in the class. This was in regards to if the classes offered practical application, and whether the subject matter came to them easily, giving them a feeling of mastery or being smart (Cardon, 2004).


In teaching, at Risk student to learn math through digital design, I would encourage them to use the Logical Mathematical stage because it will help them understand the material. I would also encourage the students use the Musical stage…. [read more]

Exxon Mobile Thesis

… Exxon Mobil was founded 125 years ago. Today it is the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company in the world. Over the next decade ExxonMobil Endeavors to remain the industry leader by developing alternative sources of energy that are affordable and of the best quality. The company also desires to reorganize its business strategy to meet the needs of 21st century consumers. The mission of the company is to provide the Global Community with the energy needed to power their daily lives. Overall, the company has solid leadership and management However, the company has to be sure not to become overconfident and by doing so fail to prepare for the future. At the current time oil reserves have decreased while at the same…. [read more]

Discovery of a Cure Term Paper

… Trained sales personnel are required to introduce the drugs to the doctors and a marketing campaign on a global level is also required to introduce the drug to the people who really need it. Advertisement campaigns will differ significantly between regions based on the population and the knowledge of the product, the disease and the treatment available that they have.

The industry is very competitive and the constant stream of new and innovative products in the market requires that innovative method for marketing this product is constantly sought. Labor costs are also high in this industry due to the expertise requirements and the intense competition between various companies to attract and retain the best individuals for the company. Finding marketing personnel who understand the region…. [read more]

Horizontal Violence the Victorian Term Paper

… By using some quantitative approach, described by James Neill, at his online web page in using his type of research and data that was found that goal here is to categorize characteristics, calculate them, and build an arithmetic representation as an approach to elaborate on what is surveyed. The researchers are the same as a company's qualitative researchers where there key roles are to investigate yet while this type of research, according to Neill's resourceful web page, is designed for personnel and other employees to know exactly what to look for ahead of time. Each department that is affected in the quantitative attempt will have already had came together in the past before the research ever began, and the instruments used by the individuals are…. [read more]

Learning Disabilities and the Classroom Essay

… Learning Disabilities and the Classroom

There are a lot of teachers out there who dedicate their lives to working with students who are struggling and who have various kinds of learning disabilities. These teachers have a lot to handle, because they have to plan for classroom management in a way that teachers of mainstream students do not. Management areas can include scheduling, grouping, homework assignment, lesson plans, instructional materials, and lesson plans. These require more thought when they deal with LD students, because there can be various disabilities in the classroom that have to be handled. When Mary Williams (2009) talks about her work and the children she teaches, it is easy to hear how dedicated she is. But she also worries that she will…. [read more]

Classrooms Are Diverse Environments Essay

… Students that most need supports to help them include students with language issues (English as a second language), students experiencing difficulties with motivation or behavior, and students with limited learning strategies, pre-requisite skills, or background knowledge (Lawrence-Brown, 2004). Learning standards and expectations must be maintained for these students in order to attain learning success, and the availability of specially designed supports enable these students to have access to the general course content and to appropriately express information learned and processed (Lawrence-Brown, 2004). Support availability is advantageous for all students, not only those that may be struggling, and there are 2 categories of supports as outlined by Lawrence-Brown (2004). The two categories include supports to aid students with diverse needs in accessing general education curriculum, and…. [read more]

Facilitate Successful Learning Outcome Term Paper

… ¶ … facilitate successful learning outcome for both the students' and the teachers' sake. Because of this fact, there are thousands of studies conducted which are all aimed at understanding the concept of education per se and how it is facilitated in various formats and styles. The styles and forms of facilitating education will always be dependent on the situation.

This paper is designed to analyze and compare two peer reviewed journals whose topic is related to education. The first study is in connection with the students' homework and its impacts on the students' academic grades. The second peer reviewed journal is focused on having different learning levels and abilities in the same classroom and its possible implications.

Homework Impacts to Students

Abstract. This study…. [read more]

Artificial Intelligence What Is AI? Term Paper

… It has yet to impress the people that really count: financial officers, corporate treasurers, and the like. This is quite understandable, however; who is willing to sink money into a system that they do not understand? Until a track record is set for chaos, most will be unwilling to try, but to gain the track record, someone has to be the first to attempt to understand 'it'; the "catch-22."

The chaos theory can be useful in other places, as well. Kazuyuki Aihara, an engineering professor at Tokyo's Denki University, claims that chaos engineering can be applied to analyzing heart patients. The pattern of the beating heart changes slightly and each person's pattern is different (Ono 41).

Considering this discovery, a Japanese data processing company has…. [read more]

Expertise and Development Essay

… ¶ … CMC, but you move on to describing lots of learning theories (in no particular order) and you do not link these theories with computer enhance learning and communication. I suggest you revise each section accordingly.

Some specific points to consider are:

Every introduction should have a thesis statement as the final sentence in that paragraph that tells the reader the main ideas and structure of the paper

Make sure you paraphrase all the information taken from another source - no more than 3-4 words in sequence must be the same as the original

Do not have sections that contain long quotations - you must paraphrase information to reflect your understanding

for direct quotes

Integrate your references to show which information comes from another…. [read more]

Social Worker Australian Term Paper

… Australian Social Workers

The objective of this work is to research and examine service provision to Aboriginal children with intellectuality disability, possibly a more culturally-appropriate service and specifically "Early Intervention" or children under the age of six years old. This work will examine the department of human services for information as well as the Aboriginal community co-op that provides services. This work will identify a problem which suggests a gap in service provision and will then develop a proposal for a needs assessment. How the problem will be addressed will be examined in relation to changes needed in existing services or the development of new services.

Social work in Australia, specifically in relation to intellectually disabled children under the age of six years old is…. [read more]

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