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Abortion and the Significance Research Paper

… 2007). Again, the strength of the study is apparent in its ability to access complete medical information. The study also performed a population study which allowed them to survey all abortion treatments in the country, versus other studies that have suggested a risk between medical abortion and ectopic pregnancy using population-based case patients and controls (Virk et al. 2007).

The strengths of the Virk et al. study are evident in its access to medical records; however, its relatively small sample size contributes to its weaknesses. Among the 11,814 pregnancies in women who had undergone previous first-trimester abortion, 2,710 women had medical abortion and 9,104 women had surgical abortion. The study then compared the first-trimester results of the 11,814 subsequent pregnancies for birth weight, preterm birth,…. [read more]

Abortion to Poverty Term Paper

… The best instance is the Thornburg Case, which enjoys the privilege of precedence. In the case, court decided that abortions were not to be restricted. A different alternative was more effective, where women were to be informed on abortion and its repercussions, the risks involved in the procedures of inducing abortion, record keeping of all incidences of abortion and rescuing any born children that was initially intended for abortion, but is delivered live.

If the policies are to be critically analyzed, there is the realization that if parenting services are not funded, or the funds subsidized, there is great a chance of adverse effects on the women who are low-income earners, as they will get children who they cannot provide for. Those responsible for making…. [read more]

Abortion: Pro-Choice Research Paper

… It is better if abortion remains legal since it ensures that women can undergo abortions in safe environments.

Abortion is unacceptable in many religious organizations. It is deemed wrong and immoral. Religious organizations have joined in the debate against abortion, and they want the practice eliminated. They do not realize that if this is done it would discriminate against all women and not just women within their religion. A person should not thrust their personal or religious belief unto others. If that happens, then it is wrong and obnoxious. People have a right and free will to decide on whether to bear a child. It is only the woman's morals that should affect and influence the choice she makes.

Public health improvement

Legalization of abortion…. [read more]

Women and Human Rights Summaries Book Report

… Women and Human Rights Summaries

Perhaps the most useful place to begin any discussion of Asian and Native American women and their relation to feminism is Devon Abbot Misesuah's study of indigenous American women, in which she argues that "because Native women vary in their cultural ideologies, appearance, and social and moral values, no one feminist theory totalizes Native women's thought, and there are differences of opinion among Native women over who among them are 'feminists'" (Misesuah 159). These differences present themselves not only between different tribes but within tribes, because "there are varieties of value within tribes as well," to the point that "sometimes it appears that women of different tribes have more in common with each other than they do with women of…. [read more]

Abortion Research Paper

… Twenty states make it mandatory to have the provision of ultrasound by abortion agencies. Seven states make it compulsory that the abortion service centers should conduct ultrasound prior to undergoing abortion and also necessitate the provider to accord scope to the client to view the image. Eleven states also necessitate that a woman should be accorded with the scope to watch an ultrasound image if the service providers conduct the procedure as portion of the preparation for an abortion. Five states necessitate that a women be given with the opportunity to watch the image of ultrasound. (Guttmacher Institute, 2012)

This legal framework necessitate that women thinking of termination of pregnancy must attain an outward ultrasound of the fetus prior to according the consent for the…. [read more]

Abortion Should Not Be Legal Thesis

… Fetuses are of course fundamentally valuable, but in such a manner to possess rights. (Patrick, 2010)

(iv) The moral status of fetus:

Another important issue governing the illegality of abortion is the moral status of the fetus. If we examine what kind of moral status the developing fetus has, we find that it has different status in various stages of its development and to weigh it value or rights let us examine an initial approach and name it method 1 and make a distinction from a broader approach i.e. method 2. In method 1, we concentrate on the characteristic of the fetus and whether it is a person or possesses a new moral status from that point onwards. Method 2 revolves around the issue of…. [read more]

Abortion the Issue of Late-Term Abortions Term Paper

… Abortion

The issue of late-term abortions has been widely contested, and has yet to receive a consistent resolution. Pro-lifers find such a procedure an abhorrence, whereas those in favor of allowing a woman the choice to do with her body as she pleases generally seem to support this measure. This issue becomes most controversial, it seems, in the case in which the fetus that is potentially aborted (or in many cases actually is aborted) becomes viable. In this specific instance, when such a fetus becomes viable, it becomes clear that this procedure is akin to killing babies. However, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that viability in fetuses is an extremely subjective term, and one in which clear boundaries or definitions are not established.…. [read more]

Abortion Debate Pros and Cons Research Paper

… Studies indicate that "emotional responses to legally induced abortion are largely positive" (Pourezza & Batebi, 2011).

This is not a religious issue, but a woman's issue. It has to do with emotional and physical well-being, and a woman's personal belief in her ability to care fore a child at that particular time (Balogh, 2009).

A man cannot understand the experiences that a woman goes through during pregnancy (Pickering, 2003). The fact is that most legislators are men, and they cannot adequately express what it is for an unprepared woman to endure a pregnancy.

It is better for the child if the mother wants to take a pregnancy full term rather than being forced to carry a child full term.

Women who have been raped, faced…. [read more]

Abortion Is Every Woman A-Level Outline Answer

… B. Pro-life arguments focused on the rights of the fetus.

1. Life begins at conception, argued the pro-life side, not at a subsequent viability date.

2. According to the Constitution, the authorities should ensure that no harm is ever done to any individual

3. Pro-life activists also argue that there is no clear stipulation in the Constitution in favor of (a) right of privacy for the mother or (b) the Federal Government's right to overturn a State legal decision.

C. Pro-choice and pro-RW decision arguments focused on the right of the woman/mother.

1. Compulsory motherhood violates the right of women under the Thirteenth Amendment.

2. The State cannot force the woman, under any condition, including prior health-related concerns/risks, to remain pregnant.

III. Debate on the…. [read more]

Abortion and Women's Rights Research Paper

… Abortion and Women's Rights

One controversy that pans the socio-political and cultural paradigm in the late 20th and early 21st century is that of the overall morality of abortion. The abortion debate, in fact, surrounds the legal and moral status of the fetus, which has not been established from either a medical or a moral viewpoint. Again, from a utilitarian principle, one has to ask if there are ever any moral reasons in which humans should destroy other humans. There is no overall "right" or "wrong" answer; instead, there is a continuum of morality that surrounds abortion. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy through artificial means prior to the date the fetus is viable in the outside world. If an abortion occurs spontaneously it is…. [read more]

Abortion and Critically Examine Various Essay

… "The modern American debate on abortion reflected the convergence of two trends -- the development of medicine and the rise of the feminist movement" (Melton 2).

Protestants largely followed the general public by dividing themselves in two camps: prolife and prochoice. Prolife Protestants employed attitudes that were very similar to the ones expressed by the Catholic Church and basically started to concentrate on criticizing abortion as a result of the fact that it was a corrupt practice that needed to be addressed from a moral point-of-view. Liberal Protestants wanted people to understand that they did not necessarily favor abortion as the answer to unwanted pregnancies, but that they considered that it was a solution that the masses needed to consider.

The United Church of Christ…. [read more]

Abortion Policy Description Statement Essay

… State level public opinion on abortion policies in the individual U.S. states is listed in the following table labeled Figure 1.

Figure 1

Source: Norander and Wilcox (1999)

B. Description of the Economic Factors Affecting the Origin Development and Implementation of the Policy

Economic factors affecting the origin and implementation of the policy include the economic factors affecting young poverty level women who seek abortion and unable to afford abortion or find a doctor to perform the abortion resulted in young women seeking and obtaining illegal and unsafe abortions from back alley practitioners. The Guttmacher Institute report relates that 57% of women seeking abortion "are economically disadvantages. In fact, the abortion rate among women living below the federal poverty level ($9,750 for a single woman…. [read more]

Ethical Issues Surrounding Abortion Notwithstanding Term Paper

… In Virginia the Republican-dominated legislature earlier this year wrote legislation that requires "women to have a transvaginal ultrasound before they may have an abortion," (Glionna, 2012). The idea behind this legislation is apparently that when a woman sees the picture created by the ultrasound she will see a fetus and perhaps feel so guilty she won't want to carry through with the abortion. Or her moral side will kick in, and she will change her mind. Is it ethical for lawmakers to force a woman to have an ultrasound prior to a legal abortion? That in itself is another questions to be pondered; in the case of Virginia, the governor, Republican Bob McDonnell "ultimately rejected the mandatory transvaginal procedure" (Glionna, p. 1).

In Mississippi, a…. [read more]

Abortion Pros and Cons Essay

… When empathy and caring permeate the healthcare system, such psychological problems are not an issue (Cockrill & Weitz, 2010). Likewise, when society ceases stigmatizing women for having abortions, emotional and psychological distress will also not be a factor. Instead, women would be congratulated because they would have prevented the needless suffering of yet another unwanted human being.

The con position asserts that the fetus is a full human being with rights equal to that of the mother. Because of this belief, it is concluded that an abortion is murder. If abortion were killing a human being, then it would be understandable that the "murder" argument would hold true. However, a fetus is a fetus. It has the potential to become a human being, but so…. [read more]

Abortion Should Be Legal Essay

… Most importantly, and most controversial, is the fact that no one but the woman herself has the right to determine what she will and what she will not do with her body. For this reason alone, Roe v. Wade must stand. In fact in this history making case, the Supreme Court of the United States wrote that the ability to choose to have an abortion is a "fundamental right" (Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113,((1972). Forcing someone to do something with their body that they choose not to do elicits images of medical experiments on human beings by Nazis and syphilis experiments on U.S. military personnel by the U.S. government. It is appalling.

Finally, criminalizing abortion does not stop abortion. "Laws have never stopped abortion,…. [read more]

Women's Rights After the Civil War Term Paper

… Women's Rights After The Civil War

Given the overlap between the abolitionist and women's rights movements, one might have expected to see a significant change in women's rights at the end of the Civil War, following the end of slavery. After all, the two movements had been so closely intertwined, with advocates in both movements comparing their plights to one another's, that an increase in rights for those who had previously been slaves would have seemed to be naturally linked to an increase in rights for those who were treated as subordinate because of their gender. However, the reality was that abolition did not lead to an increase in women's rights. On the contrary, the women's rights movement seemed to lose some steam after the…. [read more]

Women the Sphere Essay

… Friedan formed the National Organization of Women in 1966 in the spirit of gender role liberalization. Although it would be later criticized for its narrow focus on the experiences of only white housewives, The Feminine Mystique nevertheless altered the tenor of gender politics in the United States. A series of no-fault divorce laws, coupled with greater awareness of the issue of marital rape, were practical signs that the politics of gender were changing to bring women out of the bedroom and into the boardroom.

Ironically, and perhaps sadly, Friedan's later work "rejects sexual politics and sexual equality in favor of a revalorization of motherhood and the nuclear family, leaving public institutions essentially unchanged," (Buechler, 1990, p. 122). It more as if motherhood needed to be…. [read more]

Women's History and Policy Opinion Piece Essay

… Women's History And Policy Opinion Piece

Historically, the political arena has been a stronghold of the masculine gender. The representation of the feminine gender has been equivalent to extremely minor or even non-existent in many countries and cultures of the world till date. According to statistics, on an average, women make part of less than 15% of the political setup of a country. Such situations question the will and urge of women to act towards a progressive political environment by taking part in the political arena. However, the trend has been on the change as many women are becoming a part of the political arena in a bid to counter the issue of minor representation in the current century and to create a statement that…. [read more]

Women's Suffrage in the 19th Century Term Paper

… Women's Suffrage In The 19th Century

Although the right of women in the U.S. To vote for their preferred political candidates was finally guaranteed through an amendment to the constitution in 1920, the struggle to secure this right had begun much earlier than that. In this text, I concern myself with the plight of women's suffrage in the 19th century. In so doing, I will amongst other things highlight the conditions that triggered this specific drive for women's voting rights. Although this text will largely focus on women's suffrage in the U.S., suffrage movements in other countries will also be acknowledged.

Women's Suffrage in the 19th Century

In this text, women's suffrage will in basic terms be used to refer to the right of women…. [read more]

Women's Isolation Despite Representing Half Research Paper

… As a result, many employers have been free to discriminate against women because their have been little to no substantial repercussions; in fact, it is easy to imagine that for some large companies, it could even be cheaper to pay women less and then settle should they discover the discrimination rather than offer equitable pay in the first place. These are only some of the ways that women continue to be isolated and limited even after the historical developments discussed above, but they demonstrate how inequality, marginalization, and disempowerment can continue even after explicit steps are taken to combat them.

For almost all of human history, women have been marginalized, isolated, disempowered, and disenfranchised by societies dominated by men, and only recently has this egregious…. [read more]

Woman Philosophy Term Paper

… Women's Philosophy

The issue of gender and sexism received a boost during the early years of the 20th century, when women began to claim their right to vote. Over the centuries, the fight has evolved into various manifestations, including women's battle for equal work and pay, the same civil rights as men, and simply the right to develop themselves as fully as men are allowed to do. Although the battle against sexism continues to this day, it would be foolish not to recognize the many advances that women have made in their battle for social and professional equality. Indeed, today it is no longer unusual to see women in professions like the law and medicine, or o see them in leadership and entrepreneurial positions. Although…. [read more]

Women and Men Research Paper

… G. And Pennington B., 2004).

The success of the process of development to be a woman or man determines what society refers one as -- a woman or a man. According to (Darwin C., 1859) the process of development is clear to show that the making part of it is through cohesive action of the agent of socialization. These agents despite having a little effect of the final outcome influence the decision taken once "self" is recognized (Bessant J. And Watts R., 2007).

I agree that women and men are made since the society plays a critical role in helping on to recognize self. It is also clear to see that the self would be lost should the development process be shunned. Self-worth of an…. [read more]

Women's Role Essay

… Yet eventually their marriage and subsequent adoption of three children, provided for her the role of mother that she was still not satisfied with because she did not bear them. Those children not coming from her womb made her feelings of inadequacy remain. She is so idealistic, and set on fulfilling her premarital ideas of womanhood that her not bearing and raising her own children removes any satisfaction she could have had with her loving husband and three children. She's so different from the character from "A Sorrowful Woman" because of her beliefs and desires. She wanted what she thought she should want and have whereas the other woman wanted what society as a whole did not want her to have.

This is where the…. [read more]

Women's Higher Education From 1920 Essay

… S., but 20% of women in Congress attended women's colleges. It seems that even though these women didn't go to school with men, they're doing just fine in the post-college world" (Bullock, 2013).

The choice to attend a coeducational college is based on a number of factors, conditions, and values. First, women's colleges are frequently smaller and private, which means that they have limited admissions. Practically, it is simply not possible for all people seeking admission to women's colleges to get admission. As a result, women's colleges can be very selective in their admission process. One of the conditions that could impact a woman's choice not to attend an all-women's college may be the availability of a degree in a woman's chosen field. For example,…. [read more]

Abortion in the Book Book Report

… They trace the current legal situation from its origins in the 19th century and the beginnings of women's suffrage and the battle for women's equal rights in America. Further, they equate equality for women with the ability to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy to term. Men, upon learning that they have biologically fathered a child, have the option of running away and abandoning their pregnant partner. Unlike man who can flee, the woman, does not have the option of running away from her responsibility. By giving women the right to choose whether or not to carry the fetus to full term, the government is giving women equality with men. That is why feminism and the abortion debate have been so tightly aligned.…. [read more]

Abortion it Is Not Unreasonable to Expect Thesis

… Abortion

It is not unreasonable to expect that states with a high proportion of democrats will also have a reasonably higher number of abortions performed than those states with a high proportion of republican or conservative voters. The liberal democratic vote has always been supportive of women's right to choose for their selves how to best manage their body and their lives in a way consistent with planned-parenthood choices. Just as most conservative voters favor limiting a woman's ability to have access to abortion services; although they do not advocate complete prohibition to that service.

This essay is a brief study of the two philosophies on abortion, and the women in the communities that it affects. Who are the women receiving abortions today, and what…. [read more]

Abortion Means the Early Removal Term Paper

… This hard work should be complemented by public policies to decrease the number of unplanned pregnancies. By education and improved access to and use of contraceptives, this can be achieved.

Moral Issues of Abortion

If we concentrate more on the morals of the measures rather than the legitimacy, then America's sour and discordant argument over abortion can become more fruitful. Many pro-abortion advocates have cuddled the idea that it is an ethically unbiased act that should never bring about censure, condemnation or embarrassment in order to safeguard women's abortion rights from legislative or judicial restrictions. There are some arguments that though this method may be diplomatically successful, it is incorrect and doubtfully misleading. Abortion always involves trade-offs and harmonizing, and these involve morals. It is…. [read more]

Abortion Takes Away the Fundamental Term Paper

… Another possible solution to deal with the issue of abortion is to help prevent unwanted pregnancies from happening in the first place. The government should design and implement new and improved programs to keep teenagers and others not wanting to have children from getting pregnant. Also, condoms and other birth control should be more readily available to teenagers and low-income women. While not all unwanted pregnancies will be prevented by these measures, the number can certainly be greatly reduced (Tribe 72).


It is true that women will lose the right to choose if abortion is made illegal, but no one should have the ability to destroy a life. Not only is abortion morally wrong, but it produces many harmful results. Unfortunately, abortion cannot be…. [read more]

Abortion Has Been Practiced in Every Society Term Paper

… Abortion has been practiced in every society that has been studied, and in the United States was legal until the mid-1800s (National Abortion Federation). As a fundamental part of a free society, access to medically sound and safe abortion practices must be preserved. When abortion is outlawed, the practice simply moves underground. At the very least, abortion rights should be maintained to protect public health and prevent women from seeking what are known as "back alley" abortions by untrained individuals or even self-administered pregnancy terminations. However, abortion is a reasonable and in some cases ethical response to an unwanted pregnancy. Bringing a child into the world without preparation is more immoral than removing the few cells that comprise the embryo: which is not a fetus.…. [read more]

Abortion Including Rape and Incest Essay

… Abortion, Including Rape and Incest:

One of the major, contentious moral issues facing the modern American society is the practice of abortion that attracted huge debates and controversies. Much of the debates and controversies have been based on the elective assumption in which pro-choice abortions are the only kind. However, there are other types of abortions such as those performed for therapeutic reasons. The main examples of the therapeutic abortions are those performed when the pregnancy poses a serious threat to the mother life or the mental stability of the pregnant women. Nonetheless, there are serious concerns and debates that emerge when considering the issue of abortion in cases of rape or incest. Actually, a Republican Congressional Candidate recently became the center of increased criticism…. [read more]

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