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Abortion Pros and Cons Essay

… When empathy and caring permeate the healthcare system, such psychological problems are not an issue (Cockrill & Weitz, 2010). Likewise, when society ceases stigmatizing women for having abortions, emotional and psychological distress will also not be a factor. Instead, women would be congratulated because they would have prevented the needless suffering of yet another unwanted human being.

The con position asserts that the fetus is a full human being with rights equal to that of the mother. Because of this belief, it is concluded that an abortion is murder. If abortion were killing a human being, then it would be understandable that the "murder" argument would hold true. However, a fetus is a fetus. It has the potential to become a human being, but so…. [read more]

Abortion Debate Pros and Cons Research Paper

… Studies indicate that "emotional responses to legally induced abortion are largely positive" (Pourezza & Batebi, 2011).

This is not a religious issue, but a woman's issue. It has to do with emotional and physical well-being, and a woman's personal belief in her ability to care fore a child at that particular time (Balogh, 2009).

A man cannot understand the experiences that a woman goes through during pregnancy (Pickering, 2003). The fact is that most legislators are men, and they cannot adequately express what it is for an unprepared woman to endure a pregnancy.

It is better for the child if the mother wants to take a pregnancy full term rather than being forced to carry a child full term.

Women who have been raped, faced…. [read more]

Cons of Abortion Term Paper

… The United States recognizes the diminished decision-making capacities of minors in many areas. Those under 21 are not allowed to alcohol. Before they turn 18, children cannot vote, join the army, or even call a psychic hotline without their parents' permission. However, some states allow children to make the decision to have an abortion, to end a life, without allowing their parents to even know what they are doing. This type of flawed policy condones recklessness in our children and undermines the moral authority of parents.

According to Earll (2003): "Women and their pre-born children deserve better than abortion. It is incumbent upon all Americans -- regardless of their view on abortion -- to offer women the support they need in order to carry their…. [read more]

Abortion Pros and Cons Thesis

… Abortion Pros and Cons

Abortion: Pros and Cons

Abortion from a purely moral or ethical perspective can never be endorsed. However, in some medical conditions where the life of the mother is at stake abortion as a life saving intervention is certainly approved. Irrespective of the methods used abortion leaves a great psychological stigma and guilt feeling. A more prudent method would be to use the available contraceptive methods. For women who choose abortion as a method to end their unintended pregnancies the provision of post abortion-healing care is very important.

Abortion continues to be one of the much debated medical, social and ethical issue worldover. In the U.S. ever since the 1973 landmark decision by the Supreme Court ( Roe vs. Wade case) that…. [read more]

Should Abortion Be Legal Essay

… ¶ … Abortion be Legal:

Abortion has become one of the most controversial topics in the modern society since it's permitted in some countries and prohibited in others. In the United States, the issue received much attention following the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade case that legalized the practice in the country. While the ruling has continued to receive much support, abortion is still a major controversial issue in America that has attracted huge debates in the recent past. The controversy has contributed to the emergence of pro and anti-abortion groups that have raised divergent opinions. Generally, the debate on whether abortion should be legal continues to segregate Americans after the U.S. Supreme Court declared it an essential right in 1973. The controversy…. [read more]

Abortion in the United States Term Paper

… Abortion in the United States (Pro-Choice)

Abortion has evoked considerable debate and controversy throughout history. In the United States too, it has been a subject of heated debate through most of its history. In recent times, "pro-choice" and "pro-life" movements have taken diametrically opposite positions on the ethical, legal and medical aspects of the issue. Both sides present seemingly valid arguments for their stands and try to refute the counter-arguments of the other side by presenting moral, legal, and medical "facts." Abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973 following the landmark Roe v. Wade decision of the Supreme Court. The decision, however, did not put an end to the controversy and subsequent decisions by the Court have even watered down the Roe decision…. [read more]

Abortion the Issue of Late-Term Abortions Term Paper

… Abortion

The issue of late-term abortions has been widely contested, and has yet to receive a consistent resolution. Pro-lifers find such a procedure an abhorrence, whereas those in favor of allowing a woman the choice to do with her body as she pleases generally seem to support this measure. This issue becomes most controversial, it seems, in the case in which the fetus that is potentially aborted (or in many cases actually is aborted) becomes viable. In this specific instance, when such a fetus becomes viable, it becomes clear that this procedure is akin to killing babies. However, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that viability in fetuses is an extremely subjective term, and one in which clear boundaries or definitions are not established.…. [read more]

Abortion a Modest Proposal Term Paper

… Many girls arguing for abortion will admit, for example, "I wish my mother had aborted me." These girls were not given a choice to be aborted when their mother was pregnant; the choice was taken out of their hands. Allowing the mother to take herself out of the situation along with the fetus will give that choice back to her. Laws have, in the past, allowed abortion only as a means of preventing the death of the mother, even when the mother wanted to die, which is counterproductive. "California has legalized 'therapeutic abortion' in 1967, women had to go before a panel of doctors and plead their cases in order to have legally sanctioned, in-hospital procedures. They had to say they'd commit suicide unless they…. [read more]

Abortion Debate in 1973 Term Paper

… In addition to the abstract debate, however, only the pro-choice side has presented an argument based on real, tangible social needs. Abortions will continue, whether or not Roe vs. Wade is overturned. The only question is the safety of the women involved. There are no easy answers in this debate, but, as Roiphe observes, "the morality of abortion lies in our capacity to make distinctions of quality, to balance one good against another, one evil against another" (144).

Because the individual and social evils of an unwanted pregnancy clearly outbalance vague definitions of fetal personhood, a woman's right to abortion must thus be protected.

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Alcorn, Randy. Prolife Answers to ProChoice Arguments. Oregon: Multnomah Publishers, 2001

Allan Guttmacher Institute. "Induced Abortions." Facts in Brief.…. [read more]

Ethical Egoism and Abortion Research Paper

… The formula of universal law seems to offer a method for evaluating maxims of abortion that eschews the contentious question of whether the fetus is a person. This method also appears to render unnecessary the task of locating one duty in relation to which to understand abortion. (Dennis 2007, 547-8)

In other words, the Kantian ethical school -- against which ethical egoism tends to define itself -- is concerned with defining the ethics of abortion in terms of whether or not it would be morally good if the act of abortion were universal. Denis notes that Kantian approaches to finding abortion unethical can be formulated in different ways, and restricts herself to examining two different stances. The first suggests a thought experiment: if one is…. [read more]

Ethics of Abortion Term Paper

… Abortion Debate

The topic of abortion has become one of the most crucial moral, political and religious issues of the end of the 20th and the early 21st centuries. And the debate continues, especially now with the more conservative administration. Decisions pro-or con are often made emotionally without any consideration of the facts and the ability to clearly explain both sides of the issue. The hope is that both sides can objectively evaluate the issue and, following the democratic philosophy of this country, determine an answer that is best for the common good.

The issue of abortion is normally debated first on religious beliefs. For example, the Catholic Bishops in 1998 strongly came out against abortion based on the fact that human life is sacred…. [read more]

All Sides and Issues of Abortion Term Paper

… ¶ … Abortion

The topic of abortion is one of the most controversial and one of the most emotional dilemmas confronted by modern societies. The concept of abortion refers to terminating pregnancy which is intentional with an objective other than to give birth to a live born infant or to remove a dead fetus. (Definitions and associated Formulas) The common public often considers abortion as any non-natural mode to bring about the loss of a pregnancy. The physicians and clinicians indicate such kind of abortion to the 'therapeutic abortion' or 'elective abortion'. Physicians also indicate miscarriages as 'threatened' 'spontaneous' or 'incomplete' abortions. (Abortion: Definition) The issue that matters most is whether it is ethical to allow the termination of a child while it is inside…. [read more]

Women's Right to Abortion Term Paper

… The fetus, of course, is inexorably attached to the mother by the umbilicus and is totally dependant on the body of the woman for its life support. It is, therefore, well within the rights of a woman to choose abortion in the early stages of pregnancy.

In short, any society that denies the right of women to abortion implicitly recognizes the second-class status of women. It unfairly takes away the fundamental right of an individual to control her own body and relegates women to the demeaning position of birth-giving machines.


"Legal Abortion: Arguments Pro & Con." (2005). Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion, Inc. (WCLA) Online. Retrieved on August 22, 2005 from

Kopaczynski, G. (1995). No Higher Court: Contemporary Feminism and the Right to…. [read more]

Pros and Cons of Abortion Thesis

… ¶ … Abortion

In APA Format

The world has changed drastically over the past few years; the culture across the globe has drastically changed. There are far too many abortions taking place these days when compared to the previous years. Abortion is mainly opted by women who choose to avoid becoming pregnant and most of such women are unmarried women. Undergoing abortion is a very difficult step to take for any woman and it takes a lot of guts to take the decision. This paper will throw light upon the pros and cons of abortion.

Abortion according to many is a very big sin, killing the unborn is an unmerciful act. The irresponsible people in the society, without thinking about the circumstances put themselves in…. [read more]

U.S. Federal Policy on Abortion United States Essay

… U.S. federal policy on abortion

United States Federal Policy on Abortion

In understanding the workings of the United States federal government, it is critical to have an understanding of the policies that is being implemented at the federal, state, and local levels. Federalism and principles of equality and democracy would be best 'tested' by studying how policies approved and implemented are aligned to the U.S. Constitution. Interestingly, one of the best gauges of a policy's alignment to the vision of the U.S. Constitution is through the Tenth Amendment or Amendment X of the U.S. Constitution, which states that "[t]he powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the…. [read more]

Reducing Abortion and Protecting Contraception Research Paper

… Reducing Abortion and Protecting Contraception

Policy Issue Paper

Policy Issue Paper: Reducing Elective Abortions and Protecting Access to Contraception

Policy Issue Paper: Reducing Elective Abortions and Protecting Access to Contraception

On February 12, 2013, U.S. District Judge Neil Wake ruled unconstitutional an Arizona law that prohibited any health care provider who offers abortions services from receiving Medicaid reimbursements (Rau, 2013). The intended goal of this law was to make it difficult for abortion providers caring for Medicaid beneficiaries to stay in business, even if the care provided were unrelated to abortion or abortion-related services. With nearly 17.7% of the U.S. population enrolled in Medicaid (Mackun and Wilson, 2011; Klees, Wolfe, and Curtis, 2012) and Medicaid expenditures representing 33% of all federal dollars spent on health…. [read more]

Should Abortion Be Made Legal? The Abortion Debate Essay

… Abortion Debate: Should Abortion be Made Legal?

The abortion debate often revolves around the appropriateness of terminating a pregnancy before the normal process of childbirth. As some rule out that it is inappropriate in any possible scenario, others posit that it is only allowed if a mother's life is at risk, while others argue that depending on a given culture, there are a range of circumstances where it is morally acceptable. Unlike actions such as jaywalking, which are considered illegal but not immoral, and wrongs such as adultery that are considered immoral yet not necessarily illegal, Boonin (2003) states that when it comes to abortion the moral obligation is more fundamental. The National Institute of Health, NIH (2015) defines abortion as the deliberate removal of…. [read more]

Pros and Cons of Abortion Essay

… ¶ … loss of one's life is one of the greatest losses that one can experience, at least according to Marquis (p. 469). The author of this paper will even go one step further and state that the loss of one's life is the greatest loss that one can experience, even if it is willingly given up (as in euthanasia). If that premise holds true, if it can be accepted by society that losing one's life is the greatest loss of them all, then arbitrarily taking one's life without the acknowledged willingness or acquiescence of the victim is morally wrong and cannot be justified under any circumstances. This is especially true with the lives of those who are unable to provide an acknowledgement or acquiescence…. [read more]

Bioethics Definitions Autonomy: "Personal Rule Essay

… Bioethics Definitions

Autonomy: "personal rule of the self that is free from both controlling interferences by others and from personal limitations that prevent meaningful choice" (Pantilat 2008).

Non-maleficence: Not intending to cause harm to others -- 'to do no harm' according to Hippocratic principles

Beneficence: "Beneficence is action that is done for the benefit of others. Beneficent actions can be taken to help prevent or remove harms or to simply improve the situation of others" (Pantilat 2008).

Fidelity: Being faithful to the commitment made to one's professional ethics and to the patient under care

Reparation: Making someone 'whole' again, after an injury has been done, or making amends in a way to specifically address the harms that were done by the perpetrator's wrong

Palliative care:…. [read more]

Different Side of Views Term Paper

… Abortion Debate

While legal aspect of abortion has been the subject of extensive debate during the last 35 years, abortion itself has been around for thousands of years. The religious and social moral codes have played a major role in both preventing and encouraging abortion. The religious beliefs have generally been interpreted as against abortion while the behavior and circumstances have often necessitated abortion of unwanted pregnancies.

The truth is that abortion has always been available to those who seek it. Hundreds of thousands of women undergoing abortion die throughout the world each year. 'The illegality of abortion in some countries forces these women to back street clinics and in the hands of illiterate and untrained midwives.

The arguments for and against abortion favor a…. [read more]

Library Search Term Paper

… Abortion

A landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding abortion occurred in 1973: Roe vs. Wade. The Supreme Court decided that abortion in the U.S. is legal during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. The pregnant woman has the legal right to decide to keep or terminate her pregnancy. "The basis of the Court's decision in this case was the Ninth Amendment, in stating 'the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people,' protected a person's right to privacy" (Lewis, 1999).

Impact on Male and Female Sexuality

Abortion obviously takes the lives of young infants, but it can also ruin the lives of their mothers. Many women, post-abortion, experience great levels of depression. They realize…. [read more]

Birth Control Pros and Cons Essay

… The birth control methods like the pills, the shot or the use of condoms helps the women to enjoy their sex life without worrying about the consequences.

Use of the birth control methods has some other advantages like some contraception helps women who are suffering from the problem of having heavy periods, severe cramping or having mood swing issues. The birth control methods also reduce the risk of some reproductive cancers and some of the birth control methods are also prescribed as the treatment for acne.

The birth control pills are best for the healthy women as they have very little chance of having any side effects by using the pills. While using birth control pills is harmful for those women who are smokers and…. [read more]

Hospital Ethics Term Paper

… Hospital Ethics

TO DO or NOT to DO


Pro-life and pro-choice advocates clash over this issue, which centers on life or human life and what it really means (Oliver 2005). As Mother Theresa and Yasser Arafat said, personhood refers to "the nature of someone like us and entitled to the same protection of the law." The first issue focuses on whether the fetus is a person or has that personhood. The second issue determines the proper behavior when there is disagreement on the first issue. Among the questions to settle are when personhood begins, what life is and if life exists independently of mortal thoughts. Reason tells that it is not dependent on human determining. The human mind is imperfect and quite often incorrect.…. [read more]

Stem Cell Research Term Paper

… Stem Cell Research has been the topic of passionate debate within the public and political arena. Due to its potential for treatment of various diseases and injuries, stem cell research has received much support however it has also created controversy and presented examinations of ethical issues. Stem cell research is one of the most exciting fields of biology today, yet as it generates new discoveries, it also raises many questions (Stem).

Stem cells are unique because they have the ability to give rise to many types of cells within the human body, and while their full potential remains unclear, researchers believe that stem cells will have an important impact on the treatment of various diseases and disorders (Young). Because stem cells could be used to…. [read more]

When Does Life Begin? Term Paper

… ¶ … life begin?

The issue of whether life begins at conception or at a later time is one of constant deliberation in today's society. The arguments for both sides of the issue stem from years of research in human biology, stem cells, abortion, DNA, and ethical issues. In the end, the research has shown convincingly that "life" does not begin at conception, but rather, during the third trimester of life.

According to Mary Ann Warren, there are two senses of being human. First, there is a genetic human, or one that holds the genetic makeup of a human. Secondly, there is a human that is a person, and thus has rights by morality. Warren believes that being a genetic human is not equal to…. [read more]

Automatic Number Identification Pros Term Paper

… Cons:

On the downside, there is a very real threat to privacy and personal safety for users of the system. For example, if someone dials a phone number that has an ANI device, the person on the other end of the line will have their phone number. This is true even if the person has an unlisted phone number and has paid extra for this unlisted service through their local phone company. Privacy and safety are also threatened in more serious ways. For example, someone calling a suicide prevention hotline, a drug treatment hotline, or AIDS or abortion counseling hotlines would automatically be giving their phone number to the people on the other end of the line. They may not want this information given out,…. [read more]

Euthanasia Should Non-Profit Organizations Be the Mouthpiece Term Paper

… Euthanasia

Should non-profit organizations be the mouthpiece for those who cannot speak for themselves?

President Kaunda of Zambia once said [1]: "Inability of those in power to still the voices of their own conscience is the great force leading to desirable changes."

There are plenty of examples where those who are at the receiving end of indignation are unable to speak for themselves, or they are just incapable of demanding justice and an end to their misery and suffering. Anyone who has the ability to reduce this suffering has a moral obligation to do that.

Should the 5-year-old children [2] being sent to the Middle East to work as camel riders protest against this cruelty when several of them lose life and limb due to…. [read more]

Lobbyists in American Government Lobbying Essay

… With the money (or at least a large part of it) out of the equation, only those who are committed to their causes will continue to be lobbyists. Does that mean that Congress and other governing bodies might not get as much information about various causes? Yes. However, it also means that the information they do receive will be honest information coming from people who are knowledgeable about the cause and who care enough to represent it. That is a very important way to get a message to those who have the power to make changes to society. It will still be imperfect, but it will be improved without the focus on money.


Balogh, Brian "Mirrors of desires': Interest groups, elections, and the targeted…. [read more]

Pros and Cons of Euthanasia Research Paper

… 34). Likewise, critics of euthanasia argue that prohibitions on the intentional killing of others represent a basic precept of legal and human relationships that place a high value on human's basic equality (Somerville, 2003).



Do people have a fundamental right to die when they want? Advocates of euthanasia maintain that people do in fact possess this right under certain circumstances and that some people, such as those suffering terminal illnesses, will be better off dead than alive. Critics of legalizing euthanasia argue that the practice is morally wrong and the fact that the practice requires at least two people, one of them a physician, means that legalizing it would be harmful to the medical profession as well as society at large. In the…. [read more]

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