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Sex and Marriage Term Paper

… This pattern is also known as 'agnatic descent', and the members are generally people who are from nuclear families that have descended form one single man. (Glossary of Terms)


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Sex and Marriage as Found Term Paper

… "

Within the Franklins' Tale we see the attitude of the narrator as he thus speaks:.".. freendes everych oother moot obeye.... Thus hath she take hir servant and hir lord, -- Servant in love, and lord in mariage.

Thanne was he bothe in lordshipe and servage. Servage? nay, but in lordshipe above, Sith he hath bothe his lady and his love; His lady, certes, and his wyf also, The which that lawe of love acordeth to"(Franklin, ll. PG).

Chaucer here illustrates the attitude and absence of any vernacular language to be returned with free commodities and relations. In any form of abeyance there must be a systemic attitude of power from one party yet this is clearly absent, for one party does give commands yet…. [read more]

Marriage Involves a Natural, Indissoluble Union Essay

… Marriage involves a natural, indissoluble union which is perfected by the sacrament between one man and one woman that is directed towards the purpose of the preservation of the human race through the generation and bringing up of is also ordered for mutual help of spouses as well as remedy for sexual desires. The marriage institution has been constantly undergoing evolution with same sex marriages and polygamy being a common trend in marriages today.

The purpose of marriage in America today is for companionship. Most of the people get into marriages so that they can get companionship from their spouses. The married couples live together and spend a lot of their time together. Couples are seen going out for shopping, going for movies, playing…. [read more]

Marriage Is a Social Institution Essay

… Another issue that is important in a working marriage is intimacy, both emotional and sexual intimacy. In The Seven Principles that Make Marriage Work, Gottman & Silver, 2012) point out the importance of emotional bonds and intimacy. Almost all the literature on marriage emphasizes the importance of intimacy, which prevents the individual members of the marriage from finding the need to seek that intimacy outside of the relationship (Toler, 2012). Intimacy must be cultivated genuinely, and over the long run. One of the seven principles of making marriage work, according to Gottman & Silver (2012) is nurturing fondness and admiration throughout a long-term relationship. Fondness and admiration are signs of respect, and remind the individual of why they were attracted the spouses in the first…. [read more]

Sex at Dawn Ideas Essay

… Polygamy distributes paternity in a positive way. This is antithetical to modern times when men flee from the prospect of fatherhood and when they do not, they feel is an experience they must have alone. Polygamy shares the responsibility and the love of paternity and fatherhood among the group. The authors contend that polygamy can provide security and peace of mind to know that children will always be cared for in a paternal way, whether the biological father dies or not. The children in "Big Love" have four parents. While that may seem excessive to most people, polygamists and the authors would argue that those children have more love and chances of being well-adjusted than those children with one or two parents. We can only…. [read more]

Marriage Law and Society Essay

… Marriage Law Society

Marriage, Law & Society

Should marriages and families be structured by the political values of the wider society? In societies that value individual freedom and equality, marriages will be based on the mutual consent and social equality of the partners. In societies that believe in natural hierarchies of authority (based on birth caste, gender, and age), as well as the subordination of the individual to the collectivity, rights in marriage will depend on one's gender and caste status, and children will defer to parents and other adults who will determine when and whom they can marry. Because it's unlikely that all societies will come to adopt the same political values and practices, does it make sense to promote one ideal form of…. [read more]

Marriage Over the Past 50 Introduction

… If Bowen's theory holds true, using those emotional connections and integrating them into a marriage could benefit both parties. This study will look to include these emotional ties into the educational program in order to enhance the viability of the overall study. After all, as Bowen states "a change in one person's functioning is predictably followed by reciprocal changes in the functioning of others" (2011). Adding an individual to the family mix is a definite change of function; employing that change in a positive manner will likely lead to positive changes in reciprocal fashion.


Amato, P.R., & DeBoer, D. (2001). The transmission of marital instability across generations:Relationship skills or commitment to marriage? Journal of Marriage and the Family, Vol. 63, pp. 1038 -- 1051…. [read more]

Dimensions of Social Inequality Race Essay

… Women with a high school diploma or less, and who are out of wedlock have higher birth rates at 40%, and which continually increasing each year. These studies indicate that children or persons raised in a family set up other than the traditional family are at a disadvantage (Kathryn & Joanna, 2005). They results of their research is used to indicate that a person raised in a home with deprived economic power, single parent, and an absence of a consistent male guide suffer uncertainty and disorderliness (Wax, 2007). These persons are more likely to end up in the same situation as their parents with life-long repercussions like school dropout, have children out-of-wedlock, lower education and job attainment, mental health and family instability.

On the other…. [read more]

Defending Traditional Marriage Essay

… It would be wise to remember that not so long ago in the history of this country, the marriages between races was considered unnatural and hence illegal. This is what history vested upon us, and things have changed to the point where the marriages between two races are now considered natural hence legal. This is the same biased view that marriage between same sexes receives now and historical perspectives cannot be used to justify the treatment this kind of marriage takes since history was wrong on the interracial marriage and is wrong on the same sex marriage too.

Everyone has the ability to love and this cannot be given to us, it cannot be taken away from us and it cannot as well be directed…. [read more]

Effectiveness and Future of Marriage Term Paper

… ¶ … Future of Marriage

The Effectiveness and Future of Marriage

Are married people happier than unmarried people?

Married people may indeed be happier than unmarried couples, researchers from Michigan State University have concluded (Nauert 2012). Marriage however does not seem to steam up happiness, rather it has been demonstrated that it keeps it stable for partners who have engaged in marriage, as opposed to unmarried people finding themselves less and less happy in time. It is worth noting that the statement above is generally valid, as research indicate, however happiness is very much a subject dependent on personalities. As such, a married couple may find itself taking the road to unhappiness due to family related circumstances, whereas one unmarried individual may be satisfied as…. [read more]

Marriage - After the Ritual Research Paper

… Overall, marriage is something that can be far different depending on culture, religious beliefs, age, ethnicity, intelligence and education levels, and upbringing (Edge & Corrywright, 2011). Each person who is part of a couple that is married or that is considering marriage will generally find that there are differences of opinion between he or she and his or her partner. There are also differences between that person and other people who are in relationships. No two people are alike, even if they share many common traits. Beliefs about marriage can be related to many factors, and that is important to note. The reason that it is so significant is that there is not only one reason why individuals have problems in their marriages. The 11…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage Haven Term Paper


Alice S. Rossi describes that a shift has been seen in the societal opinion as far as family is concerned. This is seen to be true when one reads the "Australian De Facto Relationships Law" where it is observed that the Act includes property and inheritance laws of same sex couples. The New South Wales Act is aimed at going to extents where same sex couples can claim for financial maintenance and the dividing up of property. Although marriage law in Australia states that it is the "voluntary union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others," this seems very closely related to the heterosexual marriage and in an indirect way it attests and recognizes the…. [read more]

Marriage Enrichment Program Term Paper

… Marriage Enrichment Program is a 5-day workshop focusing on the issue of "empowerment." The Program will cover a range of topics in relation to marriage such as love and romance, openness and communication, accepting help from a partner, appreciating positive changes that lead to forgiveness, and the showing of love through touch, sex, rituals, activities, faith and prayer. The Program is designed for married individuals who are hearing impaired and thus communicate through American Sign Language.

Hearing-impaired individuals in marriages suffer the same kinds of communicative problems as everyone else does, although the nature of communication is different. This Marriage Enrichment Program, which takes place over five days, is an enrichment program designed especially for hearing-impaired couples between the ages of 30 and 65 years.…. [read more]

Marriage Contract Division of Household Labor Essay

… Marriage Contract

Division of Household Labor

It is hereby agreed by the parties that each will contribute an equal share toward household labor and related responsibilities. In that regard, those respective responsibilities shall be reduced (or increased, as the case may be) in proportionate relation to the financial contribution to the household financial support. More specifically, the degree to which each partner's household labor responsibilities is reduced by virtue of disproportionately higher financial contribution, the amount of time and effort required to earn that money will also be factored in so as not to deprive either party of appropriate benefit of contribution efforts in connection with longer hours at a lower paying job. Further, in assigning respective responsibilities, the parties shall first identify their respective…. [read more]

Marriage: This I Call Term Paper

… My definition of my abstract topic, marriage, is "an agreement between two individuals to share their emotional feelings." However, this definition cannot be accurate for some people because of the words "individuals," and "feelings." Why? Because first, some people misunderstand the actual meaning of the word "individuals." Second, some will think of marriage as a sexual exchange not an emotional exchange.

First, those who do not understand "individuals" are perhaps sharing their feelings with someone rather than their husband or wife. Thus according to my definition of marriage, they are in fact married with an "entity" that they are sharing their feeling with. For instance, I found some people talk to non-human objects such as pet about their problems and their emotions. Therefore, according to…. [read more]

Marriage and Courtship in Modern Essay

… In this story, Mr. Fan is representative of all males in Asian countries, China in particular. The women are so determined to have any suitable person marry their daughters that they literally offer up one and then the other when the first one is not accepted by the man in question (Chang 123). Because he has the money and because he is an eligible male, then the community fall all over him and try to force him or coerce him into taking their daughters off of their hands. Knowing that being male gives him automatic power and having money even more so, Mr. Fan has become a product of the patriarchy, indulging and dwelling in on the ability to dominate.

Liusu does not actually seem…. [read more]

Marriage Contract Term Paper

… Marriage Contract

Attitudes toward marriage in the younger generation have definitely changed over the last few decades. Though many young people are stating that marriage is important to them and that they will most likely choose at some point in their lifetime to get married, their hopes for these marriages to last a lifetime are very small. Mostly they feel that, even though the idea of lifelong commitment is ideal, it is a very difficult goal that very few will actually reach. The esteem they hold for couples who have remained together for lengthy periods of time is high, but they feel they are rare and that the chances of actually being one of those couples themselves is slim. Along with this sentiment is the…. [read more]

Same-Sex Marriage Constitution Essay

… Same-sex couples have traditionally been victims of hostility, violence, and even state-sponsored discrimination. According to the Supreme Court's own definition, one of the criteria for a group to be considered "suspect," or in need of legal protections, is the fact that the group has historically been discriminated against and/or been subject to prejudice, hostility, and/or stigma based in part on false stereotypes. The history of same-sex couples is America has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they fall into this category.

The fact that same-sex couples fall into the category of "suspect" groups leads credence to the argument that the same-sex marriage issue should be reviewed with the strictest level of judicial review, called "strict scrutiny." When a person's fundamental rights are called into question,…. [read more]

For Gay Marriage Term Paper

… ¶ … Gay Marriage

In many countries, marriage is a sacred entity. Opposite sex marriages and divorce is acceptable in the society with same sex marriages exceptionally condemned because they would reduce the sacred touch aspect of marriages. My interest in the issue of gay marriages is that, I find it intriguing that most countries gang up against same sex marriages but support opposite sex marriages, even in the instance of multiple divorces (Galli 30). It makes me to have questions regarding the authenticity of human rights, if they leave out certain groups of people. The other question that I would need answered if the right of bisexuals and gays with regard to voting for same sex marriages. Whenever people raise issues of gay marriages,…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage the Debate Case Study

… Advocates of some sex marriage argue that all of us should admit or agree that marriage is an intimate relationship between two people and to act in a manner to exclude those who believe in this that is same sex -- couples amounts to discrimination for this I can agree that they are correct if marriage purposefully is a union to protect an intimate pair-bond.

But they are surely wrong if and when the purpose of marriage is to protect, the inherently procreative relationship of opposite pair-bonding with purpose of procreation.

Therefore to include same sex couples as a marriage union it waters down the symbolism and protection of procreative relationship ruled out by marriage the pair bonding of opposite sex.Same sex -- marriage advocates…. [read more]

Religion and Same Sex Marriage Abortion Research Proposal

… Same Sex Marriage

The topic under investigation will be same-sex marriage. The idea of marriage is both a social and religious contract that is sanctioned by society as a valid contract and event. Depending on the particular society and culture, marriage combines the institution of family with intimate and sexual relationships, and the idea of the unit growing from this union. Traditionally, marriage has been with a man and a woman with the potential of having children, thus creating kinship ties to extend families. Historically, this was also an economic unit; families joined forces with land or property, or even joined nations together. In modern society, marriage signifies a commitment, even though the marriage rate has dropped 17% in the last decade, while the divorce…. [read more]

Law Politics and Marriage Essay

… ¶ … Politics, and Marriage

Discuss two types of marriage that you think should be legally prohibited. Use the course materials to evaluate both the pros and cons of not tolerating or recognizing these marital practices.

One type of marriage that should be prohibited is one in which there can be physical consequences for any of the children that such a marriage might produce. An obvious example of this would be two people that would stand a high likelihood of passing down a genetic disease to their offspring. While it was once believed that family, such as closely related individuals, stood a significantly higher likelihood that their offspring could suffer from genetically transmitted conditions, scientists today have largely discredited this myth.Although there is an increased…. [read more]

Marriage in Eastern and Western Term Paper

… In Malaysian societies, marriage is exclusively tied with the society's culture, specifically, religion. Weddings are conducted in order " ... To monitor the genealogical appropriateness of the marital pair ... thanks moyang (ancestors) for the past good year and ask for a good year to come" (Nowak, 2000). Inevitably, marriage is tied with mysticism and religious rituals, an activity that is devoid of any political influence. What makes Malaysian wedding rituals different from the American society's is that the latter conduct weddings not to focus on the celebrants or the bride and the groom, but on the ritual itself. This contradicts the American experience, wherein the bride and the groom (or the celebrants) are given central roles in the said activity, thereby resulting to a…. [read more]

Solutions to Marriage Debate Essay

… This is an attitude that looks at the question from an entirely different perspective than most. Marriage is not the issue the author says; the issue is that families, no matter what their type, are being denied basic freedoms and benefits that are accorded to other. Since fairness and liberty are doctrines espoused in the United States, it seems that these should apply to family matters such as this, the author states (Polikoff).

These are two studies that look at the question from entirely different viewpoints. The first wants to find out what type of people are more likely to oppose gay marriage and what type of people are likely to support it. The second article offers a possible solution that the author seems to…. [read more]

Cohabitation Living Together Before Marriage Essay

… Moreover, children living in cohabiting unions are at higher risk of sexual abuse and physical violence, including lethal violence, than are children living with married parents" (Popenoe & Whitehead, 1999).

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that marriage has benefits, both tangible and intangible, that cohabitation does not. The tangible benefits include spousal eligibility for employer-sponsored health insurance, community property laws, social security benefits, and other benefits that only apply to married couples. The intangible benefits are more difficult to quantify, however, "unmarried couples have lower levels of happiness and well-being than married couples" (Popenoe & Whitehead, 2002).

It comes as no surprise to me that cohabitating, despite its popularity, lacks many of the social benefits of marriage, and even introduces couples to…. [read more]

Has Marriage Changed in the USA? Term Paper

… Marriage

"Enormous changes have occurred in family life not only in the United States but also throughout the Western world in the past half century," (Cherlin, 2010, p. 15). Moreover, the changes have manifested differently in Western Europe vs. The United States. These differences are related to culture, values, and social norms. Religion has become more integrated, ironically, into modern American lifestyles compared with Europe, where religious affiliation and religious values have declined steadily in recent generations (Cherlin, 2010). The greater interest in religion has prompted resurgence in interest in the institution of marriage in the United States. Divorce rates have also risen in conjunction with marriage and re-marriage rates. The paradox of high divorce rates in a self-proclaimed religious society is resolved in light…. [read more]

Marriage and Family Experience Approaches Term Paper

… ¶ … Marriage and Family Experience approaches marriage as the one thing that counts in a person's life, making one what one is and providing one with the most loving and intimate experiences, and providing relationships that need to be cherished, honored and supported. In this relationship, says the text, there is no place for jealousy. Friendship, love and commitment are the strong glue that holds a marriage together.

Marriage begins after a courtship that includes the experience of being single and then paring up with someone and sometimes cohabitation before marriage. Following the wedding, the family process begins, which includes family life cycles, decisions on whether to have children and parenthood, if the choice is made to include children. Many issues bear on the…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage Term Paper

… Marriage was considered a sacred union and it was a means of obtaining certain rights over each other. These days, heterosexual couples are living together and making families without being married in the first place. If the pope or the courts are so concerned with preserving the sanctity of marriage, they should go on to ban people having intercourse without being married first. All forms of media basically go on to promote sex and they consistently remove any sort of purity of marriage from the society. Divorce rates are soaring and people's entire ideology about marriage itself is changing. All of these forms also challenge the holy union of man and woman. Keeping this in mind, it is quite obvious that legalizing same sex marriage…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage Age Gender Research Paper

… Abraham and Julie also are of the opinion that the same sex marriages will also bring in a change in the social structure that will also benefit the female population.

The third hypothesis of the research is that non-religious people are more in favor of giving homosexuals their right to marry one another as compared to religious people. Hart A. For American Psychological Association (2004) conducted a research which showed a clear difference in the mindset of people of religious people and non-religious people on the issue of homosexuality. The religious people considered homosexuality as a sin and were not in favor of the concept of same sex marriages and giving rights to homosexuals as they were challenging God by changing the natural phenomena of…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage and Equal Protection Clause Term Paper

… Same-Sex Marriage - Equal Protection Clause

same-sex marriage and equal protection clause: analysis and recommendation for a legal position for justice in the supreme court for prevention of same-sex marriage

It is generally held among those who view themselves to be 'Constitutionalists' that anything not addressed in the U.S. Constitution was something that should not be the subject matter of the law and is therefore better left out of any type of modifications or amendments that make changes to the essence of the U.S. Constitution. This is held to be the same traditionally in relation to state constitutions within the individual U.S. states. The U.S. Constitution has an equal protection clause that states: "...states shall not deny any person the equal protection of the laws."…. [read more]

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