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Academia and Life Through Literacy Term Paper

… It has been suggested that the capacity for achievement in school is linked primarily to the ability to comprehend expository text. (Dickson, et al., ¶ 49&50)


Narratology involves itself with both fictional and non-fictional narratives, though the primary focus is on fictional works. Narratology studies the structure of a story that is presented in a narrative. A narratologist desires to understand how the patterns and themes determine the makeup of a story. (Pradl 1984, ¶ 3)

Narratology also explores the comprehension value of text. Story telling has always been associated with understanding and knowledge. Narratologists contend, the words "narrative" and "story" can both be traced back to an original meaning of "to know." It is through the story that people quite literally come to…. [read more]

Information Literacy in Higher Education and Its Influence on Scholarship Practice and Leadership Research Proposal

… ¶ … Literacy

Information Literacy as the Most Essential Component of Higher Education:

An Exploration in Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership

In secondary education, or high school, the primary role of the teacher is to present information integral to the teenagers' future personal, academic, and professional lives. In higher education, on the other hand, the teacher plays a very different role. In fact, Naamwar and Rastgo (2008) state that the "teacher's role is not giving the information to students but is guiding them during the instruction" (p.176).

In other words, higher level education requires an instructor who can engage students, showing them how inquiring, researching, learning, and understanding are crucial aspects of a person's education and well-being. Indeed, critical thinking is, in many academicians' views, the…. [read more]

Theoretical Future Direction Term Paper

… ¶ … Literacy

The topic of information literacy has become very prominent and entrenched in the United States, and the nursing industry is no exception. The importance of having strong literacy in how to collect and decipher information, including the computer literacy that is often necessary to facilitate this collection, is extremely important in so many facets of life and perhaps the two most poignant and enhanced examples of this are the educational and career sectors of life. The United States has made a seismic shift towards service and knowledge-based work sectors and people that wish to become part of the latter need to have extremely strong information literacy skills. Strong working knowledge of computer internet technology goes hand in hand with information literacy.

Computer,…. [read more]

Frederick Douglass Literacy Studies Term Paper

… Sociology and Academia in Frederick Douglass's "Learning to Read and Write"

An American hero, epitome of the evils of slavery, and true embodiment of the American dream, former slave Frederick Douglass rose from the bowels of society to become one of the United States' most learned scholars. The sheer beauty and elegance of his essay "Learning to Read and Write," is proof that the institution of slavery oppressed some of the most brilliant and creative minds of the plantation era. Despite the fluid language and artful prose, however, the facts of the article are enough to confirm Douglass' station as one of the most capable and ambitious academician of his time. Douglass' description of his own struggle to attain literacy is useful for far more…. [read more]

Socio Political and Economic Situation of Youth in Antigua and Barbuda Essay

… Antigua

Socio-Political and Economic Situation of Youth in Antigua and Barbuda: An Examination of Literature and Statistics

The following situational analysis examines the issues related to youths in Antigua and Barbuda from economic and sociopolitical perspectives, identifying risks and opportunities that currently face this population of minors. Background information on the island nation is given, with current economic dependence on tourism and high levels of unemployment the most salient features in regards to the issue at hand. A brief methodological description of the review process used in this research is given followed by a summary of the findings. Antigua and Barbuda, despite having a relatively strong economy and social structure compared to other Caribbean and Latin American nations, still faces certain issues when it comes…. [read more]

Improve Reading Skills Case Study

… ¶ … Improving Reading Skills

Reading and ESL Students

Multiculturalism in the Curriculum


Writing Assessment

Fry Graph

Instructional Implications

Lesson Plans

Scholarly Justifications

Reading and ESL Students - the way humans communicate and share ideas and concepts in society is quite complex. How are ideas conceptualized -- how are they explained -- how does discourse relate- and how do humans understand messages -- what is true about language- what is not? These are just some of the issues surrounding theories of language acquisition and development. By the time students arrive in school, unless intervention has occurred at a lower primary age, they have not only been subjected to numerous types of language acquisition, but because of the preponderance of global media and social networking,…. [read more]

Emotional Intelligence: Issues in Theoretical Construct Term Paper

… Emotional Intelligence: Issues in Theoretical Construct and Measurement

Business Administration)

This dissertation proposal examines the relationship that exist between the role of 'emotional intelligence' and 'effective leadership and job success.' In the terms of conceptual definition, Peter Salovey of Yale University and John Mayer at the University of New Hampshire view emotional intelligence as a set of skills hypothesized to contribute to the accurate interpretation and expression of emotion in oneself and others; also the effective regulation of emotion, and the use of feelings to motivate, plan and achieve success. The better known Daniel Goleman has popularized emotional intelligence to a more vast audience outside the world of academia. The definition applied to 'emotional intelligence' by Goleman is 'the ability to rein in emotional impulse,…. [read more]

Community Colleges in America Term Paper

… In addition, community colleges have traditionally striven to increase access to higher education through an open admissions policy -- often not even requiring a high school diploma -- and low, or no, tuition." (Kane and Rouse 65)

Joseph F. Kett's "The Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties: From Improvement to Adult Education in America, 1750-1990" deals with the evolution of adult education over the years. It starts out with self-education as it is portrayed in American history before it was formalized: the first universities didn't appear in the United States until the late 1800's. The author also deals with various class and social differences that were caused by the lack of availability of adult education although the advent of industry ultimately necessitated this development. As the…. [read more]

Education Considering Your Analysis Essay

… Most students who drop out will not be as successful as Gates, though. When the pressure to succeed in academia becomes too great, students need new ways of coping. As Bruinsma points out, students who drop out due to stress, financial reasons, or general dissatisfaction reflect the failure of higher education. Students who fail or drop out of college "induce both financial and psychological costs for themselves, for the educational institutions and for society," (1). Therefore, it is crucial for educators and students to become more aware of the limitations of higher education. Students who have workloads that are too high for their personal capabilities should be easily able to negotiate deadlines with professors. Yet too often we have professors who are rigid and inflexible.…. [read more]

Parent's Involvement and Student Academic Achievement Term Paper

… Parental Involvement and Student Achievement

More and more researchers are focusing on the role parental involvement plays in student achievement and success within the classroom and without. Multiple studies confirm the need for more active participation not only from teachers but also from parents. Parents who are involved in their children's academic life are more likely to participate in community enrichment, and students with actively engaged parents are more likely to succeed in the world of academia and perform better academically. These ideas and more are explored below.

Necessity of Parental Involvement in Children's Academic Life

The more parents become involved with their children's academic life and schools the more likely schools will improve, or at least that is valid based on evidence uncovered by…. [read more]

Study of Greece Term Paper

… There are also laws present to govern the monopoly power and it is the government that has the power to set a ceiling price on products. Hellenic Competition Commission has to be told about the cartels as it is the one that oversees arrangements of such sort.

The right to own and establish business enterprises lies with the domestic as well as foreign entities. They can take part in all kinds of remunerative activities such as acquire, establish or even dispose of their businesses. With regards to the access to various business operations and business markets the private enterprises enjoy the same criteria as the public enterprises. It is only when an investor wants to benefit from the investments/tax incentives that are provided by the…. [read more]

College Worth It?' Weighs on Local Students Research Paper

… ¶ … college worth it?' weighs on local students.

The Press Democrat. Jeremy Hay, May 18, 2013.

Ever since the post-Second World War era, a college education has been the traditional path of those focused on professional success in the United States, and elsewhere in the industrial world. As a result, there is a general expectation that pursuing a college degree is, necessarily, more consistent with long-term success in professional life and life in general. Typically, high school graduates are encouraged to continue on to college, whether or not they have any specific idea of what course of study or professional field to pursue. However, the increasing cost of a college education combined with reduction in demand for labor in a less optimistic national economy…. [read more]

Moore and Kearsley Strategic Planning Thesis

… Moore & Kearsley

Strategic planning involves defining an organization's vision and a mission, goals, and objectives and perhaps most importantly of all, how to achieve those goals. For a distance learning course, the organizational leadership in its strategic planning needs to be explicit about who the organization is attempting to serve, with what means, how, and why, particularly given the recent proliferation of online venues to take classes. Like with any product, there must be a niche of demand for the specific educational product provided by the institution, and it must differentiate itself in terms of customer segmentation, cost, or the method of delivery. In terms of the last element, when creating the venue, 'the means of production' must be clearly defined, namely the method…. [read more]

New King Fahad National Library Research Paper

… The authors also provide a lengthy checklist to review those videos. Service Quality Checklist and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) two very effective and advanced tools recommended for service enhancement (Hernon and Altman, 1996).

Studies have shown that while Service Quality Checklist evaluates the quality of service provided by the employees on various scales and agendas, the OPAC keenly breaks down the customer transaction data to decipher the reasons why and how customer searches failed or succeeded. On a lesser level, suggestion boxes should be placed in the libraries should anyone has any complain or a suggestion. However, suggestion boxes have become a cliche and not many customers believe that they will be actually read. To counter that, a quick response system should be put…. [read more]

Language Development & Career Decisions Proposal

… Most importantly, the students will feel confident while making the choice for career options.

Organizational Context beyond the Site

The project will involve creation of an informative curriculum guide along with classroom Powerpoint presentation to explain the guide in a visual manner for educators seeking innovative ways to help their students acquire English proficiency while assimilating into American culture. Improvement of strategies and ideas will include the following:

(A) Planning and implementing lessons in partnership with ELL educators, school administrators and ESL professionals will present a model curriculum that can be followed by other schools as well in order to help ELL students excel in learning; and (B) Co-teaching decision-making strategies and models will promote teamwork…. [read more]

Self-Directed Learning Mentoring Research Paper

… Adult Education

Adult Learning and Mentoring

The problem is that adults are not intrinsically motivated. This has caused them a lack of success at the collegiate level.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether a specific solution improves the adult success levels in postsecondary academia. The study will take approximately 24 months with some periods of low or no research activity.

Description of the Community

The community of Cleveland is located in the suburbs of Ohio in the United States and has a population of 865,000 people. Cleveland's community is experiencing a rapid growth in unemployment and a number of corporations are moving out of the community. With the community shrinking because of the modern global economy that promotes an educated and a…. [read more]

Motivation and Learning Essay

… Learning Motivation

Learning and Motivation in the TAFE Program

The TAFE program at the Alpha College is designed to help students from low income areas and students who are in need of various support services to achieve their degree ambitions. Like many schools in the Sydney region, Alpha experiences a distinct diversity of applicants and students. This means that its makeup varies across its experiences, needs and likely learning strategies. At the basis of this variation is a fundamental demand upon instructors and administrators to approach learning and motivation from a progressive educational perspective. The individualization of program approaches, the use of appropriately meted out student assessments and the ultimate utilization of methods such as positive reinforcement and progressive grading all will be discussed and…. [read more]

HRM Implementation Plan Term Paper

… Reading is an essential component in guaranteeing academic achievement and lifelong success. For this reason, the implementation and maintaining of reading programs is essential to educational institutions. Literacy is important on both the individual and the social level. On the individual level the ability to read allows for successful achievements academically and in the workplace. On a social level, the literacy level of a community and country can greatly improve the quality of life.

The purpose of this discussion is to provide a plan concerning the implementation of a feasible reading program.

The value of reading and the need for a reading program

Educators may not always agree on every issue, but there is a genuine consensus that has formed over the years as it…. [read more]

Educational Leadership in Latino Students Term Paper

… Limitations

Barriers to this study include the willingness of people to participate in qualitative or quantitative research related to the importance of teacher expectation. Some teachers and educational facilities within the U.S. are likely to be reluctant to participate in the study as they are not willing to divulge extraneous information related to teaching practices. Undoubtedly a minority will be short of time. The study is also limited in scope to primarily schools within the LA county school district. It is possible that students in other regions may be affected in a slightly different manner.


Tracking - The practice of sorting students into different programs of study based on their perceived academic ability. Often used synonymously with 'ability grouping' or 'homogenous grouping' (Datnow, 1998)…. [read more]

Women and the Historical Enterprise Term Paper

… Women and the Historical Enterprise

At the beginning of her text, Women and the Historical Enterprise, the female American historian Julie Des Jardins asks the age old question: who writes history? The usual answer is, of course 'the winners write history.' And until recently, the answer to this question has been, sadly -- male winners write history. That is, American men have largely written, although not lived, American history. According to Des Jardins, over the course of the evolution of American historiography American men by and large have provided the cultural and ideological narrative lens of focus -- a focus upon males, upon Whites, and upon actions and stories that American men have deemed important. This is not because American women have not made major…. [read more]

African Development Structural Adjustment Policies Research Paper

… ¶ … African Development

Structural Adjustment Policies have only served to burden countries that are already poor and ultimately saddle these countries with overwhelming debt reducing their ability to gain a better standard of living from their earnings.

Structural adjustment policies have experienced a shift to Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers. This work intends to examine how these are similar or different and what this means to African Development.

Definition of Poverty

It is reported in the PRSP Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper for Central African Republic 2008-2010" that the PRSP participative drafting process was examined in 2005 and that the government "boosted the participative process via numerous consultations and evaluations with all the interested parties (population groups, NGOs, civil society organizations, the private sector and external…. [read more]

Entrepreneurship Opportunities and Challenges Research Proposal

… Entrepreneurship

Opportunities and challenges in entrepreneurship for a female graduate in Switzerland

Because of the traditionally strong Swiss reputation for business sense, financial caution, and respect for the law, a young female graduate with a desire to open up her own business in Switzerland might be assumed to have a bright future. However, a closer look at Swiss history regarding gender discrimination reveals considerable obstacles for such an individual, no matter how bright and talented. Having a sound and realistic view of what lies ahead is essential, even if the young woman is determined to persevere. Success is far from impossible, but will require considerable networking skills, a determination to secure foreign as well as domestic capital, and a willingness to defy social norms and…. [read more]

Empowerment Disempowerment in Schools Term Paper

… Empowerment

Knowledge, power, and culture are interrelated. Knowledge is power: it is a source of cultural capital that aids in the creation of elite classes of individuals who possess the skills necessary to gain economic and political might. Using Marxist theory, Almeida Moraes shows how schools are instruments of capitalistic culture. Schools perpetuate class stratification by tracking students, by emphasizing some forms of knowledge over others, and stressing some methodologies over others. Schools are often viewed as institutions that churn out the next generation of subservient workers, too: turning some students into the elite controlling class and others into the large mass of laborers (Almeida Moraes).

Similarly, Giroux notes how culture is directly related to power. The dominant culture maintains political, social, and economic clout.…. [read more]

Sign Language and Deaf Culture Research Paper

… Sign Language and Deaf Culture

Deaf Children Born to Hearing Parents and the Impact on Language Development and Culture

Learning is hard enough for any child, but deaf children are unfortunately faced with an entirely different set of challenges that threatens their ability to find success in academia and in whatever professional endeavors they embark on. With many deaf children being born to hearing parents, there is a disconnect between the caregiver and the infant at a time where language acquisition and learning is at its highest point. This, unfortunately, can result in limited linguistic structures that can haunt children for the rest of their lives, and impact how they perform in school and in the professional world. With the population of deaf children being…. [read more]

Belfast Study Reconciling Safety Essay

… The environment of distrust will pervade the culture and lead to mishandling of operations due to lack of information.

4. Assumptions based on both perspectives can lead to faulty employee evaluations. When employees are evaluated unfairly they are not open to receive correction or speak up on ways to improve performance.

5. Assumptions about "manifest" attributes that constitute competent professional engineers tend to focus on two things (Delanty & Strydom, 2003, p. 123). First superficial judgments collected over time and second, a sense of familiarity engendered by other employees similar to the executive making the judgment (Kaiser & Kaplan, 2006).

6. Assumptions concerning the ease of transferability of expert knowledge. Accountability for this task should rest with the most experienced and knowledgeable experts. However the…. [read more]

Multi Cultural Issues in Deaf Education Term Paper

… Multi-Cultural Issues in Deaf Education

Review of Multicultural Issues in Deaf Education

The United States has long ceased being a "melting pot" and has emerged in the 21st century as more of a "salad bowl" that is characterized by increasing multiculturalism in society and the nation's classrooms. In this changing environment, understanding how deaf students from different cultural backgrounds might experience the educational process has assumed new relevance and importance. Indeed, as Marschark and Spencer emphasize, "A history of the education of deaf persons is by its very nature a study of societal and cultural change" (p. 9). To this end, this paper provides a critical review of the peer-reviewed and scholarly literature to identify relevant multicultural issues involved in the education of deaf children…. [read more]

Contact Zone Mary Pratt Term Paper

… Contact Zones

Finding Contact Zones in "Finding Forrester"

According to the essayist Mary Louise Pratt, contact zones are social spaces where cultures may or must meet, clash, and grapple with each other, often in contexts of highly asymmetrical relations of power, such as colonialism, slavery, or their aftermaths as they are lived out in many parts of the world today. Pratt, over the course of her essay, uses examples such as her son's initiation into the foreign culture of Japan and the history of the Depression through the medium of baseball cards as an example of the often unexpected yet ubiquitous presence of contact zones in all of our daily lives. To provide a shaper historical context, she also documents in detail Guaman Poma's early…. [read more]

Wanna Be Average Term Paper

… This began when he was very young; he was often filled with conflicting emotions. For example, in his grade school years, he explains that "although I was a very good student, I was also a very bad student" (598). He explains further, clearly demonstrating the strong conflicts he underwent as a child. He was "always successful," yet "always unconfident." As he moved forward with his studies, he explains that he was "exhilarated" with his progress, but at the same time "sad" (598). He feels further isolated when he sees that his siblings do not seem to suffer from these bouts of self-criticism the way he does.

Eventually he finds himself pulling away from his family, losing the accent that identifies him as Mexican -- and…. [read more]

Differentiated Instruction in the Self-Contained Special Education Classroom Research Proposal

… Differentiated Instruction in the Self-Contained Special Education Classroom

Differentiation in the Self-Contained Special Education Classroom: A Defense of Differentiation and the Importance of Special Education Environments

Thanks to the No Child Left Behind Act, increasing educational research, and a revitalized interest in special education students and the methods by which they receive the best education possible, the question of differentiation has once again taken a starring role in K-12 drama. According to Thompson, whose 1999 Personalized Learning article about differentiation predated the current overwhelming response to the topic, differentiation "causes us to grapple with many of our traditional -- if questionable -- ways of 'doing school'" (pg. 12). Indeed, Thompson (1999) argues that in order for differentiation to work, teachers must "know where we want…. [read more]

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