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Academic Dishonesty Term Paper

… ¶ … academic dishonesty is one that is both controversial and important in the changing state of education and information. Technology has brought the modern world into a position of overwhelming information availability. The ability to work in a word processing program, alone has significantly reduced the amount of time needed to produce equivalent document as one written just 40 years ago. Automatically formatted footnotes and the ability to cut and paste passages from other documents into your own work significantly reduces the historically laborious task of research assimilation, and it has also given a tool to students that can advertently or inadvertently result in plagiarism. "Some recent statistics presented in the book: 80% of high school students admit to cheating, 95% of students who…. [read more]

Academic Integrity Exercise Essay

… Academic Integrity

Exercise 1- Academic integrity

Academic integrity implies being open and honest in the fulfilment of the academic responsibilities therefore, establishing mutual trust. Honesty and fairness us fundamental in relationships and interactions of the academic community and is attained through respect for the ideas and opinions of others.

Academic honesty means intellectual honesty: fairness and honesty in the formulating argument, using information, and other tasks related to understanding and knowledge pursuit. It is the main principle that determines how students live and learn in a society of inquiry. As the academic community members, students and their instructors are entitled to an intensive degree freedom in their pursuit of scholarly interests (Bertram, 213). Also, with this freedom, however, comes the task to maintain the academic…. [read more]

Academic Honesty in Higher Education Essay

… " The primary goal of this according to the author is to distinguish a piece done by one author from that done by another. In so doing, Ellis (2012) points out that one may amongst other things also paraphrase carefully, identify quotes which happen to be direct etc.

Ideally, students should also read and understand an institution's policy on plagiarism and academic honesty. By reading this document, students familiarize themselves with all the other activities considered academic dishonesty apart from plagiarism. It is important to note that in some instances, an institution may regard the disruption of the learning process i.e. tearing of important pages in library books an act of academic dishonesty. In that regard, the relevance of familiarizing oneself with the specifics of…. [read more]

Academic Honesty Sociologist William Bowers Annotated Bibliography

… E. (2010). Business school deals on student academic honesty: A survey. College Student Journal 44(2), pp. 299-308.

Most studies on academic honesty have surveyed faculty and students. This article reports on the results of an online survey of business school deans. The surveys should deans' perceptions of the level of student academic dishonesty were much lower than generally reported in student surveys.

Brunell, A.B., Staats, S., Barden, J., and Hupp, J.M. Narcissism and academic dishonesty: The exhibitionism dimension and the lack of guilt. Personality & Individual Differences 50(3), pp. 323-328.

One hundred ninety-one college students, either self-reported or reported by other students, completed surveys on cheating behavior as well as the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI). Students rating high on the NPI were more likely to…. [read more]

Academic Honesty Maintaining Essay

… Valuing Education

The value of education lies at the heart of the importance of maintaining academic honesty. Education is an end unto itself. The abilities of memorization, researching, critical thinking and analysis contribute to a person who is better able to process the world around him or her. The student's superior understanding of the world and better analytical skills, as well as functional knowledge, are what gives the student a true competitive advantage. While it is easy for the student to be cynical about the importance of education being a piece of paper for the wall or a snazzy line on the CV, the reality is that those things are minimum requirements. If getting a job and skating by at the minimum is how one…. [read more]

Academic Integrity Different Scholars Essay

… International Center for Academic Integrity of Clemson University has come up with the way it can assist students understand degree of academic integrity of the university by developing Campus Assessment Guide. It is made up of information that can be surveyed by universities on their own present academic integrity.

In addition the Hong Kong Chinese University under the Computer Science Engineering Department has come up with different plagiarism detection software that is known as "Veri Guide." The objective of such system is to uphold levels of academic honesty of many different academic institutions. Using its website, the requirement of system is to offer a platform for educators and students to help in managing and submitting academic works such as assignment of students. This system as…. [read more]

Academic Honesty and Its Significance Term Paper

… Furthermore, the tutors must also focus on educating and creating awareness on the proper standards of providing the original work so that the situations where academic dishonesty can occur should be alleviated. Consequently, the academic honesty would bring out a much better and enhanced personality of the students (Ercegovac & Richardson, 2004).

Effects of Academic Honesty

Consequences of academic honesty are usually tremendous and overwhelming for an individual in a broad spectrum. Schools and colleges are therefore immensely focusing on high standards of academic conduct that can bring benefit to the students as well as the institutions in general. While on the other hand, academic dishonesty that particularly includes cheating forgery, plagiarism, and other dishonest acts harms the institutions in many ways. The dishonest conduct…. [read more]

Academic Honesty Essay

… Further, one must also address fairness. It is absolutely unfair to the honest student striving to achieve a certain GPA too be competing against cheaters. In fact these cheaters sometimes cite fairness as their justification for cheating. According to Barton, Hogan, and Lambert (2003), "other reasons for cheating were the desire to receive good grades (McCabe, 1992; Singhal, 1982) or the need to keep a scholarship (Diekhoff et al., 1996). The need to get a good grade was frequently linked to engaging in academic dishonesty (Coston & Jenks, 1998; Genereux & McLeod, 1995; Robinson, & Kuin, 1999; Whitley, 1998). Additionally, cheating was sometimes argued to be justified because of the course is too hard or the instructor unfair (Coston & Jenkins, 1998; Dickhoff et al.,…. [read more]

Academic Honesty Issues Surrounding Essay

… Preventive measures include old hats such as threatening punishment (even expulsion or legal action, in some cases) or appealing to morality, as well as changing exam and homework questions more often, making sure answers cannot be found online, requiring all students to submit writings about academic honesty, peer reporting requirements, official integrity training, use of plagiarism detection software, requiring students to handwrite and sign "honor pledges" on all work, educating parents about academic dishonesty, and so on. Time will tell which of these methods actually work; some current research is focused on testing their efficacy

What do experts believe the future holds for academic honesty within American society? How can everyone work together to foster an environment more favorable to honesty, or more aversive to…. [read more]

Academic Dishonesty Among College Students Research Paper

… Academic Dishonesty Among College Students

Academic Dishonesty: Social Perception

A factor that has considerable influence in the phenomenon of academic dishonesty is social perception. This can occur from a variety perspectives; most notably from the perspective of students attempting to justify their behavior; also from the perspective of academic leaders attempting to curb cheating practices; and from the perspective of researchers who attempt to understand the phenomenon.

Etter, Cramer and Finn (2006, p. 134-5) cite studies indicating that the student perspective that the norms of the society in which they function allow cheating combines with generally favorable attitudes to cheating to encourage it. Other factors that could contribute to the urge to cheat include a younger age, moderate to poor performance in the classroom and…. [read more]

Academic Honesty Do You Feel Essay

… One reason is stress and pressure. The process of academic research is constantly going faster and academics are under pressure to be successful, find results and publish their results in prestigious locations. There is also a constant lack of funding. Academic dishonesty is unfortunately very 'easy' and thus must seem to be a tempting option to individuals who are very stressed and struggling to stay afloat with respect to getting the results they need in order to get the publications that they need in order to get the funding that they need in order to allow their research to continue. A new movement called "the Slow Professor" seeks to address the pressures and stresses that academics face by encouraging a slower pace of work that…. [read more]

Academic Integrity Application Essay

… I started learning more efficient ways of studying instead of staying up all night. Getting plenty of rest is important to mental functionality, especially in the classroom during test time. I also had to realize that it was just a test, I either knew it or I did not. I also learned to study assignments as they were done to embed the information in my mind earlier on, instead of waiting until the night before the test.

The seminar taught me how dishonesty could follow you throughout life. It sets up behaviors that grow and get worse in the future where lying becomes a norm and creates bigger issues as time goes on. They also talked about how schools teach integrity to prepare students to…. [read more]

Academic Honesty Research Paper

… Academic Honesty / Plagiarism

How serious is the matter of plagiarism on college and university campuses? What are the moral standards that are being violated by students that cheat? How do students perceive the issue of plagiarism, and what punishment do they believe is appropriate for those caught using others' work without attribution? This paper uses peer-reviewed, scholarly sources to delve into those and other issues regarding academic honesty.

"Plagiarism means knowingly presenting the work or property of another person as one's own, without appropriate acknowledgment or referencing"

(definition from a "large, multi-campus Australian university" -- Yeo, 2007, p. 200)

Shelly Yeo conducted a survey of first year science and engineering students, exploring the views of these students vis-a-vis what they perceive as plagiarism. Published…. [read more]

Academic Integrity Seminar Term Paper

… Academic Integrity

I do not believe that it is in the best interest of businesses to be dishonest in any way. It therefore also follows that I do not believe any business or leader who pursues a path of honesty and integrity is in any way naive. Indeed, I am quite in agreement with Alan Greenspan's comments as provided in his Harvard Commencement speech. Indeed, as Mr. Greenspan implies, those business leaders who pursue honesty are more likely to prosper in the long-term than those who do not.

One needs only to consider business giants like Enron and even super-rich individuals like Bernard Madoff for fair warning that dishonest business practices, if found out, will lead to the downfall of even the strongest, tallest giants.…. [read more]

Academic Integrity Thesis

… Education - Academic Dishonesty


Academic dishonesty is not new to the Information Age, but recent technological advances have changed the ways that students violate traditional rules of academic honesty. The Internet provides a much more efficient means of copying and pasting copyrighted material for dishonest submission as original work. The increased use of professional essay-writing companies is also attributable to increased Internet access.

Aside from plagiarism facilitated by the Internet medium, modern technology has also enabled students to cheat on in-class exams in ways never before possible. The increased incidence of academic dishonesty undermines the efforts of educators and academic institutions in addition to allowing cheating students unfair advantages over their classmates.

Plagiarism and Misuse of Technology:

Plagiarism is…. [read more]

Honor Codes in Academic Institutions Essay

… If students are not trusted enough that the faculty needs to go to such extreme measures, and given the propensity of Internet cheating it is not surprising that they feel the need to do this, than any presentment of following the honor codes should be abandoned. It is hypocritical to impose and honor code and then to test the honesty of the students through these computer programs, which according to some sources are not themselves honorable (Walsh 566). Specifically, there is pending legislation over because they are not paying or in any other way accommodating those whose papers they are using as basis for comparison of text. The company has been accused of taking students' intellectual property in order to further their business, but…. [read more]

Academic Environment Students Essay

… Avoiding voluntary plagiarism involves action by both the student and the institution. The student is required to be better prepared for assignments. When students plan ahead they avoid the problem of plagiarizing because of time constraints. Assignments that are properly organized will get finished ahead of time. Voluntary plagiarism can also be addressed by the institution. To curb plagiarism institutions can have stiffer penalties for plagiarism; online mechanisms that allow student papers to be checked for the work of other authors can be very useful in deterring plagiarism (Davis, Grover, Becker, & McGregor, 1992).

Involuntary plagiarism is often the result of student carelessness, cultural factors, and the content being discussed being above the student's ken. This combination of factors means that much of the plagiarism…. [read more]

Academic Dishonesty Term Paper

… Academic Dishonesty can formally be defined as rewriting the author's sentences as your own; adopting a particularly sentence as your own; paraphrasing someone else's idea as your own or presenting someone else's link of thinking as your own. Academic dishonesty is known as a form of literary dishonesty, otherwise known to college students as cheating. It is looked down upon highly by academics and it carries with it many serious consequences. Over the past five years, the Internet has emerged as a cheater's dream and a professor's worst nightmare. it's because of a variety of web sites that give students access to entire papers for a nominal fee and sometimes even for free. As a result of the widening accessibility of the Internet, as well…. [read more]

Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Thesis


Academic dishonesty has probably existed since the first educational systems in human history. Generally, the motivation for plagiarizing and other forms of academic dishonesty relates to achieving higher grades than those that correspond genuinely to the student's learning, ability, or performance level, or to laziness and the desire to acquire formal academic degrees as credentials for employment and/or social status.

Literary plagiarism is probably more prevalent than other forms of cheating, such as stealing exams or soliciting answers from other students during examinations, primarily for many of the same reasons that remote copyright theft of music is much more prevalent than the actual theft of tangible music recordings from retail outlets.

Unlike other forms of academic dishonesty, plagiarism is incapable of…. [read more]

Academic Dishonesty and Student Cheating Term Paper

… Students have become adept at text messaging exam answers amongst themselves during exams, communicating via cell phone screens. This method of cheating takes several different forms in addition to collaboration between multiple students sitting for the same exam. For example, students taking an exam can now transmit questions to their friends waiting in the library to provide answers in real time. Internet access capable cellular phones allow students to browse the Internet from their seats, particularly in very large auditoriums, where they can do so without too much concern over being discovered (Batista).

In response, some institutions have banned cellular phones and PDA's from exam rooms, but even this measure is easily circumvented by dedicated cheaters.

Typically, where phones are banned, students are merely prohibited…. [read more]

Brazenly 'Sampled' From a Book Term Paper

… It is difficult to pinpoint even one of Shakespeare's plots which was not filched from another source! According to a University of Colorado publication on the value of so-called utopian plagiarism: "Prior to the Enlightenment, plagiarism was useful in aiding the distribution of ideas. An English poet could appropriate and translate a sonnet from Petrarch and call it his own. In accordance with the classical aesthetic of art as imitation, this was a perfectly acceptable practice... [Even] Leonardo da Vinci...was not so much an originator as a synthesizer." (Critical Art Ensemble) So what are the responsibilities of students in this respect other than to plagiarize responsibly and honestly? The ideas of others should be synthesized, duplicated, digested and regurgitated as honestly as possible, with everything…. [read more]

Speak or Write Discussion Chapter

… [17 Jan 2013]]

The ethics of original authorship in academia can become murky when different cultural expectations meet with the practices of a particular university system. A United Kingdom study of foreign students within the university system found that Greek and Chinese students often unwittingly plagiarized, because of their cultural assumptions. One Greek student, for example, said that copying from a document word for work was acceptable, so long as it was less than a paragraph.[footnoteRef:3] Of course, according to the standards of the United Kingdom, even a few unattributed words is considered plagiarism, but based upon the more fluid and less rigorous standards within this student's culture, the Greek student clearly did not even understand that the way he cited information in his…. [read more]

Cheating: A Cultural Construct Thesis

… Cheating: A Cultural Construct

Cheating takes a wide array of forms. An act of dishonesty or habitual acts of dishonesty used to deceive others, to advance one's self, to gain the upper hand in a competitive circumstance or to engage in illicit behaviors while attempting to obscure these behaviors, cheating conjures a number of specific contextual implications. Cheating occurs in the academic context, where the pressure to achieve good grades may incline one to come about them dishonestly. Cheating occurs in sports, where athletes may attempt to gain unfair advantages by playing outside of clearly delineated rules. Cheating occurs in the domestic context, where failed relationships may be noted by marital infidelity. Cheating occurs in the business world, where corporate executives and accountants fudge figures…. [read more]

Student Survival Guide Term Paper

… Student Survival Guide

As an online student, it is important to realize that there are certain strategies that need to be incorporated in order to specifically cultivate the responsibilities that will lead to successful study. For this reason, a Student Survival Guide is vital to help such a student keep on track not only with the study material, time management and work ethic, but also with ethical issues such as upholding academic honesty. To create a student guide, five areas are considered in terms of actions to achieve success in the overall study program. These areas include: Conducting Successful Library and Internet Searches, Upholding Academic Honesty, Developing Effective Study Skills, Managing Time Wisely, and Setting and Achieving Goals. Each of these is considered in turn,…. [read more]

Survival Guide for Long Distance Learning Term Paper

… Distance Learning Guide

Student Survival Guide


Find the golden nuggets of information

Research will be a major part of my university courses. It will be important for me to know how to effectively search for material that will be appropriate and accurate -- not some blogger's ideas. The Internet, for good and bad, offers millions of responses to a request for information. What to do? The first step is contacting the reference department at WIU and tapping into the resources available through the library. There are many electronic databases that can be downloaded off campus. The librarians can also make other suggestions, such as only refer to peer-reviewed academic articles. This will also limit the concern with unreliable sources.

However, any in-depth…. [read more]

Student Survival Guide Tips Essay

… 4. Allow sufficient time to achieve goals.

5. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses when establishing goals. For example, if an all -- A average is one of my goals, but I find math to be a particularly challenging subject, then success in that area may require hiring a tutor, taking a lighter course load, and more active involvement with my professor in that class.

6. Build goals sequentially. Make sure that all of the steps necessary to achieve a goal have been accomplished prior to trying to tackle that goal.

7. Devote sufficient time to self; make achieving goals the priority

8. Beware of the mental-health hazards of constant work; build recreational time into the goal-achieving schedule in order to avoid burnout.

Tips and Best Practices…. [read more]

Avoiding Plagiarism and Self Essay

… 167). Crossen (1994) continues, "No study is perfect, and problems arise in the labs of even the most conscientious and honest researchers," and that despite "rigorous scientific rules" and peer reviews, information and data can "nevertheless be warped" (p. 167). The resulting information can be warped for five reasons: ending a study too soon, not publishing negative results, publishing results too early, skimming over or ignoring drawbacks, and "buffing" the results by showing them in the best light (Crossen, 1994, p. 167).

In order to eliminate plagiarism in original essays and documents, the writer must make sure to cite the original source by giving credit to the author whose ideas the writer is referencing if and when they are paraphrasing what the author stated in…. [read more]

International Marketing: Qatar Country Term Paper

… International Marketing: Qatar

Country Study of Qatar Today

Qatar has been ruled by the Al Thani family since the mid-1800s, but there have been some dramatic changes in the country's actual leadership in recent years. Today, Qatar has transformed itself from a poor British protectorate famed mostly for its pearls into a modern independent state that enjoys significant oil and natural gas revenues (Qatar, 2005). Reminiscent of the recent charges being level in the UN oil-for-food program, the Qatari economy was severely damaged during the last two decades of the 20th century by illegal activities by the current amir's father. In 1995, the amir's son, Amir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, assumed the country's leadership from his father, who was in Switzerland at the time…. [read more]

Flannery O'Connor Born in Savannah Essay

… This realization causes her to upset her cat, which panics, causing Bailey to lose control and role the car down an embankment.

Soon a car with three men pulled up. The older man and Bailey were talking when the grandmother realizes he is the escaped murder, the Misfit. Because he'd been recognized the Misfit instructs his accomplices to murder the family one by one. The grandmother begins pleading for her own life, and her pleas are ignored she begins to witness about Jesus. This causes the Misfit to become angry. He is angry with Christ for having given no physical evidence for His existence. He does not want to waste his life serving one who may or may not exist. On the other hand, he…. [read more]

Misanthrope- Honesty Term Paper

… Rousseau further explains that Alceste is simply a "good man who detests the morals [manners] of his age and the viciousness of his contemporaries; who, precisely because he loves his fellow creatures, hates in them the evils they do to one another and the vices of which these evils are the product. If he were less touched by the errors of humanity, if he suffered less from indignation at the iniquities he sees, would he be more humane himself?" (p.37) His brand of honesty suffers from an inherent flaw i.e. passion of undisguised truth. "The character of the misanthrope is not at the poet's disposal; it is determined by the nature of his dominant passion. This passion is a violent hatred of vice, born from…. [read more]

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