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Academic Honesty and Its Significance Term Paper

… Furthermore, the tutors must also focus on educating and creating awareness on the proper standards of providing the original work so that the situations where academic dishonesty can occur should be alleviated. Consequently, the academic honesty would bring out a much better and enhanced personality of the students (Ercegovac & Richardson, 2004).

Effects of Academic Honesty

Consequences of academic honesty are usually tremendous and overwhelming for an individual in a broad spectrum. Schools and colleges are therefore immensely focusing on high standards of academic conduct that can bring benefit to the students as well as the institutions in general. While on the other hand, academic dishonesty that particularly includes cheating forgery, plagiarism, and other dishonest acts harms the institutions in many ways. The dishonest conduct…. [read more]

Academic Integrity Exercise Essay

… Academic Integrity

Exercise 1- Academic integrity

Academic integrity implies being open and honest in the fulfilment of the academic responsibilities therefore, establishing mutual trust. Honesty and fairness us fundamental in relationships and interactions of the academic community and is attained through respect for the ideas and opinions of others.

Academic honesty means intellectual honesty: fairness and honesty in the formulating argument, using information, and other tasks related to understanding and knowledge pursuit. It is the main principle that determines how students live and learn in a society of inquiry. As the academic community members, students and their instructors are entitled to an intensive degree freedom in their pursuit of scholarly interests (Bertram, 213). Also, with this freedom, however, comes the task to maintain the academic…. [read more]

Academic Honesty Sociologist William Bowers Annotated Bibliography

… E. (2010). Business school deals on student academic honesty: A survey. College Student Journal 44(2), pp. 299-308.

Most studies on academic honesty have surveyed faculty and students. This article reports on the results of an online survey of business school deans. The surveys should deans' perceptions of the level of student academic dishonesty were much lower than generally reported in student surveys.

Brunell, A.B., Staats, S., Barden, J., and Hupp, J.M. Narcissism and academic dishonesty: The exhibitionism dimension and the lack of guilt. Personality & Individual Differences 50(3), pp. 323-328.

One hundred ninety-one college students, either self-reported or reported by other students, completed surveys on cheating behavior as well as the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI). Students rating high on the NPI were more likely to…. [read more]

Academic Integrity Different Scholars Essay

… International Center for Academic Integrity of Clemson University has come up with the way it can assist students understand degree of academic integrity of the university by developing Campus Assessment Guide. It is made up of information that can be surveyed by universities on their own present academic integrity.

In addition the Hong Kong Chinese University under the Computer Science Engineering Department has come up with different plagiarism detection software that is known as "Veri Guide." The objective of such system is to uphold levels of academic honesty of many different academic institutions. Using its website, the requirement of system is to offer a platform for educators and students to help in managing and submitting academic works such as assignment of students. This system as…. [read more]

Academic Honesty Maintaining Essay

… Valuing Education

The value of education lies at the heart of the importance of maintaining academic honesty. Education is an end unto itself. The abilities of memorization, researching, critical thinking and analysis contribute to a person who is better able to process the world around him or her. The student's superior understanding of the world and better analytical skills, as well as functional knowledge, are what gives the student a true competitive advantage. While it is easy for the student to be cynical about the importance of education being a piece of paper for the wall or a snazzy line on the CV, the reality is that those things are minimum requirements. If getting a job and skating by at the minimum is how one…. [read more]

Academic Honesty Essay

… Further, one must also address fairness. It is absolutely unfair to the honest student striving to achieve a certain GPA too be competing against cheaters. In fact these cheaters sometimes cite fairness as their justification for cheating. According to Barton, Hogan, and Lambert (2003), "other reasons for cheating were the desire to receive good grades (McCabe, 1992; Singhal, 1982) or the need to keep a scholarship (Diekhoff et al., 1996). The need to get a good grade was frequently linked to engaging in academic dishonesty (Coston & Jenks, 1998; Genereux & McLeod, 1995; Robinson, & Kuin, 1999; Whitley, 1998). Additionally, cheating was sometimes argued to be justified because of the course is too hard or the instructor unfair (Coston & Jenkins, 1998; Dickhoff et al.,…. [read more]

Academic Dishonesty Term Paper

… Academic Dishonesty can formally be defined as rewriting the author's sentences as your own; adopting a particularly sentence as your own; paraphrasing someone else's idea as your own or presenting someone else's link of thinking as your own. Academic dishonesty is known as a form of literary dishonesty, otherwise known to college students as cheating. It is looked down upon highly by academics and it carries with it many serious consequences. Over the past five years, the Internet has emerged as a cheater's dream and a professor's worst nightmare. it's because of a variety of web sites that give students access to entire papers for a nominal fee and sometimes even for free. As a result of the widening accessibility of the Internet, as well…. [read more]

Academic Dishonesty Among College Students Research Paper

… Academic Dishonesty Among College Students

Academic Dishonesty: Social Perception

A factor that has considerable influence in the phenomenon of academic dishonesty is social perception. This can occur from a variety perspectives; most notably from the perspective of students attempting to justify their behavior; also from the perspective of academic leaders attempting to curb cheating practices; and from the perspective of researchers who attempt to understand the phenomenon.

Etter, Cramer and Finn (2006, p. 134-5) cite studies indicating that the student perspective that the norms of the society in which they function allow cheating combines with generally favorable attitudes to cheating to encourage it. Other factors that could contribute to the urge to cheat include a younger age, moderate to poor performance in the classroom and…. [read more]

Academic Dishonesty and Student Cheating Term Paper

… Students have become adept at text messaging exam answers amongst themselves during exams, communicating via cell phone screens. This method of cheating takes several different forms in addition to collaboration between multiple students sitting for the same exam. For example, students taking an exam can now transmit questions to their friends waiting in the library to provide answers in real time. Internet access capable cellular phones allow students to browse the Internet from their seats, particularly in very large auditoriums, where they can do so without too much concern over being discovered (Batista).

In response, some institutions have banned cellular phones and PDA's from exam rooms, but even this measure is easily circumvented by dedicated cheaters.

Typically, where phones are banned, students are merely prohibited…. [read more]

American Universities and Corporatization Research Paper

… University Sports Scandals Aren't a New Phenomenon

College sports programs actually began to become troublesome a hundred and fourteen years ago, when, at the turn of the century, scandals and an over-abundance of student frenzied behaviors caused administrators to establish oversight committees to regulate football (Kissinger, et al., 2009). Moreover, by the 1920s, some historically black college and universities' football programs (some dating to 1892) were called into question because of the fact that educational goals -- and eligibility requirements -- for black athletes were put on the back shelf in favor of sports success stories (Kissinger, 2009).

Kissinger references a 1930 study by Savage that showed that once student-athletes graduated, there was nowhere for those individuals to work based on what they had learned…. [read more]

Cheating Is a Significant Problem Term Paper

… ' The second inquired as to whether or not they had cheated or observed cheating in class. The third asked "How likely would you be to report someone that you saw cheating in one of your classes?" This last question may have been slightly skewed, because it only had three possible responses "Very likely," "Somewhat likely," and "Not likely." The first and second responses may both be seen as implying that one would in fact report cheating, while only the third implies that one would not, which may weight responses toward reporting. The final question regards gender. (See attached questionnaire sheet)

Results were tabulated for each interviewer, and then combined to create final tabulations. While interviewers had slightly different percentages for the various questions asked,…. [read more]

Internet Plagiarism Among College Students Term Paper

… ¶ …

There is overwhelming evidence that plagiarism is a growing problem not only on college campuses but also in middle schools and high schools. This paper shows all sides of the argument, and presents incriminating data about plagiarism that cries out for a solution. Students don't want to have their papers subjected to detection software, and instructors don't want students to cheat. What to do? The answer is not easy, and not forthcoming.

EDUCATION DIGEST (supporting details from the article): Why has academic dishonesty, in the form of plagiarism, become such a significant problem on college campuses? Research into this topic - according to an article in Education Digest (Strom, et al., 2007) - indicates that many high school students have already developed…. [read more]

Ethics and Investigation: Use of Deception Essay

… Criminals are people always on the lookout for potential traps. They will eventually scrutinize every word that they hear. In order for the investigators to seize them, they have to employ sufficient lies (Ryberg, 2004).

Conflict between law enforcement and ethics

As one of the essential roles of the government, law enforcement is based on the principle that every offender should face justice as per the provisions of the set laws. It is within the means of the government arm concerned to use every possible mean to make the enforcement possible. Ethics has its provisions within which the people are expected to operate. Some of the requirements of ethics are humane treatment of all persons as well as honest and transparent ways of handling public…. [read more]

Apple in China the Economics of Outsourcing Jobs Essay

… Apple in China

In late January, the New York Times wrote a story about conditions at Foxconn, one of Apple's suppliers in China. The article was timely in that Foxconn produces the iPad, and Apple was on the verge of introducing a new iPad model. Since that point, the story has grown. Apple and the contractor, Foxconn, have both faced a considerable amount of negative publicity, owing to the high profile of the company involved, and the high profile media outlets in which the reports were filed.

Apple and Foxconn

Charles Duhigg and David Barboza (2012) published an article on the 25th of January that was related to several other articles published around the same time. These articles were about Apple's contractor Foxconn and its…. [read more]

Education Ethics of Student Cheating Essay

… This is referred to as vicarious reinforcement. Bandura’s theory is an expansion of several classic behavioral theories that primarily posited that learning was by reinforcements but did not clarify what internal processes resulted in a behavior being picked up or shunned.

The social learning theory (SLT) posits that learning is by observing and forming behaviors based on the observed consequences. SLT explains academic cheating as a consequence of observed behavior. Practically, SLT can be used to explain cheating as a consequence of students observing or becoming aware of the positive results of cheating e.g. better grades or less work. The results or ‘rewards’ push them to cheat. SLT can also be used to explain cheating in terms of moral disengagement. A student who cheats…. [read more]

International Marketing: Qatar Country Term Paper

… International Marketing: Qatar

Country Study of Qatar Today

Qatar has been ruled by the Al Thani family since the mid-1800s, but there have been some dramatic changes in the country's actual leadership in recent years. Today, Qatar has transformed itself from a poor British protectorate famed mostly for its pearls into a modern independent state that enjoys significant oil and natural gas revenues (Qatar, 2005). Reminiscent of the recent charges being level in the UN oil-for-food program, the Qatari economy was severely damaged during the last two decades of the 20th century by illegal activities by the current amir's father. In 1995, the amir's son, Amir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, assumed the country's leadership from his father, who was in Switzerland at the time…. [read more]

Technology Updates the Cost Annotated Bibliography

… As many of these individuals, if younger must seek outside education to reenter the workforce with higher technology skills and still others not prepared to reeducate themselves due to age or other factors are seeking early retirement when they could have contributed to the workforce for many more years to come if not either made redundant by technology or advanced past their own capacity to learn and function in the changing job field. Take for example the medical field, which has seen the highest number of technology mandates than in any other area of business. The medical industry specifically including every aspect of provision has seen massive infrastructural cost increases due to technology mandates as well as fundamental attrition issues where individuals including highly skilled…. [read more]

Conquest of New Spain Term Paper

… Conquest of New Spain

Castillo, Bernal Diaz del. The Conquest of New Spain. Translated and Introduction by John M. Cohen. New York: Penguin Classics, 1963.

Immediately upon reading the title of Bernal Diaz del Castillo's the Conquest of New Spain a critical reader bridles at the title, and expects an imperialistic history. After all, to our postmodern, politically correct ears, Mexico is not 'new Spain,' but an independent nation. When one hears that Diaz del Castillo's account is a 16th century memoir of one of the soldiers who accompanied the conqueror and, in today's view, the modern imperialist, Cortes to the New World of Central America, the reader grows even more suspicious. However, although the author's biases must be acknowledged, this is still an important…. [read more]

Sociology and Feminist Theories Term Paper

… Of particular interest to the casual observer are the differences in relational dynamics and social interaction and perception between African-Americans and white Americans. African-American societies are by far one of the most dominant societies in the U.S., and have also been subject to different stereotypes and stigmas that have been existing for many years.

In fact, racial and gender differences are the most common forms of stratification that society tends to look in an individual. In the case of the American experience, African-American males are perceived differently by society as compared to white American males and females, as well as African-American females. In Myra and David Sadker's article entitled, "The Miseducation of Boys: Changing the Script," the authors discuss the significance of race and gender…. [read more]

Foster, R.L. "Avoiding Unintentional Plagiarism Essay

… That is because it is not just the choice of words used in the original writing that requires acknowledgment; in fact, it is the intellectual ideas, analyses, or point-of-view expressed by the original author that must be credited, regardless of whether or not those ideas are presented through different words (Foster, 2007). In that regard, paraphrasing the ideas of others is perfectly acceptable, but only provided the ideas are credited to their original source. Perhaps the most common misperception that results in unintentional plagiarism is that only material that is actually quoted word for word requires a citation (Foster, 2007).

In principle, plagiarizing by paraphrasing can occur both deliberately, such as where the writer is fully aware that reproducing the ideas of another in different…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity in Kentucky Essay

… Race/ethnic factors contributes to societal attitude and acceptance of weight bias, especially with media contribution, with emphasis on personal responsibility as the primary cause and the cause being associated with individual control or outside of individual control. Employers tend to view obesity as lazy, less competent, and lack of self-discipline, schools perceptions consist of untidy, overly emotional, less likely to succeed, and more likely to have family problems, where healthcare perceptions associates noncompliance, hostility, dishonesty, and inadequate hygiene that are all enhanced with media perceptions of thin characters in positive roles and obese characters associated with humor and ridicule with stereotyped eating patterns. This increases parental factors with consequences of financial and family support for higher education.

Family health, both physical and mental, habits, and…. [read more]

Changing the Grading System Term Paper

… The narrative form of grading may be too tedious and time-consuming to conduct and prepare, but the end result, which is an accurate determination of the student's grades, will benefit the students, instructors, and administrators because they now have a clear reference of how a particular student performed throughout an academic year or semester through the letter grade (the final grade), while the numerical grades during the progress of the year or semester will serve as records that helped monitor and will verify the validity, accuracy, and honesty of the final grade given to the student. Thus, the narrative grading system can be considered as the most appropriate form of grading, because it avoids any biases, inconsistencies, and unreliability that other grading systems present to…. [read more]

Accounting Information for Decision Making Essay

… That web site is accompanied with reports for the company's 'environmental management plans'. Without particularly mentioning to water usage and consumption, it mentioned that Inghams website is needed to employ an Environment Management Plan (EMP). The EMP objectives are designed in compliance with: relevant legal structures along with other needs; identification from the environment impacts the company's activities, items and services; and, methods for controlling activities having a possibility to impact the atmosphere, continuous environment improvement through having specified aims as well as describe the company's organisational structure as well as monitoring responsibilities structures (Egan and Frost, 2012).

The site also reported particulars from the organisation's method of a yearly site by site self-evaluated 'environmental audit'. Finally, the site noted that 'all employees should be…. [read more]

Person Steals the Property Essay

… Unintentional plagiarism of course is when the presenter of the idea or work never had any prior information or knowledge that what is being presented has already been done by someone else or is attributed to another person or entity. This is especially true when an idea has been deemed or supposed to be common knowledge. Common knowledge exists when a fact can be found in numerous places or is likely to be known by a lot of people (Thompson, 2008). Thus, an unintentional plagiarism may take place when some common knowledge contains small details that should have been attributed to the original author. For instance, writing "President Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States" is common knowledge but if there is…. [read more]

Online Table Reservation and Menu-Order Service Buad Application Essay

… Online table reservation and menu-Order service BUAD 307


Online Restaurant Table Reservation and pre-order meal service:

Secondary Market Research

The online restaurant table reservation and pre-order meal service would allow users to reserve tables at upscale restaurants and also pre-order from the menu at the same time.

Online use of restaurant table reservations

For restaurant enthusiasts, busy administrative assistants, and other people who need to make table reservations, online restaurant table reservation services such as are a valuable service as it allows the consumer to make reservations at select, upscale restaurants online without having to look up phone numbers or make calls. While such a service lacks the romance of taking a leisurely stroll downtown to gaze at posted menus and sniff the…. [read more]

Cheating: A Cultural Construct Thesis

… Cheating: A Cultural Construct

Cheating takes a wide array of forms. An act of dishonesty or habitual acts of dishonesty used to deceive others, to advance one's self, to gain the upper hand in a competitive circumstance or to engage in illicit behaviors while attempting to obscure these behaviors, cheating conjures a number of specific contextual implications. Cheating occurs in the academic context, where the pressure to achieve good grades may incline one to come about them dishonestly. Cheating occurs in sports, where athletes may attempt to gain unfair advantages by playing outside of clearly delineated rules. Cheating occurs in the domestic context, where failed relationships may be noted by marital infidelity. Cheating occurs in the business world, where corporate executives and accountants fudge figures…. [read more]

Corporate World Research Proposal

… Despite the desire of most corporations to avoid doing harm to their shareholders, employees, and customers, there will always be other corporations that are less concerned with that particular area of business ethics (Dewey, 1963; Hoover, 2007). Because that is the case, problems like plagiarism can creep into the "normal" way of running a business. Often, this happens slowly over time. The corporation does not realize that there is a problem at first, and only when something comes to light and is discovered by an authority figure or a whistle blower does the company know that it has to change and do things differently.

Sometimes, company executives are also prosecuted. While they technically cannot be prosecuted for plagiarism, they can be prosecuted for the deceitful,…. [read more]

Daoism Philosophy Essay

… Asian Philosophy: Daoism

Daoism, is the first religion of China. Religion, as is generally understood the world over, in practicing certain tenets, following rituals, belief in a particular philosophy and all that constitutes a religion. However, in its narrative as in practice, Daoism is a vastly different tradition of the Chinese people. It is a way of life, or better still, it is a way of looking at life. Daoism is wholly rooted in China. In the western world, Daoism is known as Taoism, which is the equivalent translation of the original Chinese word. The most appropriate way of explaining Daoism is to understand the meaning of Dao- it is the 'way' (the right way) or the 'path'. The meaning imbibed in it is that…. [read more]

Mortgage Fraud if a Rash Term Paper

… " To this phenomenal burden was added the additional costs of suburban ownership such as the necessity of owning a car for transportation to remote work locations, and the upkeep of suburban lifestyles. Within only a few decades, foreclosures began again, and the younger generation watched their parents dreams seem increasingly removed. Financing changed once again, as Fannie Mae began offering more flexible options such as adjustable-rate mortgages and the resurrection of the balloon payment. Meanwhile, the weight of mortgages served to settle the older generation into political and economic stagnation, something that many youth in the 1960s and 1970s protested against as a hidden cost of suburbia.

So one may be able to see a certain degree to which mortgages are inherently exploitative. A…. [read more]

Psychology -- the Development of Behavior Kohlberg Essay

… Psychology -- the Development of Behavior

Kohlberg's Moral Development and Plagiarism

Plagiarism can be explained in several different ways under Kohlberg's theory of moral development depending on the stage of individual development at the time of the incident. In adolescence, most people begin to become more aware of and begin to conform to societal expectations of behavior according to Stage 3 of Kohlberg's analysis. However, the same need for social approval can also undermine moral reasoning by resulting in conforming to deviant group values when peers are all doing the same thing (i.e. plagiarizing). By the time most people enter Kohlberg's Stage 4, they would recognize the greater importance of upholding basic ethical principles and of avoiding academic dishonesty in any form, on objective principle.…. [read more]

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