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Accounting Profession in 2014 Essay

… Accounting Profession in 2014

In the midst of scandal, the accounting profession finds itself under scrutiny; perhaps more than it ever has in the past. Accounting and auditing scandals have become les frequent since WorldCom and Enron, but that still does not mean that we are now immune. High profile cases continue to haunt the media. As Bernard Madoff is whisked off to jail, the American people are still dumbfounded at how he could fraudulently convert $50 billion in customer assets to personal use. We also have to ask how $1 billion in cash could have escaped the watchful eye of Satyam Computer Services.

Since the Enron scandal, the processes of accounting and auditing are converging, all while trying to absorb the economic shocks in…. [read more]

Accounting for Income Taxes Term Paper

… Accounting for Income Taxes

The role of the tax professional has changed substantially in the past decade. Previously, the focus was on tax planning and the marketing of tax products. The focus today is more on the corporation's tax provision and compliance work. This shift has occurred as the result of changes in the regulatory environment. In particular, the enactment of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) has shifted emphasis towards the compliance side of the business. This paper will analyze the changes in the tax accounting profession over the past decade with particular attention to the increase in emphasis on compliance. Not only did SOX change the operating environment for tax professionals, but another concern arose concerning the use of abusive tax shelters. In the mid-1990s the use…. [read more]

Accounting Has Been Nothing Essay

… "During the past decade accounting for people has re-emerged as an increasingly well-subscribed research topic. It has done so as one aspect of the growing interest in intellectual capital or 'intangibles'. Intellectual capital is generally acknowledged to be divisible into three generic components: human capital, customer or relational capital, and structural or organizational capital" (Roslender & Stevenson 2009: 857).

The UK, in an effort to ensure greater rigor in accounting for the impact of human capital upon an organization's financial health issued a report called Accounting for People -- Report of the Task Force which recommended that HCM [Human Capital Management] reports focus on communicating a business's HCM policies and potential for growth. There has also been strident calls to ensure that organizations clearly explain…. [read more]

Global Accounting Standards Essay

… International Accounting Standards: Adoption And Transition

Traditionally, the accounting profession has been seen as a functionary occupation, the practitioners of which are concerned with the presentation of economic figures relating to individual and organizational financial performance. Accountancy has been seen largely as a field reserved for mathematical grunt-work, with its output serving as indicative of performance rather than incursive upon it. Today, that perspective has been altered significantly, for better and for worse. The role of accounting professionals has both diversified and expanded considerably over the past few years, with practitioners in this field coming to serve as primary decision-makers and organizational visionaries in their own right. This serves as a testament to the crucial contribution of accountancy-derived economic insight in the determination of sensible…. [read more]

Evaluation of Accounting Questions Term Paper

… Resource Structure Analysis

The statistics indicate that in the five-year period Kimberly-Clark has had a greater workforce than those employed by SCA. However, one of the key point to note are, in the past year, SCA had a considerable increase in its workforce with an increase of 10,243 employees over last year. This is in contrast to Kimberly-Clark as in the past year it had a considerable decline in its workforce with a decline in about 14,000 employees. However, the sales amount is the reverse. Kimberly-Clark has constantly had a lower number of sales compared to SCA. More so, the sales of the latter has constantly increased in the past four years from 81,337 in 2011 to 85,408 in 2012 to 89,019 in 2013 and…. [read more]

Ethical Standards in Accounting Term Paper

… Ethics has become a major component of professional orientation for accountants in light of the increased globalization of business.

Development of a Common Set of Ethical Standards:

Given the need to establish a global set of ethical standards in accounting, several countries and regulatory systems have undertaken measures to address the issue. The United States and the international community have played a crucial role in addressing this issue mainly because of the need to prevent incidences of unethical accounting scandals. The international community has developed a framework for global ethics through the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), which was instituted to serve public interest and foster global accountancy profession. The International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) was also established and publicized ethical standards based…. [read more]

High School Career Counseling Intervention Program Term Paper

… Of course, students participating in entrepreneurial development programs will also receive instruction on how to write a business plan.

One of the primary components of the career counseling intervention for all high school students, but especially the high school dropouts, will be entrepreneur training. Research substantiates evidence that entrepreneur training works. On study showed, for example, that “Junior Achievement Company Program (JACP) participation increases the long-term probability of starting a firm as well as entrepreneurial incomes,” (Elert, Andersson & Wennberg, 2015, p. 209). A similar entrepreneur training program will be developed and offered especially to the students and dropouts who scored high on the Holland personality code of enterprising. Enterprising individuals will be natural risk takers and visionaries who may have ideas for starting…. [read more]

CPA Versus MBA Thesis


Annotated Bibliography

Aier, J.K. Comprix, J. Gunlock, M.T. And Lee D. (2005) the Financial Expertise of CFOs and Accounting Restatements. Accounting Horizons. 19 (3 )123 -- 135

Aier et al. (2005) focus on the impact of education on the manner in which Chief financial officers carry out their job duties. More specifically the article focuses on the number of accounting restatements made by CFOs based on their education. The authors utilized several metrics to draw conclusions including the number of years as CFO, previous experience as an accountant, and the type of advanced degree attained (MBA and CPA. The researchers concluded that the combination of CFO experience and degrees such as CPAs and MBAs contributed to less restatements in earnings. The article…. [read more]

Accountants Responsibility Term Paper

… e. By distorting material information for selfish gains. Such scenarios call for the auditor or accountant to serve the interests of all the parties involved. By detecting irregularities, the auditor/accountant would have satisfied his responsibility to the client to ensure competence. By reporting the fraud, the auditor/accountant would have satisfied his responsibility to all third parties who intend to rely on the financial information as presented.


Bruner, P.L. & Haley, T.L. (Eds.). (2007). Managing and Litigating the Complex Surety Case (2nd ed.). New York, NY: ABA Publishing.

Duska, R. Duska, B.S., & Ragatz, J.A. (2011). Accounting Ethics (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons.

Newton, G.W. (2009). Bankruptcy and Insolvency Accounting: Practice and Procedure (7th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Perkins,…. [read more]

Internal Auditing Term Paper

… Internal Auditing

Over the past two decades, a number of changes took place that greatly altered the business world. Some of these were external, such as ever-increasing globalization, growing competition and fast-paced technological innovations. However, some of the changes were internal, as well. At the beginning of the millennium, for example, huge cases of company fraud rocked the structures of many organizations. As a result, the entire auditing field was put on trial.

Enron and similar financial disasters made many companies think and then think again about how to enhance their own internal audit functions. Organizations clearly realized they had to be more careful about aggressive or risk-taking accounting techniques and be mindful of the pressures to meet earnings estimates. They could not ignore risk…. [read more]

Heat Exchanger Rupture Incident Case Study

… ¶ … Causation Model

Casual and Contributing Factors

Casual and contributing factors are instrumental in accident assessment. Calfire (2014) defines both factors.

Casual factors are any behavior, omission, or deficiency that if corrected, eliminated, or avoided probably would have prevented the fatality. Contributing factors are any behavior, omission, or deficiency that sets the stage for an accident, or increases the severity of injuries.

Causation Model

"Even in the most seemingly straightforward accidents, seldom, if ever, is there only a single cause (CCHOS, 2014)." An investigator must find the root causes of an incident, which represents interpretations of facts and physical, evidence. Under a causation model, root causes can be attributed to or categorized as tasks, material, environment, personnel, or management (CCOHS, 2014). CCOHS (2014) further…. [read more]

Legislation and Standards Term Paper

… Issues of legal protection, like the degree of recourse given to creditors of investors who have been hurt as a major aspect of the nation's regulatory and legal framework might affect the audit. In the business world where investors have limited authority of the resource, it might expedite the creation of a dominant position for management to impact or miss-use their position, distort the assessment of liabilities, and override controls (Bode, 2007).

Implicit in standards

A nation's norms and values may not be consistent with those that are implied in worldwide standards. The dangers of ISAs have recently been recently highlighted based on philosophy and illustration of the diversity of auditing in some nations. Similarly, while this paper does not explicitly address implicit cultural biases…. [read more]

Career Preliminary Questionnaire Interview

… Based on the above, I would like to apply for the post of Financial Advisor Trainee with your organization. The post will allow me to execute different organizational activities such as growing and maintaining the wealth of the clients alongside advising them on issues related to their financial needs. I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of financial sales as it will allow me to extend my career and improve knowledge of saving and growing money among the organizational clients. A number of factors make me apply for the advertised position in your organization. Firstly, the organization I work with has a low budget that is expected to extend until 2015. The company has hiring freeze that will extend until 2015. Secondly,…. [read more]

Positive Labor Unionization Research Paper

… Labor Unions Positive

Labor Unions

Labor unions once played a significant role in the U.S. economy with a peak of over a third of the workforce being associated with a union in the 1950s. However, since the unionization peak there has been a slow and steady decline in the proportion of union members. This decline also corresponds to a period of steady economic growth in which the U.S. economy has become the dominant economic force in the world. Although there are many factors that have contributed to the growth of the U.S. economy, the de-unionization of the workforce and trade liberalization are among some of the top factors that have benefited economic activity.

Despite these benefits to the overall economy, these benefits have not been…. [read more]

Advertising Art Director at an Advertising Agency Term Paper

… This makes it easier to keep tabs on employees 24-7 and encourages them to be working even when not formally at work.

How goals are set

For every project team, goals are set in terms of meeting the concrete objectives for the project. The team as a whole is evaluated upon its ability to meet such benchmarks. However, goals are also needed for individuals over the trajectories of their careers: again, as a way of motivating individual employees to consistently raise the bar and to maximize their output. Goals are necessary to "provide clear direction to supervisors and employees;" "form a common frame of reference around which they can effectively communicate;" to "clearly indicate success" and foster fulfillment when success is achieved and to "help…. [read more]

Enron Bounded Ethicality Is a Psychological Concept Essay

… Enron

Bounded ethicality is a psychological concept wherein a person is unable to fully understand the ethical consequences of their actions. The general idea is that there are times when a person is not capable of fully rational thinking with respect to ethics. People using different types of framing for issues, for example, and this allows them to put on the blinkers. It sounds a bit like an excuse for sloppy decision making, and for making unethical choices, and thankfully the law tends to frown on that type of excuse-making. "I didn't know" might be real, but it's weak. Cops don't let you off your speeding ticket for that stuff.

Chugh, Bazerman and Banaji (2005) point out that in practice, "unchecked psychological processes work against…. [read more]

Financial Regulation in America the Effects of the Basel Accords Research Paper

… ¶ … Basel Accords are three separate sets of international agreements about banking, initially involved the G-10 nations (the U.S.A., the UK, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland). Their main focus is on issues of risk (capital, market, and operational) with the goal of making certain that banks have enough capital to operate even when taking unexpected losses. In the words of Getter (2014), the Basel Accords are "a series of evolving agreements among central banks and bank supervisory authorities to standardize bank capital requirements ... as a cushion against unanticipated financial shocks" (2). These agreements are named after the Swiss city of Basel, where the conferences that first led to the accords were held. The results of Basel I…. [read more]

Human Resource Management Recruitment Essay

… They will therefore be looking for other jobs and as soon as they land on another job they will exit the company hence leading to a high employee turnover (Martin, Whiting, & Jackson,2010).

Job experience day as a recruitment and selection procedures

Human resource practitioners spend a lot of me engaged in activities that are associated with the process of recruitment and selection of their staff. This range from one-off recruitment episodes to major recruitment campaigns that are conducted to recruit and select staff to be replaced, staff that have specialist skills, graduates, trainees and so good example of recruitment and selection procedure is job experience day .this involves providing an opportunity for candidates that have been shortlisted with the opportunity for the job…. [read more]

Looking Into Changing Careers in Your 30 S &40 Research Paper

… Changing Careers in Your 30's And 40's

Moving from one profession to another anytime in life is a very challenging process, particularly if the new occupation one has in mind is entirely different from one's former occupation, as finding jobs without prior experience is difficult. Most individuals who wish to shift from one profession to another in their thirties and forties desire to experience new things because of boredom with doing the same thing for years together or for exploring novel opportunities and developing their personal skills further.

What to Expect When Changing Careers in Your 30's and 40's

One harsh truth to bear in mind is that switching careers may be a risky affair for some individuals. For example, if one does somehow manage…. [read more]

Alignment of Organizational Components, Mission and Strategy at Kraft Foods Case Study

… However, there are also some limits and constraints, the culture may be enhanced with the use of more strategies to support risk tasking through the recognition of innovation and symbolic and real rewards provided. Internal focus in the existing intellectual capital, and increased use of suggestions schemes, tools such as innovations workshops, using employees from different areas within the divisions, and the use of scenario planning based on future customer forecasts, may all add value to the existing processes.



Kraft has faced challenges in the past, with a lack of real innovation and focus. The current divisional structure is helping to overcome these challenges, increasing the focus that is paid to the individual brands. Empowering divisional managers to make decisions may also help…. [read more]

This Response Is to Find Case Study

… The Kraft website openly touts its people as it source of success. They also confirm the above about decentralization in that they have 17 different brands that range in revenue from $100 million to $1 billion USD each. Their depth and quality are confirmed by a lot of external agencies and organizations that tout its adeptness and attractiveness as a company to work out. These awards include 50 Best Employers for Latinas (ten years runningfrom Latina Style Magazine), top 50 companies for Diversity (Diversity Inc. Magazine), 100 Best places to work in IT (ComputerWorld), best place to work for multi-cultural women (Working Mother) and Canada's Top 100 Employers Award (Kraft, 2012).

There is also a lot of information about Kraft's culture as an employer. The…. [read more]

Robins and Robins the Right Case Study

… Their jurisdiction is confined only to those who are willing to appear. Fortunately, the recent trend is towards the extension of jurisdiction of these international bodies at the expense of sovereign national immunity. The Canadian may file the suit in an international court of justice, which may influence the member country where the accused is a citizen to compel him or her to submit to trial. The opinion of the international community, if unanimous, has great weight.

III. McFadden's Challenge of FDA Requirement

McFadden, Inc. may claim that it is one of the affected companies by the FDA ruling but its side was not heard or represented because it did not participate during the public comment period. But it is not likely to succeed because…. [read more]

Workplace Assessment: Corporate Banking Essay

… Measurements to Assess Individuals for Corporate Banking

Assessing someone for corporate banking can be done in several ways. Among the ways to do that are through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and through the Five Factors Model of personality.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a personality test. Through a series of questions, the test looks for commonalities and can provide a person with a good assessment of his or her personality type (Matthews, Deary, & Whiteman, 2003). It looks at how people make decisions about various things, but it also considers how people see the world (Matthews, Deary, & Whiteman, 2003). By addressing both of those issues it is much easier to see whether a person would be well…. [read more]

Staffing Plan I Work Application Essay

… Staffing Plan

I work for Bluebeam software, Inc. A software developing company based in Los Angels. There is a very important project that is coming up that needs to be executed as effectively as possible. Therefore there is need of coming up with a staffing plan that will ensure a successful execution of this project. The purpose of the staffing plan is to ensure that the project has sufficient staff that has the right skills and experiences that will ensure the project is completed successfully. There are various role requirements for the project to be executed. We will look at the roles, the project responsibility, the particular skills required and the number of staff that are required in each and every one of these roles…. [read more]

National Healthcare Crisis: The Implications Research Proposal

… ¶ … National Healthcare Crisis: The Implications of the Nursing Shortage on the Profession and the Quality of Healthcare Services in the United States

Today, the United States faces a nursing shortage of unprecedented proportions, and the impact of this dearth of professional healthcare providers will have some profound effects on the quality of healthcare services delivered in the coming years. This is an especially important issue today because more Americans are joining the ranks of the elderly as Baby Boomers retire and experience a wide range of age-related maladies that will demand timely and effective healthcare services. Unfortunately, all signs indicate that despite a growing awareness of the problem among policymakers and healthcare providers alike, there are an insufficient number of new nurses entering…. [read more]

How Technology Will Help in Developing Optimal Patient Care Essay

… Healthcare Management:

First Student's Response:

The use of technology in the patient care field is mainly for preventing errors and undesirable events such as miscommunications, medication errors, and treatment delays. The earliest use of technological devices in health care was primarily in administration, particularly computerized budgeting and fiscal planning. However, during this period, clinical offices used computer programs that were specifically developed to meet their needs (Bhaskar, 2009). While these earlier systems contributed to several benefits in healthcare, they were associated with certain weaknesses and shortcomings. Some of these weaknesses included the fact that standardization of record keeping and assimilation of computer systems through electronic clinical patient records delayed. Despite these challenges, technology will help in establishing optimal practice and patient care environment.

One of…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of a Business Report Research Proposal

… More so, the investment adviser has to have registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). The provision of this sort of advice does not need to comprise of the principal business activity or any certain percentage of the business activities of an individual. The providing of accounting advice need only be done on that kind of basis that it comprises of a business activity with some consistency and uniformity. CPAs who are offering personal financial services, consisting of investment, taxation, or risk management, to their clients are in an ideal position to build up advisory services to the businesses. Investment advisors have to be CPAs because they are the most relied upon and trusted advisers. This is largely because they place the interests of the…. [read more]

Ursula Burns, Xerox CEO Term Paper

… 12). At present, Xerox is currently on schedule to generate fully two-thirds of its revenue from the provision of services by 2017 (Ursula Burns, 2014).

Assessment Concerning How Communication and Collaboration and Politics Influence Group Dynamics at Xerox

With more than 57,000 employees and operations in more than 160 countries, Xerox is confronted with some serious challenges in facilitating communication and collaboration. The company has some resources and guidelines available for these purposes to help them stay ahead of the competition and achieve a competitive advantage. In this regard, one Xerox executive explains that, "Companies have to learn faster than anyone else, share the results of that learning across the enterprise, and constantly foster the development and sharing of new knowledge" (Typaldos, 2012, p. 3).…. [read more]

Intergrative Project Involving BUS499 Bsba Essay

… Strategic Management represents a collection of managerial actions and positions that shapes a company's performance in the long run. It entails internal as well as external environmental scanning, strategy development (long-term or strategic planning), strategy execution, evaluation, and control (Wheelan and Hunger, 2008). Gluck, Walleck, and Kaufman (1982) are of the view that organizational managers endeavor more towards effectively tackling the changing global scenario through four strategic management stages. The first stage entails primary financial planning. The second stage addresses forecast-based planning, and the third comprises of externally oriented strategic planning. Cattaraugus County's ReHabilitation Center (ReHab) started making the use of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in its process of organizational strategic planning (Martelloetal, 2011).

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model of Norton and Kaplan is a strategic…. [read more]

Taxation: Basics of Consolidated Returns and Gosystem Tax Rs Essay

… High Convenience, Less Storage Space and Low Maintenance Costs: applications and dates are stored on high-capacity, redundant servers; and updates carried out automatically to ensure that operations flow uninterrupted (Thomson Reuters). Since it is web-based, GoSystem eliminates the need for physical maintenance and related costs; and provides round-the-clock access (Thomson Reuters). Furthermore, the solution provides disaster protection, where document and file back-ups are stored by Thomson, saving the user money and time in storage space (Thomson Reuters).

High Efficiency and Accuracy: GoSystem allows for the seamless sharing of tax data with CS Professional Suite programs, such that users spend less time double-checking and re-keying entries (Thomson Reuters). The Custom Tax Equalization Module and the availability of support representatives both guarantee high levels of accuracy.

High…. [read more]

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