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Active Listening Integrating Management Skills Essay

… I had never been so aware of exactly how I was placing my body until now. Perhaps because I was so aware of what signals I was sending with my body language that when I look at the video I feel that I looked stiff at times. Also, at the very beginning of the exercise before we even began to talk to each other, it was clearly hard for me to know how I should sit so I wiggled around too much and then decided on a position that was much too informal.

I understand when I watch the video that I was trying to make the other person feel relaxed by choosing a relaxed-looking position myself. But her posture, which was much more stiff…. [read more]

Management Control Essay

… These involve seamless integration and top-notch performance from all our divisions. It is in this way that connectivity to strategic initiatives in all departments of the company from Finance to HR is integrated and working well. Goals for all departments must be SMART (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, and time-bound) with standards and weights accorded to goals as well as measurable outcome, with the brunt of our objective of these goals, outcome, and activity focused on inter and intra-communication. To that end, each division must have his specific goals outlined in specific terms. They must be measurable and acceptable not only to the ends of the specific division but to the ends of the organization as a whole. They must be realistic fulfilling the division's sub-goal…. [read more]

Management and Organizational Behavior Research Paper

… Management & Organizational Behavior

Management and Organizational Behavior

Using the Management Skill Set Assessment by Alan Chapman an analysis has been completed comparing my self-assessment to my immediate manager's perception of my performance on the 22 factors that comprise this framework. 13 of the factors were classified as a level factors, seven as B. factors and 2 as C. factors. Across the entire set of 22 factors, the average score of the rankings I gave myself was 8.36 and my supervisor's was 6.86. This difference of approximately 1.5 points across all factors held consistent across all three categories of factors (a, B and C). The greatest variation however was in the C. class of factors with a deviation of 2 in the average scores (8.75…. [read more]

Management Course Essay

… Also, slogans like Google's "ideas can come from anywhere" helped to elucidate the fact the employee are often a company's greatest assets (Google on Innovation 2007). Thus, it is always important to maintain healthy and effective relationships between managers, employees, stakeholders and executives.

Ultimately, this course has certainly helped me to grow as a person and become better equipped to achieve my goals in becoming a manager. I have developed a much complete and thorough picture of what an effective manager looks like and what he or she is responsible for. I have developed strategies that I will carry with me to future educational and job endeavors. Also, I have been able to overcome some significant challenges and frustrations and have come out successful. This…. [read more]

Communication in Organizations Research Paper

… Every organization has a culture. Culture is defined by the way people act together, how information is shared and how decisions are made. Culture is something that is created by the leadership of the organization and can become very entrenched into the core fabric of the way business is done on a daily basis. Positive cultures can influence productivity and a healthy work environment; however a culture that is less than positive can have the opposite affect and can in fact stifle productivity and in the end the bottom line. A key element of culture is communication and how information is shared and exchanged within the company. Good communication is what keeps internal processes running efficiently and helps to create good relations with people both…. [read more]

Participative Management Today's International World Term Paper

… This is because a skilled listener does not only allow listening to happen, but actively participate in the process (p. 30). There have been many times when one of my employees has wanted to talk to me about an idea to improve his/her position or the company, a problem he/she has with an aspect of work or at home, or to brainstorm ideas. I have had an open-door policy, because I know how important it is not only to listen to what people have to say, but to give evidence that I "want" to hear what they have to say. Managers who keep their doors closed and are always removed from their employees are sending the message, "Stay away. I am not interested in talking…. [read more]

Management Communication: Role of Workplace Interpersonal Essay

… ii) To the Employee

Teamwork: interpersonal communication helps to build positive work relations among colleagues, and consequently, making it easier for them to work together in a team.

On-the-Job Promotions: finding a job may not be as difficult as trying to win a promotion. In order for one to be promoted, they must demonstrate some extra skills. Bovee and Thill (2008) express that effective communication is one of those skills. An employee who reports properly, and speaks well during presentation and interactive sessions stands a high chance of winning an on-the-job promotion should an opportunity present itself.

Interpersonal communication, evidently, is of great relevance in the operation of organizational and business settings. However, as Baack (2012) points out, its significance is only relevant if barriers…. [read more]

Human Resources Managing Organisational Culture Dissertation

… d).

Understanding of organisational culture and cultural types also helps the understanding of why managerial reforms may impact differently within and between organisations. An organisation with a predominantly internal process culture, for example, may be more resistant to reforms aimed at promoting innovation. It is expected that staff in high uncertainty avoidance cultures to be more concerned with rule-following and more reluctant to risk changing jobs - both factors of some importance for those reformers who want to deregulate bureaucracies and encourage more rapid job change in the public service'. Businesses in both the private and public sectors have come to understand that organisational change frequently requires changing the organisation's culture and learning (O'Donnell & Boyle, 2008).

Whatever the purpose and performance results of culture…. [read more]

Persuasion Persuasive Communication: Impression Management and Active Essay

… Persuasion

Persuasive Communication: Impression Management and Active Listening

Achieving success in any aspect of life, whether it be professional, personal or social, is largely centered on the way that others perceive and respond to an individual. Namely, the impression that others possess of this individual will determine how effective he or she is in currying favor, commanding respect and even channeling authority. In all of these contexts, key features of the individual's communicative abilities will emerge as determinant with respect to the way that others respond. Whether in the act of persuasion or on the receiving end of an assertion, the individual in question must present himself in a way that appears as both receptive to messages being received and yet possessed in confidence in…. [read more]

Boys and Girls Club of America Thesis

… Marketing Management of Boy's And Girl's Clubs

Marketing Management Analysis and of Boy's and Girls' Clubs

The Boys and Girls' Clubs of America is facing several significant challenges to its growth in the midst of challenging economic times. The first is the need to continually grow its base of donors. Through relationship marketing and due to the transparency and ethical guidelines the organization adheres to, donors find value in providing the Club with donations. They believe the results reported are representative of actual performance of the non-profit, which is a key strength to continual revenue growth (Bryce, 2007). Trust in the Boys and Girls' Clubs of America is directly tied to their ability to gain funds for expansion of after-school programs and continued investment in…. [read more]

Industrial Organizational Thesis

… How To Succeed in the Business World

1. Overview of the Paper
The continuous pursuit of becoming a more efficient, effective, and
productive as individuals and collectively has been a long, rich, diverse
and dynamic activity across history. Although the science and practice of
Industrial/Organizational Psychology can be considered new when compared to
other natural sciences, it still is one of the strongest drivers of
organizational conflict and resolution. Taking a view to the development of
Industrial/Organizational Psychology and its powerful impact upon the
elements and measurement of job performance will assist the reader in
achieving a higher level of appreciation for how the different cycles of
interest in performance and work efficiency have shaped and continue to
reshape the research and the application of…. [read more]

Leadership and Change Management Case Study

… They often fail through lack of senior management support and commitment, lack of vision and clear goals, poor training and inadequate rewards (Drew and Coulson-Thomas, p. 8).

A survey of 75 organizations in the UK ranging in size from 500 to 10,000 employees found that teams were most useful in "customer satisfaction, achieving total quality and overcoming departmental barriers," but less important in building relationships with customers or improving organizational learning (p. 9). Nor were they used during downsizing which si unpopular and usually carried out in secret by top management due to union opposition and bad publicity. Teams will generally not approve of downsizing that will result in job losses for colleagues, and in any case "many downsizings subsequently are regarded as failures" (Drew…. [read more]

Integrated Curriculum and Cooperative Learning Term Paper

… Integrated Curriculum and Cooperative Learning

The primary purpose of this study is to highlight how encompassing curriculum setups that utilize the phenomenon of collaborative learning (CL) can allow the students to attain a more astute, intelligent, appropriate and evocative educational standard. The paper will highlight different case studies that have been carried out under different circumstances and with different approaches of CL and will then highlight how these support or refute the statement that the use of CL helps build a stronger and widened educational horizon. But before we analyze the case studies, it is important that we understand what CL is and how it works (Dyson, 2001).

Collaborative learning is basically a general term that is used to incorporate all those cooperative and group…. [read more]

Managing Quality Safety and Risk in Health Care Systems Essay

… Managing Quality, Safety, And Risk in Health Care Systems

Quality healthcare has been the subject of various political, humanitarian and academic debates. In this pare we present an analysis of quality health care with specific focus on its components as well as a discussion of the relative benefits and drawbacks of the checking and trusting system in healthcare. This is in an effort to manage the quality, safety as well as risks in the various existing and future health care systems

The health care industry is one that demand a lot of attention as it makes a very fundamental sector in ensuring the health of the citizens. There is therefore an increase in pressure regarding the need of evidence of controls of quality as well…. [read more]

Reorganization and Leadership at a Hotel Term Paper

… Reorganization and Leadership at Happy Hotel

Imagine working for a hotel that appears unorganized and constantly undergoing constant restructuring. One would easily face frustration, especially when there is a lack of communication between management and employees. Could outsourcing and restructuring take place as Happy Hotel faces change? Is downsizing possible? What can one do to help make the organization run smoothly as well as maintain a high morale amongst its workers? By studying Happy Hotel, an individual will use Bolman and Deal to analyze each of the four frames, and to make suggestions on what needs done to improve the structure, culture and human resource policy.

Case Presentation

The Happy Hotel is considered a tourist hub in HappyValley. They are known for their winter sports.…. [read more]

Leadership Management Effective Approaches Essay

… If the workers are content with their working conditions and they are receiving their due respect for the work that they are doing, then they will be happy to come to work daily and the nursing turnover problem will be reduced.


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Javed, D.T. (2009). Different leadership styles and the effectiveness of these leadership approach. Education Master, 1. Retrieved…. [read more]

Managing All Stakeholders Term Paper

… "The absorption of one company by another," Black's adds, "[with] the former losing its legal identity, and latter retaining its own name and identity and acquiring assets, liabilities, franchises, and powers of former, and absorbed company ceasing to exist as separate business entity" (p. 988).

In other cases, mergers and takeovers have appeared to be the result of opportunists looking for the quick profit; however, the consolidation of the highly complementary assets and resources of both of these giants will create some clear advantages for everyone concerned. Nevertheless, just as bigger may not mean better, merger may not mean advantage. In his chapter, "Technology Strategy: Collaborative Mode, V.K. Narayanan says that from a strategic viewpoint, collaborative mode is undertaken by firms when the economics of…. [read more]

Outsourcing Zeuscorp Dissertation

… The researcher worked in the county, but did not have any prior knowledge about the counseling programs that had been implemented at the alternative outsourcing. Because the researcher is the main instrument, his qualifications, background, and expertise are important factors in the shaping of the study; therefore, need to be stated explicitly.

One of the researchers' main duties was to oversee the counseling department. The researcher spent several hours with the counseling staff to ensure that quality programs were implemented for the organizations. The researcher assisted outsourcing agencies with advisement and mentoring sessions. The researcher was responsible for developing programs that would promote collaboration between the outsourcing agencys and the outsourcing counselors. In addition, the researcher was responsible for evaluating the head counselor at the…. [read more]

Perceived Effect of Culture on Event Leadership Research Proposal

… ¶ … perceived effect of culture on event leadership style at the Jet Metropolitan Night Club Thailand?

Event managers all over the world fear that they may end up loosing their jobs. Research shows that nearly 25% managers loose their jobs when companies streamline their business processes and rely more on teamwork to do the job. Versteeg (1990) outlined two typical aspects of managerial jobs that lure managers into looking away from adopting business structures which depend on high performing teams from different cultural and social backgrounds: they are accustomed to be in control; and they are inclined to having perks and privileges. Some of the most common perks and privileges include: reserved parking; executive bathrooms; and time cards.

These along with other perks that…. [read more]

Cuyahoga River Valley Organization Case Study

… ¶ … stakeholders involved in the project to get together, assemble the different complexities involved in the project, and convene in peaceably and harmoniously forming decisions as how to proceed and deal with potential problems.

Sally Parker was in charge of the Cuyahoga River Project. That was intended to restore health and vitality to the region. Cuyahoga River (CRVO) had to still get the project off the ground and Sally was pondering how, given the hugeness and complexity of the project, the organization should be structured.

Cuyahoga River is itself a huge scheme offering many opportunities to its residents and having numerous physical, economical and regional assets offering many experiences to tourists and locals. It is an asset to the region and intended reforms to…. [read more]

Griffith Hotel Case Study

… The satisfaction surveys were meant to be an informative device to provide data to the managers to help make the necessary improvements. The front desk employees used the surveys inappropriately. The employees at the front desk used the surveys as a means to stop guests from complaining. With the misuse of the surveys the data obtained by the hotel's management was skewed because the information was not valid and reliable.

3. Lack off Interpersonal Communication

Many issues and problems are facing Simon as the hotel's front-office manager, but none of them are more important than his lack of interpersonal communication skills. According to Richard Ellis communication is an activity in which meaningful information is conveyed between the sender and the receiver (2009). Interpersonal communication helps…. [read more]

Management of the Golden State Warriors Essay

… Management of the Golden State Warriors

A franchise being a business arrangement between a franchisor (owner) and a franchisee (buyer) where the buyer pays loyalties to the franchisor can be faced by problems and conflicts due to differing expectations, goals and objectives of the franchisor and franchisee. As the new general manager of the Golden State Warriors, my role would be to ensure that franchisor-franchisee relationship is well maintained to guarantee the success of the business venture and to minimize conflicts that may arise.

A franchise business can be a risky venture if the leader does not provide excellent leadership by having the ability to resolve disputes amicably without involving third parties so as to reduce disruption to the franchise business of either the franchisee…. [read more]

Unlike Many Other Corporations Essay

… For instance, an input on knowledge and skills has a high congruence with a strategy, which mainly focuses on hiring and recruitment. For Skype to be effectively managed, it requires a management team that is well equipped with adequate skills and knowledge and skills. On the other hand, a strategy on motivation has high congruence with an input on motivation. This is because both lead to similar objectives and hence growth of Skype (Ananthan, Appannaiah, & Reddy, 2010).

Those inputs and strategies that have some congruence include strategies on the drive and leadership, and inputs on strong leadership in driving research plan and settings, resolving, escalating, and identifying problems. An input on learning from a team a listening is another input that has some congruence…. [read more]

Individual Case Analysis JetBlue Term Paper

… JetBlue - Case Analysis

The expansionist goal of JetBlue is a rather ambitious one, and however the industry has shown that achieving a fleet of 280 airplanes would require far more than five years, it is not impossible to achieve. JetBlue is among the 100 hundred airplane companies which emerged during the past 30 years since the deregulation of the airline industry and they now have the chance of being the third to succeed on the long-term. The question being posed here is whether they will be able to expand their staff from 6,500 employees to a total of 25,000 employees and their fleet from 73 planes to a total of 290 in only five years. And what forces could affect their goal?

However there…. [read more]

Personality and Communication Affect on Supervision Term Paper


Imagine that you are sitting in a room with three other people: a convicted serial killer, an eccentric scientist, and a four-year-old child. If you had to choose one, which one would you pick? Which qualities would you automatically associate with each individual? Which one do you think you most closely identify with? If this same situation were applied within a group of people sharing the same characteristics, the answers to each question would still vary. The reason for the difficulty in getting a clear answer is that there are so many differences among members of the human race. Human beings not only come in many shapes and sizes but also behave in very complex ways. Of the more…. [read more]

Executive Coaching Areas Essay

… ¶ … small but successful systems integrator had recently employed, Sam X, a young man of 25 to run the day-by-day business for the owner / managing director. The problem is that he people who have to report to him are significantly older, the average age in their 40s, most of t hem having been long employed b y the business, and skilled in their jobs. Conflict is felt and this conflict is being evidenced in various ways. It upset employees' lethargy, routine, and habits making them adopt new strategies, making them anxious of job security, and leading to changes in the organization. Other feelings that were evidenced were personal frustrations, low job satisfaction, and reduced motivation and performance

After eight months of this, sales…. [read more]

Stress Management in the Caregiver Research Paper

… A study published by the Nuffield Trust (Williams et al. 1998) highlighted what had long been a subject of interest in the caregiver media: the levels of stress, sickness, absenteeism and burnout among professional caregivers. This report, from an authoritative and reputable organisation, brought together much of the prevailing evidence about the alarming state of the government funded workforce, which, despite a growing independent sector, is still responsible for giving over 90% of health caregiver. The report states that 'for the sake of good management and from simple compassion, both we and the Government should view these findings with due alarm, and accept shared responsibility for working quickly together to develop a program for action.

Studies highlighting stress and burnout in professional caregivers continue to…. [read more]

Continuous Quality Improvement Project Professional Writing

… CQI Project

Description/Background of Project -- Memorial Herman Hospital is the largest not-for-profit healthcare system in the State of Texas and serves the greater Houston metropolitan area through eleven hospitals, a network of affiliated physicians, and a number of specialty programs and services. The hospital employees almost 20,000 employees and has won numerous awards for Quality Healthcare. The organization is committed to creating healthcare solutions that meet the needs of the 21st century and understand that many people count on the organization for quality, cost-efficient healthcare. More than anything, the organization is a collaborative effort that is dedicated to the continual progress of its staff and departments. In line with this, Customer Satisfaction is a continual priority for each and every unit within the hospital…. [read more]

Manufacturing Seven Key Elements Term Paper

… Finally, the researcher possesses extensive experience in large-scale implementation through current and former work activities and training sessions, thereby possessing the ability to provide a personal reflection on the overall process and the essential requirements for a successful execution. Each of these elements will provide extensive support to the hypotheses addressed in the proposed research study.

Rationale of the Study

The importance of a research study and the analysis of existing resources related to World Class Manufacturing is critical in order to demonstrate that in successful endeavors, this strategy provides a number of outstanding benefits for its users, including increased productivity and profitability, employee team building, and leadership development. Manufacturing plants across the United States are in desperate need of dramatic reevaluations and overhauls of…. [read more]

Pharmaceutical Industries Have to Operate Term Paper

… The data that was evaluated was a combination from book, journal articles, review papers and the Internet. The information reviewed pertained to a wide variety of situations and industries. There were some common trends observed in all the material. The commitment of the management and the involvement of the worker are critical no matter what the condition of the external and internal environment the company faces. Integrating the core function -- marketing and sale of products along with the goals and the objectives of the organization is the new route the organization has to now follow.

A distillation of the interviews will be provided in Chapter 2.


Understanding the main…. [read more]

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