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Adam the Story Term Paper



According to the Old Testament as found in the Holy Bible (King James Version), Adam was the name of the first human being ever to live on the earth following its creation by God. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the word adam may be a reference to the Hebrew word adom which means red-hued clay of the earth, with the word adamah meaning "earth." In Genesis 2:7, we find the first instance where God the creator brings Adam to life by blowing into his nostrils the breath of life ("And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living…. [read more]

Adam and Eve in Genesis vs. the Koran: Comparison Research Paper

… Adam and Eve: Koran and Genesis

The story of Adam and Eve appear both in the Holy Quran and Bible but there are some significant differences. Even though the story is basically the same, the differences lie in the way it is told and the description assigned to each character. We find after our analysis that the story that appears in Koran is far stronger and more respectful to God and Adam and Eve than the version we find in Bible. Some of the main comparison points are discussed below

The role of Eve

In the story as it appears in Genesis, Eve is assigned all the blame. She is considered a weak person who is befooled by the serpent as she is tempted to…. [read more]

Adam and Eve Differs Term Paper

… In looking at the texts of St. Augustine we can see that he is clearly illustrating that God has always been there for man in his caring, loving and nurturing father like role, yet he is also showing that God in his power is a force that will not tolerate the breaking of any law.

This is further illustrated with the demise of Lucifer and the angels, the y have broken Gods law and have been punished. When Adam and Eve broke God's Law they in turn were punished, but Gods' love was unique and endearing although he forced them from the Garden of Eden and made them suffer a mortals life he gave them ability to multiply. Yet even with this he forced the…. [read more]

17th Century Society Based on Eve From Paradise Lost Essay

… Eve as Society in Milton's Paradise Lost

Literature does not exist in a vacuum; it always necessarily is a product of and a commentary on the times that produced it. John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost is no exception. Though the poet is recounting a story over a millennia-and-a-half old, albeit with his own stylistic and narrative choices, it is most essentially a product of latter 16th century England, the period known as the Restoration, on the cusp of the Enlightenment. In fact, it is primarily through the stylistic and narrative elements of Paradise Lost that the stamp of the Restoration/Enlightenment period can primarily be seen. There is another essential element in Paradise Lost that can be seen as specifically reflective of certain elements of…. [read more]

Adam and Eve's Punishment Essay

… He overthrew his father Kronos, who attempted to swallow all of his children. Without Zeus, Greek life would have been impossible, both for the other gods and for human beings.

Q3. What are three of the major threats against Odysseus' homecoming?

The first major threat is that of the curse of Poseidon, after Odysseus blinds Poseidon's child the Cyclops. Because of this Odysseus is condemned to wander the earth and denied fair winds. He is also repeatedly put into peril because of his encounters with strange beings and people, as well as nearly perishes on repeated occasions because of the moral weakness of his men. The second is Calypso, who tries to keep Odysseus for herself because she loves him so much. The third are…. [read more]

Adam and Eve Story in Macbeth Chapter

… He even has a qualm about it before finally doing it. He knows that there will be consequences to pay for killing his king and he reasons thus: "In these cases / We still have judgment here; / that we but teach / Bloody instructions, which being taught, return / To plague the inventor" (Act 1, Sc. 7, 10-12). Macbeth knows he should not murder Duncan. However, Lady Macbeth is relentless: "Screw your courage to the sticking-place" (Act 1. Sc. 7, 60) she tells him as he attempts to dissuade her from what she wants him to do. She is persuasive and he does as she desires -- he kills Duncan.

The killing of Duncan transforms both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth -- just as Adam…. [read more]

Book 9 Of Paradise Lost Term Paper

… Paradise Lost - Book

The art of reason is on display in speeches by Adam, and by Eve, in John Milton's "Paradise Lost." What is interesting is not that Milton bestowed them both with reason (after all he also bestowed Satan with reason as well) but that they both still had free will and both still made the choice to partake from the Tree, even though reason would have kept them from doing so.

Many experts believe that Milton's purpose in endowing Paradise Lost characters with reason did not in any way show that Milton believed any less in heaven or hell, in fact, it may have been that Milton was saying because mankind has this ability to reason does not mean that mankind would…. [read more]

Exile From the Garden of Eden Is Not a Curse Upon Humankind Research Paper

… Garden of Eden

Biblical folklore has provided the foundation for many contentious arguments regarding its meaning and subsequent purpose. Many pundits and religious practitioners have varying views as to the underlying meaning of the occurrences within the bible. This debate has been waged for many centuries spawning various religious beliefs in its wake. The overall umbrella of Christianity has now fragmented into various systems, practices and beliefs. It is because of this fragmentation that honest and open debate has occurred. One such debate is centered on the story of Adam and Eve. Many practitioners of Christianity recall the creation of Adam and Eve subsequently followed by their exile. Many believe this exile to be a curse upon mankind, in which all civilization must bear. However,…. [read more]

Women in Genesis Research Paper

… In an earlier period, the ancient Canaanite society may have been matriarchal, although the Bible is uniformly negative in its descriptions of this particular culture. Perhaps Adam and Eve was actually an allegory about the decline in the status of women when the hunter-gatherer society gave way to agriculture and a civilization ruled by male warriors, kings, patriarchs and priests. Dinah is one of the great victims of the patriarchy since she receives the blame and shame of being raped and then becomes a person of no value who can never be married off. She disappears from the story after that, and becomes as irrelevant as the nameless wives of Lot and Noah. Unless she can produce sons and legitimate male heirs, then she has…. [read more]

Paradaise Lost, Satan's Argument Term Paper

… Satan's absolute confidence would surely give Eve conviction in the rightness of the action. As far as she knows, he has no personal interest in seeing her eat the fruit. Only our privileged knowledge of Satan's true identity and intentions prevents us as readers from being taken in by his rhetoric.

Satan's only method that he used in order to convince Eve to actually eat the forbidden fruit is simply based upon the gifts that God bestowed on Eve and the rest of mankind: free will. Satan gives many reasons for Eve to eat the fruit, to become a god, to be beautiful, to rise above Adam. All of these points in Satan's argument again demonstrate that he is using fallacies to convince her. While…. [read more]

Account Studying the Characters Term Paper

… Milton's epic poems carry a strong spiritual undertone wherein he stresses the need for a strong will and the consequences of succumbing to ephemeral attractions. In both the epic poems under discussion feminine charms ultimately proved to be destructive. It has a blinding effect, which hides the truth from the untruth. For example both Samson and Adam are overcome by their attachments to women and fall victim to their sensual weaknesses.

Conclusion comparison between Jesus and the other two characters 'Samson' and 'Adam' of the epic poems is purely out of place. Jesus though he is born on earth, personifies the wisdom of god in all its unsullied purity. (The Son of God). The vital difference between them is that the birth of Jesus is…. [read more]

Paradise Lost Journal One: The Tree Thesis

… Paradise Lost

Journal One: The Tree

Though the tree is only briefly mentioned at the very beginning of the book, it is obviously of primary importance. One of the explanations I have heard for the injunction not to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is that this knowledge belonged to God alone. It could be argued that only God was able to fully understand such knowledge, and therefore the only being capable of rendering true justice. If man (that is, Adam and Eve) were to eat the fruit, they would form an imperfect notion of good and evil which would lead to injustice -- something human history has shown to be ever-present. At the same time, it would be…. [read more]

Dee: The Shape of Things Creative Writing

… In fact, her emotionless control of Adam's life and sculpting of his form and will indicates that she may well be a psychopath. However, her peculiar installment could be evocative of vanitas, because it is aimed at exposing society's meaningless attachment to The Shape of Things.

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard (A) is a densely packed play, structured in two acts and seven scenes. The title is connected to the symbolically conveyed garden from Sidley Park, which is an ambivalent symbol for the primordial environment as Lady Croom perceives it, namely in accordance with the classical outlook, which nevertheless cannot elude the disorder inherent in human life, as individuals adversely impact the natural environment, even in the attempts to better acknowledge it, namely through the picturesque…. [read more]

Metamorphosis and Frankenstein No Eve Term Paper

… When night came, I quitted my retreat, and wandered in the wood; and now, no longer restrained by the fear of discovery, I gave vent to my anguish in fearful howlings. I was like a wild beast that had broken the toils; destroying the objects that obstructed me, and ranging through the wood with a stag like swiftness. (Marry Shelly, Frankenstein)

We see the similar pragmatic attitude from the monster in Frankenstein, he realizes that people do not like his appearances and hate him so he tries to be friend with a man who is blind, considering that because he is blind and could not see his repulsive characteristic he will enjoy his personality. Abandoned by his creator and confused, he tries to integrate himself…. [read more]

Adam and Eve Essay

… Creation Myths

The mystery of man's origins fuels him to create a reasonable explanation of his existence. Unfortunately, the complexities of life leave man wondering and without a very good explanation. The use of myth to help man and his struggles in existence aids him and his ability to navigate his world. The creation of mankind holds many clues to its existence and through symbols and art this understanding may be fully understood by the attributes of the human psyche that transcend conscious thought.

The purpose of this essay is to explore the idea of creation myths, or origin stories, to identify the main themes that serve as inspiration and guidance to current culture and day-to-day living. This essay will compare the creation story found…. [read more]

Interpersonal and 'Gendered' Communication Term Paper

… Stereotypes may or may not illustrate the truth about female and male communication styles, but as Hartley (1999) argues, developed stereotypes on males and females are based on an individual's "world view." The concept of world view is essential in the study of gender communication, since this posits that communication is an individualist and subjective interpretation of a person's view of his/her social reality, which includes his/her interactions with other people. Furthermore, studies indicate that men and women do have different communication styles, especially in the context of workplace communication. A study conducted by Ash (1996) illustrates this point, where she enumerates the substance of each conversational style in her discussion of into Men's and Women's category: Male conversations/communication are mainly humorous, goal-oriented, authoritative, and…. [read more]

Sex in Milton's Paradise Lost Term Paper

… Milton's Paradise Lost

Predestined to sexual knowledge: Eve's Dream and the Existence of Sexual Knowledge before the Fall of Man in Milton's "Paradise Lost"

In the modern, popular cultural imagination, John Milton's retelling of the first few books of Genesis, "Paradise Lost," has supplanted the Biblical work itself as a representation of the Fall of Man and Original Sin. Culture loves a narrative, and people have come to associate the sensual Eve, the innocent Adam, and the angry, Byronic Lucifer with the original depictions of these characters themselves in the Hebraic scriptures. However, it must not be forgotten n that "Paradise Lost" is actually an artist's retelling and fictional elaboration and expansion of Genesis. Milton had his own theological and topical agenda in examining the…. [read more]

Universally Accepted Term Paper

… Their place of rest, and Providence their guide: (XII-647)

They, hand in hand, with wandering steps and slow,

Through Eden took their solitary way.

The above "hand in hand" is an interesting departure from the first time Adam and Eve were together. In the Garden of Eden, when Eve wants to work separately, she softly withdraws her hand from Adam's. The consequent fall is a deliberate break from God. God conceived Eve from a standpoint of unity -- Man and Woman. When Adam and Eve are being escorted from Paradise, they are once again united. At no point in the narrative, between the time they separate and later join hands, despite their flailing, or lustful behavior or supplication, do they seek each other's hands for…. [read more]

Milton's Paradise Lost and Feminism Research Proposal

… Milton's Paradise Lost And Feminism

The fall of mankind was always interpreted from a religious perspective as the terrible moment which marked the complete separation of man from his Creator and the beginning of mortality, with all its challenges and unfortunate events, for mankind. The Fall also marks the break with innocence, the unnatural and undesired adoption of freedom. It would take Jesus's sacrifice on the cross for mankind and God to be reunited and for God to love his creation once again. In religious terms, there was always one character who was to blame for this above all: Eve.

Indeed, it is always surprising how it is Eve who is the most to blame in the story. It was not the snake, most likely…. [read more]

Milton Paradise Lost Term Paper

… Milton's Epic "Paradise Lost":

comparison of Adam and Eve's dreams

Eve derived from Adam's rib, and Eve's dream in "Paradise Lost" by Milton has substantially more fantastic images and heightened syntax than her helpmate Adam's dream later on, in Book 8. But although Adam calls Eve, after her Book 5 dream the "Best[95] after Eve relates her frightening dream to her Biblical companion, this reference ultimately stresses the contrast in Eve's dream between Milton's epic poem and the Biblical source of Genesis the poem derives from, in terms of the relationship of the two protagonists and of Milton's deterministic theological slant upon the tale. By calling Eve such an affectionate name, Adam clearly regards Eve not as a part of his rib and a…. [read more]

Samson Agonistes and Paradise Lost Term Paper

… Their honor and respect is the prime reason for their sense of pride.

While Adam is talking to Raphael he tells him what he remembered when God created him. Adam reveals that according to God's wishes, the entire of his creation was his.

Creature form'd of Earth, and him endow,

Exalted from so base original,

With Heav'nly spoils, our spoils: What he decreed

He effected; Man he made, and for him built

Magnificent this World, and Earth his seat,

Him Lord pronounc'd, and, O indignitie!

Subjected to his service Angel wings,

And flaming Ministers to watch and tend

Thir earthlie Charge: Of these the vigilance

I dread, and to elude, thus wrapt in mist

Of midnight vapor glide obscure, and prie (John Milton, Paradise Lost,…. [read more]

Heroic the Nature of Evil Term Paper

… What is irrational is God's punishment. He appears to be particularly hard on his former angels, not giving them a chance to repent or to be in heaven again. This irrationality then leads to further irrationality when Adam and Eve are tempted. God himself is thus the indirect instrument causing the circumstances leading to human disobedience. In this way God himself is also not exempt from the effects of evil, even if he is himself free of the temptation to commit sin.

In line 791 (p. 34) Adam begins to blame Eve for their punishment. This is irrational in the sense that Eve is not the only one who succumbed to temptation. Adam is as guilty as she, since he committed the same sin, despite…. [read more]

Paradise Lost Thesis

… ¶ … Meeting of Opposites

John Milton's world in Paradise Lost is God's world -- a world that is highly ordered, fundamentally hierarchical and relentlessly dualistic. It is a world in which everything has a pair, an opposite, a mirror image. This is not a world of subtle differences and tones of gray. This is a world -- a universe -- in which there is a constant balancing of opposites that results in a series of judgments about who is right and who shall be left behind. This constant meeting up of opposites -- Gabriel and Satan, God and Adam, Adam and Eve, Eve and the Serpent -- creates the atmosphere of metaphysical violence that runs throughout the epic, that crackles through the poem like…. [read more]

Genesis God as the Truth Teller Term Paper

… Genesis

God as the Truth Teller in Genesis

"And to Adam he said, 'Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying thou shall not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;" so goes the dramatic fall of the very first man (Genesis 3:17). In this infamous story, God shows both of His natures. He is at first kind and omnibenevolent; however, as Adam destroys his own innocence, God's wrath is uncovered. Despite a promise from the serpent that Adam and Eve would be like God himself, God was actually the truth teller in the piece.…. [read more]

Wall-E: Critical Analysis Film Review

… Wall-E: A metaphor of creation and a fall from grace

In our modern day society, religion is often depicted as the enemy of science and technology. Science is viewed as mechanistic and the antithesis of creative, humanistic responses to struggle. The film Wall-E challenges this notion in its tale of the birth and growth of a small robot that is analogous to the creation story of Adam and Eve. By creating such an implied story of origins, Wall-E implies we must rethink our relationship between humanity and technology. Ironically, the little robot is the most human creature in the entire film, much more so than the human beings who have become lazy and unaware of the beauty of the world's creation. Through his naive and…. [read more]

Autonomy Metaphor: Men as Leaves John Locke Term Paper

… Autonomy Metaphor: Men as Leaves

John Locke's Moral Theory

Leaves of Grass & Autonomy

The concept of Autonomy in "Paradise Lost"

Aeneid and Free Will


The idea of freedom in Nature

Autonomy and Liberty in the Literary Context

The concept of Practical Freedom in the philosophy of Kant

Equality and Freedom

The evolution of the idea of autonomy:

Within the conceptual framework of traditional philosophy, it is indeed very difficult to understand how freedom and non-sovereignty can exist together…Actually it is as unrealistic to deny freedom because of the fact of human non-sovereignty as it is dangerous to believe that once can be free…as an individual or as a group…only if he is sovereign..Under human conditions…freedom and sovereignty are so little identical that they…. [read more]

Paradise Lost Book IX Term Paper

… Paradise Lost Book IV suspect the Morning Star's overzealous heart burdens unfortunate jealousy over my new creation, Man. His unrelenting mischief is nigh. That is why I have deplored Uriel as my messenger to inform Gabriel, my second in command of Angels, to be my eyes and ears. There goes Uriel now, leaving a shaft of light behind him. Oh, the Heavens are shaking the stars' alignment! A foul odor, ever expanding, attempts to breach the gate! There goes the sly serpent from the north. Beware! Satan hath other means of direction to segue beyond earthly elements, and to stealth his way into paradise. Gabriel, may you be my Charge and my Compass.

Silence appeases the Garden and Night blankets every pore of earth's secretion.…. [read more]

Gnosticism Term Paper

… Gnosticism

In order to understand the Gnostic view of the Fall and the creation of Adam and Eve, one has to firstly understand a few central concepts that underlie the Gnostic view of creation and genesis. One do the most important of these is that the Gnostic concept of the Fall takes place before the creation of Earth and Adam and Eve and the Fall is in fact the cause of creation. In essence, this means that the creation of man originates not from God but for the false 'Demiurge." In this sense, Gnosticism differs radically from the conventional Christian view of the creation as the Fall "...actually proceeded creation, and indeed was the very cause of it" (the Gnostic Account of the Fall and…. [read more]

Yin and Yang in Literary Term Paper

… Everything however works out in the end, and the tale ends delightfully with the mother covering for the daughter, as they both had a night of pleasure they did not wish to reveal to the inn-keeper.

The Miller's Tale

The tale following the Knight's Tale in Chaucer's work has the same unreservedly bawdy content. It is an antidote to the oppressive epic honor in the previous tale, told by the stodgy Knight. The characters in the Miller's tale are also of a low class, as the inn-keeper's family, and Nicolas, like Pinuccio, is refined and educated. In the end everyone is justly rewarded, whereas in Boccaccio's tale one gets the sense that the characters get away with indiscretion.

Dreams as Vehicles of Truth

In literature…. [read more]

Women in Aztec Creation Compare Research Paper

… d.).


The women of Aztec concept are felt to be more free and independent than the Book of Genesis' women. The Aztecs believed that a woman could be a ruler not only of the country or world but also of the universe. In Bible however there is no single instance that could prove that women also have leadership abilities to rule and be free in making decisions of their life. The freedom associated with the woman in Aztec stories is limitless. She can not only alter the way of her life but also she can handle and alter the lives of others for good. Unlike Book of Genesis' concept, the Aztec story women do not change the destiny with her prayers but through the…. [read more]

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