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Nursing Shortage Issues Surrounding Research Paper

… Present Impact

Baccalaureate programs are offered at approximately 606 four-year colleges and universities. The Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) program prepares graduates to practice across all healthcare setting and take on the widest assortment of healthcare roles. BSN programs include all of the course work taught in ADN and diploma programs plus a more in-depth treatment of the physical and social sciences, nursing research, public and community health, nursing management, and the humanities. The additional course work augments the student's professional development and provides the basis for progression to advanced practice roles in nursing (Raines & Taglaireni, 2008).

Baccalaureate nursing programs encompass all of the course work taught in associate degree and diploma programs plus a more in-depth treatment of the physical and social sciences,…. [read more]

Nursing There Are Several Pros Essay

… The combined studies involved almost 300 hospitals, 300,000 patients, and nearly 34,000 nurses. This suggests that the data should be seriously considered in the light of nursing practice. For this reason, many are calling for a "better educated" nursing workforce. Whereas there may be drawbacks to requiring more study for qualified nurses, there nevertheless does appear to be a link between the excellence of care that can be provided and the type of degree earned by the nursing staff in question (Orsolini-Hain, 2008).

Certainly, mortality rates are not the only measure that should be taken into account. Patient injury is another major concern in hospitals. Nurses with more years of theoretical and practical study will clearly be more qualified to care for patients effectively than…. [read more]

ADN to Bsn: Nursing Term Paper

… The primary reason for this increased inclination towards BSN is because of broader career opportunities available to BSN graduates.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): Pros and Cons:

BSN graduates also start their careers in nursing from entry-level positions. However, they have more advancement opportunities and are assigned more responsible and challenging positions as compared to the ADN graduates. It is one of the lengthiest paths to become a registered nurse but also the most prosperous because of the numerous advancement opportunities available to BSN graduates. They work not only as promoters of health but also perform as educators for patients, assist physicians during treatments, treat the patients in the absence of a physician or other senior staff and administer medications. They are assigned…. [read more]

Nursing the Greatest Challenges Essay

… Reference

Manley, K. (2007). A conceptual framework for advanced practice: an action research project operationalizing an advanced practitioner/consultant nurse role. Journal of Clinical Nursing 6(3): 179-190.

QUESTION 3: According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC, 2012), the benefits of Magnet Designation include the ability to attract and retain top talent, yielding positive patient care outcomes. Moreover, Magnet Designation yields a collaborative organizational culture conducive to effective healthcare leadership, advanced standards, advanced practice, and financial success (ANCC, 2012). Magnet Designation is "a primary competence indicator" used by reputable organizations that evaluate the quality of healthcare service delivery (ANCC, 2012).

The nature of the nursing profession demands attention paid to effective credentialing and assessment methods. One of the criteria of Magnet Designation is the development of…. [read more]

Nursing Research Paper

… Internationally, I would like to join Peace Corps and possibly work in an African country providing healthcare to its citizens. After working on a local and national scale, I feel it would be good for me to put the skills that I will have learned throughout my career to use on an international level. By doing this, I will become not only a well-rounded nurse, but a well-rounded individual as well.

Having all of these rich experiences will place me in a position to pursue a doctorate degree in nursing and share my experiences with future nurses. I want them to know that as a nurse, we have an opportunity to provide quality healthcare worldwide. The field of nursing has evolved and will continue to…. [read more]

Improving Patient Safety Through Nursing Education Reforms Essay

… ADN-prepared nurses are expected to care for individuals and members of a family, while the scope of practice for BSN-prepared nurses includes aggregates and community groups as well. The level of responsibility differs, with ADN-prepared nurses typically tasked with providing care for a specified period, within a structured healthcare setting, and according to well-defined policies and procedures. By comparison, BSN-prepared nurses assume responsibility for patients from admission to discharge in both structured and unstructured settings and may be required to make independent nursing care decisions. ADN-prepared nurses are expected to be able to read and understand the research literature, then advocate for improved quality of care based on the evidence. BSN-prepared nurses, on the other hand, are not only expected to read and understand the…. [read more]

Nursing Ba vs. Associates Essay

… It has been estimated that approximately sixty percent of all new nurses entering into the workforce have received some form of associate degree. In many cases the associate degree nurse will study for two years at a college or technical school. These students are required to study the core nursing focused courses along with some basic studies in English, mathematics, and the humanities. Students can also participate in clinical rotations in programs that are partnered with local healthcare settings. This degree path level is often more affordable and accessible to more students and as a result it has worked to be a feasible solution to the shortage in the employment shortage for nurses (Moltz, 2010).


Each of the various degree programs has a set…. [read more]

Patient Safety Outcomes to ADN Essay

… As a result, a PhD is nursing requires an original research project, which is accompanied by completion and defense of a dissertation. On the other hand, DNP is designed to generate professionals or experts in specialized advanced nursing practice through practice-focused learning programs. As a result, such programs are centered heavily on innovative and evidence-based clinical practice that reflects the application of reliable research findings. The Doctor of Nursing Practice requires the presentation of a practice application-centered final project instead of knowledge-generating research.

Upon deciding to pursue nursing education to the doctoral level, I would choose the Doctor of Nursing Practice because of the need to continue acting as a leader in clinical policies and issues through practice. Generally, the DNP Degree is a nurse…. [read more]

Teaching BSN Program ADN Level Essay

… Thus, students could see how each other are internalizing the didactic elements of this course -- and ideally use that information to aid in their own learning processes. The result is that the students should be able to compare notes and ideally enhance the learning experiences of one another.

I would ensure that students remain engaged by having the interactivity component of this course a crucial part of the grading requirements. Additionally, I would encourage them to set up online profiles in which they could share their feedback and comments on assignments, as well as their general opinions about issues that are related to this topic. I would also have a part of the coursework that mandates that students consider topics that they would like…. [read more]

1997, the Average Pass Rate Term Paper

… Twenty-three percent of participants said that they would discourage family and friends from entering the field. (American Nursing Association 2001). This prevalent hostility is fairly exceptional among the health professions, and it has been a major factor in the profession's retention problems (Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals 2001).

As a final point a study of 100 hospital administrators uncovered that 55% of respondents acknowledged they target nurses more than any other employee group when determining their retention strategy (Nursing Executive Center 2000). On the contrary, the second-largest healthcare employee group, pharmacists, was the target of only 24% of focus efforts by respondents. The survey also showed that the turnover rate among hospital staff nurses nationwide grew from 12% in 1996 to 15% in 1999.…. [read more]

Evaluating Nursing Curriculum Tasks Research Proposal

… ¶ … ADN or Associate Degree Nursing education offering entry into practice started after WWII when there existed a nursing shortage. In developing associate degree programs, states in 1948 recommended nursing practice consist of two levels of nurses. One would be technical and the other professional. Within the community college setting, an educational model consist of educating a technical nurse with a more narrowed cope of practice vs. A professional nurse. However, these kinds of nurses would be educated in a broader range than that of practical nurses. In present day United States, the nursing workforce consists of four tiers of basic/prelicensure nursing preparation. The four tiers are:


Associate Degree


Entry-level Master's

ADN programs offer the majority (45%) of nursing education. Since nursing…. [read more]

Nursing Education Levels Essay

… Nursing education is correlated to patient care and the higher healing rates in many instances. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), the national voice for baccalaureate and graduate education suggested that "in the senior college and university setting, every academic discipline is grounded in discrete inquiry-based applications that are distinctive to that discipline. Scientific advances, changing demographics of patient populations, new care technologies, and patient access to healthcare information call for new ways of thinking and doing in the provision off health care. Baccalaureate prepared nurses provide patient-centered care that identifies, respects and addresses patients' differences, values, preferences, and expressed needs."

Patient Care Situation

The basic idea in nursing, and the medical field in general, is healing. Patients attempt to receive health care…. [read more]

Competencies Between Nurses Prepared Essay

… The nurse must conduct sensory requirements to provide the patient with accurate care and treatment. For instance, a nurse in an intensive care unit during surgery should continuously monitor blood pressure as well as patient's vital signs to make the right judgment on whether to use Dopamine.

Competency expects a nurse with an associate degree to apply some level of critical thinking skills, but not necessarily analysis on available evidence. Associate nurses are prepared in the technical aspects of the practice. According to Marshall & Rossman (1995), it is essential to use methods of problem solution for critical thinking relative to the nursing process. Educators need to incorporate critical thinking into the nursing process as a way of introducing changes in the methods of clinical…. [read more]

Career of Home Health Nursing Term Paper

… There is even a program available for Clinical Specialization (CS) in home health nursing; the candidate must have 1,000 hours of service in home health care, and have a master's degree or higher in nursing (Sacks, 2003, p. 151). There is also a university that specializes in home health nursing, called the Homecare University, a division of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice.

Usually, home health care agencies want a nurse who has experience. A salary Web site notes, "Home health care agencies believe that a nurse should have at least one year of clinical experience before entering home health care. Advanced practicing nurses can expedite that training by helping new nurses understand the home health care market and teaching" ("How to become,"…. [read more]

Should the Entry Level for Registered Nurses Be the BSN? Term Paper

… ¶ … Registered Nurses be BSN?

Should the Entry Level for Registered Nurses be the BSN?

The roles of the registered nurses in man's healthcare are significant such that they are equipped with sufficient knowledge in the general health care practice - be it in the hospitals or any other healthcare facilities. However, the issue concerning the appropriate entry level in becoming a registered nurse has been argued for a long time. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Associate Degree in Nursing (AD), and the Diploma in Nursing are the three major pathways to registered nursing. Recently, however, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) recognizes the BSN as the entry level to becoming a registered nurse. Due to the changing healthcare conditions…. [read more]

ADN vs. BSN Term Paper

… ADN vs. BSN

Abstract high 70% of people in the U.S. die in hospitals and between 16% and 37% of present-day deaths have been admitted in an ICU in the last six months of life. Although half of all hospitals provide suitable end-of-life care, the majority of Americans still want to spend the end of their lives at home where they can be more comfortable and cared for more personally. Eligibility for admission to an ICU also requires that the patient is not too sick enough and reserves its facilities to those whose chances of survival can be enhanced by its specialized care.

At present, admission to an intensive care unit or ICU is influenced by factors, such as the severity of illness, the probability…. [read more]

Transition to Professional Practice: Leadership Nursing Paper Term Paper

… Transition to Professional Practice: Leadership

Nursing Paper

The Transition from Associate RN to Bachelorette RN: Leadership

The Nurse Practice Act decides the scope of practice of a nurse and is established by every state for a registered nurse. The Associate degree (ADN) program is commonly two years while the Bachelors (BSN) degree takes four years of education. ASN programs train nurses in the processes in nursing for planning, assessing, implementing, and calculating the care to be taken of the sick and injured. BSN programs train nurses for a professional role along with coursework in nursing science, research, nursing informatics, and leadership.

Over the past half century nurses have been assuming a more significant role in the health care industry. The passage of the Comprehensive Nurse…. [read more]

Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Capstone Project

… Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Upon Completion of Preceptorship Experience

Saudi Nurse Edit

Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Upon Completion of Preceptorship Experience

The purpose of this quantitative cross-sectional descriptive/correlational design research study is to test Benner's (1982) theory "From Novice to Expert" in relation to the impact of preceptorship on the competency of undergraduate nursing interns at King Fahad Medical City (KFMC). This study seeks to determine if preceptors provide the support recommended by Benner (1982) to the undergraduate nurse during their preceptorship program and if these have an impact on undergraduate competency levels. The study will use two reliable validated clinical competence questionnaires based on Benner's (1982) competencies (Shwu & Ching, 2014) and Knowles Adult Learning theory and nursing…. [read more]

Grant Application Project Title: Do Case Studies Term Paper

… Grant Application

Project Title: Do case studies in nursing school curricula result in a higher proportion of passing grades on the HESI exit exam?

Principal Investigator:

Research involves (mark all that apply):

____X__Human Subjects

____Use of Animals ____Recombinant DNA

Principle Investigator (signature):

Itemized Budget and Budget Justification


Amount Requested


do not have sufficient info to complete this section

Principle Investigator

Graduate Research Assistant

Statistician Consult

Maintenance and Operations

Travel for Data Collection


incentives for participants







Maintenance and Operations:


Other: Incentives for participants


The HESI exit examination is a standardized test used to evaluate the skills and knowledge developed by students in nursing school. Achievement on the HESI exam is considered to…. [read more]

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