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Advice Book. Book Report

… ¶ … advice book. This advice book should be about dating, relationships, marriage, sex, etc. The first two pages should give an overview of your book, main points/topics discussed/etc.; the last half of your paper should focus on addressing stereotypes associated with men and/or women, assumptions made about men and/or women and relationships; gender role expectations and/or sexual scripts. What assumptions about sexuality are made? Are there gendered expectations? What is the author assuming about its audience and their sexual orientation?

The book that I am using is the "Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating." As per its title, it offers comprehensive advice for the man or woman who wishes to date successfully. Advice includes successful dating into the cybercasting world; best places to meet Mr.…. [read more]

Book of Job Book Review

… But I didn't, Job says. Nor, he now realizes, does God administer that kind of justice. It doesn't matter what you do. The world makes no moral sense" (Acocella, 2013). This is once again one of the more pervasive themes which is debated throughout the book and is what so much of the Book of Job comes down to: whether or not one should be loyal to a God who allows one to become besieged with endless suffering which is seemingly unfair. This is the perplexing riddle which consumes the Book of Job. Part of the suffering that Job has to deal with is not in connection to the affliction from above which is waged upon him, but also that which takes the form of…. [read more]

Advice (Soa): Financial Planning Purpose Essay

… Almost all investments carry some risks and some have more risks than other. Generally, investments that produce higher returns have higher risks. Since you are balanced investors, your goal of increasing your wealth and double your money within 10 years may carry higher risks.

Based on this basis, my advice for you is as follows:

Invest 60% of your fund in growth assets such as managed funds,

Invest 40% of your fund in bonds such as Australian bonds.

Following this advice, the chance of achieving the negative returns is low, and you are expected to achieve your goal and objective.

Section 2: Investment Recommendations

This section provides the following:

my advice and why it is appropriate,

Risks associated with my advice.

First Advice

My first…. [read more]

Move Yourself the Book Book Review

… Move Yourself

The Book I Chose and Why I Chose It

I chose the book "Move yourself" (Mitchell, Church, & Zucker, 2008), since I myself have repeatedly attempted to start different exercise regimens, and because I am somewhat confused by the hemorrhaging of books on the subject. Exercise seems to me a field that is split into multifarious sub-fields, and I have, at times wondered whether all of these -- such as weight lifting and calisthenetics are necessary. The five different types of exercises -- isometric, isotonic, isokinetic, anaerobic, and aerobic -- have confused me. I wondered about the differentiations between each, and how I could fit all in to my very oppressed schedule. Finally, many books that I have read have amplified the importance…. [read more]

E-Myth Revisited This Book Book Report

… It also is highly effective as a means to better track and evaluate the performance of the business over time as well.

Clearly the author has a high level of expertise in franchising, as the chapters on this topic resonate with lessons learned in the area of balancing the three roles company founders often have (entrepreneur, manager, technician). These chapters on franchising also successfully show how the process and system definitions of franchise businesses actually help entrepreneurs to overcome their tendency to spend the majority of their time in the technician role. The book does an excellent job of setting the stage for getting company founders to think of how they can create their own franchise framework too. Finally this section transitions into the next…. [read more]

Book Report on Jan Carlzon's Moments Research Paper


In the award-winning book Moments of Truth (NY: Harper Perennial
Publishing, 1987, 135 pgs.) author Jan Carlzon relates his personal story
on how as president and CEO of Scandinavian Airlines System, he single-
handedly transformed his company from the burden of huge financial deficits
into a profitable and expanding business with greatly improved customer
service and with an international market position unparalleled in the
business world.
In 1978, as an entrepreneur, Carlzon became the managing director of
Linjeflyg, the major domestic airline of Sweden; three years later, he
became the CEO of Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), made up of airlines
based in the countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It was here that
Carlzon's leadership and his…. [read more]

Michael Krause Book Report

… "

Regardless the type of employee, direction is needed. But, the employee also needs to have an effective leader that will not lead them astray. As far as organizational behavior, this may be one of the most important aspects that a company can demonstrate. The internal culture of a company, who it is as an entity, is greatly affected by the values the managers establish and actually carry out. This is one of the central focuses of Krause's message.

Organizational behavior is also discussed specifically in the fourth chapter which is about SWOT analysis. The acronym itself stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The goal of this type of analysis is for the person or team conducting the research to discover what an organization…. [read more]

Courtier Baldassarre Castiglione's Classic Book Book Review

… His description of the prefect courtier is also that of the ideal male, skilled in the arts of warfare and diplomacy, and he never even considered that women might play such roles in society. He argued that this perfect courtier should be a gentleman born of the aristocracy, since aristocrats were always the most excellent in soldiering and all other worthy professions. Gasparino Pallavicino doubted that noble birth was a necessity since others could be born with talents as well, but the Count asserted that the nobles were more likely to be born with greater virtues. A gentleman should not simply be a soldier, however, but also well-versed in all the arts and social graces rather than boorish like the gentleman who refused to dance…. [read more]

Digital Books Publishing House: Marketing Plan Marketing Plan

… Parent Press can use it to its advantage by using high quality perfect marketing campaigns; filling the website with high quality content and making the e-retailers sell the famous books first (Tian and Martin, 2011). Also, some writers and publishers are unable to sell eBooks on their own. Parent Press can help them by giving them space on their own website.

What should their eBook pricing policy be?

Parent-Press Inc. should come up with a strategy for pricing which not only draws in regular buyers but also enhances the value of its eBook content. A pricing policy well aligned with the overall marketing strategy can create inroads into the digital publishing business and create new customers for Parent-Press Inc. And its writers and suppliers (Mithas…. [read more]

Tolstoy's Advice Leo Essay

… In order to reach a lasting peace, the two factions need to understand and accept that the two groups each have a different view of life and that neither is more accurate or correct than the other.

Besides false superiority or inferiority, another component of the dynamic between the United States and the Islamic people that Tolstoy would comment on is the idea about the place of religion in a person's life. As stated above, the terrorist groups who have attacked the United States claim to be committing acts of violence because of their religion. This has led to a large percentage of the American population erroneously equating the Muslim religion with terrorism and other assorted acts of violence. Undoubtedly, Leo Tolstoy would ask that…. [read more]

True Compass Book Report

… Kennedy True Compass

Book Review of Edward Kennedy True Compass

The main focus of True Compass is Edward Kennedy's biography. It starts with his early upbringing in a house full of wealth, influence, and politics and details all the way through Kennedy's early military training and years as an attorney to his esteemed career in the Senate through the Reagan and Bush years. Its key focus is on his work as a politician, and as such it gives tremendous insight into all the aspects of the role of Senators in U.S. government. Since he has been an influential U.S. politician for decades, the book discusses many of the major historical events in contemporary U.S. history, including the election of his brother to President, the Civil…. [read more]

Harley's Book "His Needs Book Report

… However, God ordained the marriage institution for His objective. The focus of trying to restore a marriage must always be premised on God's desires looking to discover His Will for all partners in a union. As Jesus demonstrated, our search for sustenance must not surpass our wish to do God's will. When an individual concentrates on God, they will truly be able to provide the "needs" of their partner. Besides leaving out the significance of concentrating on Jesus, Harley's equation discounts the religious part as a cause of marital unfaithfulness. All human beings are "fallen" (Rom. 3:23); this is not the sole reason individuals make traitorous, rebellious, and deceitful acts; this is merely the situation that gives individuals a tendency toward such activities. In order…. [read more]

Parenting That Works Book Review

… In many ways, a divorce signals the breakdown of the lessons one expects a child to carry into adulthood, such as conflict management, problem solving, and empathy. Moreover, most divorces are at least somewhat acrimonious, increasing the chances that children will have seen one or both parents behave in ways that conflict with those parents' goals for the child as the child grows. Furthermore, it only takes one parent failing to behave in a civil or appropriate manner to cause a breakdown of communication in a family with divorce. That the authors addressed divorce and addressed how one parent can model appropriate behavior even without the other parent's cooperation was helpful. However, the information may not be realistic or appropriate for families that had previously…. [read more]

Achilles' Speech Agamemnon's Embassy Book Essay

… " Additionally, this quotation underscores just how much hubris Achilles has, and alludes to that which Agamemnon himself possesses. The conventional heroic desire to amass material items glory, and lasting renown is rooted to pride. Agamemnon has stripped Achilles of his ability to achieve such glory and ultimately wounded his pride. With a wounded pride, Achilles cannot verifiably earn the glory he initially set out for.

Prior to Agamemnon's dishonoring of Achilles, the latter viewed battle and the Trojan War as a means to attaining valor and other heroic virtues. After the insult, there is no more point to such belligerence for Achilles, because he believes such virtues are not attributable to one who is dishonored. Moreover, Agamemnon's insult has bestowed a rare perspective upon…. [read more]

Guts! The Book Guts: Companies That Blow Term Paper

… Guts!

The book Guts: Companies That Blow the Doors off Business-as-Usual, by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, is essentially a "how to" book centered around making a company a success with creative thinking put forward by fearless leaders. The central thesis in this book is that by treating employees like gold instead of dirt, by empowering workers to build your brand and by making them far more than just "satisfied," companies will make more money and save the money other companies spend training their new employees because of high turnover.

The reason the companies featured in this book have become successful is because the leaders in those firms put an end to "fear-based management." The authors have written an entertaining book in which they pull no…. [read more]

Topsail Should Top Sail Implement Essay

… 3. Do you consider the reservation system to be a horizontal or a vertical application?

The reservation and booking system is a vertical application because it is industry specific as opposed to a horizontal system which is not industry specific. For instance a Car dealership would not need a reservation and booking system because that particular industry does not deal with the same factors that the hospitality industry does. Although there are some horizontal applications that could offer a similar product, a vertical application is the most prtical for what Topsail desires at this time. The industry specific aspects of the software will ensure that reservations and booking are handled properly so that customers will have a smooth experience while reserving and booking with Topsail.…. [read more]

Secret the Power Rhonda Byrne Book Report

… Even Gandhi and Christ must have brought death on themselves with their own negative feelings rather than by challenging the injustice of their societies, because nothing exists outside of individual thoughts and emotions. People could actually live forever, as they supposedly did in ancient times, if they would only change their attitudes. Death, disease, old age not part of physical reality or the laws of nature and biology, but only bad attitudes and negative beliefs. Even the conversations of strangers are really about her, as are signs and advertisements that she sees while traveling, and are really messages about her and her life. In fact, they would not exist at all or manifest themselves unless they had some secret meaning for her.

Byrne is blissfully…. [read more]

Playwright's Survival Guide in the Book Book Report

… Playwright's Survival Guide

In the book, the Playwright's Survival Guide: Keeping the Drama in Your Work and Out of Your Life, author Gary Garrison gives the burgeoning playwright practical advice concerning a number of various issues that writer's face. The book is divided into three parts, covering the topics of where material comes from to rejection, to etiquette in the theatre to writer's block. It is written as a handbook and details some of the mistakes that writer's make that can be prevented. Garrison is the head of playwriting at the Department of Dramatic Writing at Tisch School of the Arts. The book features some of the great advice that he has learned throughout his career.

Part One of Garrison's book encourages playwrights to try…. [read more]

Handbook for Doctor of Ministry Book Report

… The other key factor discussed in Davies book is how to research and carry out different activities to aid in the research, data analysis and writing. The activities include creating tables to be used in asking questions, research variables, content analysis, standards and procedures for research and reducing ambiguity in questions and writing. The book is helpful in the development of thesis; it offers more assistance to theology students because it is in their genre and applicable examples are provided. [footnoteRef:8] Different concrete examples provided are helpful to anyone who is writing a thesis. He recommends thesis evaluation and back bone thesis evaluation. He gives thesis procedure, what should be included and not and, also gives further references, which can be useful in the readers…. [read more]

Wooden a Lifetime of Observations and Reflections on and Off the Court Book Report

… Wooden

The legacy of John Wooden extends well beyond any of his games, because the philosophy that guided his actions as both player and coach includes insights into success above and beyond the game of basketball. In his 1997 book Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections on and Off the Court, written with Steve Jamison, Wooden offers insights from his life, demonstrating how the same ideals that helped him to become the only person to enter the College Basketball Hall of Fame as both player and coach also helped him through his personal life (Forck, 2010, p. 20). By comparing the advice and insight Wooden offers in his book with contemporary sports psychology, it is possible to identify a few relatively simple ideas that…. [read more]

Art in an Unpredictable World Book Report

… " Bogart believes this because in the United States, the government tends to view us as consumers rather than citizens. Articulation, thus, becomes critical to finding one's voice, but not without "intention." This concept is defined simply as being conscious of what you are doing. The "who, what, when, where, why and how" questions are vital to finding one's intention when performing an action, the most important of which is "why create," to which the response should always be "to feed the spirit," in the author's opinion.

The next focus is on attention, another vital part to art creation and once again, linked closely with previous and following elements of creation. Attention, Bogart states, is conscious and cannot be faked. For a director, attention is…. [read more]

Life and Death Book Review

… The author even goes on further with some ideas of how the legislation needs to be really being changed in order to lawfully inspect and receive circumstances of euthanasia.

The book also goes on to talk about many other areas to the reader for example, how this misrepresenting of the border line has left a lot of people with sensitive questions about pain and suffering and how it not only effects the patient but also people around them such as their family and friends (Schemmer, 1998, p. 83 paragraph 2). Schemmer goes a little further and discusses other topics such as the quality of life, death with dignity, and the costs of long-term care. He mentions that people can really discover many different helpful answers…. [read more]

Status Anxiety Book Review

… Status Anxiety

The book entitled as "status anxiety" was a non-fictitious story written by Alain de Bottom, which was published initially in 2004 by Penguin Books Publishing and Hamish Hamilton. The author presented some significant explanation that pointed out to anxiety related experiences that affects an individual's personal and professional perspectives. He directly pertained that the presence of anxiety is an ongoing scenario that creates challenges and lessons for a certain individual to improve their ability to cope up to their personal concerns that are bothering their lives. He related the subject by choosing to explain about the realm of anxiety to show the readers all kinds of relevant aspects that has been surfaced from the depiction of the story that will touch the reader's…. [read more]

Environmental Governance Responsible Leadership Book Review

… The free market is also a moot point. Yet in the absence of mutual trust and partnership, business and the free market sometimes yield unwanted consequences. Civil war, poverty, and other examples of gross human rights violations are not the sole responsibility of business; but business has played some role in many of these conflicts.

Some regulation is necessary and inevitable, if quality of life is to be valued. Moody-Stuart uses catalytic converters as an example. The free market does not suffer when small mandates on business are made. Businesses might whine and gripe for a while after the regulations have been put in place, but ultimately, everyone wins. Moody-Stuart explains how unfettered business practices are as detrimental as unfettered autocratic regimes. The author accomplishes…. [read more]

Business a Review of "Onward Book Report

… Schultz has demonstrated that as a leader he was able to assess what was going on in the company, and identify what needed to be done to change. However, the change can be brought about simply with a few hours of retraining. There was a need to identify exactly what had gone wrong, and undertake strategies to prevent the same thing is happening again. A significant issue for Starbucks had been the rate of growth, Schultz states "if not checked, success has a way of covering up small failures, and when many of this Starbucks became swept up in the company's success, it had unintended effects. We ignored, or maybe just failed to notice, shortcomings." (Schultz 39). This is a lesson that can be acknowledged…. [read more]

10 Wisdom's Found in Wooden on Leadership Book Report

… Wooden on Leadership -- 10 Most Significant Wisdoms

Five Intuitive Wisdoms

Industriousness -- Wooden explains that there is simply no substitute for hard work. Whether in the realm of sports or business management, Wooden suggests that it is impossible to achieve greatness without working hard. On one hand, it may very well be true that hard work is frequently an essential component for success. On the other hand, Wooden's conclusion is based on personal experience and on other anecdotal information rather than on empirical evidence. Moreover, even the author admits that there are also instances of successful teams whose members did not necessarily work hard. Joe Namath would be one of many example of a successful athlete (if one measures success by the achievement of…. [read more]

"Family to Family" by Pipes and Lee Book Report

… The model created by Pipes and Lee is depicted by an image of concentric circles which spread outward, with the "self" remaining at the center and each circle expanding to eventually cover "person X," or a stranger you have yet to meet.6

5. Ibid, p. 71-73.

6. Ibid, p. 58.

I hope to open myself up to these daily opportunities for evangelical teaching, searching for people in my academic, professional or personal lives who may benefit from exposure to biblical teachings. Remaining mindful of the views held by others must be paramount, however, because in my mind many chances for genuine conversion are lost due to the overzealous overtures made by overeager Christians bursting with enthusiasm as they try to spread the Good Word.

The…. [read more]

Preaching in A, Insightful Book Review

… This 'pre-writing' process is just as critical a component of writing the sermon as speaking aloud (Craddock 1985: 72). Study enables preachers to say things that are meaningful and rooted in historical and scriptural truths of a collective memory. These movements of quiet contemplation with theological texts are just as much 'real work' as those spent dwelling in the practical realities of church matters and cannot be shirked. Ideally such daily discipline begins in divinity school, but if it was not fostered there, it must be embraced later in life, particularly because the preacher no longer has the luxury of a teacher forcing him to make time to study and giving out a specific reading list. For Craddock, the academic and the spiritual are fused…. [read more]

Marriage Counseling Book Review

… ¶ … Secrets of a Great Marriage

In the last few decades, there has been seen a constant decrease in the rate of people who are getting married. This shows that people are therefore waiting longer to get married. Many would wonder what the reason for this is. There is a lot of doubt and confusion regarding what is right and what is wrong. The major confusion is that whether I will or will not be compatible with the person that I am marrying. In a nut shell, no two people are compatible with each other. Every relationship, whether it is with a friend, parent, sibling or spouse requires compromise and understanding. It should also be noted that the divorce rates have increased. However, marriage…. [read more]

Leadership Handbook Book Report

… These include: the meaning of leadership, responsibilities, what it takes to lead Christians and crisis / conflict management. These factors are helping everyone to connect with different ideas that will inspire stakeholders. When this takes place, the congregation will become closer and there will be a sense of community among everyone. (Berkley, 2008, pp. 175 -- 232)

Paid Staff Supervision

Paid staff supervision is studying what specific tools must be utilized when working with hourly employees. These ideas are helping to provide effective strategies for improving the ability to connect with the congregation and reach a host of objectives for the organization. The different areas that are focused on during this process include: understanding the meaning of supervision, hiring support staff, connecting with ministerial /…. [read more]

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