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Hero and Saint an Analysis Essay

… The Enlightenment built on the Protestant divorce from Catholicism. Enlightenment thinkers wanted to redefine the world according to Protestant notions. Transcendental values had been swept aside by the Enlightenment, which attempted to build on the rubble of the Old World. The Peace of Westphalia, however, was no good foundation to build upon: truth before unity had given way to unity before truth -- in which case any notion of the sublime would fall victim (as it does in Edmund Burke's treatise -- already showing modern man to be made in the image of Hamlet: a doubter, a skeptic, a questioner, a fatalist, a man apart): "When I say I intend to inquire into the efficient cause of Sublimity and Beauty, I would not be understood…. [read more]

Heroes of Homer's Great Work Thesis

… Hector is a warm and compassionate individual who is totally dedicated to his family. Unlike Achilles who is motivated by personal glory, Hector is motivated to protect his country and fellow Trojan citizens. He does not seek or pursue personal glory. He does not pretend that he is not afraid when entering battle. He is not afraid to admit that he has human flaws. He is able to display anger but he is also able to demonstrate compassion.

For Hector, there is nothing more important than his family. He openly demonstrates his love and devotion to his wife, his children, and even his brother, Paris. It is his love for this family and fellow citizens that motivates Hector to enter battle and not some selfish…. [read more]

Aeneid - The Duty-Bound Aeneas Term Paper

… " (Aeneid, Book VI, p. 694-5) The implicit statement made at this juncture was that if Aeneas did not find Lavinium, as was his obligation, the family would not be glorified in the times to follow.

Binding Duty Exemplified for Leaders of all Times

Virgil emphasized the duty towards one's country for taking preference over all other duties. This is shown in the Aeneid through the example of Rome. The poem makes it plain that the discovery of Lavinium, and thus Rome, was the main priority over any other wishes of Aeneas. When Aeneas clarified his leaving to Dido, he said, "According to my wishes, first of all I should look after Troy. But now it is the rich Italian land. Apollo tells me I…. [read more]

Virgil's Epic Poem the Aeneid Term Paper

… Rather they develop Aeneas' character and sharpen his sense of purpose by acting both as foils and also for provoking moments of crisis that force the protagonist to draw upon reserves within himself he was unaware existed. For instance, when Taurus kills the young, brave warrior Pallas, Aeneas becomes like a different person. "Hot, he cuts a broad path through the Latins / with steel; for Turnus, he is seeking you- / you, insolent with your fresh killing. Pallas... / Evander... all are now before his eyes..." (X.708-711) Similarly, in the earlier incident with Dido, Aeneas must learn that he cannot always satisfy his own personal desires. He must leave this remarkable woman he loves. He also learns about of the cruelty of the gods,…. [read more]

Aeneid Virgil's Hero Term Paper

… Aeneid

Virgil's hero in the Aeneid is, in many ways, modeled upon the Homeric ideal of the hero, as embodied by persons such as Odysseus and Achilles. However, there are also fundamental differences that may initially detract from the status of Aeneas as a true hero in the Homeric sense. Nevertheless, the Aeneas' development throughout the story can be seen as crediting him with greater hero status than might initially be acknowledged.

In Book I, for example, the reader meets Aeneas at a low point. He is portrayed as the victim not only of his circumstances, but also of the gods. This contrasts him directly with heroes like Achilles, who has the favor of at least some of the more powerful gods on his side.…. [read more]

Aeneid for Appearances Only: The Low Position Essay

… Aeneid

For Appearances Only:

The Low Position of Women in Virgil's Aeneid

Examining the role of women in a work of literature nearly always allows readers to get a glimpse of the social customs of the time period in which the writer composes. In fact, understanding the role of women in a society allows readers to make connections regarding other important aspects of society, in addition to the values of the writer or main characters. The Aeneid is no exception. Because most who read the Aeneid are at least partially unfamiliar with the cultures of both Greece and Rome, examining the role of women in the poem allows others to become more familiar with that culture, in addition to the roles that women played in…. [read more]

Virgil and Homer Term Paper

… Virgil and Homer

Virgil's the Aeneid and Homer's the Odyssey represent two of antiquity's greatest and most lasting examples of epic poetry. Though written approximately seven centuries apart, both tales handle the aftermath of the same conflict, which was fought some four-hundred years before even Homer: the Trojan War. From Virgil's point-of-view, this was done deliberately; additionally, the vast similarities between the Aeneid and the Odyssey are purposeful as well. The Aeneid served a very tangible function during Virgil's time: it was his attempt at generating a concrete mythological basis for the history of Rome and, more specifically, for the rule of Caesar Augustus. These justifications rear themselves within the text: "This is the man you heard so often promised -- Augustus Caesar, son of…. [read more]

Aeneid Virgil Research Proposal

… Aeneid - Virgil

Being one of the early legends relating to the creation of Roman Empire, Virgil's Aeneid certainly is a hallmark for people determined by various factors to leave their home-countries in favor of other territories. Aeneas's journey deals with some of the important impediments that a person who emigrates has to deal with, in spite of the fact that the story is mostly fictional.

Consequent to the Trojan War and to the fall of Troy, Aeneas and his companions are destined to find a new land on which they have to found Rome. Until that point, Troy had presumably been one of the most successful cities in the whole world, with its walls strong enough to have stopped the entire Greek army. The…. [read more]

Aeneid Aeneas Is a Complex, Multi-Dimensional Character Term Paper

… Aeneid

Aeneas is a complex, multi-dimensional character. Much of Virgil's Aeneid details his conduct in a romantic affair, which allows depth of expression for Aeneas's personality. Were he only depicted as a warrior, the reader might not understand the full extent of Aeneas's weaknesses. Aeneas's most obvious character traits include his pride in being a leader, and his keen ability to lead an army. He accepts his destiny, and does not demonstrate the kind of hubris that other heroes might. However, a closer examination reveals that Aeneas is not nearly as courageous as he appears. Although he is a brash warrior who can handle physical discomfort, he lacks emotional courage and struggles with moral integrity. He fails to respect Dido -- and perhaps all mortal…. [read more]

Virgil and Homer -- World Term Paper

… A sub-theme embedded in the theme of prophecy is the belief in Fate by both Homer and Virgil. Utilizing prophecy as a mirror to show the inevitable course of Fate is illustrated in the following passage in Aeneid: "A new Achilles shall in arms appear, And he, too, goddess-born. Fierce Juno's hate, Added to hostile force, shall urge thy fate." Sybil's prophecy is similar to Calchas' prophecy about the doom of the Trojans in the war if Agamemnon would not surrender Chryseis back to the Achaeans without any form of ransom.

Lastly, Virgil also used similar characters in the story, where their characterization in the Aeneid is similar to that in the Iliad. Only, Virgil used the Roman names for the gods and goddesses that…. [read more]

Aeneid of Virgil Term Paper

… ¶ … Virgil's the Aeneid

Virgil's epic, the Aeneid, explores mankind's sense of duty and family through the journey of Aeneas, the story's hero. Aeneas demonstrates the significance of this Roman ideal, which evolves over a lifetime. In the beginning of the poem, Aeneas' character is weak and lackadaisical and part of why we come to appreciate him so much is the fact that he transforms right before our eyes. He is a man that must make painful choices but he [proves that it can be done. His transformation and his ability to rise to the occasion is what Virgil wants us to see in this character - a man that makes the right decision when faced with putting others before himself.

While in the…. [read more]

Virgil the Aeneid Term Paper

… ¶ … Aenied by Virgil

With reference to the greatest Roman poet, Tennyson declared "wielder of the stateliest measure ever molded by the lips of man." Virgil is known for his impressive, the AENEID (written about 29 B.C.E., incomplete), which had taken as its fictitious model Homer's epic poetry Iliad and Odyssey. The tale gives a picture of Aeneas's search for a new homeland and his war to establish a city. Between 42 and 37 BC Virgil wrote rustic poems such as Eclogues ('rustic poems' and "selections"). From 30 BC on, Virgil dedicated most of his living to the Aeneid, which is the public epic of Rome. Virgil's death occurred in 19 BC, when he died from a fever. Although Virgil wished to burn the…. [read more]

Aeneid by Virgil Is Currently the Text Term Paper

… ¶ … Aeneid by Virgil is currently the text that has impressed and moved me the most for its splendid lyricism and historical import. We are currently translating the Aeneid in my Latin class, and reading the text in its original Latin brings Virgil's epic to life and makes me feel like I am touching history. The text will continue to fascinate me as I unfold it in Latin for two main reasons: first because translating the story helps me understand the context of the Trojan war and second because the story itself is exciting. As a translator what I have found most fascinating about the Aeneid is how a thousand-year old tale can apply to modern times. The Aeneid is about romance, war, and…. [read more]

Aeneid Publius Vergilius Maro, Born in 70 Term Paper

… ¶ … Aeneid

Publius Vergilius Maro, born in 70 B.C. had a long and close history with the future emperor, Caesar Augustus, and according to legend, Augustus wanted a heroic poem to justify his rule over the Roman Empire, thus, Virgil wrote the "Aeneid," 19 B.C. (Royal pp). The first half is regarded as Virgil's "Odyssey," for it tells of a Trojan warrior named Aeneas, who roams the Mediterranean following the fall of Troy and eventually establishes the city of Rome (Royal pp). The second half is Virgil's "Iliad," for it recounts battles in Italy and connects Roman history with the heroic age of the Trojan War (Royal pp). Aeneas, whose main virtue is piety, braves battle and death to seek a new city for…. [read more]

Underground Journeys of Virgil Dante and Jonah Term Paper

… Virgil, Dante, And the Bible Float

Journey as the symbolic path towards self-realization and repentance in "Aeneid" by Virgil, "Inferno" by Dante, and "The Book of Jonah" from the Bible

Early works of literature are characterized by their contemplation of the morality of humanity and distinguishing what was considered as morally right or wrong for the individual. This theme of morality as path towards self-realization is evident in the works of "Aeneid," "Inferno," and the "Book of Jonah" by Virgil, Dante, and the Bible, respectively. In illustrating the path towards self-realization, these works have used journeys as symbolic representations through which each story's protagonist have learned that suffering is inevitable with the presence of evil. Goodness, meanwhile, shall be the foundation in which enlightenment or…. [read more]

Heroes Explain What Each Shows Essay

… As these individuals are encouraged to engage in projects that will build their legacy. They are also doing various activities to have the support of the people (i.e. public works). However, in the case of the Prince, these factors are designed to help the individual gain and achieve various political, military or economic objectives. Whereas Confucius; is concentrating on developing good leaders who are responsive to the needs of the people. This is designed to provide greater amounts of support and stability. ("The Prince") ("The Doctrine of Mean")

As a result, each hero has more differences than they do similarities. This is because the Prince is using their ability to be more ruthless than others to achieve their larger goals. These elements are fundamentally different…. [read more]

Aeneid by Virgil Term Paper

… Virgil


Translated by John Dryden

Year and online location: Written by Virgil in 19 B.C.E.; Published by the Internet Classics archive in 1994:

Personal Reaction

In general, I enjoyed the story for several reasons. Firstly, the epic quality of Aeneas' adventures makes not only for a long, but also an exciting reading. It reads like a very long adventure story, at the end of which the reader can hardly help but breathe a sigh of relief. The journey is done at last, and fate has been fulfilled. Another element of the story I enjoyed was the religious connection, joined with the mysterious and mystical. I found the qualities and petty jealousies of the gods both dismaying and humorous. I like the role of…. [read more]

Aeneid Greek Tragedy Agamemnon Book Report

… Women in Aeneid and Agamemnon

In much of the Ancient World from Sumer on, women were considered inferior to men in numerous ways: they could not mix with men, had strict roles, and other than certain exceptions (goddesses, oracles, etc.) were really more of use to bear children, care for the home, and provide familial stability. Of course, it is difficult to generalize an entire group over millennia; there were powerful and influential women, but as a general rule, Ancient societies were clearly male dominated with limited roles for women. This, of course, was not always true in literature, oral tradition, or religion/mythology (Salisbury).

We must also be wary of placing modern cultural views upon the ancient world, deciding that if a woman was not…. [read more]

Virgil's Aeneid Term Paper

… ¶ … Aeneid

The Odyssey and the Aeneid are similar in that they are both stroies about heroes. Odysseus' experience is different than Aeneas' in that he is recognized for his honor as well as his fantaststic adventures. Odysseus' is an honaravle man and he works the maintain this honor. We can see an example of this type of honor when he tell the Phaeacians who he is and that "Men hold me/formidable for guile in peace and war:/this fame has gone abroad to the sky's rim" (Homer IX.19-21). He is proud and self-confident. While this is the Odysseus we meet, Aeneas, is a character that must mature through the narrative of the Aeneid. The two men also ventured in to the underworld, which is…. [read more]

Choose From List Essay

… Lavinia in the Aeneid

In the Aeneid, the character Lavinia plays simultaneously a very minor and a very major role in the poem. Her name is mentioned a mere 17 times throughout the body of the poem (Virgil), and she takes no actual action, except for what is mentioned in a flashback sequence. As a result, it is clear that her role is minor. However, she is also the wife of the hero and the means by which the Trojan line can be perpetuated. Therefore, she is a minor character with a major role in the play. Moreover, her major role in the play does not simply define her role, but also the role of her country in the history of the Trojans. Her role…. [read more]

Odyssey and Aeneid Essay

… Odyssey & Aeneid

Homer's Odyssey is a hallmark for epics everywhere, with features from its hero being present in most main characters of epics to follow. Virgil wrote the Aeneid around the beginning of our era and got inspired for his hero from the Odyssey. Both Ulysses (Odysseus) and Aeneis are presented as they undergo a series of incidents while trying to reach their destination.

The Odyssey begins with Odysseus going home after having conquered Troy. In spite of the fact that over ten years had passed since the fall of Troy, Odysseus didn't manage to get home. Because of his prolonged absence, the people of Ithaca consider him to have died during his journey. Moreover, a mob of mal-intended people have gathered in Odysseus's…. [read more]

Homer and Virgil Term Paper

… Iliad Aeneid

Homer and Virgil: Poetic deflations of war, poetic inflations of national origin

Both the "Aeneid" of the Roman Poet Virgil, as translated by Allen Mandelbaum, and the "Iliad" of Homer, as translated by Robert Fagles chronicle tales of nations. However, the "Aeneid," although it is also comprises many tales of war and warriors, as well as travel and lovers, is fundamentally a positive tale of nation building, namely the founding of the city of Rome. The more mournful and elegiac "Iliad" is a tale of nation's imminent destruction, that of Troy, and thus has a far less positive tone towards the theme of war and warfare.

Neither text is anti-war. The theme of a male's need to prove himself in warfare runs through…. [read more]

Aeneid Aeneas Term Paper

… It is this setting that Aeneas finds upon his return from the Tiber River. Aeneas flies into great fury, especially when he learns that Pallas, the son of his new ally Evander, is killed by Turnus. Before the day is over, many more from both sides die.

Because of the large number of fatalities, both sides agree to interrupt the battle in order to bury the bodies of the dead first. The Latin leaders then decide the fate of this bloody battle, which they wish to stop by suggesting a hand-to-hand duel between Aeneas and Turnus.

But when Aeneas and Turnus begin their duel, their respective men also begin to quarrel and another full-blown battle begins:

When two bulls lower heads and horns and charge…. [read more]

Dante and Virgil and the Classics Term Paper

… Dante, Virgil, And the Classics

When surveying the work of Dante Alighieri, one discovers immediately that lineage was an important theme for the poet. For Dante, establishing a connection with the past - particularly the glory days of ancient Rome and Greece - with his present day struggles in his native Florence, was a major motivating factor in much of his artistic output. In this sense, his work forms a link with classical writers such as Virgil, who figures prominently in the Divine Comedy. In this brief essay, I will explore the ways in which Dante attempted to make a connection with the ancient world through his usage of such classic authors as Virgil.

The Inferno, the first part of the Divine Comedy, opens with…. [read more]

Epic Heroes Term Paper

… He rules his country for 50 long years until his last enemy, the dragon, kills him. His death puts Beowulf on the top of the list of renowned warriors and kings.

Beowulf can be read as a story of a great warrior who encounters three despicable monsters in his lifetime and gives up his life trying to clear the world of evil elements. The poem thus focuses on careful depiction of good and evil characteristics. Beowulf alone represents the good while the evil is represented through three different characters, Grendel, his mother and the dragon.

Beowulf is essentially a Christian hero with all his attributes grounded in religious beliefs and values. He embodies all the qualities of Christian morality while Grendel is his exact opposite.…. [read more]

Aeneid by Virgil Term Paper

… ¶ … Aeneid is essentially the story of the founding of Rome told through the adventures of Aeneas, the son of a mortal Trojan and the goddess of love, Venus. Aeneas is wandering after the fall of Troy by the hands of the Greeks. He was fated to escape alive and it is prophesied that he will be the catalyst to a new great city being established whose people are destined to rule the world with great wisdom, creating peace and prosperity for generations to come. The great god Jupiter is the one who sets Aeneas on his task, but the powerful goddess Juno is determined to keep Aeneas from reaching his goal to avoid the inevitable fall of her favored city, Carthage, at the…. [read more]

Greek and Roman Mythology Virgil's Aeniad Essay

… Greek and Roman Mythology

Virgil's Aeniad differed significantly in several ways from the Odyssey; Virgil modified the underworld and the character Calypso from the way they were originally represented in the Greek epic. The ending to his story of Aeneas also differed significantly from that of the ending to another Greek epic the Iliad.

In the Odyssey, the character Calypso was supposed to be a nymph who lived on the island of Ogygia; she was the daughter of Atlas. In the Aeniad, instead of being a nymph who lived alone on an island, Dido was a mortal woman who ruled the land of Carthage in Africa. In the Odyssey, Odysseus was cast onto the shores of Calypso's island after escaping alone and unharmed from the…. [read more]

Aeneas' Detachment Differ From Rama's? Book Report

… In summary, the Ramayana embodies the four main principles of the Gita as understood by Ghandi: Desireless action; renouncing of action; dedication to God and surrendering oneself completely.

5) The Ramayana's overall philosophy or "message" is closer to that of the Aeneid than it is to the Bacchae.

Carl Jung once wrote that, "The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it." In contemplating the meaning of the Ramayana, the Aeneid and the Bacchae it becomes clear that the Bacchae stands out from the other two texts' message.

The central message of the Ramayana is that the only path to self-actualization is like Lord Rama one must get over oneself, accept one's dharma and act…. [read more]

Adaptations Mythology Research Paper

… ) At the same time, the chronological structure is not so important in the middle section of the work, which makes up the majority of the Metamorphoses.

Virgil's Aeneid was greatly influenced by Homer's two best known texts, The Iliad and The Odyssey. As such, it can be seen in many ways as an adaptation of Homer's great works. At the same time, like any great work of adaptation, Virgil's work takes many liberties with Homer's originals, and thus uses Homer's texts as a foundation upon which to build its own discursive engagement with its subject.

In Virgil's era, Homer was considered to be the greatest poet of all time. In the pursuit of finding his own poetic technique, Virgil studied Homer's work extensively. In…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast the Odyssey and the Aeneid Essay

… Aeneas and Odysseus:

Knowledge and Power in Action

Knowledge is power. Two men that demonstrate how these two come to gether to create dynamic ersonailities is Aeneas from Virgil's the Aeneid and Odysseus from Homer's the Odyssey. Both men develop their character by being willing to learn from their experieces. Both men share the significant experience of travelling to an underworld where they learn to value life. Their journey's provided them with insight on life, death, and what it means to be a beeter man. Both characters develop and learn the value of life and the importance of being hero. Aeneas and Odysseus learn the immportanceunderstand the value of knnowledge and how it leads to them to become powerful in thoughts and deeds.

Aeneas makes…. [read more]

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