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Aeronautics Airplane and Other Man-Made Flying Objects Essay

… Aeronautics

Airplane and other man-made flying objects are some of the most advanced machines around. They achieve speeds and altitudes that even a few decades ago were thought to be impossible. Space shuttles have even managed to break through the Earth's atmosphere and come back in again, which required a number of major engineering innovations. In order to achieve all of the things that various aircraft have in the century or so since the Wright brothers' first flight, aeronautical engineers spent tireless years working on new wing designs, new engine types, and synthesized new materials; everything that makes an aircraft go, stop, lift, drop, turn, or anything else has been designed and redesigned to many times to count. There is almost always a lot riding…. [read more]

Aeronautics Degree Program as Enrolled Thesis

… ¶ … Aeronautics degree program as enrolled in by the student who wrote this report. There were several topics looked at for this project including increased visual intraocular pressure and other impairments during human spacefl9ight, the effects on space travel of the increase commercialization of the space programs around the world, the utilization of flight simulators by NASA and the pros and cons therein, the effects of transient vibrations and/or shock loads on spacecraft engines as well as with the structural integrity and the effect of space weather phenomenon such as geomagnetic storms, radiation blasts from the Sun and other radiation-giving bodies on NASA missions and aviation missions around the country in general. Relating to the last of those topics, how the data from the…. [read more]

Drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems (Uav), and Violation of Citizens' Privacy Constitutional Rights Thesis

… Drones unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVs) and violation of citizen's privacy constitutional rights

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVS) 3-9

History of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVS) Technology 4-5

Current Trends in the Usage of Drones 5-6

Classification of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) 6-9

Benefits Associated With the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) 9-12

Drones and Domestic Security 9-10

Drones and Terrorism 10-11

History of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVS) Technology 11-12

Issues Associated With the Usage of the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) 12-15

Drones and Privacy 12-13

Drones and Excessive Collateral Damage

Drones and Psychological Impact on the Operators 13-14

Drones and Psychological Impacts on the Civilians 14-15

Research Methodology & #8230; 15-19

Theoretical Framework 16-18

Research Design 18-19

Literature Review 19-27

Current Trends in…. [read more]

Aviation Accidents & Situational Awareness Dissertation

… High Reliability or Normal Accidents: A critical examination of situational awareness and its value in reducing human errors in aviation ground operations


The concept of situational awareness

Level 1 SA -- Perception Of The Elements In The Environment.

Level 2 SA -- Comprehension Of The Current Situation.

Level 3 SA -- Projection Of Future Status.

Situation Awareness Requirements

Theories of Situational Awareness

Three-level model

Interactive sub-systems

The perceptual cycle

Summary of the theories

Preparing for thematic synthesis


Qualitative assessment

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Wright Brothers Thesis

… Wright Brothers

Orville and Wilbur Wright are credited with the invention of the airplane. The official citation for this credit reads; "the first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight." Every aspect of this description is specific. The flight had to be sustained, as opposed to tossing an object into the air and letting gravity taking hold of it. The "heavier-than-air" is also very important. Balloons filled with hydrogen and helium gases had been invented and were in use for a long time. Air is composed of more than 78% of nitrogen (which is roughly seven times the weight of Hydrogen gas), 20% oxygen, very small amounts of carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of water vapor and other trace gases. A lighter gas, for example, hydrogen…. [read more]

History of Air Cargo Term Paper

… History Of Air Cargo

It's hard to image today's life without those goods which are provided by the industry of air cargo. Electronic equipment and mail, fresh fruits and other products are shipped by air, forming a list of the essential goods that make life more comfortable, convenient and advanced, if compared to time when people couldn't even dream about air transportation.

Air cargo industry had started with very modest funds for a transportation industry, but nwt air cargo has a turnover of more than 46 billion dollars. 40% of air cargo is done by civil aviation" (according to Dora Kay, President of the International Air cargo association) "Speed and accessibility of air cargo provides a freedom of choice to their customers, promoting business success,…. [read more]

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