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Dual Career Couples Case Study

… Dual-Career Couples:

The employment of dual-career couples has continued to increase in the recent past to the point that these couples account for approximately 40% of today's workforce, a figure that will continue to increase in the future. This is a major shift from the traditional workforce making it a crucial concern for managers since there are many situations where two spouses have careers that are both important. The issue of dual-career couples has become a significant factor in decisions regarding recruitment, promotion, transfer and job commitment since more women are joining today's workforce. As a result of this increase, the advent of dual-career couples has not only caused problems for the working couples but it has also resulted in various challenges to businesses and…. [read more]

Women's Rights Multiculturalism Book Report

… Opponents to multiculturalism argue that the state focuses too much on the importance of cultural diversity and too little on the necessity of each culture affirming its own heritance. Since this is the case, opponents further argue, xenophobia and extremism is on the increase. Drawing upon human rights law, Xanthaki (2010) seeks to show that human rights law endorses multicultural policies and seeks to promote a multicultural vision. Xanthaki (2010) also discusses current challenges concerning multiculturalism. Although multiculturalism is partially addressed in international / human rights law and then only indirectly, it is certain that international law insists upon protecting and respecting individual cultures. On the other hand, there may be instances where according to their particular cultural demands, cultures may separate themselves from their…. [read more]

What Attracting Customers to Purchase Apple Products Research Paper

… ¶ … Attracting Customers to Purchase Apple Products

Investigating the reasons as to why individuals purchase Apple Inc. products.

What attracts customers to purchase Apple products?

The IT industry is the driver of change, but its own change impacts itself as well. Incremental levels of competition force the IT&C manufacturers and vendors to also focus on issues outside product quality. A question is being as such posed relative to the elements which generate the sale of Apple products, particularly the reasons as to why customers buy the respective items. The starting point in the analysis is constituted by a general look at the elements which drive customer purchase decisions, which is then followed by a complex analysis. It is finally concluded that the reasons for…. [read more]

Mix-Methods School Reform Study Exploring Critical Indicators Methodology Chapter

… ¶ … mix-methods school reform study exploring critical indicators designed to assimilate the 21st century learner into the (p -- 16 / k - 20) education systems

While the P-16 and K-20 systems have been implemented to bridge the gap to the P-12 system so that students can seamlessly integrate into tertiary study, little research has been undertaken to address the actual effects of the system. And indeed, a gap still appears to exist as a result of several factors. Poor secondary preparedness, insufficient high school graduation rates, and a lack of accountability by administrators have been among the reasons cited for the problems still experienced by students transitioning from secondary to tertiary education.

Indeed, Schoenfeld (2005, p.1), in reviewing work on the P-16 program,…. [read more]

Direct Investment for British Companies in Saudi Arabia Motivations and Barriers Research Paper

… Brit Saudi Direct Investment

Motivations and Barriers to the Direct Investment of British Firms in Saudi Arabia: A Qualitative Analysis

A qualitative research study consisting of questionnaires delivered to officers at British firms was conducted in order to determine the most commonly perceived motivational factors and barriers to direct investment of British firms in Saudi Arabia. Infrastructure concerns leading to restrained investment have been identified in the literature despite a rampant growth in the Saudi Arabian domestic market and level of infrastructure development and investment. This situation is discussed as a possibly false perception as the research identifies perceptions of infrastructure problems in Saudi Arabia as still presenting a primary barrier to direct investment, and further research ascertaining the cause for this perception is recommended.…. [read more]

Forensic Psychology Review, V Fulero, S Term Paper

… Forensic Psychology Review, v

Fulero, S. And L. Wrightsman. (2008). Forensic Psychology. Cenage. Chapters 9-16.

Child Custody and Related Decisions -- Child custody issues are among the most difficult and challenging for the Forensic Psychologist. A child's mind is not fully developed, and it is often difficult to get at the heart of the matter; to understand what happened with events based on a child's memory. It is also necessary to be extra careful to ensure that the professional does not lead the child toward a conclusion. Thus, by the very nature, a Forensic Psychologist must play different, and sometimes difficult, roles with child custody hearings (mediator, expert, therapist, researcher).

The Court, however, is looking for a neutral professional to deal fairly with cogent explanations…. [read more]

Negative Impact of Video Games on Children Research Paper

… Negative Impact of Videogames on Children

Video Games are very entertaining and for millions of children around the world it is an interesting hobby. These children are able to balance videogames as an entertainment without affecting their real lives. However, as several research studies have shown, video games have become a negative influence for a sizable proportion of children who are not able to achieve this balance. In such children long-term health and behavioral effects have been reported. The development of addictive personality and being lost in the virtual reality of the gaming environment results in a sedentary life style posing a high risk factor for developing obesity and attendant health complications. My personal experience of witnessing friends who are addicted to Grand Theft Auto…. [read more]

Recruitment and Placement Research Paper

… Recruitment and placement are essential aspects of human resources. Human resource management's function "…is an organization's most critical source of information about employment practices….and the effective management of all aspects of human resources" (Sims, 2002, p. 20). Central to this function is the selection recruitment and placement of employees.

Peter Drucker emphasizes the important nature of recruitment and placement in the contemporary business environment. He notes that "…every organization is in competition for its most essential resource: qualified, knowledgeable people. Today's successful organizations need to hire the most qualified people they can at the most competitive price" (Drucker, 1992. P. 95 ). He goes on to state that the recruitment process is therefore one of the most important responsibilities of the HRM function. As Sims…. [read more]

Diversity Global Awareness and Cultural Term Paper

… " (Bruno, 2004)

National and local employers are responsible for correcting racial discrimination policies especially when it comes to promotional standards. Not enough employers are aware of the fact that discrimination is a criminal act. Employees and employers must make a better effort to eliminate the obvious problems. Lawsuits have been steadily increasing because of racially motivated glass ceiling cases and the new global economy may produce even more of these cases. The business community has to take notice. "Trial lawyers gained new financial incentives to pursue employment-law cases against small firms when Congress passed the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1991. That law expanded the remedies available to victims of employment discrimination under statutes such as Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act…. [read more]

Do Rich Nations Have an Obligation to Help Poor Nations? Essay

… Philosophy - Economic Ethics


Rich and Poor by Peter Singer:

In Rich and Poor, Singer outlines the proportion of the global human population that lives in poverty and considers the respective arguments about whether or not (and to what extent) citizens of industrialized so-called First-World countries have a moral obligation to assist citizens of so-called Third-World countries. More than a decade and a half since its writing, the specific facts and figures quoted in the essay are out of date, but the conceptual arguments remain substantially the same, irrespective of any changes in precise population estimates or changed circumstances of any of the nations and peoples referenced by Singer in 1993. In that regard, an unacceptably large percentage…. [read more]

American History X Term Paper

… American History X: A Portrait of Multicultural Interaction for Counselors

By far, American History X is not the first movie to deal with racism. Through artful cinematography, extraordinary relevance, and poignant acting, however, its characters tell the story of not only the consequences of racism, but also its beginnings. Overall, director Tony Kaye and McKenna blatantly expose racism as the fuel of gang warfare in this socially conscious film that all should watch. And through their strong portrayal of a brotherly bond laced with hatred, Edward Norton and Edward Furlong, in their respective roles of Derek and Danny Vinyard, bring emotion to the center of the screen. Though it has a few technical plot clinches that somewhat mitigate the effect of the ending that mixes…. [read more]

Justice in Modern Organizations Term Paper

… Justice in Modern Organizations

Organizational Justice Book Review: concepts, theories, practice, and evaluations of justice in modern organizations

Greenberg, Gerald S. & Jason Colquitt. The Handbook of Organizational Justice.

Mahwah, NJ. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005.

The concept of justice is at least as old as the ancient Greeks, if not older, but the ideals and ideas behind the field of modern organizational justice theory are relatively new to the world. The Handbook of Organizational Justice attempts to provide clarity to the field of organizational studies. It also strives to provide a more concrete definition of organizational justice for managers and management theorists alike. Rather than offering a singular viewpoint, the book is a compilation of often dissenting views of the definition of organizational justice, and…. [read more]

Diversity Specific Studies in Education Term Paper

… Diversity-Specific Studies in Education

Re-examining diversity issues in childhood education: An introduction" examines our ability to provide suitable multicultural training for pre-service teachers. According to Sleeter (2001), educators do not feel prepared to meet the needs of students and families from diverse backgrounds.

The authors surmise that in order to assist teachers in efficiently working with diverse students and their families, re-examination of the definition of diversity is needed. Diversity is typically associated with minority groups classified by ethnicity, race, and/or language. This view inadvertently eliminates many other minorities. Because of this, the primary purpose of addressing diversity issues (and to better understand and help all students learn in the classroom) has been lost in the deliberations. The two main goals of this study were…. [read more]

What Effect Does Diversity Have on Organizational Behaviors Term Paper

… ¶ … diversity have on organizational behaviors?


This research paper provides information regarding comprehending the issue of diversity and its effects on organizational behavior. The paper starts off with a description of some studies which enable to understand the elements of cultural diversity, the factors of cultural diversity which lead towards a successful organization, the dilemmas confronted by organizations desiring to acquire and maintain organizational diversity and how diversity influences the operations of organizations. The study shall further discuss about some studies and theories such as 'Social Identification and Categorization Theory' and 'similarity/attraction theory' which showed a negative link between diversity and organizational behaviors. The paper states that even though there have been studies and theories showing a negative relationship between diversity and organizational…. [read more]

Employee Retention Term Paper

… Employee Retention

The hospitality industry has seemingly exponential growth potential as the economies of many nations begin to merge, creating an environment of heavy travel and increased dependence on an increasingly global economy. Additionally, the increasingly global economy will likely continue to influence leisure exposure to different cultures and places, therefore stressing the importance of industry answers to growth. Through this emphasis on the global nature of business, as well as many other factors the hospitality industry stands to gain members as both customers and employees in just as exponential a fashion as the growth of the industry itself. (Daniels, 1985) Sustainable growth is then the primary factor in need of address in the industry and growth brings with it a whole set of special…. [read more]

Racism Term Paper

… Racism

There are as many ways to think about the issue of race as there are people. Casper Weinberger reportedly stated once that when he looked at Colin Powell he didn't see a black man, he saw a man. Colin Powell replied in response that when he look at Weinberger he did see a whiTe man. The issue in this comment raise the issue of whether humans are capable of completely ignoring race. When we look at a friend, do we see a friend or a blonde? Hair is a very prominent feature, and yet we have never heard anyone say "I don't see a tall man, I see a man," or "I don't see a man with red hair, I see a man." That…. [read more]

Ethnic/Race in the News Media Term Paper

… But all agree that there is room for improvement." (Rifkin) This is undoubtedly the case. The way in which ethnic and racial issues are covered by the media is skewed. The news media, as well as the entertainment aspects of the media, have an agenda to get ratings. This means that morality and social justice are often curbed in order to bring in the most money. "News gathering, to be sure, is a highly imperfect art, and problems with basic facts, not to mention nuances, are common. But when you are talking about conflicts that are at their root racial, ethnic or religious, the stakes are higher. This is the stuff riots, wars and deep-seated prejudices are made of, and the news media has an…. [read more]

Human Resource Planning Term Paper

… HR Plan

Why must an organization have a HR plan in place? Outline the steps that you would include in you HR plan

According to Michelle Kalra, of the online journal, "ProfitGuide," "People are the greatest competitive advantage any company has; they're the source of new ideas (2005)." Thus, in consideration of this striking fact, it is essential that a company put great emphasis on a good HR plan (the mechanism through which this competitive advantage is gained as well as maintained).

A good HR plan allows one to have a vision concerning the HR needs that are forecasted for the year. It also allows one to anticipate the tasks/responsibilities that are likely to be required. This is useful so that the HR department is…. [read more]

Asia Pacific Business China Term Paper

… Furthermore the organizations in Australia are of diverse opinions as compared to the Chinese and the organizations in Australia hold to the belief of harmony on ethnic issues and are more integrated into the thought-process in diversity.

There exist the factors of motivation by autonomy and uncertainty in employment for the Australian manager than for the Chinese. Australians are also more achievement motivated. In comparison to the Chinese independence and control are much less factors of motivations for the Australians as well as being less motivated by security on the economic level. Finally Australians are less motivated by ambition.

"Compared to their Chinese, Indian and South African counterparts, Australian managers indicate a significantly higher commitment to ethical principles with lower commitment to business objectives regardless…. [read more]

Race in Social Services Term Paper

… Of course, like most other organizations in the United States today, CII, too, has to necessarily take cognizance of racial issues related to affirmative action. This implies that CII does take a stand on racial issues as and when they arise since in today's climate, it is critical for any organization to ensure that there are no discriminatory nuances or practices in its human resources management or in the services it renders. Thus, CII takes a great deal of care to ensure that its members treat all population segments equally. In fact, CII's policy vis-a-vis racial diversity has assured that there are no stereotypical comments made regarding race or ethnic groups, even if such comments are not negative.

One important point to note, however, is…. [read more]

Governing Race: Politics, Process Term Paper

… She writes, "Specifically, current trends in voter registration, education, income, and housing all suggest a shift in the locus of the race problem" (Moore 113). Therefore, Blacks may have made some progress in some areas, but overall, racial minorities in America are still far less successful and empowered as their white neighbors, coworkers, and counterparts. Perhaps the most contentious legislation during this time was "affirmative action," which many people still see as a way to reverse discriminate and keep qualified whites from jobs, education, and housing so that minorities can regain some of what they have lost in the past.

In the final chapter, the author presents "An Overview: Race, Process, and Policy." She reiterates many of her assumptions, and backs them up with statistics…. [read more]

Gutmann Democracy and Education Term Paper

… In contrast, Gutmann never goes so far as to make such strong claims. Instead, her book is a rare and valuable look at the democratic theory behind education.

She argues that a theory of education is needed in order to allow for the proper analysis and debate of ideas of public education. She notes, "When the theory remains implicit, we cannot adequately judge its principles or the policy prescriptions that flow from them." Further, if we avoid theory, we "do not collectively know good educational policy when we see it; we cannot make good educational policy by avoiding political controversy; nor can we make principled educational policy without exposing our principles and investigating their implications" (p 6).

Further, Gutmann makes the case that this theory…. [read more]

Epoch of Resentment Throughout History Term Paper

… However, one fact is clear: our society has become increasingly "disposable," with individuals placing their own self-interests (often the pursuit of material possessions) before the greater societal needs. The problem with this is that members of Generation X and Generation Y now increasingly look to the government to cure society's many ills, i.e., crime, failing educational systems, homelessness, urban decay, etc. rather than taking the initiative to unite and help find solutions for these problems. While the government arguably has some role in certain issues such as crime and education, the government, like individuals, is not a "money tree" full of unlimited resources. In order for future generations to return to some of the "old school" beliefs (i.e., hard work, honesty, integrity, monogamy, value of…. [read more]

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