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Affordable Health Care Act Impact Thesis

… By law, persons who for religious or other reasons are unable to join these schemes are exempted. According to Scott (2013)

, it is this duty of individuals that makes universal coverage possible. Without this legal mandate, a large number of persons who are healthy would not see value in risk pooling and thus would not enroll for insurance coverage. Similarly, private health insurance would not eliminate discriminatory pricing that favor the healthy individuals. Private insurance providers cannot protect themselves from adverse selections since they have a duty to provide insurance to all individuals.

As suggested by Genevieve et al. (2012)

, the ACA is basically a three-legged stool that connects the broken ties between employers, private health insurers and individuals. The first stool leg…. [read more]

Affordable Care Act Impact on Businesses Term Paper

… Affordable Care Act is being rolled out at this time and will have been completely rolled-out by sometime in 2014. Under this Act, employers over 50 FTEs will be forced to either provide adequate and affordable health care coverage for their employees or pay a responsibility fee. The company needs to examine our options, both from a financial perspective and from a recruitment and retention perspective when weighing which of these options is best for our company. Other issues include the creation of health care exchanges - something from which we might benefit, and the ways that the ACA will affect the industry. The way that insurance companies respond to the Act could affect us, in terms of either the premiums we are asked to…. [read more]

Affordable Healthcare Act Obamacare Term Paper

… Obamacare

While both President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama held office, there was a major debate regarding healthcare policies. At a time when people are living longer, it is evident that healthcare is of utmost pertinence. Although the policies that President Clinton and President Obama implemented were at different time spans, the policies implemented were utilized to answer the need of a crying people who without the policies would not receive healthcare. Just the other day as I perused in Wal-Mart, I observed an older couple counting their money in order to have enough to pay for a prescription. It was heart-breaking and made the facts that will later be mentioned regarding healthcare surreal to me. Below, I will go into grave detail regarding…. [read more]

Affordable Care Act of 2010 Essay

… Although today Romney shies away from discussing that healthcare legislation -- he wants to appeal to the Tea Party and to conservatives by opposing Obama's plan, which is nearly identical to the one he got passed in Massachusetts -- the fact is the Massachusetts health plan -- passed by a Republican governor in cooperation with a Democratic state legislature -- is still in place in that state and it is very effective, according to objective news reports.

Gruber (National Tax Journal) reports that in fact there has been "…a dramatic expansion of health insurance coverage" in Massachusetts. One survey shows that there had been a "60% decline in the uninsured since 2006"; but in contrast, during that time the national population that was uninsured rose…. [read more]

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Research Paper

… Among individuals getting subsidies, the subsidies are anticipated to be valued at an estimated cost of $6,000 for every family unit, which would viably discount the anticipated cost of protection by two-thirds (Pinger & Kotecki, 2012). Insurance cover will not just be cheaper for purchasers, but will likewise save the federal government cash by reducing the cost associated with subsidies.

For the impact on health protection premiums, the CBO alluded to its November 2009 investigation and expressed that the impacts will "likely be truly comparative" to that prior dissection. The examination figures project that premiums for all individuals will expand by close to thirteen percent by 2016. However, more than half of the insured might gain subsidies that will reduce premiums to below premiums charged…. [read more]

Affordable Care Act Health Care Reform Capstone Project

… Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Health Care Act

The hospital industry is comprised of many different sectors including, but not limited to, non-profit and for-profit hospitals, safety net hospitals and teaching hospitals among others. Because the sectors are so varied, it is surmised that the Affordable Care Act, which was enacted in March of 2010, will have different effects for each different sector and individual hospital. There are certain hospitals that have always given either low-cost or no-cost health care to uninsured patients and it is posited that these hospitals will gain the most in relation to the uncompensated care that they have given patients. It is believed that there are substantial provisions within the Affordable Care Act that will have a beneficial effect on…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform Essay

… As a nurse administrator, one has to be vigilant so as to make sure that the nursing and other paramedic staff is working with honesty and competence to help the people who are sick. It is also the role of the nurse administrator to make sure that all the equipment required for primary or preventive care is available at the hospital or the health care center. The nurse administrator has to see whether or not the attendance of the nursing staff is up to the mark or not. The aim of the nurses should not just be to provide treatment or services, but also to counsel the patients. The patients need to be told that if they develop the same symptoms again they should come…. [read more]

Health Care Essay

… Address the proposition that health care quality is currently a national priority. Include one or more examples from health policy and/or current events to support your response.

Health care quality is indeed a national priority. In many instances, quality healthcare is a societal priority as lives are significantly impacted by it. To begin, due to the Affordable Care Act of 2010, the healthcare profession is undergoing a fundamental shift in regards to the patient experience. The U.S. health care system is now shifting the focus from acute and specialty care to that of primary care. This shift will alter the skills and qualifications needed to be successful on the job. Also, due primarily to that aging of the baby boomer generation, the need for primary…. [read more]

Ethics of Good Business Research Paper

… They are also more probable to visit physicians, to get consistent checkups, to take remedy drugs and to have definite chronic illnesses. Nonetheless Marcia D. Greenberger, who is the president of the National Women's Law Center, made the point that the defense was "extremely questionable" since the differences varied significantly from one underwriter to another.

Cost of Procedures

When introduced about 20 years ago, the user fees at the time were anticipated to progress effectiveness, competence, and equity. However, a considerable body of literature has been displaying that when it comes down to different medical procedures, women's cost are far more than the men's are. Waivers and exceptions for the poor also did not help because, along with other reasons, they were difficult to administer.…. [read more]

Business Proposal Staffing Business Proposal

… Staffing

Business Staffing Plan for a Long-Term Healthcare Facility

The importance of effectively and intuitively staffing a healthcare facility such as a Health Promotion Program cannot be overstated. The correlation between, for instance, nurse-patient ratios and healthcare outcomes is well-known. This is why a staffing plan must be comprehensive and detailed. The outline for staffing solutions for the healthcare institution discussed in prior documentation includes an explanation of the positions required and the structure of their respective roles.

As we outline the various positions called for, we recognize that evolving legislation, patient needs and technological capabilities have altered the healthcare staffing landscape. For instance, patient classification systems such as the one in place at our facility can help to identify staffing requirements. Here, our Expert…. [read more]

Castle Restaurants Business Plan Business Plan

… Because the HRIS and the HRMS software is complex -- and the training can be demanding -- a new company may be slow to become fully functional. A host vendor system must be the primary data source for the major functional divisions of the company. For example, all human resources data should be available on an HRMS system. Although the software is complex, the criteria for selecting vendors are simple: Ease of use, facilitates communication and collaboration, accurate reporting, and quick set up time. In addition, use of the HRIS and HRMS systems translates into the elimination of errors and duplicate data entry, less paperwork due to shared databases, consolidated reporting.

Technical Specifications of Sage Abra HRMS

Delphia Consulting is the creator and publisher of…. [read more]

Affordable Care Act and the Tax Reform Issues of 2013 Essay

… Affordable Care Act

Over the last several years, the U.S. has been dealing with tremendous economic challenges. This is because of the stagnant economy, rising inflation and fiscal problems impacting all levels of government. The results are that these factors have been compounded to make life more difficult for the average American. ("Number of Uninsured," 2012) ("Obama Care Adds Trillions," 2012)

Evidence of this can be seen with the fact that there are 48 million people who have no health insurance. This is from the large number of unemployed losing coverage when they were furloughed. To make matters worse, there is little support from government programs (which have been cutting back on funding in the areas). This is in order to address the budgetary shortfalls…. [read more]

Affordable Care Act a Current Essay

… Also, hospitals nationwide will be paid based on the quality of care they deliver, not just on the "quantity of care provided" (White House). It will be easier for healthcare organizations to coordinate the care needed by patients through the "Accountable Care Organizations" established by the Act (White House).

What are the Arguments for and against the Law?

It should be noted that this legislation passed through the House of Representatives with no Republican votes. It passed the U.S. Senate with no Republican votes. The arguments against the legislation were several; the opponents of Obama and of the legislation attacked the Act: a) the legislation is socialized medicine; b) the legislation is a government takeover of healthcare; c) Obamacare will increase the national deficit; d)…. [read more]

Affordable Care Act Legal Studies Term Paper

… Depending on how this fee is defined, whether it is a penalty, tax, or something else, may determine whether the Anti-Injunction Act (AIA) applies. The AIA is relevant because it contains a ripeness provision that prevents courts from getting involved in suits designed to forestall tax collection before any attempt to collect a tax has been made. In Liberty University v. Geithner the 4th Circuit Court was divided over this issue. In a separate case the 6th Circuit declared it a penalty and therefore not a tax. The D.C. Circuit is currently hearing arguments over this issue in Seven-Sky v. Holder. Whether the ripeness provision of AIA applies may be an issue the U.S. Supreme Court will take under consideration.

Commerce Clause

The ACA was…. [read more]

Business of Health Care Term Paper

… Coverage -- In a move to give health insurance coverage, additional people will generate a new trend of challenges. Failure to improve access means there would be still a problem in care delivery. Medicaid and Medicaid patients have demonstrated it challenging to find a physician or doctor. Having adequate health care providers to take care of new patients will be in short supply (Kolker, 2011). Besides the downside of the new provision, there is much opportunity.

Opinion of the ideal health care system

It must be noted that the GDP of the United States is higher than that of other nations; consequently, the United States' higher rate of healthcare expenditure is immense. Other numerous elements influencing health including social and cultural conditions, economic and social…. [read more]

Business Management Plan Term Paper

… Failure to implement the new practice in the form of APN practice would result into lack of efficiency in the service delivery as well as increment in the cost of operations. The organization will continue to accumulate massive operational costs thus transferring the burden to the consumers or patients and their families. This is an indication of poor service delivery and planning for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the reformed health care systems in the modern society.

Negotiate essential elements of an employment contract for an advanced practice nurse in a selected care setting

Professional resume is vital in the preparation and submission during the interview process. Written employment contracts are essential in relation to provision of protection of the nurse and…. [read more]

Business Intelligence Creating, Implementing Essay

… The four layers of BI systems (Application Layer, Business Layer, Data Cleansing Layer and Data Source Layer) are dedicated to the execution of systems' major tasks.

Any organization could benefit from business intelligence (BI). BI can help in solving issues related to in-depth analysis, location of important information and retaining of historical values. Advanced analysis functionality provided by business intelligence permits all organizations to define their hierarchies. Filtering is another important tool offered by BI. Business Intelligence connects healthcare centers, clubs, resorts and other organizations with effective control and distribution systems. It specifies which employee can have access to which report or data. This intelligent system not only focuses on elimination of spreadsheets but also on the controlled linkage of the spreadsheets. BI tools were…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform History of Socialized Medicine American Term Paper

… Healthcare Reform

History of Socialized Medicine

American Health care history

Allopathic vs. Homeopathic Approaches to Healing

The medical industrial complex

The Affordable Care Act in Detail

Impact of the Affordable Health Care Act on Nursing Profession

The New Face of Health Care

Challenges for the Health Care Industry

The Prevalence of Doubt

All of this regard about the state of the American health care system has been reaching what some may call a slow boil. It is no surprise that Health care at the moment ranks among the top three concerns that the American public wants those in legislation to address, and it is most sure intertwined with rising concerns in regards to the financial uncertainty. The increasing price of healthcare in today's economy is…. [read more]

Uninsured Population Insurance Premiums Budget Research Paper

… The Census Bureau released a report in 2011, showed a 1.6% decline in the uninsured employees that age from 20-25. In term of number the 1.6% is a small figure but it accounts for 393,000 people insuring themselves in just over a year's time. Another report showed that out of the 4 million businesses that were offered the insurance program, almost 175,000 claimed it. (Blendon, 2010)

Insurance Premiums:

The second important impact of the PPACA Act was on the insurance premiums. Through the PPACA Act the insurance companies were ordered by the state to charge less premium amount on the policies in order to encourage people buying the insurance policies. In order to cover these insurance companies, the state had given subsidies. The insurance companies…. [read more]

History of Health Care Mandate Essay

… 5 million.


The U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision regarding the constitutionality of the ACA has sent ripples through American society. Although the debate regarding the legislation continues, consumers, employers and insurers must prepare themselves for the implementation of the act. Because of the Supreme Court's decision the ACA has become established law and, barring further action by Congress, the various provisions of the Act will gradually go into effect and everyone must be prepared to adjust their behavior in accordance with the legislation.

The battle over the availability of universal health care in the United States has been prolonged and acrimonious. Legislation has been enacted that addresses the issue but it has not ended the debate. Presently, the evidence as to the viability of…. [read more]

Obamacare Good for the Economy? Research Paper

… (Farazmand, 2001)

However social policies have been reflected in a number of areas including education, poverty and Medicare. There has been great progress post globalization where there was a revision of this trend where government moves the welfare services to the private sector to help it continue the services is unique to the United States, while in other countries the duality exists with the states bearing the burden of not only providing but also maintaining and innovating such services. (Farazmand, 2001)

There have been success previously in the medical policies and there is no reason why in the case of the Obamacare also it would not be a success. For example the medical policy like accountable care organizations -- ACO has solved the issues like…. [read more]

ACA Code of Ethics Essay

… ACA Code of Ethics

A Brief Profile of the Client

Deborah is the client. She is a 45 years old housewife who suffers from manic depression. She is highly educated with a law degree and used to practice it until 20-year ago. This is when she decided to stay at home and take care of her two sons. During this time, Deborah had frequent headaches and is taking cortisone shots to control her headaches. Moreover, she is also using anti-depressants which induced from her deteriorating mental condition and inactivity. ("ACA Code of Ethics," 2013)

Recently, Deborah has been seeking out the assistance of a mental health professional named Dr. Franklin. He is a friend of her husband (Steve) who works at the same hospital and…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform Lowering Costs in Health Care Essay

… Healthcare Reform

Lowering costs in Health Care

Changes in the Health Care Act have sought to lower the costs of health care for Americans. Reports made available indicate that the only change that has seen the light of the day is the opposite of what we had expected. The changes have increased costs of care leading to increased complexities surrounding the already confused system. Collections of new pages about the regulation and higher taxes have led to enormous impacts on the small business community and American families. This has contributed significantly to the slow recovery of the stock market.

Major non-partisan tax and budget authorities have confirmed that the Health Care Act has been amended to impose a trillion of dollars on innocent public members.…. [read more]

Obama Care Plan Health Term Paper

… According to Congressional Budget Office the plan will help reduce deficit by a startling $138 million over ten years (Health Care Reform, 2012). Although the statistics are subject to debate but the new plan ensures that costs are not distributed evenly but the plan actually helps in curbing the overspending crisis currently present in this particular industry. By cutting on the deficit our modern citizens can use money from bank at lower prices and bridging the deficit will help in improving the economic and employment status in the country.

Another extension of this argument is that Obama's plan helps curtail overpayment to insurers. In Bush's administration overpayment was of such nature that insurers were being subsidized for which the economy got nil benefits in return.…. [read more]

America's Healthcare Reform Your Chosen Essay

… Tax credits for small business that provide employees with healthcare coverage have also been inserted into the act as a way to encourage employers to provide coverage for their employees.

It appears that this new law will be beneficial for the healthcare system in America. It will allow virtually everyone to be insured. This is important because healthcare insurers often leave their clients or potential clients uninsured when they need it most. This often leads to suffering and financial struggles for those with serious medical conditions and also for their family. It also appears as though the quality of insurance plans will improve. If everyone is forced to apply for insurance and insurance companies are forced to accept these applicants it will create more competition…. [read more]

Comprehensive Consultancy Business Plan Research Paper

… Business Consulting

Demographics: where in san Antonio is the best place to lease the office and why

San Antonio figures in the Fortune 500 list of 2014. It is home to five top businesses in the list, out of the 50 in Texas that find a mention in this prestigious ensemble. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and at the same time, it is very stable. The unemployment rates are among the lowest. In spite of the advantages it offers, the cost of living is not very high, either. Its inherent economic strength is amply exhibited by the fact that its growth was untouched by the Great Depression that shook the entire nation in recent times.

The city is well…. [read more]

Obama Health Care Program Essay

… Arguing that the opportunity still exists for large out-of-pocket expenses to be accumulated, such individuals argue that the Obama plan should have little or no impact on the rate of bankruptcy in America due to medical expenses.

One of the other concerns often expressed by opponents of the Obama plan is that it will result in the loss of the right to choose one's own physician. The almost familial relationship between patient and physician in the United States is valued by many and is something that many want to protect. The fear among many is that the introduction of the Obama plan will interfere with the perpetuation of these relationships.

Critics of the Obama plan, however, argue that the plan would cause a decline in…. [read more]

Hisory of Palliatve Care Palliative Ghost Writing

… Development of instrument that can be used in improvement of palliative care

There are legal standards that are being used in the United States to help sustain the lives of young children. Creation of machines to help in the program to sustain lives especially of those children suffering from long life diseases like cancer is the current project. This is an initiative taken by the pediatric palliative care department. The program will play a significant role in prolonging lives especially to those children with serious illness. Two instruments in the suggestion for use and reviews made to see the effectiveness. Parents and palliative care employees from various institutions gave opinions to act as a guideline on the effectiveness and progress. The instruments are essential in…. [read more]

Ilegal Aliens Impact in California on Business Thesis

… ¶ … Ilegal aliens impact in California on Business, Public Schools, Criminal Justice and health care



Constantly increasing over the last couple of years, despite some measures to curb this trend

Encouraged by economic processes and the need to counter competitiveness on the market with cheap labor

Hard to control, especially at the land border

Hard to control once entered in the U.S.

21,911,918 illegal immigrants in the U.S. At this point (

382,286 illegal immigrants incarcerated

1,489,287,084 - cost of illegal immigrants incarceration

698,012 illegal immigrant fugitives

10,839,080 skilled jobs taken by illegal immigrants



Constant increase from 1992 to 2007, according to all three types of statistics (INS,…. [read more]

Health Care System Essay

… Health Care System

There are many factors that have affected the development of the health care system in the U.S. These include a larger number of baby boomers needing services, a significant number of individuals who do not have health insurance, and a political system that is struggling with ways to accommodate those needing insurance without raising debt levels beyond where they already are. All three of those issues are major concerns for the country at the current time, and they do not show signs of going away anytime soon. The large number of baby boomers cannot be helped, but because there is such a significant number of Americans reaching Medicare age all at once the system is going to be burdened with their cost…. [read more]

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