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Affordable Housing Chicano Communities Term Paper

… Chicano Community Housing Crisis

Chicano Housing Crisis Plagues U.S. Communities

Supporting the Latino Community

The Honorable Senator Murray of Washington State feels that immigration is one of the most important issues that Latino communities face. She takes the stance that immigration should be more compassionate towards the human side of immigration, while continuing to protect our national interests. She suggests a plan that will lead to a path towards immigration and full status. Her plan also includes attention toward the establishment of community health centers to increase access to healthcare for the Latino community.

A key focus of the plan is on providing better education for those that speak English as a second language. Improving education in the Latino communities will help to resolve many…. [read more]

Chicano Affordable Housing in the United States Term Paper

… Chicano Affordable Housing

In the United States, there is a current crisis of housing for many different ethnic groups. Racial discrimination, homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, poverty, and a lack of affordable housing makes obtaining a place of residence difficult for millions of Americans. Additionally, discrimination in banking procedures, real estate agencies, and housing prices makes home ownership a near impossibility. While both federal and local assistance is available, such programs often are difficult to obtain, and can be difficult to qualify for.

This paper discusses the current crisis of affordable housing as it related to one particular ethnic group, that of the Mexican-American, or Chicano community. We will examine the reasons for the current crisis of affordable housing, and will discuss the role of…. [read more]

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