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African Public Finance the Heritage Foundation Released Essay

… African Public Finance

The Heritage Foundation released its 2012 annual Economic Freedom Index which measures "10 benchmarks that gauge the economic success of 184 countries around the world" ( About. 2012. PP. 1 ). Two direct neighbors in Sub-Saharan Africa: Botswana and Zimbabwe demonstrate the extent to which government policy can engender or strangle: economic activity, capital formation, national savings, infrastructure development, and foreign direct investment. Botswana is a marker for economic freedom and strong growth with the "second best score (69.6) out of 46 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region…and a world rank of 33" ( Botswana. 2012. PP. 1). Contrastly, Zimbabwe's overall score of 26.3 leaves the nation last in the "46 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region…and 178th in world ranking (…. [read more]

Innovative Practices in Public School Term Paper

… Participation on a daily basis both independently, in small groups and in whole class debates.

Effort both in and out of class should be emphasized. (homework should be assigned on a daily basis)

Attitude towards education: all students should be anticipated to come to class ready and eager to do their work on a daily basis.

Conclusion of performance tasks in the classroom and the attempt and skill revealed all through the tasks.

Observations ought to be made all through class work.

Teachers have got to review the development of all the students each and every day. They must assess how a student is doing in class together with what a student can and cannot do yet; and then modify their teaching in an effort…. [read more]

Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa Term Paper

… Malaria in Sub-Sahara Africa

It is beyond any shadow of doubt that malaria is the world's most lethal bloodsucking infection. DDT is a customary choice in the Sub-Sahara African Countries to control Malaria. These countries have given notifications that they are preserving the privilege to utilize DDT against malaria. The effect of the successful ban on the use of DDT could have in-depth repercussions for numerous developing countries in the Sub-Sahara Africa since DDT has been an extremely cost effective measure to control the spread of malaria.

The paper reviews the first program to control the spread of malaria in Sub-Saharan African Countries that started in the 1920s with larval restrain. It had not been until DDT substituted parathyroid that the program for malaria control…. [read more]

Interventionism From the Perspective Case Study

… These studies serve as the foundation for this present analysis.

Other studies have shown that foreign military intervention can easily be conducted even if they are in violation of the United Nations charter and lack authorization of the Security Council (Cassese 1999). This shows that countries can and do act on their own in engaging in interventionism. The motives for doing so are what this study plans to investigate.

A number of Western countries support humanitarian interventionism but they have not yet intervened in Syria. The reality behind humanitarian interventionism is that there are clear political, geopolitical, and economical consequences to every foreign intervention. Intervention is not merely a humanitarian crusade but rather a highly explosive affair that can cripple countries' infrastructures and have global…. [read more]

TANF Time Limits the Temporary Research Paper

… Rawls stipulated that that very basic principles of justice must be set, the constitution to codify these guidelines must be put in place, laws will then be enacted based on this constitution and then judges/administrators will then implement these laws as enacted by duly elected Congress-people and signed into law by the President (Rawls, 1985).

A lot of that framework is already in place in the United States but some of the execution and interpretations that are being done relative to TANF and other simply programs sometimes border on the atrocious. However, as it relates to needy mothers being abused by the system, there is entirely too much top-down and simply ignorant rules being made. It is noble to make sure that rules and guidelines…. [read more]

Parental Alienation Syndrome a Family Systems Perspective Research Proposal

… Parental Alienation Syndrome: A Systemic Perspective

One of the unfortunate consequences of marital dissolution is the impact that it can have on the children of the marriage, particularly younger children. In those situations where children are trapped in the middle of parental conflict and leads to separation or divorce, studies have shown that they are at a higher risk for a number of psychosocial problems, including intentional efforts to ally children with one parent in ways that pit the parent against the other. These efforts become particularly harmful in those cases where the alignment becomes sufficiently entrenched in children that they actually collude with one parent to reject the other parent entirely, or to denigrate the other parent who had previously been cherished and loved.…. [read more]

Education: The Intolerance of Zero Term Paper

… For the girls, poor academic performance proved to be the most significant warning sign for later delinquent behavior. However, in the case of the boys, it was peer rejection that proved most important.

Of the 26 male adolescents who displayed high levels of antisocial adolescent behavior, 38% were rejected by their peers in elementary school....Likewise, of the 24 male children identified as being rejected by their peers in elementary school, 40% went on to display high levels of adolescent delinquent behavior. (Lewin, Davis, and Hops, 1999, 18) strong adverse reaction to peer rejection was taken as a sign of the subject's having a very high sensitivity level. A high sensitivity level combined with an inclination toward aggressive behavior is the most common cause of physically…. [read more]

Educational Vouchers: Multiple Issues Term Paper

… More than two-thirds of high school students either dropped or failed out before graduation. Of those students who managed to reach their senior year, one of every four still failed to graduate. Of those students who did graduate, few could read, write, or compute at levels comparable to their counterparts in other cities

(Zelman, et al., v. Simmons-Harris et al., 2002).

As to the Court's rejection of the church vs. state, the Rehnquist view (for the majority) was that, though it was indeed government money going into voucher parents' hands and then into the hands of religious schools, it was not government money going directly to religious schools. It was a case " which government aid reaches religious schools only as a result of the…. [read more]

Territorial Expansion Essay

… He was against the concept of centralized government and had not penned the Constitution. Despite the fact that he had written the Declaration of Independence, Thomas had not authored the Constitution. He was renowned for supporting state wise rights and had not agreed with Alexander Hamilton over the creation of the National Bank either. His perspective was that if a power of authority was not part of the Constitution, then, the state had the right to decide upon the matter. Jefferson had to sacrifice his ideals for the greater good in the procurement of the Louisiana land. If he had waited to legally amend the Constitution, then there was a possibility that the French would take back their offer. (Kelly, 2011)

Another concern was that…. [read more]

Adam Smith and David Ricardo Term Paper

… Adam Smith & David Ricardo - Political Economy

To compare two persons who began and closed the theories of what was then called 'political economy' and the classical school of Economics necessitates the comparison of their intellectual and general lives. It also involves the comparison of the environment and the intellectual climate of the times that influenced Adam Smith, the 'father of economics'; and Ricardo who contributed most of the theories in the classical economics along with Mill and Malthus. They were not contemporaries and the comparison between them could be only on the principles which were common and which they agreed to and disagreed in. Smith was a philosopher and jurist who studied the economy of his times. His first popular work 'The theory…. [read more]

Rural vs. Urban Health Care Disparities Dissertation

… Health Care Disparity in Maryland

Context of the Problem

Unsettling Disparities Occur

Approximately 1,600,000 individuals who live in Maryland either do not have access to healthcare as they cannot afford insurance and/or are underinsured.

In "Health care reform: a vital issue for Maryland's nurses," Anne S. Kasper and Leni Preston (2008) stress this unsettling fact, as they point out that Maryland ranks number 24 in the United States in the number of uninsured residents. Fifteen percent of Maryland's population, almost 800,000 people, in fact, is not insured. The significance of the fact relating to those who do not have access to healthcare, Kasper, and Preston (2008) assert, increases as this magnificent number of individuals without access to healthcare does…. [read more]

Strategic Management Practices and Bahamian Culture Using Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Literature Review

… Strategic Management Practices and Bahamian Culture

Bahamian Insurance Industry: Background

The Bahamian insurance industry is divided into two main braches: one domestic, one captive and each operate without regard to the other, overseen by their own act of Parliament (Oxford, 2009). Within this field, around 100 companies are engaged in business, the bulk of them working as brokers, with just a few working as underwriters, working closely together when they do (Oxford, 2009). There appears to be a system of checks in place: agents aren't able to underwrite, and companies cannot engage in sales pitches to prospective customers directly (Oxford, 2009). The Office of the Registrar of Insurance Companies (ORIC) which is looked after by the Ministry of Finance regulates the entire insurance arena and…. [read more]

Applied Logistics and Supply Chain Management Dissertation

… ¶ … oil and gas industry in Libya is also directly reliant on global prices that are based on supply and demand; and any revenues generated at a given point in time depend in large part on how effective the supply chain is in mitigating the high costs of production and transporting the final product to customers. The purpose of this study was to provide a comparison between an American oil industry firm, Mobil, the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company in the field of supply chain management in the United States from the perspective of the Toyota supply chain approach. This analysis will then be applied to a Libyan oil industry firm, Alwaha, to identify best practices for Alwaha in developing…. [read more]

Economics in Ancient Civilization Literature Review

… Source: Stein, Kenneth, 1995.

Egyptologists point to the extent by which tributary construction was attributed to leaders of Ancient Egypt is evidence that continuity was sought in proclamations of economic and political stability; composed in perpetuity as a standard of perfection dictated by those rulers. Tomb paintings referencing elaborate banquets and trade activities in the afterlife, give some inference into the sophistication of everyday economy in the region (de la Croix and Tansey). Mummies provide important support of this fact, and dietary assessments reveal much about the abundance and fortitude of Ancient Egypt at a time when the inhabitants of Europe were largely migratory with caves as the only source of protection from the elements.

According to Wharburton (2000) in Before the IMF: the economic…. [read more]

Federalism the Fundamental Principle Behind Term Paper

… Federalism

The fundamental principle behind the notion of federalism is that no particular level of government can unilaterally wield power over an entire nation. "The Constitution enumerated the powers of the new federal government in Article I, section 8. Writing in Federalist Paper No. 45, James Madison described those powers as 'few and definite,' compared to the 'numerous and indefinite' powers of the states." Broadly, the federal government is responsible for identifying the fundamental laws and ideologies of a nation that the territories are allowed to address as they see fit. It also, however, pertains to specific mechanisms. In this respect, federalism within the United States can be exemplified by the specific mechanism by which amendments are be ratified: amendments require approval of two-thirds of…. [read more]

International Regulation of Tourism Term Paper

… "

Lake Vostok has since become one of the few causes of disagreement between the international college of nations with interests in Antarctica; the Lake Vostok problems will be outlined later in this report. It is notable, however, even before the controversy and scientific quandaries that have vexed scientists and nations the past few years. Not since 1858, when Africa explore John Speke first stood on the banks of Lake Victoria, the headwaters of the Nile, has a formerly undiscovered body of water of such magnitude been added to the map of the globe. (In the case of Lake Victoria, however, it was only a 'discovery' to Europeans and Americans and those of other continents; Africans had known of it all along. The same cannot…. [read more]

Cities in International Politics Research Proposal

… City Diplomacy: The Increasing Role of Cities in International Politics

Over the past several decades, there has been a tendency for cities to be involved internationally and this is stated to demonstrate that demonstrates that the maintenance of international relations is no longer exclusively the domain of national governments. This is because cities are beginning to step into their own place on the international stage. The following thesis focuses on city diplomacy and the increasing role of cities in the use of diplomatic tools in the international relations arena. Relations among states are managed through diplomacy and by diplomats however, diplomacy is also used by local governments in their defense of certain interests in the international community.

Cities, ruled by local governments, have gained acceptance…. [read more]

Planning and Marketing Conferences Term Paper

… This can be circulated to the members before the start of the workshop. This is not very difficult as most marketing people know four or five people who would like to meet each other and talk among themselves. Most of the time, frustrations in marketing, among the executives arise due to their high and unrealistic expectations. This sort of expectations should be avoided and the realistic targets should be set in the areas of significant growth, brand differentiation, persuasion through advertising and maximizing the profit to shareholders. (Use meetings and conferences in your marketing mix) The greatest importance of personal contacts is for travel agents who have to seek out profitable clients including small and mid-sized businesses. (Snagging those small, profitable corporate clients)

Administering a…. [read more]

Adult Education Programs and Activities in the United States Toward a Balanced History Thesis

… Adult Education Programs and Activities in the United States: Toward a Balanced History

What 'should' be included in adult education histories?

The historical field continues to be looked at in a less favourable way as its purpose is not understood well, but also because historians often fail to present all elements and sides to a historical event. In this order of ideas, the adult education histories should contain vast references to all participants to an event, recollections from various sides, a wider coverage of the occurred events, and most importantly, all these must be presented in an unbiased manner. In other words, the adult educational histories should contain more than the "big trees."

How is the purpose behind writing a history related to ideas about…. [read more]

Korean American Essay

… Korean-American Journal Entry

Korean-Americans have made a contribution to the American experience for over a century. The first wave of immigrants from Korea came after Japan began to exert its dominance over the neighboring nation. Koreans fleeing their homeland were drawn to the island of Hawaii, where they knew they could find work on sugar plantations. However, this first wave of Korean immigration to the U.S. was small, as the Immigration Act of 1924 was passed soon afterwards. This Act severely limited immigration from Asia. The Act was a potent example of how racism affected early immigration policy. Politicians in power intended to keep 'America for Americans' and prevent further waves of immigration of non-whites. Even spouses were prevented from rejoining husbands and wives in…. [read more]

Head Start, Social Control Theory Term Paper

… The Social Control theorists start with the idea that human actions are by character disruptive and aberrant.

Travis Hirschi affirms that people do sins because it is in their nature to do so and we are all animals and are in nature capable of doing criminal acts. The query that really needs a solution is why do most people do not make sins. Social Control theorists would see offenders as acting out of their most primitive likings. This viewpoint asserts that members in society form union with other members in society or association in society such as parents, pro-social friends, churches, schools, teachers and sports teams, to name a few. (Box, 1981, p.15)

The devotion to social norms of behavior and to achieve in regard…. [read more]

Playboy in America Research Paper

… English Literature

Playboy in America

Playboy Magazine persists to be the best American adult magazine selling over one million copies monthly in the U.S., fifty-three years subsequent to its initial copy. Certainly Playboy magazine has exceeded the true test of time from its original issue in 1953 with none other than Marilyn Monroe as the centerfold. In spite of getting barred from numerous nations because of the explicit pictures of its female models, Playboy Magazine keeps on to see sales persist to increase (Playboy Magazine: History of an American Icon, 2006).

Hugh Hefner is the founder and publisher of the magazine Playboy, which was first produced in 1953. In the beginning this magazine personified the youthful revolt in opposition to both the oppression of the…. [read more]

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