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African-American Leaders in the 1950s the Student Thesis

… ¶ … African-American

Leaders in the 1950s

The student leaders that emerged in America during the 1950s were standing on the ground that African-Americans deserved the same rights as other Americans. The mood was ripe for change as Rosa Parks began the spark of this movement when she refused to give her seat on a bus. Another issue that created momentum in this movement was the Brown v. Board of Education ruling. These events marked a collective change in African-Americans because they realized that they could accomplish things and see results. It should be noted that these attitudes and movements were not readily accepted. One year after the Brown ruling, a "Southern Manifesto" (Davidson 1144) materialized, urging individuals to use "all lawful means" (1144) to…. [read more]

African-American Male Students in Community-Centered After-School Programs Literature Review

… African-American Male Students in Community-Centered After-School Programs

It is said that the teenage years are the most critical when it comes to determining how a person enters adulthood and who they will be as adults. African-American males are of teens that are left out and therefore do not get the whole experience on how to face challenges and life that awaits upon reaching adulthood. This work is to look at the behavior of African-American male youths and how that behavior can shape after school programs that can make their future brighter.

Teenage years of an individual are the most critical and substantial years that determines how the person would be in their adulthood. Therefore, in terms of growth and development of a child, these years…. [read more]

African-American History Between 1914 and 1929 Term Paper

… African-American History

Between 1914 and 1929, approximately one million African-American individuals moved from the rural south to the more industrial north in a mass exodus known as the Great Migration. This movement was caused by a number of economic, environmental, and social forces that together made life in the northern states far more attractive to the African-American population. This paper will discuss those forces, and how they interacted to help create one of the largest migrations in U.S. history.

First, the southern states had implemented Jim Crow laws, along with numerous other forms of segregation. These laws prohibited African-Americans from voting, marrying, traveling, eating in certain areas, drinking from "white only" water fountains, and many other common everyday tasks. Further, the persecution of African-Americans in…. [read more]

African-American History 1865 to the Present Essay

… African-American History: 1865 to the Present

How did Blacks define freedom and how did they realize ideas of freedom? Elsa Barkley Brown's essay "The Labor of Politics" (p. 75) delves into the social and political activities of African-American women between the years 1865 (the end of the Civil War) and 1880. She points out that during the transition from slavery to freedom the freed African-Americans had a very different definition of freedom than the "most supportive white allies" did (p. 76). The northern white liberals who opposed slavery and now sought to help freed Blacks, had no idea apparently that freed Black women in the South would engage in political campaigns, Brown explains. The "Rising Daughters of Liberty" went around raising money for candidates, educating…. [read more]

End of Isolation Research Paper

… ¶ … Isolation

African-American Civil Rights

Historically, Africans and African-American citizens have never encountered social, racial, or civic equality within the United States. Despite a significant amount of progress in these areas, some of these contemporary American citizens contend that there is still a marked inequity in their daily treatment based on these aforementioned grounds. Yet when one traces the beginning of the history of these peoples in this country, which was founded on institutionalized, chattel slavery that was formally renounced with the January 31, 1865 passing of the 13th Amendment (Lincoln, 1865), it becomes apparent that they have taken definite steps to ensure social gains that have resulted in an end of segregation and a reduction in discrimination and social isolation. African-Americans have rendered…. [read more]

American History Final Exam Stages Term Paper

… Turner lived at a time before a large middle class existed or the U.S. had become a consumer society, so he naturally thought of pioneers as farmers and ranchers who moved the agricultural frontier to the West. In his era, even though the country was rapidly industrializing, the majority of people still lived on farms and in small towns. For this reason and was always the main goal of Manifest Destiny, while industrial capitalism required a different type of imperialism that acquired markets and raw materials overseas rather than colonies. Eastern capitalists since the time of Alexander Hamilton and the early Federalists and Whigs had always had a very limited interest in expanding the agrarian frontier, and even less in the expansion of slavery. They…. [read more]

Du Bois Is an Education Essay

… Washington believed that helping Black students to learn how to bathe and set a table properly, get to work on time and learn working class skills, was as important as knowing history and politics (Washington, 1901)

But Du Bois obviously thought that Washington was selling out the Black community by not pushing for "political power," not advocating for and insisting upon "civil rights," and because Washington did not urge Black youth to receive higher education beyond high school. Du Bois believed that by training young Black citizens in work trades, that was the equivalent of "submission" to the Caucasian race. Du Bois was known as a brilliant and visionary intellectual albeit he was militant in his writings and in his approach to the problems African-Americans…. [read more]

European Convention Human Rights African Essay

… Thus, the issue of self-determination by every means possible is introduced in the Charter.

At this point, the two human rights documents have a different tone. In this sense, while the European Convention makes reference to the need for strengthening the unity of the continent, the African Charter implicitly promotes chaos. Indeed, this assertion is made taking into account the events that followed, with the decades of civil war as a result of self-determination. Yet, even so, the African Charter promoted, above all, the rights of the peoples to decide for them. It is difficult to say whether this was a positive or negative aspect of the Charter; yet there have been cases in which the issue of self-determination became a matter of destroying peoples…. [read more]

Second Reconstructions Term Paper

… This was much less than the $35 billion cost of "an unjust, evil war in Vietnam," which King wanted to end (King 1967). Yet he also opposed violence and insisted that the riots in Watts in 1965 and in Detroit and Newark two years later accomplished nothing for civil rights or the improvement of economic conditions. Nor did he believe that a violent revolution would ever succeed in the United States, given that even the majority of blacks opposed it.

Blacks still live in segregated ghettos with high levels of unemployment and gang violence, while black poverty and unemployment are still at least double the levels of whites, as they always have been. Nor is there any longer a bipartisan consensus in favor of civil…. [read more]

Kennedy and the Civil Rights Term Paper

… In the speech, he proclaimed that the mistreatment of African-Americans would not be tolerated any further. He expected that they would be treated as equals. However, at the same time he did not want to become personally involved in the civil rights issue and wanted the issue to be solved via the courts rather than through continued protests by African-Americans. He hoped that his expression of his viewpoint would be enough to cause change, but of course this was not so.

Federal Responsibility:

Eventually pressure from African-American civil rights groups and a growing number of violent incidences forced Kennedy to take control of the legal effort to defend and implement civil rights. First he assigned federal marshals to attend the Freedom Riders and protect them…. [read more]

Social Times and the Culture of New Term Paper

… Social Times and the Culture of New York's: Harlem: From the 'Harlem Renaissance' Period to 1960

Few if any American cities or geographical areas have undergone as many demographic; economic or cultural changes; "reinventions" and metamorphoses as New York's Harlem. Starting in the mid-to-late 17th century, when Harlem acquired its first white Dutch-transplant European settlers, Harlem has changed almost continuously: demographically; economically, culturally, reputation-wise and otherwise. Still, not withstanding the white Dutch settler population of Harlem's earliest days; and then in the 19th century, a period when the name 'Harlem' was "a synonym for elegant living... " (Duberman, 1968). The issues, events, and personalities that have made Harlem one of America's most distinct communities spring from the late 19th-to-early-to-mid 20th century belief in advancement of…. [read more]

Obama and Election History Research Paper

… Obama and Election

History was made in November 2008, not just American history, but world history as the United States elected its first African-American President. but, the election of a Black man as President, as unheard of as it might have been just 50 years ago, or even 25 years ago, was history because it was a national catharsis -- a repudiation of the greed, avarice, and selfishness that had so characterized American society for the past eight years. Obama's election was a referendum on a new America -- a younger America with an optimistic, but not Pollyannaish, view of the grave and serious problems faced; but a dramatic change from past politicians in that Obama stands for a more open government, dialog with international…. [read more]

Emergence of the Civil Rights Term Paper

… is not only a respected figure, but gives his presence to a national holiday. Yet despite the gains of the previous decades, there still remains an economic and educational gap between Black America and White America that integration through legal or political demonstrations has not been able to heal. Lynching as a common practice has been brought to rest, perhaps, but tensions exist all over the nation between Black Americans and what is often an all-White police force. America appears more integrated today, and laws allow for some methods of historical redress like affirmative action. But the sense that this still remains inadequate, despite the successes of prominent African-Americans on an individual level, has caused many Blacks today to study the more radical, or culturally…. [read more]

American History Mccarthyism Term Paper

… The SDI program was criticized because of its tendency to further escalate rather than prevent and stop the armaments race. The SDI program concerns the formulation and production of a "layered defense" that will help the U.S. detect and counter possible nuclear or weapons attacks, which required the formulation of a computerized system of weapons detection and manufacturing of similar weapons in defense of the U.S. when under attack.

Iran-Contra Scandal

The Iran-Contra Scandal concerns the allegations that the Reagan Administration have participated in the selling of weapons (arms) to Iran in exchange for the freedom of Americans held hostage by pro-Iranian Shiite Muslims in Lebanon. The money received by the U.S. government from Iran was then allegedly used as funding for the contra rebels…. [read more]

Illegal Immigrants in the U.S Term Paper

… ¶ … illegal immigrants in the U.S. And the possibility of legalizing their status. The article shows: how illegal immigration is currently being dealt with, the views of people on the issue and the flexibility being exhibited by the government. The author makes it clear that while illegal immigration has always been a problem for the country and most people feel country must be protected against such immigration, still illegal entrance into the U.S. should not be criminalized. Very few, if any, percentage of people interviewed supported felony status, the rest felt that while it was not correct to let illegal immigration prosper, there was also no particular need for categorized it as a crime or serious offence.

Illegal immigration is a problem, which the…. [read more]

Testing Assessment Thesis

… sychologicalTesting_AfricanAmericans

For hundreds of years, there has been a common idea that race and intelligence are statistically correlated. Even contemporary debate into this paradigm focuses on the differences in test scores when tabulated using different ethnic data. Central to this question remains the idea of nature vs. nurture -- is it the flaw of the test that changes the rubric of the results; the flaw in a balanced education of facts, experiences and opportunities available in some neighborhoods and not in others, or is there another socio-economic or cultural factor contributing to these perceived differences? (Rushton, and Jensen, 2005). Central to this argument is the nature of eugenics, a practice or belief in the improvement of the human species by discouraging reproduction from those who…. [read more]

Size/Cooperative Learning and IT's Effects Term Paper

… African-American students seem to profit more from the SAGE experience than white students when compared with non-SAGE students. The achievement gap between African-Americans and white students widens each year (Smith, 2003).

It has been noted that class size initiatives have enjoyed wide spread support from parents, teachers, and the general public. People will still believe that smaller class sizes are a good idea and teachers report experiencing lower levels of stress and job dissatisfaction with smaller classes. This is primarily because they are better engaged with each student, and therefore, student motivation increases and discipline problems decrease. Parents believe that a teacher's individualized instruction leads to improvements in a child's academic performance. This is apparent because teachers with smaller classes have more time to…. [read more]

Racial Profiling in the Legal System Term Paper

… Civil Rights Movement

Whole books have been written on the subject of the civil rights struggle of African-Americans in the United States, a struggle that undoubtedly began when the first African slaves were brought to North America against their will. However, in recent history, the period of time in the 1950's and 1960's were pivotal because of the significant gains made. This period of change was driven by changes in government policy as reflected by both civil rights laws passed and amendments made to the American Constitution.


Even though people in both the North and the South of the United States owned slaves at the time America won its independence from England, our nation's earliest document…. [read more]

Movement for Civil Rights Term Paper

… Civil rights movement is considered one of the most complex and tumultuous times in this nation's history. Though the civil rights movement spanned many years, peak activity and highlights of the movement are most often credited with the time period up until 1965. Prior to this time, minorities living in the United States faced segregation and discrimination. The movement against 'colored' folk in the United States was grounded in years of unequal treatment, slavery and corruption which led to segregation and savagery.

For many years in the United States a separate 'class system' of sorts existed in which minorities and women alike were considered to some extent second class citizens. In fact, as late as the 1940s in the United States more than three fourths…. [read more]

C.O.R.E. and Its Role Case Study

… The old value-system - a grudging acceptance of their lot as second-class citizens - would have to be replaced by a new understanding of the role of Blacks in American society. As Miss Jane Pittman, the centenarian former slave and title character of the Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman put it, "Nothing out there now but white hate and nigger fear, and the fear is the only way to keep going. One day they must realize fear is worse than any death. When that time come they will be ready to move...." And perhaps even more to the point, "Freedom here is able to make a little living and have the white folks say you is good." (King, 1992) African-Americans must come to realize that…. [read more]

American History Since 1865 Term Paper

… Progression of American Women Throughout History

American History Since 1865

Historically speaking, American women have had fewer rights and opportunities than American men. For hundreds of years, the roles of women were confined to that of wife, mother, housekeeper and cook. However, as years went by in America, women were able to gain more and more rights, putting them on equal footing as men. While some women may agree that even in the 21st century they are still not treated the same as men in society and the workplace, it cannot be denied that women have come a long way since the mid-19th century. This paper will focus on the progression of women's rights and opportunities in the United States from 1865 until present time.…. [read more]

Speech Black Women in America Term Paper

… Black Women in America Speech

The objective of this speed is to examine the historical involvement of black women in American institutions as well as education, religious, political and social reconstruction. This work will also examine the linkages of black women in Africa, the Caribbean and North America.

The work of Jean-Marie (2006) entitled: "Welcoming the Unwelcomed: A Social Justice Imperative of African-American Female Leaders at Historically Black Colleges and Universities" relates that "the social movements during the last 50 years of the 20th century were among the most tumultuous years for people of color." African-American women are stated to have "confronted and disrupted institutions thought to be responsible for their oppression." (Jean-Marie, 2005) Jean-Marie's work shows how the "coming of age" of African-American women…. [read more]

Sports Like NFL and NBA and American Popular Culture Annotated Bibliography

… The famous baseball author Roger Kahn noted that Reese didn't say anything but the racists were silenced immediately as Robinsontold Kahn (Ruiz, 2013; Lee, 2012). After 27 years Robinson wore the Brooklyn Dodger uniform, Hank Aaron surpassed Babe Ruth's career home run record (playing with Atlanta Braves). Vin Scully a prominent Dodger play-by-play broadcaster noted on the night of 715th career home run, 'the crowd is giving a standing ovation to a black player for breaking the record in the Deep South of an all-time baseball legend (Hollander, 2014; Lee, 2012).

Sports have played a huge role in the American society on the whole as they have become a necessary part of the popular culture. American football is quite a popular game which brings NFL…. [read more]

Manning Marable in His Book Race Term Paper

… Manning Marable

In his book Race, Reform and Rebellion, Manning Marable takes readers on an informative trip back in time to witness the lives of blacks in America from the end of World II to 1982, or what he calls the Second Reconstruction. He then sets the stage for what he calls the Third Reconstruction, or the transfer of power to the working class.

To set a foundation and educate readers, most who are not knowledgeable about this historic period, Marable uses his Prologue to review the First Reconstruction in 1867, where the defeated South was divided into five military districts, and its impact on the black people. Marable notes that some progress was made during this time:

Reconstruction produced major changes in the social…. [read more]

Brown v. Board of Education Term Paper

… "Segregation of white and colored children in public schools has a detrimental effect upon the colored children. The impact is greater when it has the sanction of the law; for the policy of separating the races is usually interpreted as denoting the inferiority of the Negro group," said the Court at the time. This legacy is still felt today, even in the absence of segregation, and can be said to account for the continuing battle to improve even talented young African-Americans from falling prey to societal and cultural pressures that equate failure with Blackness and success with Whiteness. Even to succeed in some communities is to be an Oreo, Black on the outside and White on the inside, reflecting self-hatred even when mocking others.

But…. [read more]

Jackie Robinson the Discourse of American Politics Thesis

… Jackie Robinson

The discourse of American politics is focused on individual rights, action and identity. This trait was developed as a result of the social movements that took place during the 1950s and 1960s that highly contributed to the birth and development of a common identity for individuals who shared a particular characteristic, be it ethnic origin, sex, religion, etc. This shared identity enabled their voices to be heard more loudly and clearly, and their discontents to be expressed as a coherent common pain; this pain was no longer restricted to individual life, but transformed into a discontent that was publicly voiced and widely shared. Consequently, this feeling of release and public expression had beneficial effects in terms of the individual who ceased to feel…. [read more]

Jewish Americans Term Paper

… Jewish-Americans From 1865 to Present

Since the end of the Civil War, Jewish-Americans not only have defined themselves, but also have helped define America. As they often prove throughout history, the bonds of Judaism operate like the bonds of a family: through shared religious beliefs, associations such as B'nai Israel, and economic and political prowess, Jews have succeeded in transcending many obstacles. By breaking American history into five units (beginning with 1865), this paper looks at how each unit has shaped and been shaped by American Jews in terms of culture, economics, literature, politics, and religion.

The rise of industrialization in America following the end of the Civil War brought many immigrant workers to big cities such as Chicago, New York and Detroit. These were…. [read more]

Nursing Leader's Perceived Role in Nurse Recruitment Research Proposal

… LR Explor/The nurse leader role in recruit.

Nurse Leaders as Recruiters

Nurse leaders serve an integral role in the field to demonstrate skill in recruitment of future nurses. To do this they must work within existing systems as well as advocate for the expansion of other recruitment essential systems and system change need awareness. Nurse leaders must work collaboratively with human resource departments as well as becoming fundamental community recruiters in and outside of the work setting. (Anson, 2000, p. 21) This review of literature will then address general and specific issues of the role of nurse leaders as recruiters by thematically addressing certain trends and change needs in the health care industry in general and in nursing care that have specific and general implications…. [read more]

In the United States Research Paper

… He is told by several people to look into business, such as in the famous party scene where Benjamin is informed that plastics are the means to financial security. However, Ben is not interested in money or in business or in the real adult world at all, but in the satisfaction of personal desire. He is not interested in going back to school or in figuring out his future. Determining what to make of his life is not a priority. Rather his intentions, like many of the members of the New Left, were in commenting about the failings and the emptiness of their fathers and father figures. Their purpose was not to live as individuals but to reflect negatively on their parents and show through…. [read more]

Timeline American Education Has Evolved Term Paper

… Ferguson. As a result, school desegregation was mandated throughout the country. Integration posed major problems for the regions that had been culturally and politically steeped in racism for generations. The result was the empowerment of the African-American community, bolstering civil rights efforts and building up to the radical reformations that would take place when President Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Although several other federal laws and policies impacted the nature of public education throughout the United States, one of the most controversial of these was the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act. Passed under the George W. Bush administration, No Child Left Behind essentially undid much of what had gone before in terms of informal educational practice and philosophy. Rather…. [read more]

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