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African-American Males Racial Discrimination Is Very Rampant Term Paper

… African-American Males

Racial discrimination is very rampant especially among African-Americans. Until now, most African-Americans have not yet forgotten their ancestor's experiences during the slavery period, and up until now, most African-Americans are still having issues on insecurity and diffidence, particularly among the African-American males.

Once, African-Americans or the blacks were considered as slaves. They were being sold and used to serve the whites. This started the long and continuous battle of the black people to eliminate racial discrimination. Also, there have been several attempts to alleviate the economic status of the blacks because poverty was the primary reason why the whites (and other race for that matter) took advantage of them. But it seems that improving the blacks' economic status is not an easy task.…. [read more]

Discrimination Against Minorities in the Judicial System Research Paper

… Discrimination against minorities is rampant in the United States civil and criminal justice system (Blumstein, 2009). The discrimination is observed to be along racial, ethnic or gender-based lines (Murphy,2009). To discriminate against anyone according to DOE (2008) means to exclude them from the enjoyment in full of their social, political, economic, civil and cultural rights as well as freedoms. The concept of discrimination in itself is a contradiction of the human basic rights that stipulates that all persons are equal in regard to dignity and are therefore entitled to similar fundamental rights.

Racial and Ethnic discrimination

The cases of racial and ethnic discrimination in the U.S. justice system has been noted to be as a result of racial disparity (The Sentencing Project,2008). Racial disparity in…. [read more]

Racist Beauty Ideals and Racial Term Paper

… Werrlein holds that the Dick and Jane stories equate white privilege with a version of Americanness that occurs outside of history, arguing further that the poverty and suffering of the Breedlove family symbolizes America's brutal history of racial persecution. Through her portrayal of Pauline and Cholly, Morrison suggests that parents who emerge from histories of oppression might reproduce that degradation within the family unit. Instead of Cholly protecting and providing for his family, he burns down their home and later assaults his daughter. Instead of nurturing her offspring, Pauline rejects them, seeing in them a reflection of her own ugliness. She much prefers to spend all her time working as a domestic for the Fishers. Pecola's pregnancy and psychosis represent extreme consequences of racism. Werrlein…. [read more]

Chinese-American Women and Their Experiences With Discrimination Term Paper

… Chinese-American Women and Their Experiences With Discrimination in the Workplace

Case Summary, Methodology, and Literature Review

The Case of Chinese-American Women and Their Experiences with Discrimination in the Workplace: Persevering in the Face of Adversity and Its Price

Analysis using theoretical constructs from the literature review

This analysis concerns the experiences of a professional Chinese-American young woman, "Sue," employed at "Flexco," discussed further below. For the purpose of analysis, I address this question: "What types of experiences did Sue encounter at Flexco that suggested she was being discriminated against as an Asian-American in general and a Chinese woman in particular and are these practices widespread in the American workplace today?

Background and Overview.

The positive manner in which the vast majority of Asian-Americans are treated…. [read more]

American Civil Rights Movement in Western America Trends and Accomplishments Research Paper

… org, 2018). This is an example of the type of evidence that was used to demonstrate how segregation in public schools does not simply equate to some sort of innocuous separation that allows white children and black children to thrive separately but equally. This type of evidence showed without a shadow of a doubt that segregation had a direct hand in making black children experience a crippling sense of inferiority to white children. As Kenneth Clark testified, ''To separate [African-American children] from others of similar age and qualifications solely because of their race generates a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone' (, 2018). 'Hence, the landmark…. [read more]

Affirmative Action Literature Review

… 6 million women were plaintiffs in the case, all of whom were employed in some capacity by Wal-Mart from the time of December 16, 1998; and 3) Wal-Mart is a cultural leader in the retail space as the company holds the position of biggest private employer in the United States (Spangler, 2008).

A key factor in the Dukes case is that the employees believed they were discriminated against as women because the Wal-Mart practice of allowing absolute discretion by local manager to determine pay, training opportunities, and promotions established conditions under which rampant discrimination could -- and apparently did -- occur (Aron, 2011). Women employees testified that they were targets of exasperating and blatant discrimination that often came in the form of ignorant and discriminating…. [read more]

Twentieth Century Seen the Triumph Term Paper

… An employer might contend, however, that his or her own individual rights are violated by the act, to run his or her business the way he or she wishes to.

Although the allowance for small businesses in numbers less than fifteen persons gives a certain speciousness to this claim, it remains a valid contention that what constitutes an individual or a collective is not always as clear cut and fixed as the law might allow. My individual right as a businessperson, for instance, to hire waitresses rather than waitors, because I think the largely male clientel at my string of diners prefers to see a pretty girl in the uniform, as opposed to a more qualified lanky teenage boy, violates the individual rights of the…. [read more]

Effect of Beauty and Body Image in Advertising Research Paper

… ¶ … Beauty and body image in advertising

It is common knowledge among the advertising world that publicity sells. In order to achieve a high degree of profit in the globalized world, the most interesting and eye catching advertisements usually impact the targeted public and achieve their goals in promotion and selling. However, more and more people are becoming reluctant to certain products precisely because of the sometimes aggressive and even offending publicity. From this point-of-view the present paper argues that the perception of women's body and their comparison to HAMs (highly attractive models) have a negative influence on the advertising efforts for particular products.

The structure of the paper takes into account precisely the impact HAMs and the meaning of the concept have on…. [read more]

Sociology: Changing Societies Book Report

… A union leader in Washington, D.C., isn't a miner, but miner's groups are his reference group because he identifies so strongly with their needs and aspirations.

Primary groups refer to groups where a person received his or her first important lessons about life and social realities - most often, a typical primary group is the family. Individuals develop their self-concepts and their sense of themselves in a primary group. In a secondary group, such as the HR department at work, a person is less emotionally connected, and feels less totally included in the group's values and actions. A secondary group allows for roles to be played in order to carry out that group's utilitarian functions, whereas in a primary group, one's role is pretty much…. [read more]

Jews Became White the Nordic Research Paper

… Sacks states that there were also other means of excluding blacks from their earned benefits. The armed forces did provide those classified as "Euromale" the opportunity to attend university and receive job training in various sectors. This facilitated the trend toward upward social mobility among many "Euromales."

The FHA and VA mortgages were also critical to enabling Jewish upward social mobility and stymieing black upward social mobility. Housing laws used to restrict the sale of properties to both blacks and Jews. After the war, the FHA allowed Jews to buy suburban homes. Thus began the massive migration of Jews and other Euromales to the suburbs: the "white flight" had begun. Blacks were left behind in the dregs of city centers, which were being bulldozed in…. [read more]

Lesbian Health Care Dissertation

… The final consequence of such circumstances is that the research quality and generalizability is sacrificed in the face of affordability. Despite these challenges, researchers have indeed conducted fruitful and important research on the health status and experiences of sexual minorities, allowing for a thorough review of the literature concerning lesbian health, lesbian access to health care and lesbian experiences with health care services and professionals.

After reviewing the methodological issues relevant to studying lesbian health, the exiting knowledge concerning the current health status of lesbian women will be reviewed. A great deal of research has established the various risk factors that are unique to lesbians with respect to health care concerns, such as being at an increased risk for various forms of cancer, substance use,…. [read more]

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