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ASD Case Kyle Term Paper

… Relationships between couples are fairly formal in this sense and extramarital affairs by the males are often accepted. As a male dominated culture Greeks tend not to be very tolerant of issues like homosexuality, or male weakness, but they are open to cross-cultural marriages (except for people of Turkish descent because many centuries ago the Turks destroyed the Greek Empire; Cashwell, Looby, & Housley, 1997).

The male "macho" attitude that Greek Americans adhere to can offer explanatory information regarding Kyle's reaction to his feelings as well as present a barrier to having him open up in therapy. A male therapist would most likely have greater success with Kyle, but a good female therapist can establish rapport by emphasizing how brave he was in Iraq, etc.…. [read more]

Aggression in ASD Patients Research Paper

… Autism Intervention

The author of this report has been complete the project component of the author's case study in this brief report. There will be the creation and explanation of the intervention support plan that will be implemented to support behavioral change in the subject or subjects that are being addressed. There will be at least one behavior or interest of concern that will be singled out as necessary so as to make that behavior the priority in terms of resolution and better outcomes for the patients. While progress and forward movement can be slow and plodding for many ASD patients, it is important to keep trying and not give up because the child's future depends on it.

Application of Assessment Methods

When it comes…. [read more]

Vitamin a For Autism Spectrum Term Paper

… References

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Does Gluten Effect Children With Autism? Research Proposal

… ¶ … Gluten Affect Autism


Effect of Gluten and Casein-Free Diet on Autism

Statistics say that 3-6 out of 1,000 Americans or 1 in every 110 Americans will develop autism, which is more than 90% heritable. There are pharmacological therapies for ASD but up to 27% of parents are drawn to the promise and observed effects of the gluten-free, casein-free diet in reducing ASD symptoms in their children. Naturopathy doctors advocate its use as one of the complementary and alternative medicines or CAM. Autistic persons are gluten and casein-sensitive. These substances produce morphine-line effects, which translate into the symptoms of autism. The rising popularity of the diet motivated an increase in research. Recent studies say there is limited scientific evidence on its…. [read more]

Autism Has Grown Considerably in Recent Years Thesis

… ¶ … autism has grown considerably in recent years. The medical and healthcare profession has become more aware of this problem and the number of cases of autism has increased, largely as a result of greater awareness of the problem and earlier diagnosis.

However, research on specific areas of the treatment of autism is not as prolific and this includes the focus on nursing care, treatment and management of the autistic child. While this is an area that is still in need of more in research it is also growing in terms of academic breadth and depth. The following literature review was drawn from a number of resources, including journals and other offline sources, as well as sources and data from verified online databases and…. [read more]

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