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Aging Public Health Issues Everything Term Paper

… A balanced diet full of essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients can surely prevent many of the complications. Along with it, a proper routine of exercise, a regular health checkup and a positive attitude towards life are some of the things, which can help a person overcome the problems associated with aging and make this while process a lot more pleasant.

There is no denying the fact that aging is inevitable. It cannot be reversed. A human has to encounter this process in the later ages of life. One thing that can help to slow down this process is having a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle. If a person adopts a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude towards this process, many small problems can be…. [read more]

Aging, Particularly the Discrimination Against Essay

… Although it is undeniable that the elderly are more susceptible to such afflictions, they have become pigeonholed into advertising solutions for illnesses, as though their age group were physically insufficient and incapable of functioning without external aid. Newspapers and other social constructs portray the elderly as uneducated about wellness and implicitly suggest that they are to blame for their illnesses. It is also important to consider the many ways in which the elderly are not represented by the media and in society; they are rarely deployed as the target demographic for products associated with health or beauty, the implication being that their physical attributes have deteriorated to the point that they require products that will assist them in overcoming physical ailments rather than enhancing their…. [read more]

Aging Population and Its Effects on Society Research Paper

… ¶ … growing aging population in the U.S.

While it was previously regarded as one of the most important things ever, life expectancy has come to have a negative effect on the social order. Birth-rates in many countries from around the world have experienced a steep decline as individuals there are inclined to focus on things other than children. Population aging first came into public attention when a number of developed nations have started to see a fall in birth-rates and an increase in the number of older people. It is difficult and almost impossible to determine whether one should feel alarmed as a consequence of the concept or whether this is like a cycle in human history.

Demographic transition in the context of an…. [read more]

Meaning of Aging Essay

… ¶ … Aging

As the world evolves, concepts of humanity and health are also fluid and changing. The same is true for the concept of age. With the many changes in medical science today, people are living longer than ever before, particularly in countries where resources and access to medical facilities are unrestricted. The resulting change in the social dynamic is that people live longer and remain healthier and more active for longer. As a result, they way in which age is portrayed in the media, as well as elder care, work and retirement, and public policy have significantly changed over the last half a century or so.

There has been a significant change in media portrayals of age. Even in the recent past, main…. [read more]

Society Essay

… g. healthy living practices, exercise, meeting with friends, nutritional quotient, etc.). The results were testing using confirmatory factor analysis with weighted averages based on certain health indicators.

There was a clear correlation, as might be expected, between quality of life issues and perceptions of life. The more active women are, the more exercise they get, and above all, the more social they are, contributes to their overall health quotient and they suffer from far fewer maladies than others in dissimilar situations. This confirms, as is expected, that as people age, the more active and social they remain, the fewer health concerns they have. There are, though, themes that can be developed when dealing with quality of life issues. These themes tend to emphasize what individuals…. [read more]

Efforts to Achieve Healthy Aging Thesis

… We are all used to "healthy eating" and "healthy drinking" with which consideration, food and drinks considered to be good for health are particularly stressed and listed for recommended consumption. To date, not only is healthy food and drink redefined, but other items are analyzed and labeled as being bad for health. Such "bad" items are not short of surprises, as for example, milk products, sugar, unsprouted grains, and alcoholic drinks, have been labeled as "bad" food. (Werbach, 2003) The rationale for such consideration is based on a new concept of food digestion which takes into consideration the possible occurrence of food allergy which could be sub-clinical. A food item traditionally taken as good, e.g. milk products, is likely to be the cause of sub-clinical…. [read more]

Physiological Changes Associated With Aging: Mechanisms Research Proposal

… 10). The study results indicate that frail older adults are more likely to suffer from low systolic blood pressure. This, the authors opine, can be associated with the impairment of the cognitive system and increased mortality among frail individuals. This low systolic blood pressure impacts negatively on the individual's overall health and can be a major cause of cardiovascular disorders (Heckman et al., 2013; Bherer et al., 2013). In summary, this article dwells specifically on the change to the cognitive system associated with aging and reports that the reduction in transmitters and neurons, and the subsequent impairment of the thermoregulation system inhibit the effective functioning of the cognitive system and lead to the worsening of the associated cardiovascular changes.

Moreover, the associated change gives rise…. [read more]

Nursing Foundations of Community Health Essay

… Healthy Aging

For some time, demographers have expressed concern that the first part of the 21st century would face a number of potential challenges due to an aging population. A number of methods to reduce the effects of time are thought to be new and innovative, when often; it is many tried and true methods that are the most efficacious. This is as important for medical specialists, geriatric caregivers, and even family caregivers -- those in the trenches who are faced with the daunting and daily tasks of helping to care for our aged ("Family Caregivers, 2010). They know that using physical activity to bolster biological reactions is one of these methods that work -- and now science has proven that certain chemicals are released…. [read more]

Psychological Effects of Aging Term Paper

… This study showed that regular attendance of religious service as seen in the African-American have an impact on mortality. Healthy behavior patterns in the form of exercising and nonsmoking were seen with the attendance of regular religious services and this reduced the mortality rate in these groups. The study went on to show that the thought processes in the African-Americans due to the influence of religion had a positive influence in the perceived self-control of health prevention and thus ultimately influencing health behavior. (Health Behavior of African-American Men)


Booth, Evangeline. "Chapter 13: The Resiliency of Older Ethnic Minorities" Retrieved from Accessed on March 20, 2005

"Chapter 1: The Growth of Social Gerontology" Retrieved from Accessed on March 20, 2005

Plowden, Keith O.…. [read more]

Aging in Australian Society Term Paper

… Ageing in Australia national summit was held in Melbourne, Australia to address two major population issues, one on the declining population growth and the other on the ageing and retiring population (Stoneman 2002). According to current projections, Australia's population would be 25 million by the year 2050. By then, the average Australian would be 47 years old and 26% would be 80 years old and above. Managers have been aware of the trend for many years now. It has also infused pressure into government policies, affected the labor market and raised retirement ages. Yet virtually nothing has been done to handle the looming problem (Stoneman).

Studies showed that, interpersonally, people are highly attentive to age (McCann 2004). They celebrate or note significant transition ages. At…. [read more]

Psychology of Aging of Whole Research Paper

… Aging on the other hand is about living, the changes experienced during the course of ones life and the relationship on the interdependency among different generations throughout life.

Theories about age finally have a focus on late life, which describe old age as both a medical, economic, social problem in terms of support and care.

In conclusions its important to no note that for one to achieve a healthy aging, the mind like any other body muscle must be exercised in a regular basis in order to grow and stay stronger, this can be achieved through interacting and meeting with friends, this in return will keep the person mentally and intellectually active hence keeping our mind young and healthy. Contrary to this, due to our…. [read more]

Aging Isn't Something That Is Unique Term Paper

… Aging isn't something that is unique to us in this youth-obsessed society, but it is only in the past hundred years or so that it has become normal (Stuart-Hamilton 2006). In the prehistoric era, old age was rare. Even up to the 17th century, only about 1% of the population was over the age of 65 (2006). In 1900, the life expectancy of a baby born in an industrialized country was 47-55 years of age; today that figure has risen by about 30 years (2006). What all of this means is that, if we are lucky, we all will age and we all will have to deal with the psychology of aging -- that is, how it is effecting us mentally and emotionally. This doesn't…. [read more]

Diversity in the Elderly Population Essay

… Of course, any demographic shift brings with it social and economic challenges, not least for healthcare systems. The notion of a greying population is usually framed in terms of the added demands and pressures they will bring. But although there will be challenges in adjusting, the overall picture is far from bleak if policymakers enact sensible change. (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2009, 4)

In a fair vision of health care, there is an ethical, efficient, and dynamic system in place to monitor and moderate the health needs of the elderly. In this vision, the health care system promotes different, more ethical attitudes regarding aging in that it is a natural process that people can enjoy and prepare for with greater consideration of ethnic, cultural, and…. [read more]

Disabilities Disease and Aging Public Policy Reaction Paper

… Disabilities, Disease, And Aging; Public Policy

One of the major changes in the last century regarding human health and longevity is that people today have a longer life and expectancy than ever in history. Because medical science has given us what could arguably called a "gift," the general concept of aging in society has seen significant changes. Old age is no longer regarded as the harbinger of death, for example. Instead, its lasting nature has brought it to mind as an entire stage of life, during which people should be just as concerned with their health and well-being as during the younger years. It is also, however, true that extreme old age could bring with it a level of disability that may plague the individual…. [read more]

Psychological Themes and Issues as a Person Ages Case Study

… Aging and the Elderly: The Case of "Mrs. a"

In understanding the process of aging and segment of the population that is the elderly, a case is developed to provide more in-depth information about the daily challenges and issues that the elderly usually encounter in their lives. While the case that will be presented may not be representative of the elderly group in the United States, the case of Mrs. A would at least provide context on the way aging individuals deal with their realities and increasing limitations, if there are any, in terms of their physical and social movement within their societies/communities.

Mrs a is 90 years old, and is a wife of a retired U.S. Army General. She has (4) children, two sons…. [read more]

Population Implosion in Europe Roughly Term Paper

… According to experts, the solution is immigration. For Europe, the calculated long-term volume of immigration required to avert overall population decline is nearly double the recent annual level (Eberstadt 2001). To prevent the decline of the "working age," fifteen to sixty-four years of age, Europe's net migration will have to quadruple to a long-term average of 3.6 million per year (Eberstadt 2001). Migration of this magnitude will change the face of Europe, resulting in two scenarios: "by 2050...the descendants of present-day non-Europeans will account for approximately 20 to 25% of Europe's inhabitants" (Eberstadt 2001). Therefore, immigration is essentially an act of self-interest as Europe's economies are in desperate need of extra manpower (Eberstadt 2001). According to a 2001 United Nations report, by 2050, the E.U.…. [read more]

Prison Reduction of Prison Population Essay

… According to the criminologists, this extra attention towards the community correction will decrease the inmate population for a short period but later this problem will come in front as a giant monster with which the state government will not be able cope up. Almost 67% of the freed criminals are re-arrested and 52% of them are re-incarcerated. They further proposed a plan that the spending of government on the rehabilitation center should be within a limit.

Release of Older criminals:

Another idea that the criminologists put forwarded was to release the old age criminals. According to a report of the American Civil Liberties Union, United States spent almost $16billion of economy each year on the elderly prisoners. By releasing these older criminals, the government will…. [read more]

Ethics of Society, Technology Essay

… Society and humans are always inter-related for they are formed by the humans and likewise the modifications. As a result, the society has its impacts on the people. The society would use the technology and obviously affect the environment and atmosphere. It is out of the question for a human to sit aside and say no to every new invention which is presented every day. Since he is an animal who loves luxury without the hard work so he can't really resist, humans as an entity shares the same genome and that is eternal/non changeable. But as a matter of fact, these wonderful inventions are for his ease and he would never compromise on anything which is likely to harm him in far or near…. [read more]

Developmental Aging Through the Cognitive Process Term Paper

… Developmental Aging Through the Cognitive Process

Aging is defined by the Merck Manual of Geriatrics as "a process of gradual and spontaneous change resulting in maturation through childhood, puberty, and young adulthood and then decline through middle and late age." Aging is a subject that affects the individual both in thought and fact with many mixed feelings and emotions. First there are positive aspects to the process of aging such as the gaining of wisdom and experience but there are those effects such as gray hair, baldness and memory loss that are negative in nature and not desired as that of experience for the human being. Senescence which is defined by Merck Manual of Geriatrics as "The process by which the capacity for cell division,…. [read more]

Psychology of Age and Euthanasia Research Paper

… Often time being open and discussing the future one death has been accepted by all parties can create a loving and bonding relationship. A wide range of ethical issues such as euthanasia, passive euthanasia, and voluntary active euthanasia may come up in a dying process. Socially, people hold many different opinions about the subject of euthanasia and can lead to very debatable conversations resulting in tension within a family.

Euthanasia may be an option if the patient is terminally ill. Patients with cancer or any other disease that cannot be treated live with it until the day they die. "Allowing people to choose to end treatment is one way to fight the nations soaring care bills" (Jussim 11). They can try to treat it and…. [read more]

Opportunities and Protections Aging Related Public Policy Initiatives Essay

… Protective Services for the Elderly

Aging and the elderly have become an increasing concern, especially in the Western world today. The fact is that the population is aging and will most likely continue to do so as a result of better medical care, more individual concern with aging in a healthy way, and avoiding unhealthy lifestyles and choices. The EPA (2012), for example, cites the U.S. Census of 2011 in its estimate that there were 41.4 million persons aged 65 or older in the country. This constitutes 13% of the population. By 2030, this number is likely to increase to more 72 million, which will constitute 20% of the total population. According to the EPA, the number of people aged 85 and over is the…. [read more]

Adulthood and Death Issues Essay

… However, in communities and cultures where death is understood as the natural end of all biological life and not viewed as tragic or as something to be feared, many aged individuals will be capable of coming to terms with their own death psychologically and in a manner that does not substantially detract from their ability to live meaningfully into their last remaining years (Henslin, 2005; Macionis, 2006).


Aging and death are both natural and inevitable phases of human life. Modern society has dramatically increased the life expectancy of the population, especially in developed nations. However, the consequences of increased life span can be greatly influenced both positively and negatively by the manner in which the elderly are supported within their societies. At the societal…. [read more]

Socioeconomic Effects on Aging and Policy Annotated Bibliography

… Socioeconomic Effects on Aging and Policy

The study of the various socioeconomic effects on the aging and the policy geared towards this group of the population, involves a number of different variables. This is because the total number of senior citizens is increasing, as more and more of the Baby Boomers move towards retirement. As a result, a number of different theories and ideas have been introduced to address the various socioeconomic issues. To fully understand the overall scope of these different theories a literature review will be conducted, with a careful examination on the various ideas presented in each article, the usefulness of these ideas and how this information can be used with other information presented. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest…. [read more]

Social Gerontology Term Paper

… ¶ … successful aging. What do you think are its positive and negative features?

Generally, contemporary gerontologists and psychologists consider "successful aging" to be acceptance of the practical limitations of the many social, physical, and other consequences of advancing age that allows the individual to experience a satisfying life into the period of life ordinarily marked by retirement (Bearon, 1996). In principle, the contemporary theory of successful aging emphasizes the importance of relinquishing connections to areas of life that previously occupied the bulk of the individual's professional life and that, more often than not, played significant roles in the person's psychological identity. Other aspects of successful aging in the contemporary view include developing new interests that are not as limited by advancing age as well…. [read more]

How Will the Aging Baby Boomers Affect Health Care? Research Proposal

… ¶ … Aging Baby Boomers Affect Health Care

The objective of this work is to examine how the aging baby boomers will affect the health care system in the coming years.

INTRODUCTION recent report published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) stated that unless "decisive action is taken, total U.S. health care spending will double to just over $4.5 trillion by 2017 or nearly 20% of the nation's gross domestic product." (Bio-Medicine, 2008) it is estimated by Tefen USA that "this figure could be considerably higher, based on its assessment of data that people over the age of 65 experience nearly three times as many hospital days per thousand as the general population, and that sixty-two percent of 50-64-year-olds report having at…. [read more]

Aging and Russian Culture Term Paper

… Occasionally, prominent writers and other dissidents would escape the Soviet Union and come to the United States, but their numbers were small as draconian restrictions on emigration mirrored the Soviet ideological dogma that Russia was superior in quality of life to all other countries. The last group of Russians to have immigrated is comprised of those that left following the collapse of communism. The United States State Department heavily scrutinizes the issuance of Visas to Russian citizens because most would prefer to live in the United States. The romantic notion of escape from Russia is one that is shared by many who live there and have come to develop idealistic opinions of the west as a land of plenty and opportunity. Because of the closeness…. [read more]

Ageism in the United States Essay

… Programs like social security provide funds to elderly people of the country and there are some who question why these people should be entitled to such funds just because they have reached a certain age. This becomes a greater issue with the predominance of figures like the aforementioned Betty White who is illustrating that a person passed the age of ninety can be a fully functioning member of the citizenry. If she can work, why can't all elderly people and why should the American taxpayers be held responsible for those that cannot, seems to be the type of question that comes up in such scenarios.

Thirdly, researcher Susan Letvak poses in the article "Myths and Realities of Ageism and Nursing" that one of the reasons…. [read more]

Disease Trends Essay

… Studies show that maintaining an ideal body weight or losing only about 5 to 7% of your weight greatly helps in reducing the chances of getting diabetes (Manzella, 2006). Statistical studies from the Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) show that nearly 80% of the people suffering from type 2 diabetes in the U.S. are either obsess or overweight (Manzella, 2006). This is because obesity increases resistance to insulin and intolerance of glucose, which are the major complications in this type of diabetes. Being obese also complicates the treatment for diabetes difficult by making the effects of the drugs being used less effective.

Reducing the rate of obesity in a society or country calls for a more active and healthy lifestyle. The most important…. [read more]

Aging as a Vulnerable Population Thesis

… Senior Citizens as a Vulnerable Population

In recent years there has been a change in the perception and understanding of the ageing population and what it means to be an elderly or senior citizen. While many assume that the elderly are much better off in the contemporary world than in past historical periods, yet research reveals that in many instances the elderly are still a very vulnerable population demographic.

On the other hand it is also true that prospects for the elderly have improved considerably since approximately the middle of the Twentieth Century. This includes aspects such as improved medical research, which has provided the elderly with more positive health and healthcare possibilities. There is also the fact that in the majority of developed countries…. [read more]

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