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IT Operations Essay

… This has resulted in more firms turning to IT outsourcing in an effort to remain competitive and gain market share.

Evidence of this can be seen in the below table (which is highlighting those organizations that are conducting the most IT outsourcing).

Outsourcing by Sector





IT Services


Research and Development




Call / Help Centers


("Job Outsourcing Statistics," 2012)

This is showing how outsourcing has become very common among a wide variety of firms. As a result, a number of organizations are assuming that this is the best solution in addressing their IT related challenges. ("Job Outsourcing Statistics," 2012)

The Risks of Outsourcing

However, despite these perceptions, the reality is that outsourcing involves tremendous amounts of risk…. [read more]

Adulthood Essay

… Adulthood is defined by the context of the person, the society to which they belong, cultural factors, and legal statues of a society.


Ackrill, J.L. (2010). Essays on Plato and Aristotle. New York: Oxford University Press.

Arnett, J.J. (2000). Emerging adulthood: A theory of development from the late teens through the twenties. American Psychologist, 55, 469-480.

Erikson, E.H. (1968). Identity: Youth and crisis. New York: Norton.

Euling, S.Y., Selevan, S.G., Pescovitz, O.H., & Skakkebaek, N.E. (2008). Role of environmental factors in the timing of puberty. Pediatrics 121(S3), S167-S171.

Furlong, A., & Cartmel, F. (1997). Young people and social change: Individualization and risk in late modernity. Buckingham, UK: Open University Press.

Klein, Z. (2000). The ethological approach to the study of human behavior. Neuroendocrinology Letters…. [read more]

Chatbox Technology Term Paper

… Chatbox Technology

"Agree or disagree: Chatbox technology can provide effective CRM without customer frustration and cognitive dissonance. Defend your position."

The continual improvements made in analytics, workflows and decision engines are streamlining level 1 and 2 support levels, making Chatbox technology a viable alternative for customer service. The initial beliefs in Chatbox technology taking the human element out of customer service have not materialized as many critics initially thought. Instead the focus on face-time and making the most of every customer experience and interaction has become more commonplace. What has also emerged is the finding that customers self-select automated support channels based on the market segments they are members of. Technology early adopters for example self-select these more automated channels of communication, based on their…. [read more]

Performance Reviews on Facebook Research Paper

… Performance Reviews on Facebook

Agree or disagree with this statement and provide reasons for your response. If you have regular conversations with people, and they know where they stand, then the performance evaluation is maybe unnecessary.

Performance evaluations are rapidly becoming anachronistic and unnecessary, and often counterproductive, given how rapidly organizations are changing over time. There are many arguments for relying on annual or even quarterly performance reviews (Wilbanks, 2011). In reality, the external environment is changing so rapidly that many companies are having trouble keeping up not just with their competitors, but their customers as well. The concept of developing a performance review process is predicated on a relative level of stability over the long-term (Messmer, 2004). Yet if there is a single, resonating…. [read more]

Business Ethics a Contradiction in Terms? Case Study

… ¶ … Business Ethics" a Contradiction in Terms?

"Business Ethics" is not at all a contradiction in terms. Sometimes it may seem that way, but that is only because business dealings often present opportunities to pursue profit in ways that are unethical. The term "loop hole" describes situations in which the applicable laws are not fully capable of ensuring against every conceivable form of business strategy that might be unethical in principle. However, that is not to suggest that business in general is necessarily an unethical process; rather, it only illustrates that business law is an ever-evolving set of complex concepts that are imperfect. In principle, business is governed by ethical assumptions and, in modern times, those ethical assumptions are codified in law. Sometimes, laws…. [read more]

Pechter's Too Much Violence: Murdering Essay

… He later points to the final scene in which Othello is seen as a sympathetic character, dead on a pallet next to Desdemona and Emilia. He states that producers in the nineteenth century productions omitted this scene because people were more enlightened as to violence against women at that time. He then quotes Coleridge as saying that "Shakespeare, who knew man and woman much better, saw that it, in fact, was the perfection of woman to be characterless" (373). His main points center on the proposition that women are treated as features, props, in Renaissance plays, and that leads to the violence they are shown and the ho-hum attitude people seem to take about it.

Agree or Disagree with Author

Thinking in terms of a…. [read more]

European Union's Emission Trading Term Paper

… What are two other options for achieving the stated purpose behind the EU ETS?

The Climate Marketplaces and Investment Association (CMIA) declares that it would want to view marketplace involvement by European Union policy makers to deal with the discrepancy within the auction time report. Particularly the CMIA want to experience a decrease in availability of 1.23 billion EUAs within the initial two years of Phase III, along with a restriction of 3 years towards the build up of excess emission permits (CMIA, 2012).

CMIA thinks that current EU ETS legislation alongside a background of unparalleled financial and also economic crisis has established an ill-balanced supply structure involving emission permits, which will continue within Phase III underscoring the ETS's capability to restrict emissions. If the…. [read more]

Culturally Competent Psychiatric Nursing Care Research Paper

… ¶ … culturally competent is the psychiatric nursing care is in the U.S. According to author, Wilson (2010), mental illness in a disproportionate way affects racial as well as ethnic minorities in the U.S. The author further noted that African-American who are the second largest minority race in the U.S., are a true over representation of the vulnerable groups that are exposed to higher mental illness rates as indicated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human

Services (1999). This is because the African-Americans are less likely as compared to the White patients to be accorded any evidence-based care as required by the professional treatment standards/guidelines. Ethnic specific as well as culturally competent care which is also evidence-based is noted to help in improving the…. [read more]

European Union's Emissions Trading System Research Paper

… 1) Two alternatives stated include the following:

(1) Policies that provide allocations on the basis of average industry sector emissions rather than those of individual firms could be adopted in order to virtually eliminate the incentives for individual firms to over-pollute as a means of enhancing their entitlements; and (2) The use of reputation could also further encourage voluntary compliance, as many consumers arguably place significant existence value on a healthy atmosphere and would be inclined to support like-minded corporations. (Climate Change, 2008, p.1)

The purpose of the EU ETS is to promote greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction in a cost-effective and economically efficient manner. Current results of the EU ETS are the aim at the lowest possible EU allowance price to reach a stated objective.…. [read more]

Agree: The Death Penalty Does Not Deter Thesis

… Agree: The death penalty does not deter crime.

One of the arguments in favor of the death penalty centers on capital punishment as deterrent. Supposedly criminals -- those among us who are the most psychologically disturbed, the most besieged by hatred and anger, or those who have become wholly irrational -- are supposed to take a moment of reflection before committing a crime and talk themselves out of it with the fear of dying. The very thought that the death penalty might be a deterrent to crime is laughable. An individual who commits egregious crimes is not one to think rationally or clearly enough to contemplate his or her own mortality, no matter how self-motivated the crime or self-interested the individual. Persons who commit heinous…. [read more]

Gender Sections I Specifically Agreed Term Paper

… Gender

Sections I specifically agreed with include "Patriarchy" (Part II, Chapter 17, p. 166-169), and "Anti-Gay Stereotypes" (Part VII, Chapter 107, p. 522-523). The premise in "Patriarchy" is that ours is a male-dominated society, where males are seen as superior to females in roles of leadership and technical skill. Furthermore, when a male is less successful in roles preserved for females, such as caring or nurturing professions, this is seen as a sign of male superiority rather than inferiority. It appears then that the section is stating that this paradigm is mostly what happens in the world today. The temptation is to disagree, as there are many cases where women have begun making a considerable impact in society and in areas that are traditionally reserved…. [read more]

Chris Hedges Made Agreed Disagreed Essay

… 3. Momaday's concluding observation is very pertinent, as he wants people to understand the importance of preserving spiritual values.

1. Leslie Marmon Silko's interview is meant to promote her book and to provide viewers with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the writer's connection to the natural world.

2. "When I settled up in the hills the most friendly beings were the rattle snakes, and the pack rats, and the…you know, the wild things, and the bees and the humming birds."

The fact that Silko uses rattle snakes and pack rats as examples of beings that she interacted with demonstrates that she wants to highlight how society tends to ignore the importance of the natural world. Wild things do not necessarily have to…. [read more]

Performance Review Term Paper

… Up to this end, the feedback on job performance of this generation can be done on regular basis. This also applies to the generation Y (United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, n.d.).

The statement "the biggest payoff of these social network style tools may prove to be better performance by the boss" justifies the time and cost of implementing the social media performance review tools because the use of web based and mobile-based technologies has taken performance review to the next level. It has literally transformed the performance appraisal process. The social media tools have proved to be handy in the sense that it helps in satisfying dissatisfied employees who are not happy with the duration it takes to get feedback on their performances. The…. [read more]

Huntington and Bowen: Bosnian War Causes Essay

… In the Bosnian war, the author alludes to the fact that in the early part of the 20th century, Nazi Germany helped spur numerous acts of violence that contributed to the Bosnian war. He states that "Croat nationalists formed an underground organization called Ustash…and it was this group, to which the Nazis gave control of Croatia" (Bowen 1996, 5), and alludes to the fact that it was this degree of control that allowed Croats to begin expelling Serbs from the region. The influence of outside powers with their own political and religious agendas is also cited by Huntington as one of the chief reasons for the Bosnian war. The author mentions how members of the civilizations represented by the three groups attempted to aid them…. [read more]

Communications I Agree Completely. Good Listening Term Paper

… Communications

I agree completely. Good listening isn't just about keeping quiet while someone speaks. It is about engaging the other person, paying close attention to their body language, tone of voice, and other nonverbal cues. Moreover, listening involves active refraining from making personal judgments or inferences. Too often we leap to conclusions about what the other person is trying to say or we are thinking about our own response before they are even finished talking. In a health care setting, for example, we might assume causes for a patient's problems that are not there. Also, as the author points out a good listener asks questions to clarify what the speaker is trying to say. Instead of making assumptions, a doctor or health care worker should…. [read more]

Agree or Expand on a Topic Essay

… ¶ … Agree or Expand on a Topic Within the Provided Essay

The Holocaust in the context of Omer Bartov's Defining Enemies, Making Victims: Germans, Jews, and the Holocaust"

The Holocaust has left a horrible memory and made it possible for society to acknowledge that people are generally capable of performing atrocious acts in order to fight for absurd principles that they blindly believe in. Omar Bartov's essay "Defining Enemies, Making Victims: Germans, Jews, and the Holocaust" provides an intriguing perspective regarding the Holocaust by attempting to emphasize that this event was not as complex as many tend to believe. Bartov considers that a discourse regarding enemies and victims can present society with a simple explanation of why the event happened in the first place.…. [read more]

Sexual Health Reaction Paper

… Teenagers who do not have parents who are honest and open with them will be prone to listening to misinformed peers, believing in superstitions, and open to receiving misinformation from churches and schools. Parents have the power to combat misinformation by educating themselves and using resources like Fulbright's.

Therefore, parents need to educate themselves first before educating their teens. Reading up-to-date materials on the Internet, including but not limited to Fulbright's website, is a first step. Second, parents need to have a sense of humor when addressing their children so that the conversation remains lighthearted rather than heavy and difficult. Finally, the parent needs to broach the subject regularly. It is a mistake to believe that one discussion will have a meaningful impact on the…. [read more]

Negotiation Gender Disparities Book Review

… Negotiation

Gender disparities in the workplace in terms of salary and position can be attributed at least in part to the willingness of women to negotiate better salaries and ask for what they want. Babcock & Laschever (2007) realized this trend during preliminary research, and Women Don't Ask is an extension of empirical research revealing the phenomenon. The authors hypothesize why there are differences in male and female negotiation strategies -- or lack thereof. For example, women are socialized to foster collaboration and avoid confrontation. The long-term consequences of women not negotiating include perpetuation of gender disparities in income and social status. Because economic, social, and political institutions remain male-dominated, it is important for women to understand how to use patriarchal negotiation and communication strategies.…. [read more]

U.S. Bond Market Essay

… People predicted that lending rates would rise, and that the value of the dollar would fall. Instead, "mortgage rates have dropped to record lows, the government's borrowing costs have eased, the dollar and the benchmark S&P stock index are up, and global investors' enthusiasm for Treasury debt has strengthened" (Dorning et al., 2012). U.S. Treasury bonds remained the most traded in the world, and, the U.S. actually strengthened its economic position when compared to most of Europe. Furthermore, it is important to recognize the limitations of any of the major agencies in predicting the performance of bonds. "Almost half the time, yields on government bonds fall when a rating action by S&P and Moody's suggests they should climb, according to data compiled by Bloomberg on…. [read more]

Friends Describe You? Research Proposal

… ¶ … friends describe you? Do you agree or disagree? Why/Why not?

If you want a friend who will tell you that the sun is shining when the sky is dark, do not solicit my opinion. If you want a friend who always agrees with you, whether you are right or wrong, I am not your ideal confidant. However, if you want strength, support, and unswerving determination, I will be there for you, and not just in fair weather.

Here are some of the adjectives often used to describe me: opinionated, an over-achiever, dynamic, independent, and a natural leader. I have lived in many different countries over the course of my life, yet these words have emerged again and again in the character studies of…. [read more]

Women and Islam Do Muslim Term Paper

… S. government in specific, and governments world over use media representation to their own political benefits as opposed to the benefit of those being imaged as oppressed in the representation. This also indicates that media misrepresentation and use of these images, visual and textual, by governments is widespread.

Findings of the article

The article concludes by observing that the author is a native observant and can effectively narrate and relate to the image of Fatana that has been misrepresented by Armstrong (1997). The author concludes that since Fatana and Naima are very limited in their political empowerment but the popular representation of Muslim women in the media and work of theorists pushes Fatana, Naima, and the likes of the author into a reactive-defense of an…. [read more]

OSHA and Unions Versus Manufacturers Is Workplace Ergonomics a Problem Term Paper

… Workplace Safety

Do you agree or disagree that ergonomics in the workplace should be covered by federal regulations?

Employers are responsible for maintaining a safe, if not enjoyable, working environment for their employees. Not only are they liable for sudden injuries caused on the job, but employers are also obligated to protect their employees from musculoskeletal disorders that develop over time. There is no reason why OSHA's proposal should be controversial. The only thing preventing business and industry from wholeheartedly embracing the OSHA-sponsored regulations is short-sightedness. Keeping profitability in mind, corporations would better off supporting workplace safety even though it seems more costly in the short-term. Absenteeism, health care costs, and high employee turnover rates are costly consequences of workplace injuries including MSDs. Firms do…. [read more]

Sarbanes-Oxley Act Essay

… Still, it is often difficult to legislate moral conduct and behavior. Critics of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act cite this as a weakness (Weinberg, 2003). However, I view this in another light, particularly because there are provisions in the Act that offer checks and balances that did not exist prior. It is much harder to have conflicts of interest in corporate accounting today. Auditors used to provide higher margin consulting services to audit clients. Corporate directors often lacked understanding or independence -- or both. Today, firms must register with the PCAOB which acts as an independent, non-profit, self-regulatory organization. This helps ensure standards, quality control and greater transparency in reporting. Auditors now operate under the direct oversight of the SEC.

Sarbanes-Oxley also prohibits accounting firms from doing…. [read more]

Project Management Yes Term Paper

… Project Management

Yes, I agree that too much control is counter productive for the project performance. The reasoning for it is given below:

Small group dynamics have been an interesting area of inquiry in academic research. Because usually different groups are in charge of working and coordinating different activities of a project, the question of empowerment and control becomes pertinent to understand how the effectiveness of the project outcome can be improved.

For example, in software development, a firm usually organizes its work in small projects that is assigned to teams and workgroups.

These small groups work on a project for a period of time to meet the goals of the company for bringing out a new product in the market far more quickly than…. [read more]

Agree or Disagree Term Paper


The Baroque era (ca. 1600 to 1750), much like the art that was produced during this time, was composed of many dimensions -- spacious and dynamic, colorful, theatrical, opulent and extravagant, all of which were highly influenced by a number of contemporary political and social events. For the artist, this was an age of discovery, due in part to the rise of national powers that attempted to colonize the entire world. Wars and other disputes based on political and social differences were everywhere, particularly in Europe and North America. The rise in scientific discoveries by such figures as Newton and Kepler inspired many Baroque artists to create works of art that "embraced all the spaces of the celestial world and the spaces of the…. [read more]

Agree With the Belief Term Paper

… The situation in China was a little more unique. China was affected by the economic slowdown of the 1990s, but not to the degree the other East Asian nations were. Also, this period was not marked by an increase in government regulation, but rather a decrease. While the Chinese government remained centered around socialist ideals, the economy was granted more leeway (Hsu). Competition was encouraged, as well as foreign investment, which stabilized the nation while the economies surrounding it were in turmoil (Hsu).

Finally, it is worth noting how the export-led model of the East Asian countries contributed and is still contributing to financial crisis. By emphasizing exports, the East Asian countries were not preparing for inevitable economic slowdowns. Instead, they were focusing only on…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Methods the 360 Degree Feedback Case Study

… Organizational development experts agree that performance management systems that provide timely information concerning employee performance are an essential requirement for almost any type or size of enterprise today. A number of performance evaluation methods are available for this purpose, with some being better suited to certain working environments than others. One of the more popular approaches to emerge in recent years has been multisource feedback methods such as the 360-degree feedback approach that collects survey information from a wide range of sources including supervisors, subordinates, customers, vendors and suppliers. While the 360-degree feedback approach has produced good results for some companies, others have faltered in its application for a number of reasons. Because organizations typically invest large amounts of resources in such performance evaluation systems,…. [read more]

Information Technology (IT) Survey Questionnaire

… IT Survey

A serious issue that most organizations and individuals will often ignore is the threat of cybercrime. Part of the reason for this, is because most people are not aware of the potential dangers that are out there and they may not know when their security has been breached. A good example of this can be seen with a study that was conducted by Norton (an IT security firm). In their annual Cybercrime Report for 2011, they found that 431 million people were affected by cybercrime last year. The total costs to the industry and consumers were $114 billion in losses. In the majority of cases, most victims did not know what is happening until it was too late. (Gady, 2011) This is significant,…. [read more]

Reading Term Paper

… ¶ … reading is to introduce the reader to the Darlington Care Management Model. The goal of the Darlington Project was to increase and improve collaboration and coordination of home-based care for the elderly. The hope was that this would reduce duplication of services, while ensuring that all necessary services were administered, in order to allow for home-based care in a situation where the elderly person would otherwise have to remain in a hospital setting. The chapter defines care management, discusses the origins of care management, and discusses the functions, goals, tasks, and recipients of care management. It then discusses the Darlington Project specifically, which dealt with a group of physically handicapped but mentally alert elderly individuals and attempted to show how community-based care could…. [read more]

Alzheimer's Disease: Summary of Results Case Study

… , 2003).


Because cross-sectional analysis provides for observation of the population at large, or a representation of the population, which is critical for studying AD patients; a case study analysis would not provide a large enough sample for providing information for a disease as rampant and variable as AD.

3.Do you agree or disagree with answer Case Study 5 -- Why?

The reliability and validity of proxy respondent information is typically valid in youthful populations (Macarthur, Dougherty & Pless (1997). If the controls were intact, it is likely that this information may be helpful in adding to the information provided from cross-sectional studies. It could contribute significantly to information already gathered on AD. It may not compete with data gathered from observational studies, as…. [read more]

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