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Agriculture in Italy Term Paper

… Agriculture in Italy

Agriculture Products and Sustainability of Agriculture in Italy

Agriculture is one of the oldest activities undergone by the humans in order to sustain life. And it was the primary source of food and income for the majority of individuals across the globe. However, with the industrial and technological revolutions, more and more people begun to work within factories or corporations and less interest was given to agricultural activities. But even so, the technological developments were also adapted and integrated within the processes of growing animals and working the land, agriculture remaining the primary source of foods in the modern society.

The capabilities of each country to grow their own agricultural products depend on various features, such as labor force, access to commodities…. [read more]

Geographical Location of Italy Term Paper

… In the past, during the Roman occupation, it was a tradition that guests lean on the dinner table with his left elbow while his right hand is free and is usually used for eating.

In terms of cooking, there is a tradition in most Italian cuisines to use tomato as an ingredient. In the process of cooking, it has been a social ritual for the chefs to perform and demonstrate different tricks while cooking an Italian cuisine. For instance, when preparing pizza, chefs usually entertain the audience by tossing upward the pizza crust that he is preparing, then catch it as it falls and then toss it again.

In terms of eating the Italian cuisines, on the other hand, it has been a tradition to…. [read more]

Sustainable Agriculture and Labor Conditions Research Paper

… Sustainable Agriculture

There are many aspects of sustainable farming. Not only does this include healthy foods grown, healthy farming practices and systems, but, furthermore, healthy working conditions on the farm. There are a number of solutions proposed on the international scale that have been discussed or even implemented, but in order to achieve true sustainability in agriculture, not only do healthier foods have to reach more people, but so to do farm workers need to be treated fairly.

First, the state of our food industry is in tatters. The quality of our food has reached dangerous levels. The Organic Center, a research institute designed to evaluate the science of organic food and farming, recently published its concerns for the state of the food industry and…. [read more]

France (West) Germany, Italy, Netherlands Research Paper

… The first thing is that France is a rich, diverse and complex country. It has made important contributions to Western culture that today we might take for granted, especially in the area of individual liberty. France is home to a number of ethnic groups, ranging from those who have been there a long time to those who are relatively new. There is no one French person on whom a stereotype could even be based. We think about Paris, maybe, but there are many types of French people and down in Marseilles will be nothing like any stereotype we might have.

Question 3. There are many things that can be studied in France. The country is a good place to study art. Paris would be ideal…. [read more]

Evolution in Agriculture Essay

… Evolution in agriculture: Genetically modified organism (GMO)

The domestication of plants and animals unintentionally, and later intentionally, resulted in the promotion and sustenance of certain traits over other traits within domesticated species. It also affected the development of the living creatures of the world as a whole, given that certain species were favored over other species and new plants were imported and exported all over the world by humans, far faster than would have naturally occurred. Plants we take for granted as part of native cuisines such as the tomato in Southern Italy, the potato in Ireland, and corn in America are all imports: "every crop in North America other than the blueberry, Jerusalem artichoke, sunflower, and squash are borrowed from elsewhere" (Prakash 2001). Originally,…. [read more]

Kudler Fine Foods Product Launch Plan Research Paper

… ¶ … product launch plan for two markets (domestic and international): Canada and Italy.

Kudler Fine Foods started in California, in1998, by Kathy Kudler with the intent of supplying high-end diversity gourmet items at reasonable prices. It has already expanded to four stores and is considering international expansion. Specifically, Kudler's Fine Foods is considering a move into the Canadian and Italian retail grocery market, in both cases targeting these markets with their high quality organic wines.

Italy, whose culture is well versed in gourmet foods, is likely to be interested by this new entrant. Cultural differences in both countries might pose challenges, but with details carefully and meticulously worked out in the product plan, there is reason for optimism regarding the profitability of Kudler's entrance…. [read more]

UK Wine Import Industry Term Paper

… Figure 1 provides a visual depiction of these changes over the course of the last two decades of the 20th century and projected to 2005.

Figure 1: Wine Export Values Top Ten Countries

As evident within Figure 1, while Western European exporters continue to account for half of the value of wine exportation throughout the world, New World suppliers account for the remaining half. Further evidence of the structural changes that have occurred are documented with Table 1.

Table 1: Percentage Shares of major regions in world wine production, consumption volume, value of exports and imports, including and excluding intra-European Union trade, 1988 and 1999

Source Anderson and Norman (2001)

As evidenced within both Figure 1 and Table 1, the New World Suppliers have increasingly…. [read more]

Kudler Fine Foods Communications Plan Research Paper

… Kudler Fine Foods -- Communication Plan

Established in 1998, Kudler Fine Foods is the culmination of Kathy Kudler's vision to establish her own gourmet food store. She started the store in reaction the relatively limited choice of fine foods in her area. So successful was her venture, that Kathy was able to open a second and third store in her area. To increase the perceived expertise of her personnel, Kathy hired specialists to advise and assist clients with their culinary needs.

In addition, Kudler Fine Foods has been concerned with constructing an image that adheres to organic foods. This has created a customer base of health and food conscious people, all concerned with purchasing only the best that Kudler has to offer.

Because of the…. [read more]

Kudler Fine Foods Research Paper

… Kudler Fine Foods: Justification of International Market

Kudler fine Foods is planning to expand into other growing markets of the world and this time, it is seriously considering Italy as its next potential market. Kudler is known for its world class wine and its gourmet meats and other grocery items. It is for now only focusing on introducing its class of wine into Italian market and thus seeks to understand the growth potential and the size of the new market.

We must not forget that European Union countries are known for their role in wine production and Italy had once been producing more than 30% of wine coming from EU. However lately the number of vineyards has gone down but Italy still contributes 25% to…. [read more]

Food History Term Paper

… Like garlic, olives were found in Egyptian tombs from around the second millennium BCE. Olive cultivation thrived in the entire Mediterranean basin between 5000-1400 BCE, but reached a pinnacle in ancient Greece. Indeed, olives became the financial and culinary staple crop of ancient Greece and Crete, where trees have grown for five thousand years. The expansion of the Greek colonies enabled traders to introduce olives to Southern Italy, Northern Africa, and Southern France by the eighth century BCE.

Olives made more of an economic impact on the cultures of the Mediterranean region than garlic did. Because the olive tree leaches nutrients from the soil in which it grows, the land on which the trees are cultivated has a tendency to become arid and barren. This…. [read more]

Selling Australian Wine to Overseas Essay

… Because of this, it becomes difficult to project the financial gains of the company. This also reduces the capability of the company to work on appropriate measures to improve the condition.


The price for the wine is highly dependent on the area with the market. Therefore, some markets will tend to have a higher price attached to the wine than other markets because of the relative cost of export in the country. In addition, the government policies and rules governing the export of wines has a massive influence on the price of the commodity. The demand for the wine also has an influence on the price with areas that do not have a vast demand having a lower price to act as an incentive…. [read more]

Commercial Makes Several Claims. It Blatantly Essay

… ¶ … commercial makes several claims. It blatantly claims to be made with some of the best grapes Italy has to offer; "you can tell this was made from the finest Italian grapes." It also presents that just because it is Italian it is better than other wine choices. According to the dialogue, "Nothing beats Italian wines." More implicitly through its setting being placed in a trendy New York Restaurant, it makes the claim that sophisticated people enjoy it. Therefore, it would be sophisticated to choose it.

The commercial presents a demonstration of both people drinking the wine within a restaurant capacity, but also a close examination of the wine. A class is held in the air and swirled, showing the color quality to the…. [read more]

Hemp and Sustainable Agriculture in North America Dissertation

… . [read more]

Rainfall Simulation Studies to Estimate Literature Review

… Incorporated residue is crop residue that is mulched into the soil such as corn stalks being buried to increase the organic matter content of the soil and which further operates like grade control structures thereby preventing rills from expanding. The use of no-till and reduce tillage practices result in less soil erosion and sediment than do convention methods of tillage or the use of plow tillage. However, it is not possibly to apply no-till and reduced tillage to all agricultural production initiatives.

Tillage marks are reported to be grouped to up-and-down till and contour till, which is generally effective in the reduction of soil erosion. There are however, many gullies and produced by contour as well as a great deal of sediment being created when…. [read more]

Wine Marketing Term Paper

… Wine Marketing

Marketing research and segmentation

The wine market is typically made of interconnected sub-segments with overlapping tendency. The wine market is different than other markets for agricultural products because this one is more vertically differentiated, meaning that in this market is easier to rank products according to objective criteria from the first to the last than it is for traditional agricultural products. For instance, the high quality - high price segment is very heterogeneous, showing increased product differentiation, whereas the low quality - low price segment is more homogenous, as it's not particularly focused on quality criteria (European Commission, 2002).

A complete market analysis should identify those markets that where on one hand individuals drink wine and on the other hand they are both…. [read more]

Vinos Andinos Vineyard Report Dating Back Term Paper

… Vinos Andinos Vineyard Report

Dating back to antiquity, wines have always been considered among the best alcoholic beverages, being associated with mythology, gods, powerful rulers, simple men and they are even referred to in the Bible. Today, wines are being consumed at both social as well as business meetings by all kinds of people, coming from all social backgrounds and registering all incomes. This means that the wine industry has to produce a wide variety of drinks, suited for all tastes and all pockets.

A major change in the behaviour of wine consumers is the early age of drinkers. This does not necessarily imply that young people are increasing their alcohol consumption, but that they change their drinking behaviour. As such, instead of drinking bear…. [read more]

Food and Eating Behaviors Term Paper

… Food & Eating Behavior

Every country on planet earth has its unique culture and traditions. The people living in these countries have different lifestyles and so their food and eating behavior differs and sets it apart from others. Some countries have become popular because of their food and eating traditions like India, Italy, Thailand or even Turkey.


Located on the Eastern end of the Mediterranean, Turkey is the country which is considered a place where East & West meet. Even though the country is predominantly inhabited by Muslims the traditions and culture is secular yet a taste of tradition is there.

Ottoman rule has had a great influence on many traditions of the country and that includes food also. It is with the help…. [read more]

Economics of the U.S. Wine Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … Economics of the U.S. Wine Industry

The wine industry in the U.S. began small with most of it accounted for by import until its expansion in California in the early 20th century (Geisler 2006). It was prohibited for a time and then revived in the early 70s and directed by aggressive demands for better quality wine products. Between the 70s and the late 90s, wine consumption went up and down. By 2004, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported U.S. wine consumption at 2.3 gallons. California has more than 1,800 of wineries in the U.S.A. And accounts for 90% of total U.S. wine production. Other high wine-producing states are Washington, New York and Oregon. Half of California's grapes are used to produce wine. As…. [read more]

European Market With a Chilean Wine Term Paper

… ¶ … European Market with a Chilean Wine

Chilean wine marketing research and segmentation

European Market for Imported Wine

Criteria for Segmentation

Country Segmentation


United Kingdom



Chilean Wine Promotion in Europe

Segmentation by Retail Outlet

National market, chosen retail segments

This marketing study focuses on a plan to identify and segment European markets, and to recommend which European markets would be the most promising for the entry of a medium-sized Chilean wine producer. This study will focus in particular on which markets are most open to Chilean wines, those which correspond best to the price points identified by the wine producer, and those which may bring the best return on marketing investment.

Given that the producer prices in the "super-premium" segment, which…. [read more]

Mediterranean Food History Term Paper

… What are the practical and social rituals associated with the Mediterranean cuisine?

Because of the high levels of mid-day heat of many regions in the Mediterranean, it is often traditional to have a light, carbohydrate-based breakfast, to take a nap during the heat of the day, and to consume the main meal after the sun has set. There is an intense communal aspect and centrality to food in the culture. Especially in Greek and Italian cuisine, extended family and friends is the focus of the family. It is characteristic of the Greek and Italian people "to celebrate their joys, to sweeten their sorrows, and to assuage their struggles by eating and drinking in the company of family and friends." (Alexiadou, 2005) In desert cultures, hospitality…. [read more]

Post War Italy 1946 Mid 1950 Thesis

… Post-War Italy


Post-War Italy (1946 -- mid 1950s)

Italy is a country in Southern Europe, consisting of the peninsula of Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and smaller islands (Infoplease, 2009). It was first proclaimed a kingdom by Victor Emmanuel II on March 17, 1861. Rome became its capital in July 1871 (Encyclopedia of the Nations, 2009). In the 20th century, the kingdom was ridden with severe domestic social and economic problems, especially in the south. Premier Giovanni Giolitti introduced political reforms, which raised the kingdom's status as a Western power. The reforms, however, did not solve basic problems, like poverty and illiteracy. It was initially an ally of the Central Powers, consisting of the German, Austrian-Hungarian, and Ottoman Empires and the…. [read more]

Food Essay

… Whereas many American customers find the service too slow and want to complain, other people understand that part of the Ethiopian culture is to be relaxed and at ease. This corresponds to the method of eating Ethiopian food, which is with the hands and done slowly. American food is sometimes eaten fast, in the car or at the desk.

One of my classmates wrote about an experience at a Japanese izikaya in Toronto. This restaurant might be one I am familiar with, which is called Guu. This restaurant also has the servers enthusiastic and shouting "hello!" And "goodbye!" To all the customers. Japanese culture is engaging, and the restaurants are busy and lively like this one. Therefore the ambiance of this restaurant reflects the culture.…. [read more]

Decline of the American Diet Term Paper

… Decline of the American Diet

Food Nation (summary) - Schlosser for Author Schlosser

Food Revolution (summary) - Robbins for Author Robbins

Engineered Food (summary) Teitel / Wilson for Authors Teitel / Wilson


Abstract chose these three books because they are among the most respected and most often referenced titles about food and its interrelationship with our culture in libraries today. The problems facing America in terms of poor nutrition, widespread obesity, inhumane treatment of animals, and the growing corporate influence on what Americans eat and how our lives are affected cry out for examination at the university level.

The Food Revolution is written by John Robbins, who left his father's ice cream company, Baskin & Robbins, to become a writer and to investigate what…. [read more]

Product Launch Essay

… "A government official launched a 'Hands off Nutella' committee, quickly supported by the governor of Nutella's home base in Piedmont. The Cabinet minister for EU affairs warned against the risk of nutritionist fundamentalism" (Rizzo 2010). The increased interest and concern over unhealthy foods is likely to spawn a newly-activated desire to find organic alternatives.

Socio-economic and/or cultural, political and competitive environments

The greatest challenge will be resistance to a product that is a rival to a beloved European staple. In the UK, however, there has been a growing acceptance of food marketed from a 'health' standpoint in recent years, such as Jamie Oliver's recent campaign for Selfridge's supermarkets to encourage people to eat more healthfully and Marks and Spencer's calorie-controlled lines of packaged foods. The…. [read more]

Canadian Red Wine Business Plan for Los Angeles California Business Plan

… Canadian Red Wine

This is a preliminary plan for the Tropika company to develop a unit that will import Canadian red wine into the Los Angeles market and establish that product as a viable item for the low to medium priced wine consumer. Canadian wine has a long history, but it is not well-known in the U.S. market. In contrast, American wines, especially from California, are very well-known in the Canadian market and have a good share of the Canadian wine market. California wineries have sought to keep out other wines from the market for some time, but that has less power in a time of free trade and globalization. The consumer does not know Canadian wine and must be educated to its value. The…. [read more]

Italian Watersheds All Rivers Run Essay

… This leads to water that is very low in oxygen and very high levels of phosphorous and Italian environmental groups call the lake "chronically sick" (Belfast Telegraph, 2007)

Lakes are always fragile in terms of long-term maintenance of watershed health. With less free-flowing water than rivers or stream and a much smaller volume (and so a more delicate biochemical balance) than oceans, lakes are always shifting back and forth across a narrow tolerance for indigenous life forms. When this already delicate balance is affected in dramatically negative ways by agricultural and industrial run-off as well as human's ever increasing demand for freshwater (a demand pushed by increasing human population and exacerbated by climate change) the future health of lakes seems like a fool's dream.

References…. [read more]

PBS Programs: Summary and Analysis Reaction Paper

… Julia Child: The French Chef

Julia Child's The French Chef is one of the oldest food television programs every produced. Rather than presenting French cuisine as something intimidating and beyond the reach of the average American cook, Child rendered it fun and accessible. She showed that it was possible for ordinary Americans to understand and cook the French way by breaking down even very complicated French dishes into relatively easy steps.

However, even though Julia Child was very democratic in her approach to cooking, it is also worthy of note that she never 'dumbed down' French cuisine. Even when making an omelet or something very simple she was very rigorous in demanding that her viewers used the best, authentically French way to do so. Julia…. [read more]

Culture Cuisine in Australia Thesis

… However, cultural capital theory is transmitted in symbolic form through education, and media. The underlying assumption of cultural capital theory is that certain people have developed interest in some food because of their taste, and knowledge such as education. (Shenoy, 2005).

Bannerman (2011) supports this argument by pointing out that cuisine and class have been established in Australia. The author follows the Goody (1982) model of differentiated cuisines that emerges through differentiated societies. With reference to model of differentiated cuisines, it is only the upper class in the Australian society who posses resources and disposition to develop high class-cuisines. The whole system is found in cuisine culture. In Australia, stratified cuisines were developed by "the exclusive prerogative of small, educated elite" (Bannerman 2011, P 56).…. [read more]

Blueberries a Brief Synopsis Research Paper

… Blueberries are known for having very thin fibrous roots devoid of root hairs with the finest ones being no more than twenty µm in their diameter (Valehzuela 2009). Highbush blueberry plants have endotrophic mvcorhizza, which assist the roots in absorbing water and nutrients, while lowbush blueberry plants have rhizomes instead of roots, allowing them to grow more in the area they cover, rather than height (Valehzuela 2009). Highbush varieties can have root systems that can 2 meters in diameter but they rarely go farther than 1 meter deep (Valehzuela 2009).

The flower growing within the bud grows differently than the fruit buds. It grows from the base to the tip, which is opposite to than the fruit buds (Purdue University Horticulture & Landscape Architecture 2009).…. [read more]

Health of Farmworkers Thesis

… Health of Farm Workers

Farm workers who are migrant and seasonal are an important and integral part of the American agricultural enterprise and industry. According to recent figures there are more than three million farm workers who earn their livelihood through migrant or seasonal farm labor. (Rosenbaum and Shin, 2005) However, the general situation and conditions of these workers and the many associated variables indicate that these hired workers are subject to often severe health challenges. These challenges are related not only to the nature of their work but to other factors and variables as well, such as poverty and working arrangements that can have a significant impact on their health and accessibility to health coverage and care. (Rosenbaum and Shin, 2005)

Research and studies…. [read more]

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