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Air Jordan Brand as Popular Culture Object Research Paper

… Air Jordans as a Popular Culture Object

The popularity of the basketball shoe, the Air Jordan, was the result of a commonly successful campaign which links a product with a sports star as means of gaining favor and popularity by consumers. This is a technique which has been used by advertisers for decades. However, what makes the Air Jordan shoe slightly more remarkable than the dozens of products this formula has been used upon is based around the uncanny and highly extraordinary talent of Michael Jordan himself. Michael Jordan's talent as a basketball player orbited around his almost supernatural ability to fly above the court, towards the basketball net, soaring past his opponents. "Thanks to meticulous brand management and careful product reinvention, these basketball shoes…. [read more]

African-American Culture Has Evolved Term Paper

… African-American culture has evolved significantly in the past two decades. While the overall socio-economic conditions of African-Americans within the United States have changed substantially for the better, their cultural and institutional instincts can only be subjectively understood. One of the growing phenomenons of this era is the emergence of sports not only as part of their cultural legacy, but a defining factor in masculinity. This is no where more epitomized then the rise of the Los Angeles Lakers and the emergence of African-American sports stars as cultural icons for masculinity development. Basketball has not only become an escape for the perpetually poor and "ghetto rats," but also a defining feature of masculinity within African-American communities. The rise of the Los Angeles Lakers and specifically Kobe…. [read more]

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