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World War II Term Paper

… World War II or the Second World War turned out to be a war that was proceeding by 1939 and then finished up 1945. It had a lot to do with a huge mainstream of the world's states -- will involves all of the big powers -- ultimately starting two contrasting military associations: the Axis and the Allies. It was the most extensive war in history, with more than 100 million individuals that had served in any of the military units. In locations of "all out war," the main members put their entire financial, business, and scientific competences at the delivery of the war effort, eliminating the difference among civilian and military capitals. Marked by important proceedings linking the mass death of civilians, counting the…. [read more]

World War II Ww Essay

… Slowly the Americans invaded and liberated a number of islands until the were in a position to begin an air campaign against the Japanese homeland. With the capture of the Marianas, Iwo Jima, and finally Okinawa, the Americans came to hold the position of being able to strike at Japan with their heavy bombers and begin inflicting massive damage to their industrial base. But two years of air attacks and the destruction of several Japanese cities through firebombing still was not enough for the Japanese military to surrender.

Despite the carnage, the Japanese military wanted to fight to the death and forced the Japanese people to stand alongside them. Facing the thought of an American invasion of the Japanese home islands, and the possibility of…. [read more]

World War II Term Paper

… World War II

When attempting to discern what the "real war" was in a world involving as many international powers such as those represented in World War II, it is easy to examine this issue in regards to the goals sought by those sides. For Hitler and the other Axis leaders, those goals were the implementation of fascist, totalitarian governments and the eventual conquest of the world itself. For Franklin Roosevelt and the other Allied leaders, the war was a means of preserving democracy and a free market. All of these ends become complicated by the economic value of this conflict for the participants involved, as well as by definite social concerns related to genocide and a host of other evils. Yet when one examines…. [read more]

World War II Why Did This War Happen Essay

… ¶ … World War II Happen?

The world had barely stopped hemorrhaging from the ravages of the "War to End All Wars" when World War II broke out in 1939 following Germany's invasion of Poland. Given the bloody and enormously costly outcome of the First World War and the efforts by the international community to forge an international organization that could arbitrate potential conflicts between countries in the interim, some observers today might question how the Second World War could occur in the first place. To gain some fresh insights into this question and formulate accurate answers, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning the origins of World War II, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the…. [read more]

World War I Term Paper

… " (Adriane Ruggiero, page xviii-xix) A group of strongly nationalistic individuals was able to convince the Japanese that their problems will end only if they go to war. Japan believed that it was the most important power in the Pacific and Western Europe was trying to minimize its power. Japan saw Great Britain and the United States as their bigger enemies.

After Japan conquered the Eastern colonies of Great Britain, Holland and France, it ruled an empire which extended from South Asia to East Indies and incorporated islands from the South Pacific. As a result of this expansion; Japan was able to provide its armies with the needed weapons. Japan and Germany agreed to be allies and to support one another if a country will…. [read more]

American Participation in World War II Essay


The United States entered the Second World War late, and reluctantly. In spite of the Nazi death camps, the United States remained decidedly neutral until the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The bombing of Pearl Harbor may not have been the only reason why the United States entered the war, but it was a single and tremendous precipitating event that necessitated a quick and decisive solution. Entering the war had a huge impact on America's domestic, as well as global, affairs. The effects of the American entry into World War Two on world history included securing an Allied victory and paving the way for a new world order symbolized by the Cold War. Less obvious from a global perspective, but no less important to most…. [read more]

World War II and the United States Term Paper

… ¶ … World War II and the United States. Specifically it will compare and contrast the United States after World War I and after World War II. There were great consequences for America after World War I and World War II, and the country changed dramatically after each war. Both wars would affect the country for years to come, and victory would come at a very high cost. Both wars created prosperity, one created a baby boom, and both wars led to increased strife in the world, rather than being the "war to end all wars."

World War I began in 1914 and ended in 1918. However, the U.S. stayed out of the action for over two years, only entering the war in 1917, just…. [read more]

World War II Essay

… com). He then proceeded to identify the "Aryan" race as the only legitimate ethnicity in Germany, making Jews and Gypsies fair game for harassment, persecution, and ultimately death. Hitler was charismatic in his fiery speeches, but insists that one of the "most vital aspects of the power behind the Third Reich" was propaganda, which became the ideal tactic to indoctrinate and control the German people. Recurrent themes of Hitler's propaganda included: a) hatred towards Jews and Gypsies; b) rage against the sanctions imposed in the Treaty of Versailles as the cause of all German's problems; c) promotion of aggressive nationalism; d) the promotion of the Ayan race as the pure, inevitably perfect society for Germany; and e) the promotion of the fear that communist…. [read more]

World War II Economical Term Paper

… Soviet Union grew and developed without any international cooperation, trade and had to produce everything itself. Joseph Stalin proclaimed program of Industrialization which had to turn agricultural state into highly developed industrial country with strong and independent economics and mighty armed forces. This program succeeded and Soviet Union became one of the most industrialized European countries and if analyze its industrial production - he was 3rd after the U.S.A. And Germany in the world.

But Soviet economics and industry didn't stop own development and continued increasing and improving. Stalin knew that German aggression is inevitable and tried to prepare the country to the great war. He also knew that France and Britain would try not to participate in the war and let Hitler whatever he…. [read more]

World War II the Role Term Paper

… S.S.R. The primary troops were ready to fight by 1942 against the Axis. 13

It is necessary, at this point, to get a general overview of the situation in Germany at this time. In 1944, powerful forces both from the east as well as from the west bombarded Hitler. Added to this were the threats posed by air raids and submarine attacks by Russia supported by her allies. Germany had to attack Russia in 1941, knowing fully well that there could be a massive defeat in store for her. Initially, Russia's losses were huge. But, Russia being a large country with vast resources, this victory was short lived. In December 1941, Germany lost the war and the finale came when America joined the war when…. [read more]

WWII History Making Decades WWII-Present Essay


History Making Decades WWII-Present

Many consider the end of WWII to have ushered in the modern era in global politics. One reason for this is based on WWII as an end -- the end of Nazi politics in Europe and of European politics as dominating politics on a worldwide scale. Another reason for naming WWII as the beginning of the modern era is based on WWII as another beginning -- the beginning of the Cold War, which started an era of global bipolarism, an arms struggle, and many of the scientific and military advancements that the world now takes for granted. When one considers the world of WWII and the contemporary world, it becomes clear that society has changed by leaps and bounds in…. [read more]

WWII: Battle of Monte Cassino Term Paper

… But there were many sound reasons for justifying an attack on a historic monastery like Monte Cassino. Rome as an objective was too important to pass on. Casulties were very heavy and the Allied generals were aware that the Normandy had already been commited to.

Since the German's intentionally chose the monastery of Monte Cassino to thwart Allied Forces, by attacking and eventually bombing the location, Allied forces put a major hole in the German defensive strategy. "Those crew members who have served through the African campaign will remember how we did not bomb mosques because of the religious and humanitarian training all of us have received..." (Colvin & Hodges, 1994) By going against the expectations of the Germans, the Allies were able to regain…. [read more]

World War II From 1939 to 1945 Term Paper

… World War II from 1939 to 1945

It is said that World War II may be the single most complicated conflict in history and thus is difficult to explain its origin, however, many believe that is was simply a continuation of World War I (World pp). One fact remains true and that is that never have so many nations gone to war in so many different ways and by so many different means (World pp). The Treaty of Versailles may be the single most indirect cause of the war since it placed the blame solely on Germany (World pp). World War I had not solved any of the problems that had caused it, which leads many scholars to believe that World War I and II…. [read more]

World War II Japan's Wars Essay

… Yet in the end, Japan's own racism and imperialism alienated potential Asian allies like Ba Maw in Burma, since its Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere "proved to be as overweening as the Westerners had been before" (Dower 1987). According to the "Global Policy with the Yamato Race as Nucleus," produced by the Japanese bureaucracy in 1942-43, Japan intended to be the dominant power in Asia permanently once the Western powers were defeated. In the Pacific after the initial surrenders of 1941-42, very few Allied troops gave up or took prisoners, while the Japanese glorified the suicidal experience of the kamikazes and banzai charges as the highest ideal of heroism and self-sacrifice. In reality, millions of Asians died as a result of Japanese atrocities and slave…. [read more]

WW2 Momentum Shift 1942-1944 Essay

… It was evident that the bombings succeeded in vastly causing collateral damage to the Germany war factories, the aircraft plants, transport sector and the oil facilities, but noticeably it failed to kill the spirits and morale of the people (Rogole J.A., 2002:Pp27).


The WWII was not just a war of weapons as was the WWI but it involved much more than just that. It involved a lot of diplomacy playing out between countries hence formation of alliances which were basically means of showing allegiance to some countries. The main driving force behind the formation of the alliances was to get enough military muscle to outweigh the enemy and hence be able to either protect your own territory or even carry out expansion as Japan…. [read more]

World War II Put-Off by Europe's Lag Term Paper

… World War II

Put-off by Europe's lag in paying off debts from the First World War, the United States remained committed to a policy of neutrality for the first several years of World War Two. Several issues led to American involvement in the war. First, collusion between Roosevelt and Churchill caused the United States to adopt restrictive trading policies with Japan. The eloquent Churchill apparently persuaded President Roosevelt to pressure Japan through sanctions: by prohibiting further shipments of steel, iron, aviation fuel, and other military essentials (Irving). A crippled Japanese army retaliated by the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7 of 1941. Congress approved entry into the war the very next day. Three days later, Germany and Italy declared war on the United…. [read more]

Air Power in WWII American Term Paper

… " "All of the family pictures are before me on the table," he continued. "I can close my eyes and imagine myself in our own living room at home, talking with you." He continued, talking about how his family should "feel resigned," but in a way, "happy for my sake." That may be puzzling as a statement, he continued, suggesting that he was lucky to still be alive.

That he was still alive was an amazing fact, considering that so many fliers had died and so many new replacements had come on a daily basis. "In combat mess almost every face is unfamiliar," he wrote. "We are not fighting for our country, but each of us for our own family, for our own plot of…. [read more]

Battles of World War II Term Paper

… Resistance at other beaches was comparatively light.

Because of the intense secrecy and multiple deception plans, the Allies indeed managed to catch the Germans almost entirely off-guard, while their commanding officer was actually on leave in Germany. Nevertheless, there was still a crucial time period within the first few hours after the initial invasion where Hitler could have authorized reinforcement in the form of tank divisions in position elsewhere to repel the landing forces on the beaches. Historians regard his failure to do so as one of Hitler's many military blunders that contributed to Germany's defeat in 1945.

Despite heavy initial casualties, within one week, the Allies had landed sixteen divisions, linked up several of the landing beaches, and controlled eighty miles of French coast,…. [read more]

World War II Broke Out Term Paper

… The common way of looking at the issue is that Stalin mistrusted the Western democracies of Great Britain and France, and this mistrust had increased radically after the two countries effectively withdrew support from Czech President Benes in the face of Hitler's demands on the latter. That was in the months leading up to the Munich crisis of September 1938. At the time, the Soviet Union was linked by a mutual defense pact to Czechoslovakia as well as to France. When the British and French "agreed with Hitler at Munich to allow him to annex German-populated parts of Czechoslovakia on demand, Stalin lost faith in the democracies" (Raack 199). Stalin thought their willingness to appease Hitler and their failure to consult the Soviet Union in…. [read more]

History After WWI Through WWII Term Paper

… History after WWI through WWII

In general, world history can be considered a succession of experiments, just as modern science. On the other hand, both modern science and history are studied by gathering facts and figures and by putting together the information this obtained.

Surrealism, Dadaism, Fauvism, Cubism are some of the genres of 20th century art. They reflect, first of all, a quest for individual independence, for breaking rules in terms of the creation process, and an attempt to find new ways of expression rather than the classical ones. They also reflect a continuous experimentation in terms of form, shape and colouring.

Impossible for me to answer, since I don't have the book and don't know what the Shanfei story is.

The Indian National…. [read more]

World War II Term Paper

… But the aid that both the Soviet Union and the United States supplied to Chinese forces was not strictly out of a conscientious sympathy for the Chinese. Nor was it strictly a matter of anti-Japanese sentiment. Certainly, these elements were present. But perhaps more prevalent was the ideological civil war that afflicted China even as it stood in opposition to Japanese aggression. Chiang Kai Shek's government operated under the pretense of nationalism. China had spent much of its history under the thumb of war, invasion and occupation, splintering its national identity in countless tribal factions of varying cultural backgrounds. And while many proposed to support Chinese nationalism, they attended to it from different perspectives and with different political inclinations. This was problematic as it threatened,…. [read more]

Germany's Failure in World War Essay

… New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.]

Fall of Italy further blew Germany as it had to provide information regarding Italian bombers and D-Day invasion. Germany also had concentrated on developing V2 rocket, which had not been developed yet as much of the time had been wasted in Russia and North Africa along with resources. In 1945, Berlin was conquered by Russian troops and Germany had finally been defeated.


Germany failed because of its flawed war strategy. It wasted its resources and time. Although Hitler was successful in invading several European regions, it did not have the ability to deal with prolonged war.

Work Cited

Bell, P.M.H. The Origins of the Second World War in Europe. (3rd ed. 2007).

Brody, J Kenneth (1999). The Avoidable War:…. [read more]

U.S. Diplomacy During World War II Term Paper

… U.S. Diplomacy During World War II

World War II was a watershed event in the history of international relations, particularly in the relations between the United States and the rest of the world. Before the War, the U.S. foreign policy and public opinion were in favor of 'isolationism', although support for the 'internationalism' also existed in some pockets. As a result, in the initial years of the Second World War, U.S. diplomacy was focused on avoiding entanglement in a foreign war. Gradually, however, the internationalists managed to win the debate against the isolationists and the United States not only entered the War but also played a central role in its outcome. After the Second World War, the U.S. foreign policy became firmly 'internationalist'; symbolized in…. [read more]

How Did Nationalism Reveal Itself Through Films During World War II? Research Proposal

… ¶ … nationalism reveal itself through films during World War II?

Nationalism in World War II cinema

During World War II, the entire nation mobilized to fight. Every aspect of the United States' economy was channeled to serve the war effort, including the cinematic output of the motion picture industry. Just like factories shifted from creating nylon stockings to making parachutes for the Air Force, Hollywood shifted from making comedies and romances to cheer up Depression-era audiences to making propaganda films to support the war effort. The popularity of the movies enabled the government to use motion picture images to support their effort on a mass scale that was undreamed-of, during World War I.

Today, when Hollywood is often demonized in the rhetoric of conservative…. [read more]

World War II - D-Day Term Paper

… They would take cover and then make a dash through the surf for the next one, about 50 feet beyond. The men would line up between those poles and help each other to go through at a certain time. Somehow, Lieutenant Carroll and some of his peers ended up on the beach, but so many others died in the process. He could not remember anything, however, in a matter of about five to 10 minutes. He learned later that he was briefly knocked out unconscious. The tide had them pressed up on a short strip of shore. Many of the men were trying to dig shallow foxholes, but that offered little protection for them. The lieutenant thought he and the troops would never get off…. [read more]

Conscription and Manpower Needs During World War II Essay

… ¶ … Combat Contracts as Applied to U.S. Military Behavior in WWII

During many of the early military conflicts of the United States, many Americans voluntarily signed up for service out of a sense of patriotism and to protect the nation's interests. These factors also played an important role during World War II, but there was the added element of conscription involved that meant young men were legally obligated to serve their country. In this environment, ensuring that combat units had adequate forces became an essential part of winning the war, but given the enormity of the commitment, it is not surprising that some problems were encountered with combat contracts. To determine the facts, this paper reviews the relevant literature concerning combat contracts as applied…. [read more]

Black Soldiers in WWII Term Paper

… None of this information was widely available to the public at the time. The service of black Americans was not considered newsworthy. Although there were prominent figures, notably Eleanor Roosevelt, who attempted to raise social consciousness, blacks were largely viewed as inferior. Their military service was not considered to be of consequence. There was still considerable prejudice in the U.S. Blacks were understandably angry and frustrated. In an interview after the war, Ray Elliott recalled, "We had to think of different ways so that we could keep from being full of rage because we knew that would be counterproductive."

Unlike the white press, the black press discussed racial inequality in the military and demanded that action be taken. Race relations in one city, Dallas, were…. [read more]

World War Two Term Paper

… Russia and America emerged as the new super powers of the world while Britain was relegated to a third rate power. Many Asian nations (India, Philippines, Burma, etc.) got their freedom from their colonizers. The United Nations Charter was signed on June 1945 (San Francisco) as a world peace organization to supervise international security and promotion of human rights.


We are still haunted by the legacy of the world war two and now that we are in the shadow of the war it is plainly obvious that it was one of the most foolish acts of mankind. (Self-destruction) In the history of the world the harrowing experiences of the Had Britain (as a super power) been a little more prudent and watchful over the…. [read more]

Nevada, WW2 During World War II Essay

… Nevada, WW2

During World War II, the stat5e of Nevada made three significant contributions to the war effort. The desert north of Las Vegas provided the perfect location for the Las Vegas Army Air Force Gunnery School. The town of Henderson was located near both crude magnesite and the power generated by the Hoover Dam. In addition to the geographical resources, the state of Nevada also lost 592 men in combat. This essay will explore the history of the Nellis Air Force Base and Basic Magnesium Inc.

In January of 1941, Mayor John L. Russell of Las Vegas sold a large parcel of land to the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps for the development of the flexible gunnery school. The school would provide as training to…. [read more]

World War II, Which Took Term Paper

… They had lost many lives and spent billions of dollars, and began investing in preparing for a secure global defense.

After WWII was over, the United States was interested in the technical capabilities of the Germans because of the potential benefits for the U.S. armed forces and the American industry. In 1945, the U.S. approved the transfer of German rocket specialists. This transfer became known as Operation Paperclip because a large number of Germans stationed at Army Ordnance, those individuals who had been selected to come to the United States from Germany, were distinguished by paperclips. These specialists were transferred to their new home, Fort Bliss, a large Army installation just north of El Paso. The group sometimes referred to themselves as "PoPs," prisoners of…. [read more]

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