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Airtran Continue Successful Essay

… This has resulted in passengers being delayed needing rebooking. As well, price differences and availability of seating is reported to "show up for the same flight on Southwest's and AirTran's online sites." (The Wall Street Journal, 2013, p.1) Furthermore, it is reported that early boarding privileges on Southwest does not equal the same on AirTran flights. Frequent-flier credits are also still separate and companion passes for Southwest cannot be used for AirTran. It is reported that the original promise of the two being 'one airline' is a promise that has been broken. The airlines are losing customer's bags and failing to deliver them on the same flight as the owners of the bags. Overbooking is on the rise for the two airlines and so are…. [read more]

American Airlines/U.s. Airways Merger Issues Case Study

… This tendency has the possibility of increasing the volume of fares to the consumers thus ability to reduce the value and satisfaction of the needs and preferences due to increase in the cost of travelling.

Strategic Issues:

There are various strategic issues that might arise because of the integration of the American-U.S. Airways. One of the strategic issues in relation to the merger is the decrease in the level of competition. The proposed merger will have the ability to reduce competition for 1,665 flight choices thus affecting approximately 53 million passengers. The size of the new entity will be above the current operators in the market and industry thus the tendency of eliminating the trust of effective, free, and fair treatment and competition in relation…. [read more]

Airtran Airways Term Paper

… Air Tran Airways is one of the largest, most successful low-fare airlines in the United States. Founded in 1993 and Headquartered out of Orlando, Florida, this low-cost airline employs 8,000 crew members and operates approximately 700 flights every day to 56 domestic destinations. Although the airline is headquartered out of Florida, its hub is at Hartsfield-Jackson International airport in Atlanta. AirTran Airways is the second largest carrier out of this airport, which is the world's busiest airport with regards to passenger volume. The fleet utilized by this carrier includes 87 Boeing 717-200 aircrafts and 45 Boeing 737-700 aircrafts.

AirTran Airways has received several awards and recognitions for its performance and service. Recent awards received by the airline include the following: Entrepreneur Magazine's Best Airline Value…. [read more]

Air Tran Airways Is a High-Growth, High-Leverage Term Paper

… Air Tran Airways is a high-growth, high-leverage company operating in the discount airline industry. They offer an attractive investment proposition in terms of a growth stock portfolio, but their high level of fixed obligations exposes them to significant financial risk, which makes them unsuitable for a debt portfolio.

Company Background

AirTran Airways is a discount airline based in Orlando, Florida. The current incarnation of AirTran was created in 1997 when ValuJet bought what was then a much smaller AirTran and adopted the brand. The company operates its main hub from the former ValuJet hub of Atlanta-Hartfield. The company today also has sizeable operations in two other airports, Orlando and Baltimore-Washington. AirTran services 52 markets (all but one in the U.S.), and operates over 700 flights…. [read more]

Implementation Strategic Controls Contingency Plans Term Paper

… ¶ … Strategic Controls and Contingency Plans at Southwest Airlines

As the only major airline to remain profitable following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Southwest Airlines is clearly doing something better than its competitors. One of the things that Southwest Airlines has consistently done better than its competitors is to provide reliable, no-frills, low-cost domestic air services throughout the United States using a standard type of aircraft for all of its routes. Recently, though, Southwest Airlines announced plans to expand its current fleet with the addition of twenty new Boeing 737-800s which are larger than the company's current standard aircraft and could provide higher revenues per flight. In addition, Southwest is in the process of acquiring AirTran Airways and its routes in Mexico…. [read more]

Strategic Choice and Evaluation Term Paper

… Business

Strategic Choice and Evaluation

In today's airline industry that has seen hard times over the last several years, Southwest has been flushed with achievement. In 2009, it transported 86 million travelers, more than any other carrier in the United States. It runs 3,200 flights daily, has a fleet of 544 planes and operates in sixty nine domestic cities. When competitor carriers were loosing a lot of money, Southwest was turning out consistent proceeds as a low-cost airline, even when the price of gas went through the roof. And in September of last year, in its greatest corporate move since it began operating outside of Texas, Southwest proclaimed that it would purchase AirTran Airways, augmenting both its income and its capability by almost twenty five…. [read more]

Airline Industry Analysis Term Paper

… Top 3 "Players" Of The Industry

When deciding who the industry leaders are, economic indicators go a long way in dictating success and failure. These indicators suggest that success can be measured by carriers that have reduced fares and focus on eliminating waste in an effort to be cost efficient. They also suggest that success entails fuel efficient planes and taking advantage of load factors which help capacity utilization. Success also entails understanding the new economy and the cost of money as well consumer friendly services with technologic advantages.

In other words, to cover the top three industry players entails a clear definition of what "top" means. One could approach it as the largest or the most profitable or the most socially accepted. With these…. [read more]

Airline Industry Flying Full Service vs. Low Fair Discount Research Paper

… Airline Industry: Flying Full-Service on Continental Airlines vs. Low-Fair Discount Flying on Southwest Airlines

Today, people have a wide range of transportation alternatives available to them, including personal conveyances, buses, trains and airplanes. Within these different modes of transportation, a further array of choices are available, such as a luxury automobile vs. A compact car, and first-class accommodations on trains compared to coach. With respect to air travel, passengers also have these types of choices, as well as whether to fly on a full-service airlines or a discount fare carrier. To determine what types of passengers are targeted by marketers at a full-service airline, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning flying on Continental Airlines, a full-service airline as opposed to a…. [read more]

Southwest Airlines the Airline Industry Essay

… Of course, commodities trading is one of the oldest forms of stock exchange in the world, but airlines have always followed the supposedly safer strategy of buying fuel as it was needed, and at the price that was given at the time. But, Southwest is always looking for the edge that will allow them to serve their customers with lower prices. Commodities trading allows an entity to lock in a price on a good (such as airline fuel) whether it goes up in price, stays the same or goes down. Southwest, and all other commodities traders, sometimes pay the price when the commodity dips lower than they had anticipated, but they also gain when the price increases, even a few cents, over what they had…. [read more]

Airlines Globalization and Technology Improving Term Paper

… The relationship of the customers may also be seen as beneficial, with many loyal customers returning to the company time after time. The organization has a loyalty scheme, which is not unusual for airlines, but for passengers to travel frequently it provides additional benefits which are likely to attract customers back to the same airline in order to gain the benefits associated with royalty (Kotler & Keller, 2011).

The acquisition of AirTran has created more resources, including knowledge resources, particularly with reference to international flights, as the company already had some international experience. The knowledge resources and experience that are gained has helped the organization expands away from just domestic flights, with the company now flying to the Caribbean and Mexico (Southwest Airlines, 2014).

The…. [read more]

Business - Management Strategy Implementation Term Paper

… Southwest isn't winning by resting on its past performance; it is succeeding because of its rapid and strong response in crisis. Over the years it has confessed its mistakes and took vital action to fix the troubles (What's reputation worth? Just ask Southwest Airlines, 2011).

Overall Southwest Airlines works very hard to distinguish themselves from everyone else in the business. This airline has been very successful over the years. At times throughout the years when other airlines have struggles Southwest has stuck to their game plan and continues to turn a profit year after year. Their goal is to carry out their mission of dedication to the highest quality of customer service every day. They train their employees with this goal in mind and even…. [read more]

Southwest Airlines Company 2004 Term Paper

… Southwest airline is one of the major airlines operating these days. Starting from the scratch Rollin King and Herb Kelleher joined hands to build an airline company which would be a totally different from then airlines. They started the company with one simple thing in mind which was to get the customers to their desired places on time and at the lowest possible fare. They had one vision in mind i.e. To provide customers with suitable and affordable ticket prices with satisfactory air travel. On February 20, 1968 King and Kelleher created the infamous Southwest Airlines. The Texas Aeronautical Commission gave them the permission to fly between three cities in 1968. From 1968 the company has never stopped expanding and is expected to grow further…. [read more]

External Analysis of Southwest Airlines Essay

… Inventory is expensive, but leasing arrangements may provide some relief and forestall Southwest having to invest in the inevitable technological upgrades to planes.

Opportunities. The Southwest effect -- lower average fares among competitors in airports where Southwest flies to compete with Southwest's low fares -- can help Southwest keep the competition at bay. Southwest knows how to keep costs down, and because they are prepared for the industry slumps -- on solid financial footing -- they can create fiscal smoothing. Southwest's debt-to-equity rate is lower than the rest of the airline industry at about 25%, unless leases are involved, which drives it up to 40% ("Wharton," 2003).

Threats. The airlines industry is highly taxed, with fees accounting for approximately one-third of every ticket. Regulation from…. [read more]

Protection Afforded to a U.S. Carrier Operating Term Paper

… ¶ … protection afforded to a U.S. carrier operating in Chapter 11 bankruptcy have a negative impact on the overall air transport industry?

Chapter 11-bankruptcy protection has been seen as a lifeline for companies on the verge of total financial collapse. The protection given by U.S. constitution allows companies another chance to reorganize while being protected from meeting normal financial and operating obligations. Those with financial interests -- secured and unsecured creditors, debt holders, stockholders, employees, and retirees have to be prepared to make sacrifices to keep the company afloat. Chapter-11 protection has enabled the sinking companies to impose new wage and benefit plans for its employees, redesign the pension and health plan and in brief gives them protection from their contracts and obligations.

In…. [read more]

This Is a Seven Page Term Paper

… This request is being met with some skepticism, however. The Business Travel Coalition, who represents business travel customers, opposes financial help for the airlines. They feel the airlines have had over 12 months to correct problems that are causing losses and they should be held accountable now. Before the attacks, the airlines paid for their security, but since the attacks, the government has picked up the tab with the airlines agreeing the reimburse it. Now, the airlines are asking that the repayment amount be lowered. Congress does realize that the airline industry is vital to the United States. They are looking at various methods to aid the airline industry, while still avoiding another high bailout (2002).
The economy saw a boom in recent years…. [read more]

Organizational Management Southwest Airlines Term Paper

… Organizational Management

Southwest Airlines was started in Texas and began flights in June of 1971, with three Boeing 737 aircraft. It served the three cities of Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. "Today, Southwest operates more than 550 Boeing 737 aircraft among 72 cities. Southwest topped the monthly domestic originating passenger rankings for the first time in May of 2003. Yearend results for 2010 saw Southwest's thirty eighth year of being profitable. Southwest became a major airline in 1989 when it surpassed the billion-dollar revenue mark" (About the Company, 2011). Southwest is the United States' most triumphant low fare, high-frequency, passenger carrier. Southwest operates more than three thousand flights every day and is the largest U.S. carrier in terms of passengers hauled. In May of 2011,…. [read more]

Southwest Airlines Strengths SWOT

… They also own several best selling U.S. brands such as WeightWatchers and BagelBites and demonstrate strength in the frozen food sector and have strong appeal to foreign countries.


They have huge debts twice the industry average. Gaining a large percentage of its profits form food service operations such as restaurants, airports etc. Heinz suffers from politically uncertain times and from economic recession. They have a huge array of competitors, and possess products that have trans fat ingredients.


New dietary guidelines, which caution consumption of trans fats. Competition from other brand-name ketchups, private label-ketchups and salsa as well as niche players and the emergence of superstores and wholesale clubs. Increased popularity of ethnic products such as salsa and other condiments also may threaten Heinz's…. [read more]

Consumer Behavior: Segmentation, Targeting Term Paper

… These optional upgrades are a major catalyst for targeted marketing, particularly through the airlines' own credit cards. Generally, though, some differences between the flight class segments are relatively stable. For instance, when an airline creates a customer persona for First Class travelers, one attribute is a lack of price sensitivity. First Class travelers value convenience, special treatment, exclusivity, and traveler status over price. Business Class travelers must often meet corporate requirements for flying and so are forced to be price sensitive; but Business Class travelers are also quite likely to hold annual passes for flight clubs, like Red Carpet rooms. Economy Class travelers do tend to be price sensitive, but they will upgrade to gain additional legroom and a roomier seat, and are often on…. [read more]

Delta Is a Legacy Carrier, the Largest Case Study

… Delta is a legacy carrier, the largest in the United States. It has faced difficult financial times in recent years, with two major writedowns that have crippled profitability and wiped out the company's equity. Delta has very little pricing power and the industry itself is not favorable. Firms compete on the basis of monopolistic competition, but most airlines find it difficult to foster sustainable competitive advantage through differentiation. They are also limited by regulator constraints from engaging in international expansion, although further domestic competition is entirely possible.

It is recommended that Delta seek further domestic consolidation as a means to build out sufficient size and scope to improve both market share and margins. It is also recommended that Delta focus on controlling fixed costs. The…. [read more]

Classic Airlines Has the Reputation Essay

… Evaluation of alternatives

Classic may decide to tread the route of Southwest and others like them by differentiating themselves. This will give them the problem of, by pleasing one simultaneously displeasing the other. Classic will, therefore, have to select its niche population, but by doing so they may well lose the other. This is a risk that they will have to take.

They may on the other hand decide to be totally ruthless cutting expenses wherever possible. This may not necessarily help them since personal reviews on successful and failed airlines (e.g. Delta Express) show that airlines that have cut expenses have still buckled under due to hidden high costs. High cost carrier have a tough time trying to transform themselves into low-cost carriers howsoever…. [read more]

Negotiation for Delta Airlines Term Paper

… The outcome of these talks may eventually lead to Delta's demise. "The higher pilot pay boosts Delta's costs $2.4 billion through 2005 and kicks in as the airline industry struggles to bring in revenue and faces a grim outlook for the rest of the summer. In May, domestic airline industry revenue dropped 10% -- the worst decline in more than two decades. Delta and several other top airlines posted first-quarter losses and expect to remain in the red this quarter." (Fonti, 2001)

The resolution therefore may be an empty victory for the Delta and Comair pilots because if they drive Delta into bankruptcy none the demands they won will be met in the long run. "Today, the pilots at Comair begin considering a settlement offer…. [read more]

Personal Statement: My Motivation Towards Becoming a PA Admission Essay

… I have also served in various positions of responsibility, with most of the said responsibilities giving me an opportunity to work closely with physicians in the delivery of quality care to patients. These roles are highlighted in my resume.

I believe that my personality, experiences, and disposition fit perfectly with the role of a physician assistant. I truly love emergency medicine and the fast-paced nature of such an environment. Further, I am also cognizant of the fact that to succeed as a PA, I ought to be a quick thinker and possess excellent eye coordination. These are qualities that have been tested in my previous engagements, as has been pointed out in my resume. It is for this reason that I would like to be…. [read more]

Airline Crew Scheduling Problem Term Paper

… Airline Crew Scheduling Problem

Airlines employ tens of thousands of employees that work on hundreds of aircraft flying to thousands of destinations throughout the world. Efficiency is of the utmost importance when it comes to the utilization of a method for airline crew scheduling. Due to the large number of employees that must be organized to work on various flights, crew costs for airlines are generally in the billions, and run second only to the cost of fuel (Anbil et al., 1992). In order to minimize costs and maximize efficiency, systems must find pairings, or tours of duty, that are within legal requirements and also cover every flight leg with the smallest expenditure of money. This problem is known as crew-pairing optimization, and the cost…. [read more]

Sirius and Xm Satellite Radio Term Paper

… It has 20 presets and a built-in wireless FM transmitter for use on all 100 FM frequencies. A home system that integrates with existing audio equipment is also available, with prices ranging from $250 up to $2,000. A head unit can also be placed in a car, and Sirius has over 15 headunits to choose from in prices ranging from under $200 to over $1,000. Some of the more reasonably priced units come with CD players and removable fronts.

Sirius has two Loral FS-1300 satellites in orbit, which cover the entire United States, with each satellite designed to have a useful life of about 15 years from time of launch. Its system uses terrestrial repeaters to maintain signal quality in areas with high concentrations of…. [read more]

Marketing of Commercial Aviation Term Paper

… ¶ … Status of the industry

Marketing problems facing carriers

Different strategies

Description of high/low marketing strategy

Why high/low strategy is the best marketing strategy

Examples of high/low marketing strategy

Status of the industry

In the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the industry hardest hit in American and around the world has been, without a doubt, the airline industry. Faced initially with empty planes and frightened fliers, confidence in security measures and general safety of the skies has taken hold again - perhaps be necessity - but airlines are daunted today by increased security costs along with a strong pilots' and airline workers' union along with stiff competition.

And of course, recent world events have also added to the airlines' woes.…. [read more]

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