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Alan Zuckerman Term Paper

… Alan Zuckerman

Over the last several years, the health care industry has been undergoing a tremendous amount of challenges. Part of the reason for this, is because of: the aging population of Baby Boomers and increasing demand for health care services are causing costs to rise dramatically. At the same time, this means that the number of services that are being provided must be increased, to address these changes in the population. In the case of Massachusetts General, they have been adapting to these changes by: offering a number of different facilities and programs throughout Greater Boston. However, the increasing demand has meant that the staff is often overwhelmed, which can result in errors. A good example of this occurred, when a patient's heart monitor…. [read more]

Graphic Novel Watchmen by Alan Essay

… In the novel Rorschach is looking into a plot to kill all masks (his word for costumed heroes).

the lost TV show -- The creators of the Watchmen had a problem. They had to do a 12 issue comic book, but only had ideas for 6. Solution? They created flashbacks. This plot creation of flashback has become a fixture of literature and is seen for instance in the 'Lost' TV show that without its flashbacks would have been over in possibly one season.

Heroes TV show -- The plot of 'Heroes' is similar to that of Watchmen. Heroes copied the plot of bringing devastation to NYC in order to heal the world. Sylar too was a watchmaker similar to the one in Watchmen who had…. [read more]

Alan Greenspan's Testimony Term Paper

… Many of the issues discussed and predicted in both reports have come true nowadays in late 2004 and the beginning of 2005. Indeed, the U.S. fiscal and current account deficits have grown lower than any time in history. In order to counterbalance any form of inflationary pressures, the Federal Reserve began to gradually increase the interest rate, reaching 2.5% in February 2005. The dollar, after a record 1.366 against the euro in December 2004 has gained some ground due to the interest rate differential between the U.S. And Europe.

The CBO forecast for 2005 to 2015

reflects in many ways some of the things that have been previously discussed. First of all, we need to look at the real GDP percentage change as the best…. [read more]

Eyewitness Testimony Study of Perception and Memory Term Paper

… Eyewitness Testimony, etc.

In a Psychology Today article in 2001, Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D. And William Calvin, Ph.D. discussed what was then known about memory, and what was yet to be discovered. Loftus has written 18 books, one of which is titled Eyewitness Testimony. Loftus and Calvin noted that concern with memory and its imperfections dates to long before the period of modern jurisprudence, although -- in the aftermath of overturned murder convictions that had been based on eyewitness testimony -- memory has again become a hot issue. "Medieval and modern philosophical accounts of human cognition stressed the role of imagination. The 18th-century philosopher Immanuel Kant talked about imagination as the faculty for putting together various mental representations such as sense percepts, images, and concepts" (Loftus,…. [read more]

Blues Leadbelly Told Alan Lomax Essay

… This is not to say necessarily that the lyrics focus on this, but the sense got out from the songs is related to this. For example, in "Ain't Nobody's Business," the sense is that the person is reluctant to any outside opinion and somehow disappointed in his condition ("There ain't nothing I can do, or nothing I can say, Some folks will criticize me. So I'm gonna do just what I want to anyway, And don't care if you all despise me.") This can be interpreted as a revolt against the society he lives in. Similarly, in "Nobody Knows You When-You're Down And Out," the disappointment is with the closer society and the intimate relations. For instance, "Well, once I lived the life of a…. [read more]

Remaking the World After the First World War Essay

… Remaking the World After the First World War

This study examines and considers two different views of the peacemakers at Versailles following the First World War. This work specifically will consider how these historians can have different views of the same historical event. The work of Margaret Macmillan entitled "Making War, Making Peace: Versailles, 1919" states that the observation of it being "harder to make peace than war was, as one might expect of someone so witty, that of Georges Clemenceau, prime minister of France at the end of the First World War and during the peace conference that followed." (2005, p.1)

Macmillan writes that the decisions concerning the peace settlements were made under a great deal of pressure since there was fear that unless…. [read more]

Forcasting the Years Ahead Pose a Serious Term Paper

… Forcasting

The years ahead pose a serious difficulty for all analysts. Although chairman Alan Greenspan is trying to present the situation from an optimistic perspective, things do not seem so bright as Mr. Greenspan has presented them to the Senate and to the House of Representatives. Huge public debt and current account deficits have brought a significant deterioration of the U.S. public debt. Commentators see things differently, but the forecast prepared by Mr. Greenspan seems a little exaggerated.

Chairman Greenspan based his testimony on the principle that expansion is self-sustaining and that the result is not merely quantitative (a faster pace for the economy), but also qualitative (broad-based expansion and notable gains in employment). Higher performance has lead to higher demand and, as a consequence,…. [read more]

Qualities of a Man Term Paper

… His success has continued from his early days advising president ford until current time.

Greenspan has built a successful career in a complex organization thorough an equally complex set of personal skills. No one element of his career can be said to be responsible for his success. Yet without any of these individual elements, Greenspan undoubtedly would not be the seasoned and successful Fed leader. These elements of Greenspan's success are:

His love for numbers and data. Greenspan is able to investigate details without getting lost in them. He is able to build micro economic trends into affective macro economic policy.

His love for people. Greenspan is not a numbers geek, nor a recluse. His influence extends because he can work with people, and he…. [read more]

Elt in the Expanding Circle and/or Outer Essay

… ELT in the Expanding Circle and/or Outer Circle

The 2001 maven conference bore testimony to the growth of interest in EW L' over the past few decades.

In the years between ? The first major academic gathering on this subject, the seminal conference on cross-cultural communication held at the University of Illinois in 1978 (Kachru 1992), and MAVEN 2001, much has been written and spoken about the spread of English around the world, the diverse ways in which the language has developed in this process, especially in the Outer Circle,2 and about the wider implications of this unique socio- linguistic development. Crystal (2003) lists 75 territories in which English is currently spoken as either a) the principal or only L1, or b) as an L2…. [read more]

3408 Term 1 Coursework 2012-13 Essay

… Although this is not outlined under the employment law, it is only morally sound.

Alan's case

Under the employment law, a part-time worker refers to someone who works fewer hours than a full-time employee does. However, working as an employee a full-time or part-time, is not specified with a number of hours, but a full-time employee will work for 35 hours or more in a week. The law treats fulltime and part-time employees as equal. Therefore, employers should they do not treat part-time workers less favorably compared to full-time workers as outlined in the employment law. Doing this means a breach of employment rights. Allan has some specified duties such as teaching and marking (Honeyball, 2011). In comparison to the full-time lecturers, they have other…. [read more]

Road Rage Alan Ferguson's "Road Rage," Printed Term Paper

… Road Rage

Alan Ferguson's "Road Rage," printed in the textbook, discusses the phenomenon of anger and its danger on American highways. He notes that road rage is increasing throughout the country. Ferguson writes, "And no wonder. Incidents of 'road rage' were up 57% in the first half of the decade, according to a report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety" (Ferguson 553). He also notes that road rage can be dangerous to others, and many aggressive drivers do not see themselves as aggressive or "bad" drivers.

Ferguson discusses several specific cases of aggressive drivers, including "Anne" who drives dangerously with her family, ignoring stop signs and intimidating other drivers by flashing her headlights (Ferguson 554), and Ron, a salesman who felt other drivers just…. [read more]

Personality Impressions Term Paper

… Burkard, Alan W. And Knox, Sarah (2004). Effect of therapist color blindness on empathy and attributions in cross-cultural counseling. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 51:4, 387-397.

Whether research investigations are designed on the basis of an experimental, descriptive, historical, or case study format there must exist a clearly defined research question which informs the reader as to the specific intent of the research undertaken. When the research design is experimental or descriptive there must follow a well-formulated testable null hypothesis. Should these two research tenets not be in place then the research is said to be ad hoc and of little useful propose with respect to the validity and reliability of content knowledge. The present article reviewed and authored by Burkard and Knox (2004) can be…. [read more]

Academic Integrity Seminar Term Paper

… Academic Integrity

I do not believe that it is in the best interest of businesses to be dishonest in any way. It therefore also follows that I do not believe any business or leader who pursues a path of honesty and integrity is in any way naive. Indeed, I am quite in agreement with Alan Greenspan's comments as provided in his Harvard Commencement speech. Indeed, as Mr. Greenspan implies, those business leaders who pursue honesty are more likely to prosper in the long-term than those who do not.

One needs only to consider business giants like Enron and even super-rich individuals like Bernard Madoff for fair warning that dishonest business practices, if found out, will lead to the downfall of even the strongest, tallest giants.…. [read more]

U.S. Financial Market. To Start Term Paper

… (The Federal Reserve Board: Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan)

Bankers who had avoided risks had the backup of certain lines of credit that had been made in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank, and these served as the backstops to the financing business. All this served to reduce the impact on the real economy of the capital market, because business could go on as usual; firms could still sustain production, and consumers and businesses did not lose the confidence in these institutions. The normal occurrence of a vicious cycle in which a major disruption would lead to major losses, and this in turn would lead to a major erosion of the financial sector did not happen at this time, and this was indeed fortunate for…. [read more]

Cold War and Globalization Term Paper

… The terrible problems of Africa, for example, with AIDs running rampant and starvation (famine) and wars taking a huge tool, need to be taken into account when the globalization issues are being faced. An article in Foreign Policy (March-April 2004) points out that "bringing Africa into the fold [of globalization] has been one of the most daunting challenges of the globalization process."

In Africa, where there already is a level of poverty unseen in other parts of the world, economies were affected by "economic misfortunes worldwide in 2002," which offered "little relief for the region." In fact, "financial flows to Africa dried up, in tandem with declining global investment." And in contrast to a more rapid growth rate in other parts of the world, "Africa…. [read more]

No-Fault Compensation in UK Medical Malpractice Thesis

… 2 The survey tried to quantify the frequency and/or severity of adverse effects through a population sampling experienced as a result of their medical treatment. The respondent sample consisted of 3638 men and 4568 women, or a total population of 8,206.

395, or 4.8% (4.8 in every 100) patients felt that they had suffered some illness, injury or impairment, which directly resulted from their medical treatment or care. This figure is slightly higher than the estimates derived using the methodology from the Harvard Medical Malpractice Study, which estimated that 3.7 in every 100 patients suffered "adverse effect." The report noted that the proportion responding "positively declined with increasing age and was inversely associated with social grade." Further, the report stated, "there was…. [read more]

Business Cycles: Phases, Indicators, Measures Essay

… This may well lead to a booming economy.

2. Lagging -- This follows an event. It is an indicator that analyzes an event that has just occurred and confirms whether a pattern is occurring or is about to occur. If the unemployment rate, for instance, is raising this shows that the economy is doing poorly. If food prices rise, it shows that there is inflation and likely a recession with a drop in supply.

3. Coincident -- These indicators occur simultaneous to the conditions which they analyze and they change at the same time as the economy or stock market changes.

An example of this is the rising level of wage or personal economics that drops and raises correspondent to economy. High personal income rates…. [read more]

Should We Let President Bush's Tax Breaks Expire? Research Paper

… Bush Tax Cuts

We should let the Bush tax cuts expire for the top income earners, but retain the remainder of the Bush tax cuts. There are two distinct economic factors that must be considered in this argument -- economic growth and the budget deficit (Krugman, 2010). For the former, the retention of the majority of the tax cuts is critical but for the latter, the tax cuts for the highest income earners must be allowed to expire.

In the current slow-growth economic climate, all measures possible must be undertaken to stimulate demand in the economy. America's companies face overcapacity, which has essentially neutered the ability of monetary policy to restore economic growth. Money is cheap and plentiful thanks to the Fed, but there are…. [read more]

Global Economic Crisis Thesis

… Global Financial Crisis

The current financial crisis may have unfolded over a period of months, but the causes of the crisis encapsulate years of government decision-making. Many of the ill-fated decisions were made in response to other crises, which makes the response of the Bush and Obama administrations to this crisis all the more interesting. One of the roles of government, even in the most free-wheeling capitalist countries is to guide the state of the economy (indeed, to be free-wheeling is a specific choice). What this paper will show is that the crisis was caused by governments that made short-term decisions without considering for or evaluation of the long-term consequences of those decisions.

The first major antecedent in terms of government policy came in response…. [read more]

Stock Options Payment of Stratospheric Term Paper

… The vice versa in the pricing of the stocks result in 'under water' and render the objective futile particularly at a moment when the substitute employers offer new grant of more valuable options. It is a general consensus that the stock options provide retention incentives but the efficacy with which it operates is under question. They may be several other alternative compensation mechanisms ensuring employees stay with the company.

The deferred compensation or pensions or by progressively increasing the payment with their increasing stay are several such alternatives. In case of the risk-averse employees cash is more valuable than the stock options these alternatives are more effective in terms of the retention incentives and also cost effective. Moreover, there are no justifications for optimally varying…. [read more]

Media Representations of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict Munich Olympics 1972 Term Paper

… Media Representations of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Munich Olympics 1972

The history of Palestinian-Israel conflict dates back to the end of Nineteenth century though fight for this holy land can be traced back to ancient times. In particular to Palestinian-Israel conflict; both sides have lost countless precious lives and still continue to do so. After the World Wars this conflict is definitely the most devastating in the human history. With no solution in sight the conflict still continues; raging Muslim sentiments against the Pro-Israel West, while the West continues to defend itself and Israel's existence against the acts of terrorists.

In particular to the Massacre of Munich Olympics 1972, it is unquestionably a dark chapter in the history of sports and a cowardly act that resulted…. [read more]

Slow USA Econ Recovery Chapter IV Term Paper

… Slow USA Econ Recovery

Chapter IV -- Summary

Chapter V -- Recommendations

There has always been a disharmony between economic theory and economic reality as it relates to the actions execute to stimulate and sustain economic growth. Whether it be Keynesian actions or actions more tailored towards the supply-side argument, there is not always a smooth translation between economic practice and the ensuing results. At the very least there is always a lag and it is sometimes hard to decipher where action "A" truly led to result "B" and/or whether it even inhibited it.

This line of thought has become even more poignant and clearer through situations like the economic recovery in the United States after the so-called "Great Recession" that ran from 2007 to…. [read more]

Keynesian Theory Neoclassical Economists Essay

… Of course, in the current Congress, conservative supporters of minimal government and laissez faire theories are in a position to block all such stimulus measures.

Neoclassical theorists would argue that once wages have fallen sufficiently in this recession and employers are unable to force more gains in productivity, they will have no choice except to hire new workers, although they may choose to do so in low-wage countries like China. There has been little sign that massive new hiring is taking place in the United States or other Western economies, even though the layoffs of hundreds of thousands per month that were common in 2008-09 have not yet been repeated. In fact, productivity gains and declines in real wages have been consistently higher than these…. [read more]

Brain Research and a Brain Friendly (Compatible) Term Paper

… Brain Research and a Brain Friendly (Compatible) Classroom

Review of the Relevant Literature

This chapter reviews the peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning recent brain research findings and its sources over the past 10-15 years. Following an overview of the subject, a discussion about the "critical periods" in a child's brain development will show that there is powerful new evidence from neuroscience that the early years of development set the base for competence and coping skills that affect learning, behavior and health throughout life. The findings from this research could be used to enhance or better yet enrich how to better develop the minds so that learning can be maximized in the classroom.

Background and Overview.

The nation's schools are struggling to meet the needs of…. [read more]

Theology Missiology Term Paper

… Global Changes in the Missiology of the 20th Century


A Paradigm Shift

The Early Church

The Modern Church

Correcting Edinburgh Explored

Formation of International Missionary Council (IMC)

Confusion Abounds

Response of Fundamentalist & Evangelical Movements

Problems Between and Among Evangelicals & Ecumenists

The Present View


The aim of this study is to examine the influential ideas that shaped mission thinking over the last century. This work will seek to point out to some theological differences and emphases represented by the various confessional groups such as evangelicals, ecumenical and Eastern Orthodox Church. At the same time it will seek to identify points of convergence in missionary thinking developed in the course of 20th Century that go…. [read more]

Old, Smart, Productive Old. Smart. Productive Talks Term Paper

… Old, Smart, Productive

OLD. SMART. PRODUCTIVE" talks about how people can be productive at work into their 70's and 80's. This is contrary to the popular concept that people's work performance decline after they are 50. One of the most important concepts in this article is that work productivity involves the concept of practical intelligence. Practical intelligence is the ability to solve ill-defined business problems using rules of thumb that can't be put down on paper. Example: how to deal with a difficult boss. A study of 200 banking executives found that the ones who exhibited the highest "practical intelligence" were as likely to be old as young -- and the older among them excelled even though their scores on traditional intelligence tests were no…. [read more]

Synopsis Chaffer Essay

… This is a clear irony that is present to the audience in the play. This is because many of the limits of Alan's faith in Equus are attained directly from Bible and bedtime stories that Dora read to him as a child.

Even though Dora appears to be very satisfied, Schaffer has tried to maintain her body language in such a way that she appears nervous and anxious. She does not boast herself or walk proudly which again signaled that he/she does feel shame regarding her actions. Because Dora and Alan are shown to have a much deeper bond, Dora shares a lot with her son. In doing so, Dora shares an anecdote with her son in which she refers to something as God. This…. [read more]

Daughter of Time Term Paper

… Tey enthusiastically defends Richard III by attacking historians "for their credulity and ignorance of human nature" and Tey makes "large claims for the ability of novelists and painters to uncover and represent the truth about persons and events" (Kelly, 136). The suggestion here is that historians have bias but novelists are objective investigators that are not encumbered with the permanence of history.

The truth about Tey and this novel is that history can be changed based on when it is researched and written -- not based on when it happened. In this novel -- though it was fictional and clearly historical in substance -- Tey made sure that the actual historical records were researched, primary sources when available. Martha Hailey DuBose writes that Tey had…. [read more]

Market Entry Term Paper

… Market Entry

The introduction of computer-based networks in the course of implementation of the business strategies is known as Electronic business or e-business. This involves marketing along with the extensive range concerning customer, production and management concentrated business strategy in respect of profit making, government and non-profit making organisation. E-business involves the processing and exchanging of the digitized data files varying from the range of text, audio and video files from one computer to another and from one electronic tool to another. The e-business techniques mostly are based on fully automation. (Hecker, 2001) it is to be assessed as to how suitably the e-business is compatible to the business process. It is also essential to watch how better it operates with the existing business strategy.…. [read more]

Charlie Fineman Who Is Played Research Paper

… Even Alan engaging in Charlie's recovery process can be considered a tactic on which basis the former can continue to have his little escapades. As far as Charlie is concerned, his defense mechanisms range from listening to music so as to shut down the outer world to more psychoanalytical strategies. He suppresses family memories and chooses to live in denial.

A positive reinforcement, however unconsciously directed, is when Charlie is able to reach to Alan when he realizes that the latter does not trigger any memories that would surface Charlie's pain. Because he is able to let Alan in his life, something he had not done in a very long time, Charlie gradually sets the tone for his healing process to begin. Because Alan reintroduces…. [read more]

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