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Motivation and Incentives in the Workplace Term Paper

… Human Resource Management and Motivation

Strategic human resource management or SHRM has been defined as the pattern of planned human resource deployments and activities aimed t the attainment of organizational goals (Wright 1992). It is a macro approach to viewing the function of human resource management in the larger organization and, in this respect, differentiates it from traditional human resource management or HRM. It is woven around a short-term focus on business needs, called strategy, and described as "a set of processes and activities jointly shared by human resources and line managers in solving people-related business problems." It links human resource management to that strategy and emphasizes the coordination among these practices. But owing to the applied nature of SHRM, it lacks a theoretical foundation…. [read more]

Model of Couple Relationships and Factors That Influence Relationship Functioning Term Paper

… ¶ … Relationships That Influence Relationship Functioning

Factors and Influences in Functioning Related to Couple Therapy


This work will fully cover the material in a model to be utilized in relationship therapy for couples. Furthermore this work will through research and study of models in viable literature construct a model that are inclusive of the factors of intrapersonal, interpersonal, situational with some indication of directionality of influence of these factors. The model will be based on anxiety disorders using a constructivist approach.

Constructivist View:

The viewpoint or position of that of "personal construct" is both expert and collaborative in nature holding as truth that "each individual is a scientist." Further, the collaboration that is articulated between the therapist and client is focused toward construct…. [read more]

Thomas Kuhn Term Paper

… Thomas Kuhn's The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions And Its Influence On Postmodern Art

The intention of this paper is not to present an in-depth discussion of the complex debate and intricate arguments, and dissent surrounding Thomas Kuhn's famous work the Structure of Scientific Revolutions, but rather to trace the connections between the theory of scientific paradigm creation and shift, and the development of modern and postmodern thinking in the arts. This particularly refers to Kuhn's influence on post-structural philosophy and language theory.

It should be stated at the outset that there can be no attempt to suggest that Kuhn intended his work to act as a conduit for post modern theory. In fact many theorists such as Bernstein and others clearly refute the idea that…. [read more]

Bilingual Programs Term Paper

… Bilingual Programs

The terminology "Bilingual education" has precise and broad connotation relating to children who are not familiar with English. It is not just that bilingual education is a divergent teaching methodology; nevertheless it is even an expression which points out generally to the varied individual endeavors to teach and cater Limited English Proficient -LEP students of late chosen as "English Language Learners" - ELL. (Osorio-O'Dea, 2001) Bilingual Education expanded into a specific controversial theme for describing American individuality during the twentieth century. (Alvarez, 2002) the government-sponsored program, which has attracted the most interest, is bilingual education that is expenditure for the citizens to the tune of roughly $200 million annually in federal funds and billions of dollars in state and local expenses. (Leon, 2001)…. [read more]

Hominid Evolution Term Paper

… ¶ … Farabee, M.J. Human Evolution. Available at

Mammals originated from the ancient mammal-like reptiles prior to 200-245 million years referred to as Triassic Period. Most important forms of mammals evolved during the period including Primates -- the category that includes humans. The Primates are considered to be comparatively unspecific mammals: they do not have wings, have four limbs, unable to run fast, normally have weak teeth, and do lack armor or thick protective hides. The origination of primates as indicated by fossil records reveals to be in Africa about 30 million years ago. One section of primates grown to become Old and New World Monkeys while the other section into the hominoids. The Fossil hominoids were considered to have occurred in Africa in…. [read more]

U.S. Federal Government's Noncompliance With Habeas Corpus Guarantees of the Constitution During National Emergencies Term Paper

… Government Constitutional Non-Compliance

During times of war the United States government has been guilty of Constitutional non-compliance however, at no time has worse non-compliance on the part of the U.S. Government been documented.

The violation of the Constitution of the United States which is formally termed as "non-compliance" has been seen throughout the history of the United States specifically, it has occurred during times of war during civil disturbances with the use of extrajudicial force used to supercede the ordinary process of law. One such instance occurred during the Civil War. However, the violations, which have occurred during the "War on Terrorism," are some of the most blatant violations of Constitutional ideals and principles ever witnessed. Indeed, the U.S. Government has violated other standards such…. [read more]

Threat Assessment South America Term Paper

… Number of lives lost due to battles was stated as one thousand in 1999, and FARC continues to enhance its assaults in current years. (Conflict in Colombia) Before Colombia's May 2002 presidential election, FARC increased its radical assaults on infrastructure in cities. (FARC, ELN, AUC)

b. Successes and failures, including signature or defining events.

The FARC vowed to upset the economy and initiate a series of killings over government followers. (Colombia's Civil War: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC))

III. Ideological and material support

a. Other organizations in support of, or affiliated with, this group.

FARC has joined hands with The National Liberation Army (ELN), a Marxist cluster that draws its earnings through abductions and forced. Of late, the ELN is making attempts to solicit…. [read more]

America, When a Person Reaches Term Paper

… The following data is a prime example of such thinking.

Two studies estimated the effects of price on alcohol use by youths ages 16 to 21 using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys. The data were collected in two cycles of surveys conducted from 1971 to 1975 and from 1976 to 1980, respectively (Adults, 2003). Both studies concluded that beer consumption is inversely related to both the monetary price of beer and the State minimum legal drinking age (MLDA). The studies also evaluated whether the effects of price differ according to the youths' consumption patterns (Adults, 2003). To this end, the investigators classified the youths into infrequent drinkers who consumed beer less than once per week, fairly frequent drinkers who consumed beer…. [read more]

Artificial Intelligence Term Paper

… " Most of these bits of information seem so nonessential, that people do not even think twice about them. For instance, "Children are younger than their mothers," or "You cannot see with your eyes closed." However, to give a computer common sense, it needs to store millions of such pieces of knowledge and link them together to make simple deductions. It has to be able to determine if A=B and B=C, then A=C.

Lenat's CYC project has involved hand-coding many millions of assertions. By the end of its first six years, over one million assertions had been entered into the KB. Lenat estimates it will require some two-person-centuries of work to increase this figure to the 100 million assertions necessary before CYC can begin learning…. [read more]

New Orleans as a Focal Term Paper

… Morton was born in New Orleans to a French Creole family. His real name was Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe. Jazz experienced many changes during the 1930's and Morton faded into seclusion. In 1938, folklorist Alan Lomax recorded many interviews with Morton for the Library of Congress. Morton recounted his experiences in jazz while demonstrating the music on the piano. The interviews provided an invaluable account of the early days of jazz and renewed Morton's career. Morton made a few more outstanding recordings before his death, including The Crave and Winin' Boy Blues (Tirro, 2001).

Joe Oliver, known as King Oliver, earned his name after establishing himself as the best performer throughout New Orleans. During the Storyville era, Oliver met Louis Armstrong. Armstrong's jazz career began on…. [read more]

Education Class Size vs. School Term Paper

… Krueger and Whitmore based the study's data on African-American voucher students for the sake of comparison. Krueger and Whitmore found that students who had attended small classes "improved their test performance by around 50% more than the gain experienced by black students who attended a private school as a result of receiving a voucher."

According to Pathak et al. (2004): "The African-American voucher students were learning in the very educational climate that many policy analysts have long sought for public schools- a climate that is incredibly difficult to create when a state diverts substantial tax dollars to vouchers."

One of the most publicized reports on this topic is "Test-Score Effects of School Vouchers in Dayton, Ohio; New York City; and Washington, D.C.: Evidence From Randomized…. [read more]

Money as a Motivator Justifies Term Paper

… There is even a contingency that the company may even fire some of its staff members. One way to handle this problem is to give new bonuses on an annual basis.

Consider a scenario in which a businessman is making ample money by selling some handcrafted articles on the web. Not only is his business gaining more popularity but greater prosperity as far as finances are concerned. Do you think that he would abandon his business at this stage? The answer is surely no. That is because not only money but also fame motivates him. An important point that comes into our minds at this instant is that money is not the only factor that motivates him, there is also fame. Hence, money is not…. [read more]

Humbert in Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov Thesis

… Like the others, in Humbert's account, the uncontrollable Valeria eventually dies.

Charlotte Haze

Critics like Norton contend that Charlotte Haze could be seen as another one of Humbert Humbert's victims (Norton). This could be true, since the unworldly middle-class widow falls easily for the dashing and worldly European gentleman. In Charlotte, the egoistic Humbert sees his cultural inferior. Charlotte is a woman who was definitely bourgeois, as seen in her dress, the generic decor of her living room and her "polished words (that) may reflect a book club or bridge club or any other deadly conventionality" (37).

Humbert soon finds out, however, that there are several advantages to Charlotte's naivete. Unlike the case of his first marriage to Valeria, Humbert clearly has the upper hand…. [read more]

Career of an Athletic Trainer Term Paper

… The most respected and accepted educational facilities are accredited according to standards created by the Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education (CAAHEP), a division of the American Medical Association (Hibberts). Many students major in exercise science with a specialty in athletic training. In most cases, they also need to obtain a state license or National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) certification in order to work as an athletic trainer and "to become certified, trainers must complete 1500 hours of athletic training, and pass the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) certification exam" (AHEC). Training includes many different factors, including nutrition, psychology, human anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, first aid, therapy, injury prevention, administration, and many other aspects of sports psychology, medicine, and management (Hibberts).

There are…. [read more]

Student Body Size on School Term Paper

… Where the more graduating seniors that enter college after graduation is a recognized factor of the success of both the individual student and the school from which he or she came. Though college attendance rates have long been a tool used to asses the success of programs supporting or dealing with large numbers of students at risk fro academic failure it is also a good indicator of the general success of a school. (Fashola, & Slavin 1998)

It was recognized twenty years ago that there is not enough evidence to suggest that consolidating schools is a good idea, "There is no strong empirical base to support the assumptions and assertions of school and district consolidation advocates. This article reviews and analyzes this body of evidence…. [read more]

Bilingual First Language Acquisition Term Paper

… Infants use multiple cues to determine word boundaries between the ages of six months to 24 months. As early as 7.5 months of age, infants can detect stress patterns in speech and later, phonotactic nuances (i.e., acceptable consonant clusters at the beginning of a word).

Oller's research was aimed at providing empirical research in an effort to support parents who are in search of reliable data with which to base their decisions on child rearing. Oller's methodology included a study that contrasted and compared children who were either being raised in a monolingual English environment or in a bilingual Spanish and English environment. The children were all two months old at the onset of the study. The bilingual children were exposed to both languages equally.…. [read more]

Ideological Relationship Between WWI Term Paper

… This action brought the U.S. into the war and the balance of power was immediately unequal (Calvocoressi, 2001). The war was brought to a close quickly and there has not been a world war since.

World War I started for similar reasons. European nations were dividing in their loyalties and they were taking sides against each other. France and Russia became allies while Germany began to build its military services.

As the sides were chosen the nations erupted in battle and the war was begun.

Both wars held the same ideological beliefs that included the right to democracy which dovetails with the right to personal freedom. Both wars were also affected by the Industrial Revolution because it gave those battling weapons capabilities that had never…. [read more]

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Term Paper

… Students not only showed improved ability to complete tasks on time, they also exhibited reduced negative behavior. When students recognize that they can succeed at school-related tasks, they develop a better sense of self-

Overview of ADHD worth, feel reassured and are motivated to do better. Such a technique of positive reinforcement could be used to develop positive outcomes.

Bridging from previously taught concepts to new concepts. Students with ADHD, burdened with learning disabilities, need help with processing the material that is being taught. "By providing opportunities for students to look for connections between what they have learned and what they are now studying, students are better able to expand on the ideas that they are learning (Howell, Fox, & Morehead, 1993)."

Providing opportunities for…. [read more]

Air Pollution Pertains to Substances Term Paper

… All we have on other mycotoxins are information on their toxicity or their laboratory effects;

3. The effects of multiple exposures to mycotoxins in the air and those of other breathed indoor air pollutants are still unknown;

4. effects of other biologically active molecules that produce allergic reactions, such as irritation and acting with mycotoxins are similarly unknown. The measurement of spores and their fragments also varies, and comparison of results is still not possible with current equipment and machines;

5. many mycotoxins may be measurable as environment samples, but not in human or animal tissues. This leads us to rely on circumstantial evidence for exposure measurements, such as the presence of the contamination in the person's environment, discovery of spores in the air, symptoms…. [read more]

Women During the Renaissance Period Term Paper

… This picture of the woman in the Christian tradition portrays her as weak, foolish, sensual, and untrustworthy. Reflecting this attitude towards women, one humanist scholar went so far as to remark: "Women should be used like chamber pots: hidden away once a man has pissed in them." (Marsilio Ficino, quoted by Kent, p. 27). There is another opposite view of women in Christianity too in which the woman is depicted as the ideal, virginal mother of Jesus. Several Renaissance artists and writers have highlighted this aspect of the woman in their writings and paintings in order to present a "model" for women to follow. (Zwanger, para 8). It is, therefore, evident that the influence of the Church was very much manifest in the Renaissance period,…. [read more]

Western Films, "Shane Term Paper

… Munny decides to take on one last job to earn money for his family. His wife is dead, and the viewer understands she is the one who made him into a real man, one who did not need to use guns to solve his problems. Now, he had forgotten how to shoot and ride, and he is getting older. He realizes violence is not the way to live.

Ain't the same, Ned. Claudia - she straightened me up, cleared me of drinkin' whiskey and all. Just cause we're goin' on this killing, that don't mean I'm gonna go back to bein' the way I was. I just need the money, get a new start for them youngsters...Ned, you remember that drover I shot through the…. [read more]

Hepatitis C Treatments: Their Link Term Paper

… In Fried and others (2001), patients treated with pegylated interferon had fewer instances of depression than those treated with non-pegylated interferon and ribavirin. (Fried et al., 2001). Few studies exist using anti-depressants to pre-treat depression for those with Hepatitis C This reflects an older opinion among clinicians that depression is just part of Hepatitis C treatment and one that patients had to accept. Recent developments suggest that depression may no longer need to be an accepted part of Hepatitis C treatments.

Research Question

Although this phenomenon is well documented, studies conducted on the subject have had several biases. Many of these studies were conducted in tertiary care facilities. Hepatitis C is highly prevalent among substance abusers. Many studies concerning depression associated with Interferon/Ribavirin treatment have…. [read more]

William James Was a Prominent Term Paper

… Besides being able to be classified as an "eminent" psychologist, can James also be classified as a figure that fits the Zeitgeist, or the spirit of the times? One can try to classify James in this way simply by comparing James' work to that of other prominent authors and philosophers of his time.

James lived in the Modernist era. During this era, authors, artists and philosophers were all struggling to disprove the notions of Romanticism and Classicism. This is made evident by the sarcastic way in which T.E. Hulme, a prominent Modernist author, describes Romanticism. "You might say if you wished that the whole of the romantic attitude seems to crystallize in verse round metaphors of flight...[one] is always flying, flying over abysses, flying up…. [read more]

Divorce Affects Children and Teenagers Term Paper

… But evidence to the contrary has mounted over the past two decades (Thomas, 1998). Now there is little doubt - based on overwhelming research results - that, on average, children of divorce are worse off than those who grow up in intact families (Thomas, 1998). Children of divorce are more likely to be truant, to do poorly in school and to get in trouble with the law than children who grow up with both parents (Thomas, 1998)." well-known California-based study concluded that more than one third of children from divorce suffer at least one bout of depression even five years after the split (Thomas, 1998).

Studies of children are contradictory, and many have serious methodological limitations. Nevertheless, the majority show that children of divorce are…. [read more]

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