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Alcohol Advertisement Alcohol Abuse Is a Serious Essay

… Alcohol Advertisement

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue throughout the world. Many people have been injured and killed as a result of alcohol abuse. Alcoholism also has a negative impact on families and society as a whole. There are many questions surrounding the reasons why people drink excessively. The abuse of alcohol is particularly disturbing amongst young people who drink illegally (McClure, 2006). Underage drinking is a major problem that can lead to serious problems and the use of hard drugs. Some people believe that some underage drinking is due to advertisements that are geared toward young people. The purpose of this discussion is to critically evaluate any evidence that seems to indicate that alcohol advertising and promotion is a contributory factor in the initiation…. [read more]

Alcohol Drinking Age Be Decreased? Research Paper

… " Those who want to reduce the incidence of underage drinking and drinking to success would be better off targeting the media that appeals to this sort of sensibility in all consumers -- and to young people. People would be better served by petitioning legislature to change the forms and methods of advertisements, possibly by including disclaimers for alcohol in much the same way that disclaimers are included for tobacco smoking, to make the action of drinking and experiencing intoxication seem less desirable. The reality is that intoxication can be seductive, and it perhaps can augment a particular experience. But overindulgence, in the reckless sort of way that increasingly younger and younger numbers of young people experience inebriation, has few benefits and many stark negatives.…. [read more]

Alcohol Consumption Has on Risky Term Paper

… In addition, the participants who were under the influence of alcohol exhibited much poorer negotiation skills regarding condom use, meaning that they were far easier to persuade to not use protections. Alcohol also made the participants far more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior, and it may even be extrapolated that the influence of alcohol made the males intent to participate in risky sexual behavior. This study certainly backed up previous research showing that alcohol consumption is related to risky sexual behavior. Approximately 20-25% of the variance among males was related to personal attitude, and used in conjunction with level of alcohol consumption, this can be used to develop a surprisingly accurate prediction of risky sexual behavior. There is also evidence from this study…. [read more]

College Students and Alcohol Use Research Proposal

… College Students and Alcohol Use


International Perspective

Findings of studies conducted in 13 countries found that college students are at a high risk for heavy drinking with serious immediate health consequences (Karam, Kypri & Salamoun, 2007). These consequences included drink-driving and other substance use and longer-term consequences, such as alcoholism. Perilous drinking appears more prevalent in Australasia, Europe, and South America than in Africa and Asia, according to the studies. They also said alcohol consumption has been increasing, especially among young people who are college students, in the U.S.A. (Karam, et al.).

These studies surveyed a mixed set of other recent studies from Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and South America (Karam et al., 2007). They found that alcohol was more…. [read more]

Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on the Individual and Damages They Cause Research Paper

… Substance Abuse and Society

Substance abuse represents one of the most pervasive problems in the United States. It is a problem that affects all levels and segments of the society. In terms of their effects on individuals and on society, all forms of substance abuse, whether it is alcohol or drugs has a similar affect on society and on the lives of individuals. It is difficult to separate the affects of various forms of substance abuse. This research will explore the harmful effects of substance abuse on the individual, their families, their relationships outside of the family and on society as a whole.

The reasons why a person engages in substance are as varied as the individuals themselves. Many do it in response to peer…. [read more]

Health Science Term Paper

… Those running DARE program must have taken the war on drugs/zero tolerance frame into consideration and that is why they charged the law enforcement agencies with the primary responsibility of addressing illicit drug use. This made the DARE program to be diffused widely without concrete evidence on its effectiveness. Effectiveness of the DARE program should be premised on research findings and not overreliance on loss aversion frame where impending epidemic of drug use among school aged children and the youth is addressed through adopting drug use prevention programs that look good even if there is no evidence that shows that the program is effective. Drug use among school going children and the youth has been an elephant in the room despite the fact that DARE…. [read more]

Dangers of Alcohol Advertising Term Paper

… S. Department of Transportation par .3). According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than a thousand young drivers died in crashes after drinking in 2001 (par 3). While the total number of young drivers dying in motor vehicle crashes fell from 1999 to 2001, alcohol-related fatalities in this group are rising at an alarming rate.

In 2002, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University surveyed youth about drinking and risky sexual behavior. Among 15 to 17-year-olds, "29% of the respondents said alcohol or drugs had influenced their decision to engage in sexual activity" (Kaiser Family Foundation 3). In other words, almost a quarter of the 15- to 17-year-olds reported that they had done…. [read more]

Creating a Proposal for a Counseling Group Research Paper

… Counseling groups give members the opportunity to share experiences, discover new viewpoints, and experiment with the new behaviors in a relatively safe and supportive environment. A professional counseling service provider leads the group in its endeavor to satisfy demands of the members. This paper is a proposal that creates and illustrates a counseling group. In particular, it discusses into details the goals and objectives, evaluation plan for total group experience, logistics of group program, a comprehensive description of ten group sessions, description of group activities, and evaluation of the group. This evaluation will take into account the various copies of tests, rating forms, and questionnaires that are culturally appropriate.


Purpose and Rationale

The counseling group intends to provide members majority of which are teenagers…. [read more]

Substance Abuse in Modern Society Term Paper

… So began the battle between the large tobacco companies and modern medical science. The tobacco companies poured billions of dollars into advertisements and product placement opportunities; so much so that smoking was simply considered part of American Life. Despite the medical evidence, though, only in the last few decades has smoking been viewed in a more negative template. Even with high taxes on tobacco products, bans in smoking within public places and events, and a general governmental campaign against smoking and advertising regulation, 800,000 people take up the habit annually, most adolescents. America now has an almost 30% use of cigarettes in High School, and smoking remains one of the most serious Public Health Issues in modern society. Experts at the Centers For Disease Control…. [read more]

Harm Reduction and Substance Abuse Term Paper

… Harm Reduction and Substance Abuse

About 200 million people, or 5% of the global population are estimated to have used drugs at least once in 2006. Around 2.7% of the global population use drugs at least once a month, and around 0.6% are recognized as drug addicted or problem drug users. It is estimated that currently around 13 million persons worldwide inject drugs and that there is an increasing trend in the numbers of persons abusing cannabis and amphetamine-type stimulants (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2006). It can be seen from these figures substance abuse is an important issue which needs addressing. However alongside the concerns relating to the number of illegal drug users around the world are a barrage of other concerns.…. [read more]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Abuse Capstone Project

… Post traumatic stress is also related with many different biological changes in the human body, this fact has been confirmed by many different studies in the field of physiology as well as biology. One study in this regard measured the electodermal responses of several veterans to olfactory stimulants. The main conclusion of this study was that dysfunctional cerebral laternalisation might be the main culprit for some of the post traumatic stress symptoms like intrusive images, psychological numbing and hypervigilance.

Chronic stress and post traumatic stress have been usually compared because of possible correlation or similarities. The increment in glucocorticoid release by the adrenal glands might lead towards any loss of the hippocampal granule cells alongside the production of very complex biphasic responses that may decrease…. [read more]

United States Has Waged Term Paper

… When people are addicted it is doubtful that laws and threats are going to keep them from using (Rauch, 2002). This is one of the reasons this study is needed, to determine if the laws have a positive impact on the reduction of drug use and abuse or if they are simply spending tax paper money to produce a revolving door in jails and prisons (Rauch, 2002). It is not only illegally manufactured drugs that are at the focus of the laws against drug use, it is also the prescription drugs that are being abused currently. When Purdue invented a pain killer called OxyContin it provided relief to millions who suffered moderate to severe pain.

What Purdue did not expect was that drug abusers would…. [read more]

Policing Liquor Licensed Premises in Hong Kong Research Proposal

… Best Practices in Policing Alcohol and Licensed Premises

Today, Hong Kong enjoys a free market economy but it is highly dependent on the international trade, finance and tourism sectors for its revenues (Hong Kong 2009). The Mongkok Police District of Hong Kong is the subject of the dissertation (see map at Appendix ____ and District Boundaries as set forth in DC MKDIST'S Standing Order No. 1-01 at Appendix ____). There are currently more than 5,000 liquor licensed premises in Hong Kong, with 396 of them being situated in the Mongkok Police District. The number of bars/pubs, nightclubs and restaurants is 49, 33, and 314, respectively. In addition, Mongkok is an unofficial red-light district in Hong Kong; while the area is home to a number of…. [read more]

Yes: Carla T Essay

… Furthermore, McMullen spends a great deal of time focusing on the two different segments of underage drinkers (those under 18, and those between the ages of 18 and 21). The differences she points out are interesting and well explained, and she writes with a great deal of authority. She also supports her assertions with facts and statistics from respected and reliable resources. However, the relevance of this argument is not strong enough to make this discussion seem pertinent. It seems to be something of a red herring: it highlights the seriousness of the drinking issue in young populations, yet it does not convincingly explain how lowering the drinking age will help to improve this problem.

Part 3: My Argument

I am not convinced lowering the…. [read more]

Magazine Advertisements Thesis


In order to understand what parents are dealing with who have children with ADHD, we'll look at what the disorder is and how it manifests itself.

ADHD can present itself in three categories: children who are predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, children who are predominantly inattentive, and those who are combined hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive. Most children have the latter -- combined ADHD (NIMH, 2009).

There is no cure for the disorder, but treatments can relieve many of ADHD's symptoms and allow a child to attend school and lead a fairly normal life. ADHD can strike not only children but also teens and even adults.

The first thing a parent has to deal with is to have the disease recognized and diagnosed -- not as easy as it…. [read more]

Final Response Drug Culture Essay

… Drug Culture Final

The second half of this course has both reinforced my previous definitions of drug culture in film and has also introduced me into the different aspects thereof. Additionally, the films that were watched during the second half of the course complement the films that were watched during the first half of the course, and in some ways, parallel the narratives and structures thereof. For instance, Drugstore Cowboy provides insight into the depravity of drug addiction and explains what motivates an individual to resort to deviant behaviors, such as breaking and entering and theft to procure prescription pills to maintain his or her drug habit and remain high. Drugstore Cowboy reinforced the concepts of addiction as were seen in the Lost Weekend, however,…. [read more]

Anti-Drug Campaign for Teens Term Paper

… Scrutinizing the verbal strategies

In February of 2002, the director of ONDP Walters designed a task force to focus on the weaker links of the campaign and the causes which made it weak in outlook. The group identified some major changes in the campaign strategy. Now the target was the slightly older group of teens between age bracket of 14 to 16 who drastically went over to the dark side marijuana offered. Teens were not targeted this time. The ads were supposedly made more cut throat and competitive. Previously, not all ads were tested and proven before airing on national television. Now all these ads were to be given the green signal before airing on national television. The standards were now more cutthroat and competitive.…. [read more]

West ) Stated That Clinicians Term Paper

… The potential fines would work out to little more than a nickel a pack, an amount the industry could easily pass on to consumers. Company would not allocate them, so the incentive for any particular company to curtail marketing to children may be skewed. In addition, the deal would permit individual companies to apply for a 75% rebate of the fine if they could show that they adhered to FDA regulations in good faith.

"As written, the proposal does not include sufficient economic incentives to ensure the industry will meet the targets established in the proposed settlement," asserts the American Cancer Society, one of the few public health groups favorably disposed to a settlement.

There are other benefits to the settlement. While much of the…. [read more]

Teenage Drinking Term Paper

… Lastly, both Hispanic youth overexposure and spending on alcohol advertising were concentrated in a few markets. Five media markets-San Antonio, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston and San Francisco-overexposed Hispanic teens to alcohol commercials on English-language radio relative to non-Hispanic youth. These five were also among the seven markets that accounted for 85% of the spending by alcohol advertisers on Spanish-language television.

The consequences of alcohol use among Hispanic youth are serious and unsettling. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that Hispanic young people are more likely to drink and to get drunk at an earlier age than non-Hispanic white or African-American young people. In addition, Hispanic high school students are more apt than non-Hispanic white or African-American students to report riding in a…. [read more]

Social Policy Issue Drinking and Driving Term Paper

… Drinking and Driving

Cases of alcohol abuse in America have affected the people one way or the other. Every person has been affected by the cases of one or other relatives, friends or loved ones. Every one is waging a war against substance abuse and to bring back the addicts to normalcy and sobriety. We have been hearing shocking stories about American public in general and young populace in particular getting hurt, injured, maimed and dead due to excessive drinking and its dangerous effects that includes drunk driving. Stories of college students in different states made headlines when they were found dead after binge drinking. The issues that have surfaced with force are that of excessive drinking rather than simple drinking. Most prople including young…. [read more]

Advertising or PSA Term Paper

… Advertising or PSA?

Are these true PSAs or advertisements?

The advertisers of distilled spirits are certainly claiming that this is a public service announcement. They argue that because beer and wine are currently advertised on television more frequently than distilled spirits, viewers infer the wrong message that one form of alcohol is intrinsically more subject to abuse or ill affects than another. Therefore, they are merely letting the public know that alcohol is alcohol. And, that's precisely the problem, alcohol is alcohol and its potential for abuse is tremendous.

The messages should be construed by objective third parties as advertisements. In fact, the message itself doesn't even pass the test for truth in public relations and advertising as outlined by Bivins (2004). Although the message…. [read more]

Children, Grief, and Attachment Theory Term Paper

… Children, Grief, And Attachment Theory

When a child, age 7 to 11, experiences the death of a nuclear or extended family member, the experi-ence generates subsequent grief reaction/s. During the mixed methods study, the researcher investigates ways attachment theory may positively compliment grief reaction/s and concerns challenging the grieving child that may include feelings which include, but not limited to anger, confusion, fear, and self-blame. When not addressed, these reactions may link to the child experiencing ensuing health and/or mental health problems in his/her later life. The study also relates a number of ways to help to confront bereavement issues that children experience.

Relating to Death

Addressing "Something Else"

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of Study

Significance of Study

Scope of Study

Rationale of Study…. [read more]

Economic Effect of Legalizing Term Paper

… The report puts that as the foremost health problem in the nation; substance abuse puts a huge load on the health care system of the country and plays a part in the increased expenses of health care. Indeed, substance abuse -- the challenging consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco puts huge burden on the American people in totality. The assertion that making the drugs legal gives a chance to charge tax on new products is deceptive. For instance, the net revenue from taxes garnered from the disposal of alcohol is $13.1 billion annually; however alcohol takes up $100 billion annually in social expenses like health care and wasted efficiencies. There is not any single proof available to show that imposing taxes on cocaine, heroin,…. [read more]

Adolescents or Children at Risk Term Paper


"Some adolescents are troubled and some get into trouble.

But the great majority (almost nine out of ten) do not

The bottom line is that good kids don't suddenly go bad in adolescence" - Laurence Steinberg and Ann Levine (20th century)

(Steinberg and Levine, as cited in Columbia World of Quotations, 1996).

Contemporary Issues and Concerns

Although adolescents may be "at risk" for a number of problems today, according to Laurence Steinberg, professor of psychology, and Ann Levine (Columbia World of Quotations, 1996), a U.S. author, most adolescents, in fact, nine out of ten, do not regulalry get into trouble. What constitutes a concern, albeit, is the one in ten "at risk" adolescent who may regularly subscribe to a number of the myriad…. [read more]

Parenting Styles in Correlation to Alcoholism and Social Change Research Paper

… Parenting Styles & Alcoholism in College Students

Parenting Styles in Relation to Alcoholism & Social Change

Parenting Styles & Alcoholism

Research regularly Conducted on Parenting Styles & Adolescents' Alcohol Intake

Alcoholism & Its Relation to Parenting Styles

Frequency & Beginning of Alcoholism

Theoretical Implications

Measures for Controlling Alcoholism in Adolescence

Sponsors of Community Awareness Programs

Limitations of the Community Awareness Programs

Lack of Interest from Sponsors

Differences in Other Ethnic Groups & Jewish Community

Ethical Implications

New York Liquor Authority

The given research is intended to develop a relationship between the parenting styles experienced by a child during his childhood and his/her propensity to develop alcoholism during the adolescence especially in freshman college year. Empirical evidences derived from prior researches have helped in developing a…. [read more]

Teen Drinking Alcohol Essay

… In today's day and age use of alcohol is considered to be a normal part of life and the growing up process hence it is easily and widely available and seriously promoted all over the world. However, teenage drinking is dangerous and should be monitored as it can prove to be fatal for not only the drinker but also for the society generally. The explanation is visible by the number of car accidents involving drunk drivers, suicides and murders. People who start drinking very early in their lives stand on a high risk of many health issues most common of which are alcohol problems which can lead to permanent alcoholism. At an early age more serious and dangerous challenges are faced for instance promiscuousity and…. [read more]

Marijuana Legalization Debate Term Paper

… Marijuana in the 21st Century

The purpose of this paper is to objectively define the various criterions that make up each side in the marijuana legalization debate and conclude which arguments hold the most veracity. To give the reader of this paper a concise view of individual criterions, both sides of the issue will each receive a paragraph's worth of attention, with the pro-legalization paragraph immediately preceding the anti-legalization paragraph. Let us begin by defining the term legalization as it pertains to marijuana use.

Legalization is defined as a policy abolishing criminal and civil penalties for the possession or sale of marijuana (Boyd 1). Instead these penalties will be replaced with regulation. Such regulation are inclusive of limitations on marijuana use that are consistent with…. [read more]

Family Break Up Term Paper

… The inevitability of crisis in the family life cannot be avoided; however, the effective efforts of strong families include facing of the crisis as effectively as possible in order to have a minimum harm simultaneously focusing on the growth avenues. The strong families are distinguished from the mode of their addressing to the crisis and magnitude of the attained success in the area. The renowned economist, philosopher, general system theorist, Kenneth Boulding emphasized on continuous individual and collective efforts for attainment of the basic objective of betterment of human life. (Conger; Harold; Fincham; Osborne, 247)

Betterment is being viewed as a continuous transformation in the system which can be assessed as continuous improvement. The objective is enhancement of the ultimate object which is evaluated to…. [read more]

Teen Smoking Cause and Effects Essay

… This is especially acute if the adult smokes around the child.

The above-mentioned causes as to why teens smoke are very serious. But what is more serious are the consequences. For one, smokers are at greater risk of contracting tobacco related diseases, especially if the smoker was young when the habit-forming drug was first utilized. This means that teenagers are especially prone to later in life problems like lung cancer, throat cancer, heart disease, and other health issues.

The younger one begins to smoke, the more difficult it will be to quit smoking, due to the brain's maturing activities in teens and how tobacco affects how the brain grows. Nicotine patches and gum are two alternatives to the deadly carcinogens in cigarette smoke, but they…. [read more]

Risk Factor Prevention Term Paper

… Risk Factor Prevention

Risk factor and population

The risk factor addressed in this paper is the use of Tobacco. Tobacco is a plant with a substance called nicotine tartrate. Tobacco can be chewed, smoked and snuffed. Tobacco is associated with the onset of the most heart and lung diseases such as heart attacks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, mouth and larynx cancer among others. Tobacco being a health risk is propagated by its addictive substance nicotine (Derek Yach, 2000).

Current statistics in Cleveland indicate that the teenagers aged between 14-18 are more at risk of tobacco use and most of them are nicotine dependent especially those of minority groups (native Americans represented by 4% of the population, the blacks also at 4% and the…. [read more]

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