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Allstate Not Only Knows Term Paper

… ¶ … Allstate not only knows that they have the right to use independent contractors, they also seem to know all of the benefits of doing so. In contrast they also seem to be aware of the areas that will cause the company grief and are working to eliminate those areas while maintaining the things that benefit them. It is possible that the company does not know what is and is not allowed when it comes to company employees opposed to independent contractors.

The requiring the agents to only write Allstate policies first, and not use any other company unless all state refuses to underwrite the policy, actually crosses the legal line about employees vs. contractors.

The company is correct in that it does not…. [read more]

HRM the Company Research Paper

… The first is that it needs to have highly trained workers. As one of the biggest advertising companies in the world, its sales staff need to be able to deal with major clients. As a technological leader, Google needs to ensure that its technical staff operate at a higher level than those of its competitors in order to maintain its technological competitive advantage. Google is therefore in a position where HRM can do a few things to attract, train and retain the most talented people. The first thing Google needs to do is to ensure that knowledge of its openings is broad, thereby expanding the base from which it can draw talent. It needs to have a great employer brand, because top talent likes to…. [read more]

Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans Post Hurricane and Failures Term Paper

… Post-Hurricane Criminal Justice

Katrina: Post-Hurricane Failure in New Orleans

Leadership Growth Opportunities

Katrina: Post-Hurricane Failure in New Orleans

The focus of this work is the judicial and executive administration of justice in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana next following Hurricane Katrina's destruction to the area. There must be protocols followed for the administration of justice during times such as just occurred when the levees broke and the entire town was submerged in flood water and efforts must be made on the part of city, state, and federal officials, judicial members, and law enforcement officials to place priority on communications and returning the city to business as usual and while doing so to avoid the incitation of mass arrests due to hyper-vigilance of police enforcement…. [read more]

Marketing Operations and Service Five Essay

… Recommendations

There are a couple of things that GEICO can do, stemming from the macroeconomic analysis. The first is that it needs to continue building its brand. It is well behind the industry leader, State Farm, but if the market starts to shrink it will want to have the best brand name, so that it can capture a disproportionate share of new business in the market, and start to win customers away from its competition. This brand-building effort requires the company to continue to market aggressively, and back up its marketing promises with superior service.

The second recommendation for GEICO is that it needs to continue to invest in technology. The better it can understand its clients, and the more it can reach them, the…. [read more]

Benefits of Cooperative Advertising Among Farm Credit Institutions Term Paper

… ¶ … E-Mail Survey Sent to Farm Credit

Systems Institutions

Figure 2 Results from Received Questionnaires

Figure 3 Questionnaire Response Institution #1

Figure 4 Questionnaire Response Institution #2

Figure 5 Questionnaire Response Institution #3

This research was conducted to address a serious problem in the Farm Credit System industry. Currently, due to the diversity of the institutions that make up the System, there are numerous disparate marketing messages being conveyed to the consumer. This is neither efficient nor effective for all parties involved.

In addition, institutions currently must utilize a variety of vendors to fulfill their marketing and advertising needs. Again, this is neither efficient nor effective. As such, three hypotheses are proven. 1) That most associations do not have an in-house, centralized service to…. [read more]

Branding in Service Markets Dissertation

… Consequently, the message starts to stimulate customers starting to consider making a purchase.

The brand also serves as a substantial financial and political power in the macro-level focus of culture; particularly as it relates to issues and discussion regarding globalization concerns. As noted in the first chapter of the AMP, just as the growing impact of marketing touches most aspects of the consumer's lives, brands and branding have likewise become "an increasingly dominant market economic and commercial ideoscape" (Heding, Knudtzen, & Bjerre, 2009, p. 210).

With organizations like WTO implementing branding in its marketing and management practices, branding will likely remain central to structuring commercial and economic activities -- in large as well as in small countries globally.

Branding Evolution

The process of branding reportedly…. [read more]

Video Games and Violence in Children Research Paper

… Video Games and Violence in Children

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines a video game as an electronic game that is played on a video screen and often emphasizes fast action ("Video games"). Computer games are also referred to as video games and according to the encyclopedia Britannica, it is any game which is interactive that is operated by computer circuitry. The machines on which electric games are played include general purpose shared and personal computers, arcade consoles, video consoles that are connected to television sets and handheld game machines. Video game as a term represents the totality of these formats or more specifically those games played on devices that have video displays like television or arcade consoles.

Video game culture

Video game culture is a…. [read more]

Workplace Diversity Any Discussion of the Older Term Paper

… Workplace Diversity

Any discussion of the older worker in the first decade of the current century needs to take into account two seemingly disparate facts: the Baby Boomers are aging, but still under 65, and the youth generation is, in contrast, quite small. That leads directly to this apparent problem: Why are so many older workers being 'excessed' when there are so few workers to pay the freight for the Baby Boomers' Social Security pensions, and arguably to perform the work that needs to be done as well? In view of the shortfall any reasonable person might project -- in both workers to complete tasks and workers to support the retiring generation -- why are companies not trying harder to retain the older workers?

It…. [read more]

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