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Alternative Fuel Describe Detail Happen Essay

… One of the most significant problems with placing devices meant to harness energy from ocean currents involves the distance between individuals needing this power and the turbines or hydrofoil devices. "As distance from the consumer might be, in some instances, too great, industrial complexes were proposed in the middle of the ocean and the manufactured product would then be brought by ship to the continent." (Charlier & Finkl, 14-15) This would, however, involve a series of other problems that need to be addressed, considering the environmental impact of such strategies.

There is a 22,000 MW ocean current energy plant being built in the Philippines under the guidance and financial assistance of a Canadian concern. The plant uses a Davis Hydro Turbine and involves a dam…. [read more]

Alternative Sources of Energy Petroleum Essay

… But this is an expensive and inefficient means of generating power. Instead, researchers have recently developed a power cell that uses magnesium as a one of the main components. Called the "Magnesium Air Fuel Cell," it is essentially a "magnesium-based version of the lithium ion rechargeable cell." And uses water and ambient air to react with an anode composed of magnesium to generate electricity. (Messina, 2010) The automobile manufacturer Toyota is also currently researching the use of a magnesium-sulfur batteries which would be available to power their automobiles. Supporters of the magnesium air fuel cell claim that it is better than hydrogen-based fuel cell because it has the advantage of using simple salt water as an electrolyte, and has "increased power efficiency, lower cell resistance,…. [read more]

Alternative Fuels Essay

… Alternative Fuels

Energy policy today should be focused on the development of alternative fuel sources. The case has never been more compelling. Peak oil occurred in 2006, meaning that oil production is already in decline, even as demand soars (Inman, 2010). Economically, the ramifications of peak oil are simply -- as supplies get tighter the price of oil will increase. This will have profound negative consequences for our economy if we cannot replace this energy supply. The oil price spike of 2008 has been found to have materially contributed to the current recession (Hamilton, 2009). Alternative energy policy is central to reducing our economic dependence on this dwindling resource, yet this policy has become bogged down in partisan politics, irrational obfuscation on the part of…. [read more]

Energy Drawbacks Because Every Energy-Producing Essay

… The company that operates the plant (Tepco) has admitted that the disaster could have been avoided. Preparations were not made because "…the firm [Tepco] feared that improvements in safety would highlight the risks" and there was a "…worry that if the company were to implement a severe-accident response plan it would spur anxiety throughout the country…" (McCurry, 2012). There is evidence that fish in the Pacific Ocean, and other species have been contaminated with radiation; but as of today there have been no deaths, according to Don Higson.

Higson writes that while the accident at Fukushima was serious, and some workers received high doses of dangerous radiation, but Chernobyl was "the worst that could happen…there was a full core meltdown" and there was no containment…. [read more]

Energy and Its Sources Essay

… Even though there are several environmental problems associated with the increased use of fossil fuels, they continue to be popular. They are attractive because they are available and apparently inexpensive making them to be considered as marvelous energy sources. Moreover, fossil fuels are attractive because people have learnt to use them very effectively as they entail relatively simple technology. Actually, they are apparently easy to use because they only require a simple direct combustion in order to generate energy.

Alternatives to Fossil Fuels:

As fossil fuels are associated with environmental problems like urban air pollution, climate change, and acid deposition, there are various alternatives to these energy sources. Some of these alternatives include nuclear power, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydropower sources of energy. Solar energy…. [read more]

Alternative Energy Sources Concerns Essay

… A dam that is constructed across the river acts as a reservoir where water is stored. This type of hydropower plant is known as Impoundment hydropower. Water that is released from the reservoir flows through a turbine that spins it. This spinning action activates a generator that produces electricity.

The major components of hydroelectric dam are the dam, penstock, turbine, generator, transformer, and transmission lines (Alternative Energy Resources, 2008). Penstock is just a pipeline that conveys water that is under pressure from the reservoir to the turbines. Turbines are normally turned on by the forces of the fast moving water that pushes against the blades. Turbines convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy. The transformer converts electricity from the generator to usable voltage levels. Transmission lines…. [read more]

Alternative Energy Conservation Planning Research Paper

… ¶ … energy industry is heavily dependent on fossil fuel production, consumption, and technology. In order to better understand a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way forward, it is necessary to examine some of the more conventional alternative energy technologies available for use. Solar, wind, nuclear, natural gas, ethanol, hybrid, and hydrogen technologies all have their costs and benefits, and understanding them helps to mitigate these costs while amplifying their benefits. The structure of energy consumption is also likely to change in the coming decades, shifting from a centralized energy production model to one where communities and groups are creating their own independent and self-reliant energy infrastructures. Once the different types of technology are applied in smaller, more customized ways, they can be used in unison…. [read more]

Government Role Renewable Energy Essay

… Currently the government has aided the private sector in generating clean energy through source such as "hydro, biomass, biogas, wind energy, and solar energy." [footnoteRef:13]Some of the main initiatives that Australian government has adopted to address the issues of growing energy demand and GHG emissions coupled with the aims of sustainable development are: [12: Ibid. ] [13: BREE. Energy in Australia, (Bureau of Resources, & Energy Economics, 2012)]

Large scale solar energy plants

Geothermal generation technologies

Ocean energy technologies

Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Various state and territory governments have adopted aggressive plans to encourage demand and supply of renewable energy supply. Close analyses of statistics indicate that specific advancement in context of solar energy has been accomplished. As compared to 2001 to 2009 period,…. [read more]

Energy in the United States Term Paper

… It should be noted that if more is invested in the erection of a windmill or a generator and the interest rates that are being charged for the manufacturing equipment then the consumer of this energy will also have to bear a part of this cost. According to a study it was discovered that if the finance of the wind plants are made at the same level as that of gas plants, then the cost of these plants would decrease by almost 40%. Fortunately enough, the cost of wind energy is proportional to the facilities being built.

However, investments are being made to find out and exploit other sources of power and ways to make them viable. These sources include wave energy, geothermal and biomass.…. [read more]

Alternatives to Traditional Fossil Fuels Essay

… Current estimates are that there are on the order of three million different species of algae, which is approximately one hundred times the number of species of known land plants. They can occur at the microscopic scale as unicellular cyanobacteria or microalgae, all the way to multicellular macroalgae like giant kelp. The advantage of algae as an energy source is that it grows easily and prolifically in any kind or quality of water, including salt, fresh, or brackish water. This means that algae provide not only an abundant and perpetually renewable source of energy biofeedstock, but also represents a source with extremely high genetic and ecological diversity. Cultivation of algae is environmentally beneficial, as algae currently account for 50% of the world's oxygen production, but…. [read more]

Energy Policy Capstone Project

… The world now is a high tech world and technology previously has helped us achieve wonders and solving this energy crisis wouldn't be any different from that. The engineers and researchers are fully equipped and they all the technology readily available. Events in history has taught everyone a lesson, dependence on oil can be a risky thing to do as most countries are not self-sufficient in it and its very expensive to import. Many new things already have been discovered to produce energy in fact renewable energy; this new renewable energy will change the structure of the world. Countries would no longer be depended on other countries and this renewable energy will change the structure of the world as energy is the number one problem…. [read more]

Positive Effects of Green Energy Essay

… A home can use them and end up giving electricity back to the electric company in many cases, but putting up enough solar panels to power a standard-sized home can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. It is a long-term investment that does not always pay off, because it takes many years of reduced or eliminated electric bills for the solar panels to ever pay for themselves (Marion & Wilcox, 1995). For some people, that never happens. People who do not get their money back may not mind, because it might not be all about the money. They are living "off the grid" in some cases, and they are taking it easy on the planet. Those things may be far more important…. [read more]

Nuclear Power Disadvantages Essay

… (Dulabab, 2011)

Most important disadvantage of nuclear energy is that it can get into the hands of terrorist or it may suffer accident. There are two most famous accidents that raises question about security of nuclear plants. These are;

Chernobyl Disaster

The Chernobyl disaster was nuclear accident that happened on 26 April 1986 in Ukraine which was under the control of Russia. Accident released large quantity of radioactive contamination. The accident cost Russia to a high deal and costs 18 billion rubles to contain the contamination and avert a great catastrophe, which in turn cripples the Russian economy. The accident raised concerns about security of nuclear plants in Russia.

Fukoshima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

Fukoshima Daiichi nuclear disaster is a series of equipment failures, nuclear meltdowns…. [read more]

World Energy Outlook 2050 Essay

… The amount of energy coming from the sun to earth can be estimated from the fact that it has been estimated that the total amount of heat that comes from sun to the earth every day is sufficient to fulfill the power demands of the whole globe for a period of eight years. Yes, it is true that in the past we didn't have the resources and technology to make use of this energy for our benefit but today we have carried out enough technological advancements to make use of all this energy that is going to waste every single day (European Renewable Energy Council EREC, 2010).

2.2 Technological Maturity's Stages

A lot of development has been carried out in the field of renewable energy…. [read more]

Alternative Energy Source Essay

… If this is seen to reality, it is one of the ways that can significantly help America to move away from the reliance on the fossil fuels as well as save the environment from rampant pollution.

This new technology for production of biofuels will go hand-in-hand with the corn-grain biofuels which have also proved to be a viable source of biofuel. Even though this technology requires a relatively larger tracks of land and maybe more water so as to keep the production throughout the year, it is a more sustainable source of fuel that the fossil fuels.

Yet another source of biofuels is the cellulose-based biofuels which are derived from cellulosic materials like grass and wood chippings which have been observed to be able to…. [read more]

Alternative Energy Source or Technology Term Paper

… Alternative Energy Sources

United States consumes about 3.8 trillion kWh per year. About 87% of this power is derived from fossil fuel power resources. With the increasing global population the power demand is sky rocketing. In the recent years power plants have been increasing their production capacities to carter for the ever increasing demand, this has led to the increases in the carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere and consequently global warming is threatening the lives on the globe. With these facts, a renewed need for another power production alternative is triggered and there is urgent need to address the problem of power demand and reduce carbon dioxide emission. There are several advantages of using wind power plants as opposed to the current use of…. [read more]

Sources of Community Energy Term Paper

… That can be an issue, but it is a small one when compared to other energy sources that require nearly complete destruction of the natural environment in order to be useful (Lovins, 2011; Makower, Pernick, & Wilder, 2009). Additionally, the sources of power that Willows is using will not be used up by their consumption, so there is no concern that the community will run out of power. It will not be possible to run out of sunshine or out of wind, and running out of water from major rivers in the area would be highly unlikely. If SRP did have to switch away from hydroelectric power at a later date, the community could transfer over to solar and wind only, by building more wind…. [read more]

Alternative Fuels the Key to the Future Term Paper

… Alternative Fuels


Over the past ten years or so, the American government and the public have increased their awareness of the problems associated with global warming, caused by what some call the "greenhouse effect" in which carbon dioxide, the byproduct of burning fossil fuels like coal and oil, prevents the earth from cooling down as it naturally would if not for the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere. Within recent times, many scientists have concluded that this "greenhouse effect" is warming up the planet to the point where ice caps and glaciers in Antarctica and the North Pole are melting at unprecedented rates, thus making it feasible that coastlines along all major continents will be inundated by…. [read more]

Energy and World Economy Essay

… This entails that the figure of nations in quest of such like possessions would spend in those nations where there is a profusion of such possessions and this would indicate a considerable quantity of development probable for these growing nations.

For us to realize how trends have performed with as well as against one another in molding the future of energy most specifically oil and gas, some of the fundamental factors has to be scrutinized. And as Terry Kerl, (2008) says, these will commence by analyzing the single most important element of business which is the demand of our commodity. Anticipation of the rise in demand by the end of 2010 had been in place hence bringing on board the considerable benefit of hydrocarbon energy.…. [read more]

Technology and Project Management Term Paper

… Buxton Hall

The Buxton Hall project was successful. Although there were compromises on the scope of the project, such as the reconditioning of some of the exterior walls, the project was successful in terms of its schedule and budget which were more important than achieving top quality in this case. The best practice that allowed for the successful completion of the project was likely the way the team handled compromises. Although the team did experience some conflict, they were able to make compromises to keep the project moving along.

A Day in the Life

Rachel seems to make very effective use of her time and has an incredibly demanding schedule. Nearly every aspect of her daily schedule is focused on something productive. Furthermore, Rachel must…. [read more]

Solar Energy Essay

… Solar Energy

The threats posed by our relationship to energy has given rise to some devastating results on a global and a personal scale like human-induced climate change, famine, poverty and cycles of deforestation; all these while on our overzealous appetite search for energy. Global economic, environmental and social pressures are driving the human race to search for a better alternative and renewable source of energy that is also more eco-friendly, reliable and sustainable. Many national governments have stated making energy policies with solar energy harnessing as the backbone of these policies. Nations are trying to escape the uncertainties that come with the fact that most fossil fuels have their deposit localized in particulars areas of the earth, a region that is filled with political…. [read more]

Hydrogen as a Source of Alternative Fuel Research Proposal

… Hydrogen as a Source of Alternative Fuel for Singapore

The research proposal here offers a rationale for a more intensive investigation of the prospects for adoption of hydrogen fuel cells as a primary sources of alternative fuel in Singapore. The proposal provides a rationale for the intended study by discussing the connection between the use of fossil fuels in developing countries such as Singapore and the relationship this has to global climate change. Moreover, the proposal establishes the incumbency placed upon developing nations with thriving commerce such as Singapore to participate in ways of improving energy efficiency. Specifically in the areas of electrical power generation and transportation, this proposal evaluates the basic virtues and drawbacks of hydrogen fuels as the primary alternative source. This proposal…. [read more]

Capturing and Storing Energy Research Proposal

… "Single small turbines, below 100 kilowatts, are used for homes, telecommunications dishes, or water pumping. Small turbines are sometimes used in connection with diesel generators, batteries, and photovoltaic systems. These systems are called hybrid wind systems and are typically used in remote, off-grid locations, where a connection to the utility grid is not available" (U.S. Department of Energy, 2014). The research questions associated with wind power focus largely on the fact that wind flow patterns and speeds vary tremendously across the globe. Is wind power a viable solution, or partial solution, in areas without traditional high winds? Do offshore and on land wind turbines produce similar results? Is there a practical way to store wind energy or does the energy need to be used once…. [read more]

Dod: Pursuing Alternative Energy Conservation Essay

… The Navy has indeed been long leading the way in the regard, by engaging in proactive testing of biofuels and demonstrating that there is absolutely no reason that the future of the Department of Defense has to include a dependence on foreign fuels. The Navy was the branch of the DOD which engaged in the testing and certification of 50-50 blends of advanced hydrotreated biofuel and aviation gas as a means of testing, evaluating and demonstrating the wide-range utility and functionality of advanced biofuels in an operational setting. "The military's ability to use fuels other than petroleum reduces vulnerability to rapid and unforeseen changes in the price of oil that can negatively impact readiness, while also increasing energy security….Kaiser delivered 700,000 gallons of hydro-treated renewable…. [read more]

Solar Energy Essay

… Solar Energy

As typical hydrocarbon materials are significantly challenging and costly to draw out, energy businesses need to alter their approach in order to fulfil the needs of an expanding populace progressively depending on power. Renewable resource has actually become the focus for numerous energy businesses as they look to a 'greener' future. Whether this enhancing dedication has actually come from an authentic will to do much better or from the altering needs of stakeholders is one argument that continues still. That aside, the numbers promote themselves. Financial investment in renewable resource has actually enhanced five-fold from 1990. The solar market is a quickly expanding sector within renewables as technological advances recently have actually made solar cells more efficient and far less costly to produce…. [read more]

Wind Energy Advantages Thesis

… Business expansion creates new job opportunities. In the current market, the wind power business employs 64,000 people in Germany, 21,000 people in Denmark, and 35,000 people in Spain ("European Wind Energy Technology Platform"). These jobs would not exist without the wind energy market, and expansion into American and Asian markets will continue to multiply competitive job opportunities.

The UK is a prime example of the positive effects and necessity of wind energy. The UK government pledges to reduce 60% of their carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2050. This goal will be on track if 20% of the energy use in the UK is supplied by renewable resources in 2030 (Strachan, and Lal 553). The focus on wind energy will provide clean energy, reduce the…. [read more]

Nuclear Energy Research Paper

… The expectations of increased cost estimates and lack of adequate construction and engineering skills prove that building and maintaining a nuclear power plant is relatively a more expensive process that would require costly taxpayer subsidies. For example, the development of two new nuclear power plant reactors in southeast Florida cost between $6 billion and $9 billion for each plant. Therefore, the development and maintenance of nuclear power plants to produce electricity cannot be supported in terms of costs because it enforces an unacceptable high price of consumers.


The second major point for determining whether we should adopt and depend on nuclear energy as a long-term viable alternative is safety or security. Proponents argue that nuclear power plants are safer than in the past though…. [read more]

Energy According to Some Experts Term Paper

… The problem is that policy making is much more complex than most environmentalists believe. One recent article attempted to explain the problem by stating "providing secure energy supplies at reasonable prices has and continues to be a preoccupation of most, if not all national governments, and a myriad of energy policies and related environmental policies have been developed and implemented over time to help achieve these objectives" (Baker, 2010, p. 57).

A long-term approach to energy policy will always be difficult to achieve due to the many varied interests that will have influence over such policy. What will be needed is someone of strength and character to lead the way, which is a problem when Presidents rule through the use of polling numbers rather than…. [read more]

Alternative Fuel for Lotus Alternative Fuel Assessment Term Paper

… ¶ … Alternative Fuel for Lotus


In the past few decades, citizens, environmentalists and government officials alike have become increasingly aware of the threatening approach of the fuel shortage crisis in the United States. This shortage is illustrated by the steady increase in gasoline prices, the wars for oil fought in the Middle East, and increasing demand for alternative fuel vehicle designs. Each day, vehicles in the United States consume about 10 million barrels of petroleum fuels, primarily gasoline and diesel (United States General Accounting Office, 2001). According to projections made by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), this figure will rise to about 15 million barrels per day by 2010, much of which will be met by importing…. [read more]

Centralized Versus Decentralized Energy Essay

… ¶ … Centralized and Decentralized Power Generation

As the date for peak oil looms large in the future, traditional methods of power generation are being reevaluated to determine if they are the optimal approach. Innovations in technology have introduced improved micro-sized wind turbines and more efficient solar photovoltaics and in a growing number of cases, the centralized generation of power is being supplemented and even replaced by decentralized power generation sources. Indeed, in some cases, businesses and consumers are generating more power than they are using and are selling their surplus electricity. This paper provides a discussion concerning the respective advantages and disadvantages of centralized vs. decentralized power generation, including a description of the importance of feed-in tariffs for decentralized power generation. Finally, a summary…. [read more]

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