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President Reagan's Human Rights Record Essay

… 150-152). The shock and outrage being felt by many Americans as the brutal scenes of oppression flashed across their television screens seemed to have little impact on the New Right, including Reagan' policy of constructive engagement.

The Decline of Communism and the 'End' of the Cold War

President Reagan's policy towards the South African government during the Cold War is consistent with one of his more famous speeches. On June 12, 1987, standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin, President Reagan (1987) made a speech challenging the Soviet General Secretary, Mikhail Gorbachev, to open the gates of the Berlin wall and unite a divided city and nation. Reagan went further in his speech, calling the Soviet experiment a failed one and resulting…. [read more]

Foreign Policy Nixon's Detente Description Term Paper

… .

President Ronald Reagan declared that the Soviet Union had violated the treaty.

Foreign Policy

The treaty was consistent with United States' policy to slow down the arms' race.

Event Resolved?

SALT II was not ratified due to a shift in United States' policy under President Reagan and the Soviet Union's lack of desire to abide by the treaty.

Rate the event:. 2. Increased Tensions. 4

Soviet Invasion and War in Afghanistan


The war took place between 1979-89 in Afghanistan. In 1978 a coup brought in a new Communist government. In 1979 another coup brought in another leader, which caused the Soviet Union to invade and install Hafizullah Amin in December 1979. The Soviets put in Babrak Karmal as president and eventually brought in…. [read more]

American Presidency McDonald, Forest. Term Paper

… American Presidency

McDonald, Forest. The American Presidency. Lawrence, University of Kansas Press,

According to historian and scholar Forest McDonald, the American Presidency was and is a unique institution. Although other nations have since developed elected executives called presidents, the American presidency has evolved along its own special course, because of the birth of America as a new nation without a long-standing tradition of previous history, monarchy or common law. Some of the Founding Fathers, particularly James Madison, were initially reluctant to invest the new executive office with much power, for fear of creating a new king. Madison, for example, wished to prohibit unilateral executive action in foreign affairs (238). This would, according to McDonald, have made it impossible for the United States to engage effectively…. [read more]

American Expansion Post-Reconstruction America Gave Thesis

… This belief in democracy and the values that were perceived to be associated with it were viewed as an inevitable evolution in human progress. This led many to believe that anything that stood in the way of this trend was to be destroyed and much of the American population accepted this as it was consistent with their own ambitions.

Woodrow Wilson was a great believer in the superiority of his background and his culture. He was descended from Presbyterian ministers on both sides of the family and he was known to be moralistic, infuriating, and self-righteously inflexible as he believed that he was carrying out God's plan for the country (Stone and Kuznick 2013). He used his power in South America with a desire to…. [read more]

American Crucibles the Crucible Contemporary Book Report

… Unwilling to have his confession displayed publicly, John Proctor chooses death.

Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, may have been based on early colonial events, but it was intended to frame the communist witch hunts by HUAC in the same light (Hinman et al., 1994). As happened in Salem of 1692, so-called witnesses took the stand before HUAC and named the names of communists, socialists, and communist sympathizers. Years later, it was discovered that many of the witnesses for the state had in fact lied and were coached by HUAC and the FBI. As had happened in Salem, peoples' lives were destroyed by the legal weight irresponsibly given to the so-called testimony.

Miller describes the events taking place during the late 40s and early 50s as…. [read more]

American Ethnic Literature the Nature Essay

… Ethnic writing comes from a place that is not typically American, so the literature of people who do not necessarily fit the majority mold would necessarily be different. According to Krys Lee (2012), herself an ethnic writer, people from a certain heritage talk about the experiences of the culture. Often, like Ellison, they talk about that experience as it relates to their time in the United States. A country that has such a great amount of diversity that seems to push it into the shadows at times. Ethnic writers would differ from traditional American writers in their use of voice.

Many people who have tried to expand the American literary tradition see the world through a different lens than traditional American writers. This is because…. [read more]

American Revolution Many People Understand Research Paper

… ¶ … American Revolution

Many people understand the American Revolution from a "tip of the iceberg" perspective.

They feel this war was perpetuated by a struggle between colonists and the ruthless British regime.

While this may be part of the cause, it is not the entire reason for the Revolutionary War. In fact, the majority of the colonies inhabitants felt pride and called themselves Englishmen, which goes against the idea that the English regime was tyrannical. They had many rights and privileges that most in other

areas of the world would consider luxurious for the 18th century.

The main issue certain colonists had with the British monarchy, is they were forced t live as subjects in a culture that required British political adherence; the main…. [read more]

American Exceptionalism Is a Concept Thesis

… American exceptionalism is a concept that has been shrouded in controversy since the arrival of the first British pioneers and settlers. The ideal of exceptionalism was born as a result of the Puritan view that the colonialists were on a God-given mission to create a perfect community on a proverbial "hill." This began a cultural paradigm that still prevails today, for better or for worse; the paradigm that the United States is "special" in comparison with the rest of the world. Not all critics agree with this assessment, however, and some, such as Ron Jacobs and Martin Sellevold are decidedly negative on the exceptional nature of the United States and its citizens. Others, such as Harold Hongju Koh and Dennis Phillips, have a more balanced…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Analysis of the Middle East From the President's Perspective Essay

… American foreign policy as it manifests itself in the Middle East has long been a struggle. The last few decades have demonstrated America's attempts at finding allies and the challenges of controlling the area. After a tremendous amount of analysis and assessment, the best methods to be taken in this particular area are ones of strategic humanitarian action and development. As this paper will demonstrate, much of the discord of the area is directly connected to the fact that it's so impoverished and disadvantaged. Helping the Middle East and building where other governments would blow up, is the best way to develop the area. Such actions not only help develop the global economy, but they help to stabilize America' footing in the rest of the…. [read more]

Foreign Relations Summary of Chapter Term Paper

… In doing so, it would cease to think that it could unilaterally address all the issues of the world, and would either accept the fact that they could not be addressed or -- more optimally-- would seek to find multilateral solutions which took the sovereignty of that nation into account and refrained from treating the entire world as its backyard. The writer takes a very strong stance on this issue, saying that: "The American century is over, and the challenge facing policy makers is no longer that of managing alliances, deterring aggression, or ruling over the international system."

The application of this idea to politics is called the "Ordinary State Perspective," and is unfortunately not particularly popular with many patriotic individuals or politicians, due to…. [read more]

American History, 1820-1920 Five Positive Essay

… The doctrine stressed that the United States has the capacity and the right to defend the foreign policy of its neighboring countries as well as its internal affairs from European countries if the interest of the United States so required. The initial motivation behind this doctrine was positive in the sense that the United States offered its support and consideration in case of foreign or domestic disturbance of its neighboring countries. However in time, due to the volatility of international politics the United States where soon seen as interventionists in the internal affairs of its neighboring countries. Therefore cases have been in Mexico or Cuba in which the United States intervened and supported politically or otherwise different factions of the political environment. This approach brought…. [read more]

American Political Thought Slavery Term Paper

… American Political Thought-Slavery

This report is a combination book review, autobiographical evaluation and political and social review. That is because the work will compare and contrast two very great men in American history: W.E.B. DuBois and Abraham Lincoln. Each of these historical figures left their mark on our society questioning dogma and by speaking against what they felt was wrong. Their views were highly critical of the accepted norms of their days and therefore they each suffered public criticisms and hatred related turmoil. DuBois personal philosophies got him labeled as a socialist (a nice way of calling someone a communist in the past) and of course, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because of his views. This report tries to first get a feel for the Dubois…. [read more]

Middle School Grades Social Studies Curriculum Term Paper

… Middle School Social Studies

Sixth Grade:

The sixth grade social studies program emphasizes the interdependence of all people in the Eastern Hemisphere. The lessons and activities for this grade level draw specific examples of nations and regions of the Eastern Hemisphere selected by the district. It is highly recommended the lessons also compare and contrast to this specific information with similar information from the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

The sixth grade program focuses on a sixth grade social science perspective with emphasis on the interaction of geography and economics. The core disciplines of geography and economics are used and developed to draw relationships and understanding in social/culture, political, and historic aspects of life in the Eastern

Hemisphere. Focus should be on turning points…. [read more]

American Academy Pediatrics Publication Essay

… When it comes to main characters' smoking and its influence on the young public, the 2010 Policy Statement mentions that repeated exposure to R-rated movies may surpass parental example in being a leading determinant in adolescent smoking (American Academy of Pediatrics). Additionally, a recent study seems to indicate that Negative characters' portrayal of smoking has a major influence on low risk-taking adolescents' decision to start smoking (Tanski, 2009), and Mark Renton and his mates are fundamentally antiheroic. What is more, the extended display of alcohol and tobacco use may, due to the substances' notoriety as gateway drugs and through the movie's prevalent influence on youngsters, determine preadolescent and adolescent increase of illicit substance use (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2010).

In the motion picture's defense, it…. [read more]

American Revolution in Different Perspectives Essay

… American Revolution in Different Perspectives

The American Revolution was a war that began as a disagreement. The colonists largely believed that they were treated unfairly, merely pawns that were used for whatever reasons best suited the crown and parliament. Inside of this general sentiment were individual sentiments about why independence was necessary and desirable. This paper will look at different perspectives from that time including religious, loyalist, rebellious, African-American and legal perspectives.

In "Of the Natural Rights of Colonists" taken from Pamphlets of the American Revolution 1750-1776, it says that all colonists are by nature freeborn -- white or black. The text names a man by the name of Baron Montesquieu who was an Enlightenment thinker, ahead of his time when it came to the…. [read more]

Policy Statement Analysis the Tri-Council Research Proposal

… Policy Statement Analysis

The Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans 2008 draft version is substantially different from its 2003 first draft predecessor. In particular, the chapter dedicated to "Free and Informed Consent" is much more extensive in the 2008 draft. In addition to the expansion of existing sections, the 2008 draft also amends the prior version with the addition of new principles and concepts that were entirely missing from the 2003 draft version.

Moreover, whereas both the 2003 and 2008 draft versions address the conceptual difference between merely signing consent forms and establishing that such signatures genuinely represent valid consent based on meaningful comprehension, the 2008 draft version seems to incorporate that fundamental principle throughout the chapter. By comparison, the corresponding concept…. [read more]

American History Term Paper

… American History

The objective of this work is to answer the question asking whether or not it was necessary to change the Articles of Confederation? Examined will be the factors that led to the drafting of the Constitution. The region represented will be identified as well as priorities notes along with noting concerns. Expressed will be the compromises that would be acceptable in order to preserve the union.

The United States of America was formed over time, through shared experiences and step-by-step working and focusing toward the Constitution. Many considerations, concerns, and viewpoints as well as opinions, standards and beliefs were that which formulated first the Articles of Confederation and ultimately the U.S. Constitution. When considering that which led to the changing of the Articles…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy From Three Term Paper

… I also agree with Walt's position that the U.S. is spreading itself thin globally dealing in issues that really have no direct effect on Americans. Moreover, I agree with Walt's belief that the U.S. should not reduce its military power, because choices and options are important. Furthermore, I even agree with Xinbo, concerning the hypocrisy of U.S. human rights policies and the need for perspective. However, I disagree with Xinbo's suggestion that the sharing of advancement in science and technology with the world is in the best interests of the United States.

I believe there is need for a change in U.S. foreign policy and that it should perhaps be woven from the three authors above. The United States should develop resources that would give…. [read more]

Disagreed: "In Matters of Foreign Essay

… Disagreed: "In matters of foreign affairs, the American constitution does more harm than good."

One of the fundamental and overwhelming roles of America and the American government is to engage in peaceful relations, if at all possible with the 200 countries all over the world: the constitution is what has guided and what continues to guide the nation in how they interact with other nations and how they engage with authority over their territories. "It is designed to further certain goals. It seeks to assure America's security and defense. It seeks the power to protect and project America's national interests around the world. National interest shapes foreign policy and covers a wide range of political, economic, military, ideological, and humanitarian concerns" (, 2013). In foreign…. [read more]

Presidents in the History Term Paper

… ¶ … presidents in the history of the United States, including a ranking of choices in order from one through five in a descending order of importance. There have been many memorable and excellent presidents in United States history. Picking five as the very best is a difficult and demanding problem, but five presidents do stand out above the rest in their spirit, their personal qualities, their crisis management skills, and their overall effect on our nation.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR is the number one American president for a number of reasons, and perhaps the most compelling is the number of other presidents who admired him. From Ronald Regan to Lyndon Johnson, many presidents admired FDR, and hoped to emulate him in their own…. [read more]

Nature of American Revolution Essay

… Such unification and reconstruction has never been seen in the entire world history (Medvedev 2012). According to Gordon Wood, it was not a simple physical revolution but a wave of social radicalism which formed the foundation of the American nation and achieved a landmark of first ever republic constitution. He explained that it was not just the discontent from the ruling dynasty; rather it was social and intellectual difference amongst the two nations (Wood 1992). Also, the movement contained an essential element of revolution; violence. Without any violent activity, it is impossible to attain the desired results of the revolution movement. Hence in these terms too, the American Revolution can be regarded as a true revolution in itself (Medvedev 2012).

Although the American Revolution Movement…. [read more]

American Government Politics Term Paper

… Arizona, stated that police could question an individual in custody, and could use psychological manipulation, only after they had "read the person his rights." And the Court spelled out exactly what was to be said:

You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney and to have your attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed for you.

Do you understand your rights?"

For the first time law enforcement had clear guidance concerning the area of confessions and knew what they could and could not do. Now what about search and seizures? During…. [read more]

Barbary Wars:american Independence Atlantic World Essay

… " (110) Many Americans considered the traditional definition of a barbarian when considering such assumptions and thus believed that individuals in Barbary States could practically be considered the most dangerous and malevolent enemies that they U.S. had ever dealt with. This is actually one of the reasons why American history is filled with episodes involving Americans knowing very little concerning foreign states. The American public was bombarded with controversial information throughout the years and had difficulty filtering it. This eventually led to Americans coming to have particularly distorted perceptions of foreign states.

American leaders used the term barbarian in a series of occasions, as they became accustomed to relating to many individuals that were in conflict with their thinking style by using it. Their views…. [read more]

American History Prior 1877 Signed Essay

… S. adopted particular approaches. Texts like the "Common Sense" and such as Francis Scott Key's poem were essential in developing American thinking. Similarly, acts such as the Fugitive Clause, the Three Fifths Compromise, and the "Spoils system" were particularly harmful for Americans when considering their condition in the late nineteenth century. These acts encouraged people in appreciating immoral behavior simply because they observed that it was profitable for them to do so. Individuals would catch desperate fugitive slaves, vote on behalf of people who were provided with little to no rights, and present their supporters with official positions in spite of the fact that they did not deserve it. The Land Act of 1820 is very important in putting across general American ideology in the…. [read more]

Health Care Policy Issue Analysis on Evidence-Based Practice Term Paper

… Health Care Policy Issue Analysis on Evidence-Based Practice

Health Policy Issue Analysis on Evidenced-Based Practice

Despite many efforts that are used to promote evidence-based practice (EBP), many patients are not receiving appropriate care. Evidenced-based practice implies that decisions about treatment options will depend largely on evidence of their clinical effectiveness. The major purpose of EBP is the elimination of the use of expensive, ineffective, or dangerous medical decision-making.

However, developing and using this evidence is not always straightforward. Making use of evidence in clinical practice is a major challenge for nurses. They face numerous gaps and barriers to EBP. The major barriers include a lack of time, poor access to literature, and a lack of ability to judge the quality of the research. To tackle…. [read more]

Enlightenment on American Culture and Political Life Essay

… ¶ … Enlightenment on American Culture and Political Life

The impact that the Enlightenment had on American culture is significant. In fact the American society that "evolved and is dominant today -- including the democratic ideals, capitalism and the scientific method -- all "derive from the Enlightenment ideals formulated in England" (Jandt, 2007, p. 184). The emphasis that Americans have on individual liberties and the dominant language in America and the structure of law were the result of the Enlightenment, Jandt explained (184). The author asserts that values related to democracy -- including separation of powers (executive, legislative and judicial) -- derived from the French philosopher Montesquieu, prominent in the French Enlightenment.

Professor Robert Morse Crunden -- with the University of Texas -- explained that…. [read more]

Film Analysis of the Patriot Case Study

… He is obsessively loyal to the British kingdom and will take any action, particularly if it is amoral as a means to his ends. His character's nickname is "The Butcher."

Much of the film is about the war and freedom from the British, yet there are other subtle themes at work in The Patriot. One of the most obvious is that of slavery and equality of all people in America. The audience is meant to understand that Martin is a patriot because of his defiance of the British and for other reasons, too, such as his human and nearly equal treatment of the freed Africans who work his land for a wage. Audiences are meant to understand or infer that there is a morality in…. [read more]

American Revolution History Has Shown Term Paper

… 50).

Furthermore, when discussing the ongoing debate about the Senate, Berkin highlights the words of Gouverneur Morris, whose justification for the Senate included an explicit acknowledgment of the class divisions present in colonial society. Morris argued that "the rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest," and so they should be represented by the Senate, which would stand in dynamic tension with the more egalitarian House (Morris qtd. In Berkin, 2002, p. 104). This view was born out of a pragmatic consideration of colonial society at the time, and although Morris seems positively sociopathic for actually encouraging the maintenance of wealth inequality, his words do at least confirm the thesis of this study, namely, that the Constitutional Convention was mainly oriented towards…. [read more]

Unruly Americans in Woody Holton Book Review

… Making the Revolution seem like someone like me had a personal stake in either the success or failure of the American Revolutionary War. This is the functioning thesis I believe of Holton's book, that every future American had a part in the Revolution and in the formulation of the United States of America. Yet, at the same time the Founding Fathers did not believe that the average man should have a say in the governing of the country which is what required the formulation of the federal, central government.

Upon reflection, the comparison of the necessity of the common man in the American Revolution and then the resentment of the same person after the war is over is something of a dichotomy. The average person…. [read more]

Foreign and Domestic Intelligence Term Paper

… Foreign and Domestic Intelligence

The intelligence system of the United States is the most capable one assembled in the history of man. This intelligence community (IC) has undergone reforms since 2005 after President Bush signed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. However, transformations of analytical initiatives have constantly reduced the barriers between individuals and organizations across the IC and have prioritized missions effectively. A window of opportunity was evident in the 1990s that reexamined the existing structures and processes of intelligence. Emphasis for the intelligence community included, downsizing, streamlining, and consolidating, which forced them to prioritize on resources scarce to the environment. Members of Congress, think-tank analysts, and executive branch senior officials are a community growing interest of the U.S. government organization on how…. [read more]

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