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American Government Society and Religion Timeline Essay

Post-2000 Events

Event 6: Wisconsin v. Yoder (1971)

In this landmark Supreme Court case, the Amish practice of terminating children’s education in the eighth grade became a point of contention between the religious group and the state. The Supreme Court ultimately ruled that in a cost-benefit analysis, the additional one or two years of public education required would not provide a substantial benefit to the children, and the values embodied by Amish society would be sufficient to provide many of the values conveyed by public education of citizenship, moral values, and community. The genuineness of Amish religious values was also reflected in the Court’s decision.

Event 7: Good News Club v. Milford Central School (2001)

Although prayer is officially…. [read more]

American Revolution There Were Many Reasons Term Paper

… ¶ … American Revolution

There were many reasons why the American Revolutionary War was fought; and although it was mainly fought because of the desire for independence from the British government, there were other factors. And there were many key dates that are associated with the revolution. This paper will review those events and key dates in an attempt to provide an accurate overview and analysis of that great war that liberated the colonists from the British rule.

RELIGION: Religion played a major role in the revolution, according to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. On its Web site, the Library of Congress (LOC) ( has a section called "Religion and the Founding of the American Republic." The reason religion played a big role,…. [read more]

Native Americans and Their Health Issues Essay

… Health of Native Americans

The Health Issues of Native Americans

Native Americans -- as a minority cultural group with many subcultures -- have a bleak history in the United States. They have a history of being ignored, or being persecuted, or indeed relegated to poverty status over the last few hundred years. The data available also shows that Native Americans suffer from poor health in many aspects of their lives.

According to Indian Health Services, American Indians and Alaska Natives "have long experienced lower health status" when they are compared with other cultures in the U.S. In fact, Native Americans and Alaska Natives have a life expectancy that is 2.4 years less than all other ethnic groups in the U.S. (74.5 years for Native Peoples…. [read more]

American Media Representation of Islam and Terrorism Term Paper


The objective of this work is to prepare a research proposal that will reflect how the American media (print, broadcast and online) portrays Islam's connection to terrorism post 9/11 in research focusing on "When an average American audience picks up the morning paper and reads an article about terrorism on the front page - what are the first two things that pop into their minds? (1) Muslim extremists; and (2) the September 11, 2001 attacks on America and to answer the question of: "Why is this? It is the position of the researcher that this is due to the one-sidedness of the American media, where America is portrayed…. [read more]

Civil Rights Movement in America the Struggle Term Paper

… Civil Rights Movement in America

The struggle for the Civil Rights of the African-Americans have their roots in the slave trade era and the resulting pressure to let go the slaves in the southern states increasing every passing year during the emancipation of slaves period. The movement can be traced to as early as 1800 when Absalom Jones and several other blacks living in Philadelphia petitioned Congress against the notion of enslavement and slave trade and challenging the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793.

The heat for recognition of civil rights took centre stage with the Court ruling that the Civil Rights Act of 1875 which sought to give "all full and equal enjoyment of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges of inns, public conveyances on…. [read more]

Reagan and the 80s Movie Term Paper


The objective of this work is to take a closer look into popular movies in the 1980s and the role Ronald Reagan's presidency played in them. This work will take three different years in the 1980s, or specifically the years of 1982, 1985, and 1986, and parallel them with two different genres: Teen Comedy and Drama and show how these films follow the same narrative. This narrative will follow the theme of (1) Outsiders; (2) Redemption; and (3) Victory.

The era of the Regan administration is one that is characterized by a slipping away from morals and values traditionally held evidenced in the breakdown of the traditional family structure, racial turmoil, crime, school problems, drugs, and declining sexual morality. Reagan…. [read more]

African-American History the Sharecropping System Term Paper

… African-American History

The Sharecropping system

The Sharecropping system was a labor agreement that was shaped by the situation in the South after the Civil War and by the mutual dependency between farmers and laborers. (the Sharecropping System) the Civil War of 1861-1865 brought an end to slavery in the country. However this also meant that many farmers in the South were left without labor to farm their lands. This situation was also worsened by the poor state of the Southern economy after the war." The Southern economy was in such shambles that in many cases they couldn't even afford to buy seed and farm implements, much less to pay hired hands" (the Sharecropping System) There were also many African-Americans still living on the land in…. [read more]

Buddhism and Christianity Term Paper

… Buddhism and Christianity

It is a fact that in the past twenty years or so, women historians have been entering the field of research and have found out the truth that women in Christianity have been placed in a role that is not really completely true. In other words, more and more women have been delving into the past to come up with new theories on the important role that women in ancient times have played in Christianity, and certain ancient chronicles and texts have been dug up to substantiate the fact uncovered by them. In essence, women historians have rediscovered certain facts like, for example, the truth that only a few women were recognized, women like Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene,…. [read more]

Manuel De Lacunza Term Paper

… The influence that Lacunza's writings had on the denomination existed because of the way that he viewed the Sabbath. Lacunza believed that the Sabbath was to be observed on Saturday. As a result Seventh Day Adventist attend church in Saturday instead of Sunday because they believe that Saturday is the true day of Sabbath and that it should be kept holy.

The Prophetic movement

The beliefs of Lacunza also contributed to the prophetic movement that sprung up all over the world mainly during the 20th century. The prophetic movement was an instrumental in the conversion of millions of people to the Christian faith. People throughout the world had a greater appreciation for the prophetic and a greater understanding of end time events.

The Movie Industry…. [read more]

Vietnamese Americans Neither American or Vietnamese How Do They Adapt to Belonging to Dual Cultures Term Paper

… Vietnamese Americans: Neither American nor Vietnamese. How Do They Adapt to Belonging to Dual Cultures?

When Vietnamese people first entered the United States in the post-war years, they faced an enormous set of challenges as well as pronounced cultural differences. Thereafter, their children faced a different set of challenges. These second-generation citizens have to be both Vietnamese and American at once -- and this is no easy task. Furthermore, while the Vietnamese American population represents an important Asian group in the U.S. today, there remains a paucity of current research concerning its unique history or culture (Doan, Huer, & Saenz, 2001). Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to describe what it means to be both Vietnamese and American in the United States today. A…. [read more]

Experiences of African-American Women Who Have Lost a Male Son to Suicide PhD Model Answer

… ¶ … African-American Women Who Have Lost a Male Son to Suicide

A Re-Examination of cultural factors that mitigate risk and promote resilience in relation to African-American suicide: A review of the literature and recommendations for future research

Accoding to Utsey, Hook & Stanard (2007), there was the discussion of the history of African-American Suicides. Their reports about suicide of African-Americans brought out the confirmation of the acknowledgement of the Surgeon General in the U.S. As a grown crisis. Nonetheless, there is little research about suicide on the factor among this population and that leaves a huge gap for the mitigation of the issue. In the journal, there is a review of suicide among African-Americans, through study of the culture and overall view of African-Americans.…. [read more]

U.S. Government Interfere With Existing Federal Law Term Paper

… ¶ … U.S. government interfere with existing federal law that gives the decision to abort a child or not to abort the woman's along to make, in her own private way? The first point-of-view in this paper will be to answer the question above with a firm "no."

Background and Facts on the Abortion Issue

In 1973, the High Court ruled, in Roe v. Wade, that a woman's right to choose whether or not she will keep a fetus falls under the Constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy. In other words, what a woman does with regards to her pregnancy is her personal private right to decide.

Meanwhile, the Planned Parenthood organization ( explains that abortion occurs "naturally" in 15 to 40% of pregnancies, "...when an…. [read more]

Business Law Essay

… Novel Legal Issues have been materializing

The environment of a working place is changing due to the advances in technology and adaptation of different economic and social ways. All of these have an effect on the law that foresees no one is treated unfairly due to age. The cost of health insurance is ever rising and this has led the employers to hold back on covering the health cost of their workers. This is raising questions on the link of ADEA and the policies regarding health care (Sargeant, 2006).

Today, employers that are experiencing diversified workplace along with the legal trends are trying to move towards the future with the help of certain policies, procedures and laws. All these measures are planned keeping in view…. [read more]

Pentecostal Christian Indian Challenges Research Paper

… Indeed, Christianity can even be regarded as an Asian religion and St. Thomas and/or St. Bartholomew were the founders of Indian Christianity.[footnoteRef:13] Notwithstanding their status as relatively miniscule minorities in the northeast, the historic positive influence of Pentecostals has been significant, especially in the fields of healthcare, social services and education.[footnoteRef:14] [13: Peter C. Phan, Christianities in Asia. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 4.] [14: Phan, 4.]

While the numbers of Pentecostals in northeast India has increased significantly in recent years, especially among marginalized ethnic groups, their presence actually dates back more than three centuries as shown in the timeline set forth in Table 1 below.

Table 1

Timeline of historical growth of Pentecostalism in northeast India

Time Period

Description…. [read more]

Scottish Covenanter Party Term Paper

… This was realised, and the arm grabbing money for the King's purse, Star Chamber, was noted and despised. Its reputation declined accordingly.

Parliament was able to limit the power of the Star Chamber eventually, but remained on the defensive in its attempts to force Charles to recognize its right as a power equal to (or even subordinate to) his own. This would lead to years of quarreling between king and Parliament about money and would lead Charles to dissolve Parliament. He would reign without their advice or consent - or their legal authority to raise taxes - for 11 years.

It was right before this period (as will be discussed below) that the Anglican prayer book was introduced into Scotland, prompting a group who called…. [read more]

Historical Context of Distance Education Thesis

… ¶ … distance education offers a timeline of distance education that stresses a new and independent view of individuals. Most interestingly distance education began as a for profit industry associated with teaching those who could not travel to educational institutions, vocational subjects that would be of interest to them, even though they were often many miles from the instructor and received material only by mail. This shows in part the interest of opening education to a broader audience, including women and to those who were working to make a living. Women also benefited greatly from early distance education, and though the article does not mention it the contention that women would be damaged by the society of higher education, removing this environment from the equation…. [read more]

Watergate Views of Authors Such as Emile Term Paper

… Watergate; views of authors such as Emile Durkheim, Talcott Parsons, J. Alexander, Dinesh D'Souza and C. Wright Mills

Society is an organism that functions according to its own rules and has the interconnected mechanisms that allow it to regenerate just like a human body. The collective consciousness enables it to function properly. In case of a crisis situation, the mechanisms represented by the public, the elites and the media collaborate, driven by solidarity, in order to eliminate the evil so that the social body can continue its normal existence. The Watergate scandal represents such a moment of crisis. The circumstances favored the common profane politics event to turn into a sacred moment, drawing the attention to the fact that the relationship between morality and power…. [read more]

Violence, History, and Suppression of Memory Term Paper

… Violence, History, And Suppression of Memory as Metaphor in Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years Of Solitude

Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez's fantastical masterpiece of magic realism, One Hundred Years of Solitude (1967) chronicles the long, colorful, violent, repetitive, and ultimately tragic history of the Buendia family of the mythical town of Macondo, an imaginary locale apparently based on Garcia Marquez's own small home town of Aracataca, Colombia ("100 Years of Solitude"). As Maria R. Restorina suggests, within the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, "the totality of Latin American society and history is expressed." In this essay, I will suggest ways in which violence and suppression of memory within the story serve to create future cycles of violence (and future loss of memory) thereby symbolically…. [read more]

Utopias Explored: The Time Machine Essay

… Deckard travels to Seattle to interview Rachel, who eventually fails his test. This is explained to Deckard as Rachel lacks normal empathy because of being raised in space. Later, Deckard verifies that Rachel is indeed an android -- a Nexus Six, or top of the line model. This, and his own feelings of self-doubt about the humanity of "retiring" another being, cause him to philosophize about the morality of his era. Interwoven with Deckard's doubt is the store of J.R. Isidore, a genetically -- damaged individual who lives alone. Pris, an idential twin to Rachel, moves into the building and J.R. befriends her. Pris and her friends attempt to use J.R. To trap Deckard, but Deckard asks Rachel for help and confesses that he is…. [read more]

Recession in America Effects on the American People Thesis

… Financial Crisis

The Current Financial Crisis: Impetus of Culture Change

Whether you're an anthropologist or a dramatist, the word culture brings to mind various aspects of people groups. What kind of music a group enjoys, the type of food a group eats, what is considered a family, what clothes a person wears, gender roles, stereotypes, values, and interests are all a part of culture. But what characteristic can influence these aspects of culture more than the economy? One may answer that religion, personal beliefs, needs, or other variables certainly impact the cultural choices that a people group makes more than the economy, but a careful examination of the issue may reveal that this is not necessarily the case. Instead, personal, group, and global finances have…. [read more]

Slavery in the United States: The Grave Term Paper

… Slavery in the United States:

The Grave Mistake

According to W.E.B. Du Bois, one of the most outstanding African-American scholar, critic and historian of the past century, the most "dramatic episode in American history was the sudden move to free four million black slaves in an effort to stop a great civil war, to end forty years of bitter controversy and to appease the moral sense" of Western civilization (1992, p. 3). What Du Bois is referring to in this passage from his groundbreaking work Black Reconstruction in America revolves around President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation of 1862 which effectively freed all African-Americans from the bondage of slavery and which Lincoln hoped would somehow help to ease the on-going struggles in 1862 between the North and…. [read more]

Servant Leadership in a Conflicted Church Thesis

Applying Servant Leadership within a Conflicted Church: The Project as an Act of Ministry

My church, the South Iowa Chapel, like many modern churches, is a church in conflict. Conflicted churches are problematic because they drive parishioners away from the church, and, possibly, away from Christ. Conflict in a church can also be a difficult situation to remedy, because of the different personality types and leadership styles of people involved in the church. However, I feel that a significant part of the problem is that people are using traditional leadership styles in church. Jesus Christ was not a traditional leader. On the contrary, He was the epitome of a servant leader, one who leads through service to others. Obviously, He did a wonderful job leading…. [read more]

Historical Background Relationship and Contribution of 12 Periods in Western Civilization Essay

… ¶ … society as if it were essentially autonomous: There were the Egyptians, and the Greeks, and then the Romans, and so forth. But while, of course, there are core practices, habits, and beliefs -- and historical moments -- that set off these and other societies from each other, there are many key connections as well. Societies borrow from each other all the time; indeed, one might argue that the level of "borrowing" from one culture to the next arises to the level of grand larceny.

When one thinks about it, though, there is every reason for societies to borrow from each other in the same way that one generation learns from its predecessor, and passes on what it has learned. Some of what different…. [read more]

Southeast Asian Bamboo Flutes Dissertation

Traditional Southeast Asian Bamboo Flutes: Studies on Origins and History

The study investigates the bamboo flutes found in Southeast Asia, as well as their history and origin. The earliest known extant bamboo flute, a chi, or ancient Chinese flute, from the Zhou Dynasty, discovered in the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, dates from 433 BC. Southeast Asian bamboo flutes, diverse in shape and size, vary in the way musicians play them. During the ethnography, a qualitative study, the researcher utilizes an extensive literature review to explore the development of bamboo flutes in SEA and examines the link between these instruments and music, as well as traditions from and beyond Asia.

As the study focuses on the flutes from three main areas: Mainland…. [read more]

Backlash 9-11 Book Review

… ¶ … history of the United States is the 9/11 terror attacks that will forever be remembered by millions of Americans who witnessed the collapse of the Twin Towers on the media. 9/11 also remains as a significant sad and shocking day for Middle Eastern and Muslim Americans since it marked the beginning of a new era in which they became backlash victims. During the period when the United States was attempting to absorb the shock of these attacks, Muslim Americans were subjected in an unprecedented wave of backlash violence. The main reason attributed to the increased wave of backlash against Middle East and Muslim Americans is the increased misrepresentation and misunderstanding of the Islamic religion. This widespread misunderstanding of this religion persisted regardless of…. [read more]

Sociology History of Business Science Research Proposal

… Delimitations

Today, modern business systems help an increasingly globalized world function in seamless ways. In fact, English is rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the business world and transnational borders and cross-cultural factors no longer operate as major barriers to commerce. Further, a wide range of financial instruments exist such as letters of credit and bills of lading whose purpose and operation are readily understood by businesspeople from New York to New Delhi. Business correspondence too has a fairly standardized format that businesspeople all over the world both use and understand and all of these features have helped create a modern business system that is both efficient and effective in achieving the movement of goods and services around the world. All of these business systems,…. [read more]

Children, Grief, and Attachment Theory Term Paper

… Children, Grief, And Attachment Theory

When a child, age 7 to 11, experiences the death of a nuclear or extended family member, the experi-ence generates subsequent grief reaction/s. During the mixed methods study, the researcher investigates ways attachment theory may positively compliment grief reaction/s and concerns challenging the grieving child that may include feelings which include, but not limited to anger, confusion, fear, and self-blame. When not addressed, these reactions may link to the child experiencing ensuing health and/or mental health problems in his/her later life. The study also relates a number of ways to help to confront bereavement issues that children experience.

Relating to Death

Addressing "Something Else"

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of Study

Significance of Study

Scope of Study

Rationale of Study…. [read more]

Socialist Zionist Beliefs Colin Shindler Observed Essay

… Socialist Zionist Beliefs

Colin Shindler observed in What do Zionists Believe? that "Zionism is seen in pejorative terms today…At worst, 'Zionist' is used as a term of abuse, an epithet to be hurled at anyone who does not see the Israel-Palestine conflict in monochrome.

As always, Colin Shindler has hit the nail bang on the head in these terms of his about the problems attached to the term Zionist. It has been used as a term of abuse with equal relish by the anti-Semite along with expletives about Jews. Unlike earlier anti-Semites, today's variety gets to cloak themselves in an artificial distinction between Zionism and Jews. This essay attempts to put into perspective some of this by examining Zionism as an ideology of liberation.

In…. [read more]

Freedom and Justice Concepts Thesis


Following the events of September 11, 2001, legislation has occurred which has ludicrously removed the rights of citizens instead of serving to bolster and support citizen's rights in the United States. Furthermore, while the leaders of the United States are speaking of 'safety and security' the reality is that at no other time in history has the rights, safety and security of American citizens been so greatly compromised. The U.S.A. Patriot Act was passed in its first form in the "Uniting and Strengthening American by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism' act six weeks after the events of September 11, 2001." (Wronkiewicz, 2002, p. 1) One result of this is related in the work of Wronkiewicz…. [read more]

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