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American Revolution History Has Shown Term Paper

… 50).

Furthermore, when discussing the ongoing debate about the Senate, Berkin highlights the words of Gouverneur Morris, whose justification for the Senate included an explicit acknowledgment of the class divisions present in colonial society. Morris argued that "the rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest," and so they should be represented by the Senate, which would stand in dynamic tension with the more egalitarian House (Morris qtd. In Berkin, 2002, p. 104). This view was born out of a pragmatic consideration of colonial society at the time, and although Morris seems positively sociopathic for actually encouraging the maintenance of wealth inequality, his words do at least confirm the thesis of this study, namely, that the Constitutional Convention was mainly oriented towards…. [read more]

American History American Labor Essay

… The movement encouraged participation of women and set up marketing systems that would guarantee small farmers higher earnings from their crop yield. The movement was also successful in advocating for a low fee on the railroad and warehouse services Martello R., 2010()

Changes in Organized labor

The first labor unions in the history of United States were formed by skilled workers before the civil war. The skilled labor unions were formed in line with the specialization or line of work undertaken but, they amalgamated to form the "national Labor Union." The union advocated for better treatment of workers through advocacy for social reforms, establishment of worker cooperatives, moderation of working hours and equal right for women Brian J.G., 2004.

The union however, did not support…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Term Paper

… Because the United States is geographically remote and isolated yet has substantial financial and military capabilities, it has been able to go alone in many of its military endeavors, with little military support from international organizations or other nations. Even the League of Nations, as founded by Woodrow Wilson, was not initially joined by the United States because of domestic opposition as well as isolationist sentiment, to becoming entangled in international obligations.

Yet unlike Great Britain, the U.S. has never, in terms of its ideological fabric, been overtly imperialistic. Although it may have shown a certain narrow mindedness and self-interest in its foreign policy goals, unlike the colonial powers, it has not actively used other nations to enrich itself. The influence of populists such as…. [read more]

American Revolution -1783) American Colonists Thesis

… Moreover, the difference in the views regarding the war against France further widens the line between the two political parties.

Empire of Liberty

Thomas Jefferson spoke about the "Empire of Liberty" and he made his contributions in to achieve the goal. He was the first to write the Declaration of Independence. He also served as Governor of Virginia, Secretary and top of all President of United States. He supported democratic Republican political party supporting freedom and independence in the country. Jefferson was the one who initiated the custom of shaking hands instead of bowing down. This act also portrays his favour for liberty.

Jefferson always wanted to protect the rights of the separate states whereas the Hamilton, the secretary of state had difference of opinion.…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Change Essay

… The Civil War made significant changes to the economy. The need for weapons and ammunition fed the strength of the manufacturing trades in the North, while the slash-and-burn practices during the War all but devastated the Southern agricultural powerhouse. The victory of the North in the War set the stage for an American economy centered on manufacturing and trade in the 20th century.

From the start of the English colonies in the early 1600s through the end of the Civil War, democracy and social freedom expanded for all Americans.

The concept of civil and human rights and the concept of political freedom have developed substantially in the United States since the first colonies settled here in the 1600s, though not always consistently. Many of the…. [read more]

American Expansion Post-Reconstruction America Gave Thesis

… This belief in democracy and the values that were perceived to be associated with it were viewed as an inevitable evolution in human progress. This led many to believe that anything that stood in the way of this trend was to be destroyed and much of the American population accepted this as it was consistent with their own ambitions.

Woodrow Wilson was a great believer in the superiority of his background and his culture. He was descended from Presbyterian ministers on both sides of the family and he was known to be moralistic, infuriating, and self-righteously inflexible as he believed that he was carrying out God's plan for the country (Stone and Kuznick 2013). He used his power in South America with a desire to…. [read more]

History in the 19th Century Essay

… History In the 19th Century:

It's impossible to understand the course of the United States in the 19th Century without understanding the cause and consequences of the Civil War. The United States Civil War was one of the most significant and defining incidents in the country's history. This is primarily because by the end of the conflict, many people had been wounded and killed, slavery had come to an end, and the very concept of America had been altered forever. Generally, the American Civil in the 19th Century was not only the most deadly but also the most significant event in the country's history. Unlike other major events that affected the United States, the war had significant effects that fundamentally changed the American society. Some…. [read more]

American Indian History 1895-1995 Reaction Paper

… Native Americans, New Voices: American Indian History, 1895-1995," David Edmunds discusses the fact that Native Americans were largely ignored in scholastic approaches to American history throughout the late 19th and early 20th century, but that this focus changed in the 1960s when the Civil Rights movement encouraged awareness of Native American history. He focuses on several different aspects of the historical portrayal of Native Americans to come to this conclusion. First, he highlights how Native Americans were portrayed in popular media as a group that had been defeated and gives examples of these portrayals. Second, he discusses the fact that Native Americans were largely ignored in historical scholarship, focusing on the fact that Native Americans were largely ignored or marginalized in the American Historical Review…. [read more]

American Religious History Defining Fundamentalism Essay

… This split became official in 1942 when the National Association of Evangelicals broke formally with the National Council of Churches (McKenna 233). Liberals often tried the drive them out of the mainline Protestant churches, claiming that fundamentalists were "destroying Christianity by their refusal to make it compatible with the findings of modern science and their intolerance for dissenting views" (McKenna 231). Unlike today, Princeton Theology Seminary was a hotbed of conservatism and fundamentalism in the early-20th Century, under the leadership of John Gresham Machen. In his famous sermon "Liberalism and Christianity," Machen denied that liberalism could be Christian at all given that it was purely concerned with the material and natural world rather than the "awful transcendence" of God (Longfield 27). Clarence Edward Macartny denounced…. [read more]

American Religious History Term Paper

… American Religious History

Both Laurence Moore's book Touchdown Jesus. The Mixing of Sacred and Secular in American History and the collection of texts in the book entitled Major Problems in American Religious History: Documents and Essays, edited by Patrick Allitt, focus on the same subject: the multicultural environment created both by the colonization of the Americas and by the present day immigration on the United States territory, and the religious problems that the multicultural mix-up creates. Moreover, the texts under discussion note the recurrent clashes that take place between the democratic political system and the religious doctrines and beliefs. The authors interpret these problems slightly different, but their commentaries share a common point-of-view, which they subsequently demonstrate: colonization of the Americas brought not only political…. [read more]

American Revolution New American History Research Paper

… 3 Wood, The American Revolution, 126

Equality and the fact that 'all men are created equal' were stressed a lot in the Declaration of Independence.

The founders of the nation itself did not go on to act on the words that they had written. In the end, the ultimate result was that people realized that they were not slaves and they were also citizens of the country. Therefore, another reason why American Revolution was important is that it provided the basis on which racial segregation was removed.

The American Revolution also gave rise to a cultural and social awareness for the people. It is clear that the people did not want to belong to the British empire. America originally had always been considered a free…. [read more]

American Revolution Impact on Colonial Society Research Paper

… American Revolution had far ranging effects not only in Colonial America but also throughout the rest of 18th Century society. These effects started slowly but eventually transcended nearly every aspect of life in America and spread to Europe.

The changes that occurred subsequent to the American Revolution began long before the actual conflict. Great Britain had established a fairly loose approach in regard to the day-to-day management of the American colonies and, as a result, the American colonists enjoyed far more liberties than most people throughout the world and their taxes were the lowest of any of Great Britain's other colonial holdings. Against, this background, however, protest and, eventually, revolution was fostered.

In the process that gradually progressed into…. [read more]

American Urban History Term Paper

… American Urban History-Public Health

Public Health System Examination

An in-depth look at American urban history as it pertains to public health concerns between the Civil War and World War II

Flow of Information

The Past

New York City




America boasts a relatively healthy society. Its medical advances and abilities are second to none and people come from all over the world to see American specialists and surgeons that can save their lives or cure their medical problems.

Through recent advances in medical technology Americans live longer today than ever before and with that longer life comes a high standard of living.

Though the nation is relatively young when compared to many of its world wide peers, it has an excellent public health…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Since Its Inception Term Paper

… American Foreign Policy

In his farewell address, given to Congress on September 17, 1796, the father of the country, George Washington warned his fellow Americans against "the insidious wiles of foreign influence, & #8230;since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of Republican Government." (Washington) When discussing American foreign policy since the inception of the nation, one must take into account that the United States of America has been an ever-expanding nation; territorially, politically, and economically. As a result of the continually change in American power and influence in relation to other nations, there has been a continual evolving foreign policy. When George Washington warned about foreign entanglements, the United States was a small and weak nation, but…. [read more]

American Cultural History Term Paper

… Finally the group shifted to the house of B. Folgers at Sing. The talks went on about religion as also the work. There Pierson died an unnatural death, and Matthias arrested on the charge of murdering him. Matthias was also accused of some criminal connections with Mrs. Folgers. (The Mathias Delusion)

The police investigated he matter and Matthias was finally being released, even after everything happened. Then Matthias went off to some part of the West, where he later passed away. This case was considered similar to many such issues which prevailed during that time. There are at least four types of religious groups which date back to the 19th century which deserve our attention -- the Mormons, Oneidas, Shakers and Millerites. All these groups…. [read more]

Fictional Family History Essay

… However, once he left the sanctity of his neighborhood, he was mocked for being Italian and was insulted on numerous occasions for not being able to speak English perfectly (Behdad, 2005). He shared a room with five other young men and they all were able to bond over this unfortunate experience. It was then that he and his roommates decided that it would be intelligent to raise enough money to purchase a small business. My cousin was a great cook, while his friends made up for the other skills needed to run a successful restaurant. The business was a success in Little Italy and my cousin was able to have and comfortably support a family. His determination, stamina, and drive allowed him to prosper despite…. [read more]

History of Native Americans Essay

… 3. What is the Indian Reorganization Act or "Indian New Deal"?

The Indian New Deal or the Indian Reorganization Act could be recognized as the only dazzling mark by which the United States' administration treated the minorities elegantly (Roberts).

The Indian New Deal terminated the Allotment Act and reconsolidate the reservation lands for Native Americans so that they could be restored to the communal society. The next step that was taken was the organization of the Native American tribes as a corporation. This New Deal also reformed the education for the minorities. The federal government was asked to allocate more funds to schools for the accommodation of a higher number of native children. The encouragement of Native Americans' traditional art and craft was also a…. [read more]

History of Free Blacks Essay

… History Of Free Blacks as Compared to Slaves in the Late Antebellum South

A common aphorism states that history is written by the victors, making it clear that disadvantaged or misused groups rarely have an opportunity to shape written histories. That was certainly the case for American history, which neglected the stories of black Americans until a few decades ago. That neglect was unfortunate, because African-Americans made huge contributions to American society. Moreover, when American history began to reflect the historical antebellum black experience, it did so in a way that equated all American blacks with slaves. That characterization is inaccurate and fails to fully describe the role that African-Americans played in shaping America. While, as a group, it is true that antebellum free blacks…. [read more]

Most Powerful or Memorable Presentation of an American Myth Essay

… American Myths

The flag is the most powerful symbol of patriotism for any country, and especially for the United States because the American flag is recognizable anywhere. With its stars and stripes speaking about the history of the nation, the flag sums up what it means to be an American. Therefore, when a person looks at the flag or flies one in their yard or from their car, the person is saying, "I am proud to be an American." The flag equals patriotism. At the same time, the flag means whatever the individual wants it to mean. A person can burn the flag at a political protest to show disgust or disappointment with American policy. or, as Barbara Kingsolver explains, the American flag can be…. [read more]

Conceptions of American Freedom Essay

… 21st century Americans fight for freedoms such as access to education, access to health care, and say over who has access to their personal information. In these ways, the idea of American freedom has changed and had always remained the same since the establishment of the country.


Democracy Web -- Comparative Studies in Freedom. 2012. The Idea of Freedom. Web, Available from: [footnoteRef:3]2012 November 15. [3: ]

Maier, P. 1998. Sparring for Liberty. The New York Times, Web, Available from: 2012 November 18.

Shipley, C. 2012. Power to change -- What is True Freedom? Web, Available from: 2012 November 16.

Spease. 2012. What is Freedom in America. Web, Available from: 2012 November 15.

XND Magazine. 2012. American Freedom -- the…. [read more]

American Presidents George Washington Essay

… S. history. His assassination demonstrates that he represented a threat for immoral individuals and that they felt that murder was the only solution to stop him.

Kennedy was impressive especially because of his atypical character as a President. Whereas many presidents before him considered that it was best for them to know their limits and to avoid disturbing powerful individuals, Kennedy believed that it was actually mandatory for him to act on account of his fellow Americans, even with the fact that this would most probably increase the number of his enemies. Although it is difficult to determine whether Kennedy himself wanted to be a hero or not, one is likely to observe that most of the acts that he performed were intended to strengthen…. [read more]

American Exceptionalism Is a Concept Thesis

… American exceptionalism is a concept that has been shrouded in controversy since the arrival of the first British pioneers and settlers. The ideal of exceptionalism was born as a result of the Puritan view that the colonialists were on a God-given mission to create a perfect community on a proverbial "hill." This began a cultural paradigm that still prevails today, for better or for worse; the paradigm that the United States is "special" in comparison with the rest of the world. Not all critics agree with this assessment, however, and some, such as Ron Jacobs and Martin Sellevold are decidedly negative on the exceptional nature of the United States and its citizens. Others, such as Harold Hongju Koh and Dennis Phillips, have a more balanced…. [read more]

American History, 1820-1920 Five Positive Essay

… The doctrine stressed that the United States has the capacity and the right to defend the foreign policy of its neighboring countries as well as its internal affairs from European countries if the interest of the United States so required. The initial motivation behind this doctrine was positive in the sense that the United States offered its support and consideration in case of foreign or domestic disturbance of its neighboring countries. However in time, due to the volatility of international politics the United States where soon seen as interventionists in the internal affairs of its neighboring countries. Therefore cases have been in Mexico or Cuba in which the United States intervened and supported politically or otherwise different factions of the political environment. This approach brought…. [read more]

England's North American Colonies Research Paper

… England did not succeed in asserting the expected control level over Spanish religious practices in New Spain. They weakly established the England Church overseeing a landscape of increasingly diverse religion. However, despite the lack of success in establishing a unified Anglican Church under the England purview, growth created a broad range of shared culture, which united different racial, ethnic, and religious believers from different churches. These groups came together forming a single Anglophone Spiritual team. The 18th Century revolution split the British Atlantic in terms of politics, but religious tie remained. This shaped faith in the Caribbean, North America, sections of West Africa and Western Europe (Seymour, 2008).


Groups that formed the urban poor included the unskilled stevedores, crewmembers, and laborers. In the 18th…. [read more]

American History Final Exam Stages Term Paper

… Turner lived at a time before a large middle class existed or the U.S. had become a consumer society, so he naturally thought of pioneers as farmers and ranchers who moved the agricultural frontier to the West. In his era, even though the country was rapidly industrializing, the majority of people still lived on farms and in small towns. For this reason and was always the main goal of Manifest Destiny, while industrial capitalism required a different type of imperialism that acquired markets and raw materials overseas rather than colonies. Eastern capitalists since the time of Alexander Hamilton and the early Federalists and Whigs had always had a very limited interest in expanding the agrarian frontier, and even less in the expansion of slavery. They…. [read more]

American Civil War Transformed Essay

… Even Mark Wilson, who argues against this view by suggesting that "far more important was the small yet highly effective cadre of career army officers that ran the Quartermaster Department's supply depots during the Civil War" ultimately fails to recognize that just being "career army officers" is evidence enough to demonstrate their servility to power.

Thus, Wilson misses a critical opportunity to effectively describe the workings of economic and political power when he claims that "in no sense were [quartermasters] mere cogs in a patronage machine," but rather that "the gargantuan military procurement project of 1861 -- 65 [….] had a dual character: the organizational capabilities of the Quartermaster's Department expanded dramatically during the war emergency without altogether supplanting the patronage-based Republican party machine."

Wilson's…. [read more]

American Civil Liberties Union (Friend Research Paper

… By using community involvement, the ACLU is furthering its own goals of protecting individual rights and liberties, will also demonstrating that many individuals are too in support of their goals. This is currently evident by the ACLU's more than 500,000 members. By using community involvement to assemble publically, governments and lawmakers must reconsider any of the actions taken that may have infringed on the rights of others. This occurs mainly from the lawmakers desire to first, be reelected and second, to preserve their image as a politician. With community involvement, many of whom are voters, taking an active stance against certain actions; state politicians will have more incentive to take corrective actions. As such the ACLU affects the community for the long-term.

Secondly, the ACLU…. [read more]

American Experience Term Paper

… American Experience

Americans pride themselves on their nation, its achievements and its fundamental philosophy of government. Yet what is commonly thought of as the "greatest nation in the world" has frequently, systematically, and continually failed large segments of its society. The Declaration of Independence outlined lofty goals of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," and yet those ideals did not apply to one-half of the entire population: women; nor did the ideals apply to African-Americans. In fact, African-Americans were legally defined as three-fifths of a human being in the United States Constitution: a literal fraction of a person. Thus, embedded within the American legal and political system were safeguards to protect the rights of an elite few over the rights of others; to promote…. [read more]

American Cynicism Essay

… However, that is obviously a point of influence as well.

To put a fine point on the above, lack of education on the part of Americans combined with cynicism about the motives of politicians (and rightly so in many cases) is creating a country that is very loathe to have its troops involved in armed conflict and this has been much more true over the last fifty years since the Vietnam War went horribly wrong. Were it not for that war, Lyndon Baines Johnson would be held in a much higher regard but the war ended up ruining his political career. However, the people that propagated that war failed or refused to realize that many anti-USA Viet Cong existed in South Vietnam as well as…. [read more]

American Indian Movement the Poorest Research Paper

… One example is the effort of the tribes to bring back the Northern Bison in the buffalo nation, and the Native Americans are taking steps to bring back the bison. Thus there is a great enthusiasm in the Indian country for bison restoration, and historically this was an effort seen during the 1870s or 1880s when the tribes saved the bison to 1970s, to 1990s when steps were taken to restore them on reservations.

Another example of recognition that the Indian community received is seen in the episodes of recognition that have been reported. In the Choctaw Nation Tribal Council in 1992, tribal councilman Charley Jones who went to France to represent the Choctaw Nation says that the French government "wished to renew their friendship."…. [read more]

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