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American History Sam Adams. Franklin. Jefferson Research Proposal

… American History

Sam Adams. Franklin. Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton. Hancock.

Clearly, each of these individuals are related in that they all participated in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence which ultimately led to the American fight for independence from England, and the formation of the new United States Government. They were all instrumental in creating the document and the philosophy behind it, and they were leaders in the new government. Adams and Jefferson served as presidents, Franklin served as a diplomat and patriot, and Hamilton and Hancock served in the government. Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury, and Hancock served as the President of the Continental Congress.

The period was before, during, and after the Revolutionary War, and all of these men were…. [read more]

Territorial Expansion Essay

… He was against the concept of centralized government and had not penned the Constitution. Despite the fact that he had written the Declaration of Independence, Thomas had not authored the Constitution. He was renowned for supporting state wise rights and had not agreed with Alexander Hamilton over the creation of the National Bank either. His perspective was that if a power of authority was not part of the Constitution, then, the state had the right to decide upon the matter. Jefferson had to sacrifice his ideals for the greater good in the procurement of the Louisiana land. If he had waited to legally amend the Constitution, then there was a possibility that the French would take back their offer. (Kelly, 2011)

Another concern was that…. [read more]

Modern Day America Had the U.S. Constitution Never Been Ratified Research Paper

… ¶ … America Without the Constitution

Without the ratification of the U.S. Constitution the Articles of Confederation would have been the predominant legal structure of the new Republic of the United States. Therefore, there would be no strong central Federalist government, and it is possible the fledgling government would not have secured adequate funding and been unable to withstand the British incursion in the early 1800s, thus preventing the United States from existing as it does today. While it is impossible to know what direction history would take if certain documents were, or were not developed and used, it is reasonable to assume that there would be consequences to a change of the magnitude of the lack of a strong, ratified Constitution and Federal System…. [read more]

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