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American National Character (History) Term Paper

… Meanwhile, Tocqueville argues that "newspapers in America lack power," and he spells out the reasons why through a comparison between French newspapers and American papers. "In America (209), political life is active, varied, and even agitated, but it is rarely roiled by deep passions." And since passions are rarely stirred "unless material interests are compromised, and in the United States material interests prosper," he suggests that thinking alone passionate lines is not very deep nor very frequent.

Further, by glancing at a newspaper in France, Tocqueville sees that "commercial advertising occupies only a very limited space... [and] the vital part of a [French] newspaper is the section that features political debates." However, "three quarters" of "the bulky newspaper that is set before you in America…. [read more]

American Literature, Like All Other Nationalistic Term Paper

… American Literature, like all other nationalistic literature has had an evolution that marks frequently changing opinions with regard to what are to be included in the voice of literature. What do we consider the "classic" works of American literature and how do such representations display what is American literature? What it means to be American literature has expanded, as the political and social climate has changed to include previously disenfranchised voices, such as Native Americans as well as disenfranchised immigrants from many nations of origin. One example of this expansion can be found in analogies, as they have grown. Harper Single Volume American Literature is no exception as it has grown with others to more fully express the "American experience" now including works from authors…. [read more]

American Literature Despite Their Different Backgrounds Essay

… American Literature

Despite their different backgrounds and experiences, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau shared a number of ideas. Compare their views on nature, the individual, and conformity.

Ralph Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were both great writers that had very vivid ideas on nature, the individual, and conformity. They were both outstanding leaders in the transcendentalist movement and had an unforgettable impact on its development and sustainment. Emerson was an idol for Thoreau, as it was Emerson that inspired him to write in his own style. Emerson's view of the individual was to be able to have the freedom to express themselves, was to have everything that anyone ever needed. They should not be afraid of any restrictions placed by anyone, as freedom…. [read more]

American Lit in Self-Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay

… American Lit

In Self-Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson states poetically, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines." The passage reflects the underlying philosophy of transcendentalism, which values the organic processes of nature over the highly rigid, overly rational, mechanistic underpinning of the scientific world. Emerson, though, directly singles out "little statesmen, philosophers, and divines" to point out that a dogmatic adherence to ideology precludes critical thought. Emerson continues, "With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do."

From a historian's perspective, Benjamin Franklin cannot be considered a "little statesman" if for no other reason than his name being a household term in the United States. Yet fame alone does not a great soul make. Based…. [read more]

American Notes by Charles Dickens Term Paper

… American Notes

When Charles Dickens arrived in the United States in 1842, he had already become an established author with such books as the Pickwick Paper, Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby. When he wrote American Notes as a result of this trip, his negative views on America were therefore all the more disturbing. Yet, looking back on this book over 150 years later, it is still possible to learn from his critiques of this early democratic country. Many of the concerns he had then continue to this day.

Charles Dickens, one of the most recognized authors, was born in England in 1812 and had a very psychologically disturbing childhood. Because his father could not pay his debts, Dickens' family had to stay in a debtors'…. [read more]

American Literature Myth in the Poetry of Allen Ginsberg a Jungian Analysis Term Paper

… American Literature

Allen Ginsberg's epic poem Howel, is not only a personal statement of society, but also a classic poem full of illusions to mythology and psychology. It is a history lesson of the 1950s and 1060s, an era of chaotic change and social unrest. It is considered to be one of the principal works of the Beat Generation, being held up alongside of Jack Kerouac's on the Road and William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch. The poem was first performed, in the custom of the Beat Generation, in 1955 in San Francisco. It was published shortly afterwards by City Lights Bookstore. At its core, Howl is a collection of stories and experiences relating to the author's friends and contemporaries. It is told in a tumbling…. [read more]

Strangeness of Nature Three American Poets Essay

… ¶ … American Poets -- the Strangeness of Nature

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening -- Robert Frost

Robert Frost's poem -- an iconic and very well-known poem -- can be misunderstood, and is misunderstood in many instances. This is because there is a seeming innocence about the poem. What could be confusing about a poem that seems so tranquil and so linked to the natural world in wintertime? A careful examination of the second stanza can discover there is more meaning than immediately meets the eye, however.

"My little horse must think it queer / to stop without a farmhouse near / Between the woods and frozen lake / the darkest evening of the year."

The poet stops on the "…darkest evening of…. [read more]

American Literature Edgar Allan Poe- the Tell Term Paper

… American Literature

Edgar Allan Poe- the Tell- Tale Heart

Poe's odd but brilliant story, the Tell-Tale Heart revolves around two main issues: madness and reason, or how these two can paradoxically coexist in the human mind. The story is but one of Poe's many pieces that describe a monomaniac disorder. Both monomania and crime are related through their irrationality. The monomaniac narrator of the story is obsessed with the vulture eye of the old man who will eventually become his victim. As he emphasizes in the beginning, his disorder cannot be defined as madness because of his precision of purpose and execution. His disorder is described only a heightened sense of perception, that makes him hear and see more than the average man, paired by…. [read more]

American Experience Term Paper

… American Literature

The End of Savagery: The Abolition of Traditional, American Indian Societies to pave way for the White American's "New World" Society

America between the 18th and 19th centuries experienced a transition from being a traditional to a gradually modernizing society. With increased capabilities to be more mobile and travel other territories all over the world, the Western nations -- European nations, in particular -- sought to discover new societies and territories wherein they can establish new societies, extensions of societies that they already have in their own respective countries. With the objective of expanding their power and influence around the world, these Western nations found success when they discovered the territory they called the "New World," the territory that is now known as…. [read more]

American Modernism and the Edenic Term Paper

… ..whether every poem in the book is true to life.... Bad enough to have white authors holding up our imperfections to public gaze." (Dickinson, 48)

The disillusionment of the New Adam with the myth that America would be an Edenic world spills over to the portrayal of American women in fiction as well. Take the example of Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, who gets as caught up in the acquisition of material wealth and social status as her counter parts in New York. Or, Langston Hughes's description of a New Orleans brothel: "...the men moved silently from doorway to doorway, looking, as one would move, from cage to cage in a zoo." (293) Characterizations and descriptions, such as these, imply that both the presence…. [read more]

American Poetry Michael Wigglesworth Essay

… In "Upon Wedlock, and Death of Children," Edward Taylor also offers all the glory to God. However, Taylor's poem is not constructed as a sermon as Wigglesworth's is. Taylor's poetry is in some ways more purely literary in form and function than Wigglesworth's, which comes across as being pedantic and brimming with the fervency of a Church minister. Although Taylor was a pastor, he did not exhibit the same type of animated tone in his poetry as Wigglesworth does. Taylor also came from the Puritanical perspective, though, and God is central to his writing. Taylor's poetry does have a rhyme scheme, although one that is not as regular and nursery-like as Wigglesworth's. In "Upon Wedlock, and Death of Children," the rhyme scheme is generally ABABCC.…. [read more]

American Literature What Elements of Free Verse Essay

… American Literature

What elements of free verse do you find in Aboard at a Ship's Helm? Identify three elements of free verse used by Whitman. Give an example of each from the poem.

Free verse gives a poet practically freedom to do whatever they would like with their writing, breaking conventional rules of how a poem is supposed to be structured. The elements of free verse however, can be seen as a structure within itself, and can be found in Walt Whitman's poem, Aboard at a Ship's Helm. Repetition and punctuation, are what stand out the most in this poem as being a precursor for free verse. The way that the poem is spaced out, also allows one to see this as being an element…. [read more]

American Literature Frederick Douglas' Autobiography "The Narrative Essay

… American Literature

Frederick Douglas' autobiography "The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas" and Kate Chopin's short story "A Pair of Silk Stockings" put across accounts from the lives of two African-Americans living in the nineteenth century. Whereas the action in "A Pair of Silk Stockings" takes place somewhere around the turn of the century, Frederick Douglas' account is told from the perspective of a man who lived through slavery and who is determined to contribute to ending it. In spite of the fact that slavery is no longer present in Kate Chopin's short story, one can still understand that African-Americans were discriminated at the time and that they were associated with poverty.

Douglas is prevented from achieving freedom by the slavery system, as it…. [read more]

American Cultural Values: Whitman Term Paper

… To underline the collective nature of the family's experience the first chapter is told from a nameless perspective, the perspective of the family's mother. The mother, even though she is not a perfect Japanese wife, submissive to authority, still feels driven by history, rather than an active and driving event in history herself. "It was the fourth week of the fifth month of the war and the woman, who did not always follow the rules, followed the rules. She gave the cat to the Greers next door." (Otsuka, pp.3-4) Although the woman lights a cigarette defiantly when she is done preparing her family, she seems filled with a sense of resignation, that resistance is futile. She bears no name, perhaps because this is how America…. [read more]

American Revolution in Different Perspectives Essay

… American Revolution in Different Perspectives

The American Revolution was a war that began as a disagreement. The colonists largely believed that they were treated unfairly, merely pawns that were used for whatever reasons best suited the crown and parliament. Inside of this general sentiment were individual sentiments about why independence was necessary and desirable. This paper will look at different perspectives from that time including religious, loyalist, rebellious, African-American and legal perspectives.

In "Of the Natural Rights of Colonists" taken from Pamphlets of the American Revolution 1750-1776, it says that all colonists are by nature freeborn -- white or black. The text names a man by the name of Baron Montesquieu who was an Enlightenment thinker, ahead of his time when it came to the…. [read more]

American Society American Decline: An Internal Crumbling Term Paper

… American Society

American Decline: An Internal Crumbling

A debate has waged regarding American society and the state of the government that heads and in many ways typifies it pretty much since this society was first established, and even during the Colonial period. The debate now is no longer over whether or not a democratic nation will be able to fare well in the world, but whether this particular democratic nation has taken the extremes of self-reliance, self-determination, and pure capitalism too far and is about to suffer dire consequences for it. Some argue that the lack of educational standards and an increasing complacency coupled with a desire for reduced government guidance has left America morally and financially bankrupt, and that the country is headed for…. [read more]

American Romanticism Essay

… American Romanticism

The literary movement known as American Romanticism extended between 1830 and 1860 and coincided with the Victorian period (1830-1880) in the U.S. The context of American Romanticism is also very interesting and relevant in our endeavor to understand this particular cultural movement in the history of our nation. From this perspective, American Romantics were undoubtedly influenced by the dramatic political and social changes taking place in the early nineteenth century.

Some of the most common literary themes of American Romanticism are escapism, the common man as a hero and nature as refuge. In fact, nature is at the core of Romantic writings which are characterized by emotional intensity, imagination and a profound infusion of subjectivism. Characters are generally static, often isolated from society.…. [read more]

American Presidency McDonald, Forest. Term Paper

… American Presidency

McDonald, Forest. The American Presidency. Lawrence, University of Kansas Press,

According to historian and scholar Forest McDonald, the American Presidency was and is a unique institution. Although other nations have since developed elected executives called presidents, the American presidency has evolved along its own special course, because of the birth of America as a new nation without a long-standing tradition of previous history, monarchy or common law. Some of the Founding Fathers, particularly James Madison, were initially reluctant to invest the new executive office with much power, for fear of creating a new king. Madison, for example, wished to prohibit unilateral executive action in foreign affairs (238). This would, according to McDonald, have made it impossible for the United States to engage effectively…. [read more]

American Revolution the Colonial Forces Term Paper

… American Revolution

The Colonial forces were a rag-tag army combined with state militias, yet they were able to defeat the British armed forces, who were much better trained. However, the rebels were much more acquainted with the territory and also had the advantage of numbers, with most of the population in support as the colonists threw out the British officials and set up their own governments and controlling forces. The British were militarily superior, but this held them in good stead only on the seas, where they could use their superior naval capacity to capture and occupy coastal cities. Most of the population lived in the countryside further inland, and the British never managed to gain much ground in this area. Also, the British fought…. [read more]

American Revolution the Book Term Paper

… Up on Long Island during the same period of time, Colonel Clinton put ashore (93) with "hundreds of regulars" but couldn't advance because he "lacked small vessels to cross the channel between the two islands ... " Meanwhile, back down at Charleston, while Parker failed to attack, the patriots gathered strength in numbers and when Parker sent three smaller vessels up the channel to bombard the patriot fort from the west while other British ships hammered it from the south. But, "fortunately for the Americans, two of the ships sent on the flanking maneuver were poorly piloted," and they ran up against a channel shoal near the fort, "fouled each other, and lay helpless in the water." And even with the onslaught of the British…. [read more]

American Revolution, Written in 2002 Term Paper

… After only reading a couple of hours, one gains a very sound overview of the time. One can actually forget that this is a text book.

When something is written so concisely, however, sometimes some information is covered too lightly or not at all. If one did not know better, he/she would think that almost everyone involved in this war from the colonies were in agreement. Wood does offer detail on the number, or 20% of white Americans, who were loyalists. About 20,000 fought for the crown in regiments of the King's army and thousands others served in local loyalist militia.

However, it is possible to see where the critics were headed when they said that the Revolution had not done all that was expected.…. [read more]

American Revolution -1783): The Birth Term Paper

… This new set of laws concerns limitations and imposition of taxes that closed the Boston sea trade and placed limited freedom (the right to exercise a colony's political, social, and economic freedom) on specific British colonies (Dolan, 1995:18-27).

Due to this unfair and corrupt nature of these sets of laws, Americans decided to protest, and when met with violence by the British militia, eventually led to the declaration of the American Revolution. In this conflict, Americans sought to free themselves to British rule, and to develop America as a new nation with a new society, the American people. The success of the Americans in the American Revolution had led to various effects, which are beneficial and at the same time, detrimental to the growth of…. [read more]

American Childhood by Annie Dillard Book Review

… A good example is seen on the first page where she describes the men leaving saying "they flung on coats, they slid kisses at everybody's cheeks, they slammed house doors, they slammed car doors; they ground their cars' starters till the motors caught with a jump" (Dillard 15). This example shows how Dillard captures the sights, sounds, and the atmosphere of events. This allows the reader to experience Dillard's memories fully and creates a depth to the book. The level of detail is also a further reminder of what it is like to be a child, when everything is new and noticeable. While at first it seemed too detailed, it later created a strong reminder of how one views the world when they are young.…. [read more]

American Revolution in the Mid Term Paper

… American Revolution

In the mid- to the late eighteenth century, there was growing discontent among the thirteen colonies in the Americas. The seeds of protest were laid, as the colonies questioned the wisdom of remaining under British rule. The fledgling country soon came together in a rebellion, one that would culminate in the American Revolutionary War and the creation of a new country.

The American Revolutionary movement, however, was far from a spontaneous uprising that culminated in the 1776 revolution. Rather, the revolution was paved by a variety of events and conditions. This paper looks at three of the biggest contributory factors, namely, the Seven-Year's War, the thriving economy of colonies, and the injustices of British rule, as manifested in policies such as the tax…. [read more]

American Dream Entails That Anyone Coming Term Paper

… American Dream entails that anyone coming to the United States would have unlimited and equal opportunities to accumulate and provide his or her family with wealth, or at least comfortable living conditions. For others the dream entails an improvement of whatever factors pushed them away from their home country. For some freedom from oppression of any sort is the most important issue. This fantasy of liberty and opportunity is what has attracted and will continue to attract untold amounts of immigrants to American shores, to be welcomed by the Statue of Liberty. Sadly however, the reality is far different from what is envisioned when immigrants first come to the United States.

Indeed, even for citizens originating from the United States, the American Dream is an…. [read more]

American Studies One Theme Thesis

… None of the dramatic events of the 1960s really ended the segregation and poverty of minorities in America, and violent opposition to this exploded in the Los Angeles riots of 1992. Contemporary art, poetry and music like hip-hop also expressed rage and alienation and the unequal nature of American society, just as their predecessors did over the centuries.


Perhaps nothing sums up the paradoxes and complexities of the Equality vs. Hierarchy dichotomy in American than the election of Barack Obama in 2008. In the past, his election would have been impossible, even unthinkable, since no blacks or members of other minority groups could have aspired to the presidency. Apart from John F. Kennedy in 1961-63, all the other presidents from 1789 to 2008 were…. [read more]

American History, 1820-1920 Five Positive Essay

… The doctrine stressed that the United States has the capacity and the right to defend the foreign policy of its neighboring countries as well as its internal affairs from European countries if the interest of the United States so required. The initial motivation behind this doctrine was positive in the sense that the United States offered its support and consideration in case of foreign or domestic disturbance of its neighboring countries. However in time, due to the volatility of international politics the United States where soon seen as interventionists in the internal affairs of its neighboring countries. Therefore cases have been in Mexico or Cuba in which the United States intervened and supported politically or otherwise different factions of the political environment. This approach brought…. [read more]

American Revolution Thesis

… The French and Indian War actually played a major role in the American Revolution in two ways. When the war between France and Britain ended, the British people were deeply and severely in debt.

Additionally, the colonies did not need as much British protection from France now that France had been defeated.

Those two issues meant that the colonies felt safer to strike out on their own and that Britain did not have the wealth of resources that it would normally have had in order to stop the colonies from becoming independent.

The thirteen colonies and the British Empire fought in the war. Additionally, 13,000 Native Americans fought on the side of the British, because they did not want their land taken by the colonists…. [read more]

American West United States Research Paper

… Competition and Regulation

During the time when railroads were being developed in the West and some of the railroad companies had experience bankruptcy, some of them were in debt and some started the wars regarding the rate. For this purpose, there was need to limit competition and therefore, lines that worked in the same territory had to either share the area or there was call of distributing the profit equally. This agreement among railroad companies led to the process of pooling, in which the rates were high (Bianculli, 56). The companies lacked cooperation and therefore, ensure that they would get maximum number of customers and therefore, they would pay bribes or rewards to large customers in order to ensure that they would use their lines…. [read more]

American Revolution How Did the Patriots Win Essay

… American Revolution

How did the patriots win the American Revolution?

First of all, the Second Continental Congress showed a great deal of vision when meeting in 1775; even though many members were still loyal to England, within two months the Congress had "…created an army, declared war, and issued its own currency" (Roark, 158). The seeds were thus sown for officially recognized revolution. Secondly, General George Washington's leadership was vitally important to the discipline of the Continental Army. "Discipline is the soul of the army," Washington stated (Roark, 158). Moreover, the colonies' motivation to revolt against the British was hastened by Thomas Paine's Common Sense and by the Declaration of Independence. The Americans were out-numbered but they were well organized. Committees "…of correspondence" were organized…. [read more]

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