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American Studies Preface and Conclusion Thesis

… Only after the Civil War did it become a major industrial power, and it was no accident that at the same time it began to expand overseas, taking over Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam and the Panama Canal, increasing its trade and investment in foreign countries, and coming into conflict with other empires. This had not really been the case before the 20th Century, when world wars and the Cold War determined which empire would be the dominant power in the world. For the time being, it appears that the U.S. has been the greatest beneficiary of these wars, although its power has never been unchallenged except for relatively brief periods, and it has suffered some major setbacks over the years in Vietnam and Iraq.…. [read more]

American Indian Movement the Poorest Research Paper

… One example is the effort of the tribes to bring back the Northern Bison in the buffalo nation, and the Native Americans are taking steps to bring back the bison. Thus there is a great enthusiasm in the Indian country for bison restoration, and historically this was an effort seen during the 1870s or 1880s when the tribes saved the bison to 1970s, to 1990s when steps were taken to restore them on reservations.

Another example of recognition that the Indian community received is seen in the episodes of recognition that have been reported. In the Choctaw Nation Tribal Council in 1992, tribal councilman Charley Jones who went to France to represent the Choctaw Nation says that the French government "wished to renew their friendship."…. [read more]

American War for Independence Wars Essay

… The overthrow of King Louis XVI in 1792 and the subsequent Terror changed French society permanently. (The Victorian Web, 2010) The French revolution ended poorly, with only bloodshed to show for it, and the rise of a new Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, to restore French glory. The Haitian slave rebellion was another type of revolutionary war in 1791, with the Haitian blacks led by General Toussaint L'Ouverture who overcame slavery and the threat of imprisonment in order to reject the control of European slavers and merchants in Haiti. (Knight, 2010) The French Revolution was about liberty in France, whereas the Haitian revolution was about freedom of Blacks in Haiti.

Those who would suggest that the American War for Independence was not a revolutionary war since the…. [read more]

American History Assessment the United States Assessment

… American History Assessment

The United States was reluctant to enter World War II. What term have historians used to describe the American position?





In his War Message of April 1917, President Woodrow Wilson said, "The world must be made safe for democracy...." To what was he referring?

The right for countries to engage in battle

The fight for international peace and justice

The privilege of people to choose their government

The liberation of prisoners of war

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was significant for which reasons?

had to fight the war on two fronts

The attack caused the U.S. To enter the war

The Pacific fleet was seriously damaged

All of the above

e. A and b

f. b and…. [read more]

American Expansion American Territorial Essay

… Being America's first explorers to reach the far Western shore of the continent, Lewis and Clark set the path for American expansion all the way west, with colonists searching for California gold within thirty years of the historic expedition.

Great Britain and France were waging an ongoing conflict for European supremacy which first allowed the United States to break away from the British in the 1770s, and it was again British and French struggles which secured American expansion in the Louisiana Purchase, as well as the War of 1812. Mercantilism and piracy flourished in the Atlantic Ocean, and the British were the financiers of many merchant vessel takeovers in their opposition to the American colonies. With the Spanish empire to the south, the British to…. [read more]

American History: The Aftermath Essay

… Some of the major problems that the New Deal tried to resolve included the sense of despair, high unemployment, collapse of financial system, and shrinking economy. It contained a wide variety of programs with several goals including the creation of social security to prevent suffering during future depressions. While it was successful in creation of new programs that brought relief to many Americans and restoring public confidence, the New Deal did not end the Great Depression ("Assess the Effectiveness," n.d.). Politics played a major role in the New Deal since ending the Great Depression was the most significant political issue in the 1930s. Actually, attempts to achieve economic recovery were started by a Republican president followed by a Democrat and accomplished by Democrats. Minority groups…. [read more]

American Revolution Essay

… In order to maintain a proper "checks and balances" system, the fathers of the Constitution set forth three branches of government: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial branches. Within these branches, a separate set of authoritative figures are managed in a way that allows representation within the peoples of the country. This can easily be seen not so much in the judicial branch -- for the law is a much more complicated verse of politics -- but in the legislative and executive branches. Legislation undergoes a series of processes that usually takes time; in-so-doing, representatives are responsible for acting on behalf of their states (or city or town, etc.) in the creation of law (Gardner, 2007). Meanwhile, electoral processes are held for heads of…. [read more]

American Revolution Was the Outcome Essay

… This was perhaps the clearest warning sign for the British to understand that the rebellion would lead to a permanent shift and change in the region i.e. In the form of an independence (Shy, 2008).

The Battle of Lexington and Concord was the first real encounter between the American colonies and the British and the Boston Tea party incident most likely set up the stage for that. It happened on the 19th of April 1775, when the American revolutionary militants interfered in the British Army's surge into Concord to commandeer weapons and detain the revolutionaries in the area. This was the very first direct fight in the American War for Independence (Brinkley, 2010). This clash on the 19th led to all 13 protesting colonies sending…. [read more]

American Revolution Impact on Colonial Society Research Paper

… American Revolution had far ranging effects not only in Colonial America but also throughout the rest of 18th Century society. These effects started slowly but eventually transcended nearly every aspect of life in America and spread to Europe.

The changes that occurred subsequent to the American Revolution began long before the actual conflict. Great Britain had established a fairly loose approach in regard to the day-to-day management of the American colonies and, as a result, the American colonists enjoyed far more liberties than most people throughout the world and their taxes were the lowest of any of Great Britain's other colonial holdings. Against, this background, however, protest and, eventually, revolution was fostered.

In the process that gradually progressed into…. [read more]

American System Henry Clay Gave Essay

… Meanwhile, Northern states like Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois were growing rapidly in population and influence in Congress, and demanded protection for their new industries. New England at first opposed tariffs because these might damage its commercial and trading interests, although it also moved into the protectionist camp as industrialization increased there.

Clay was a Border State man from Kentucky, which had both manufacturing and slaveholding interests, as did Clay himself. Therefore, he was in a position to arrange compromises between the two hostile sections, and claim that the American System would benefit commerce, agriculture and industry. He came to embrace the ideas of protectionists like Matthew Carey and Hezekiah Niles, and openly rejected the free trade, limited government, and laissez faire philosophy of…. [read more]

American Imperialism (APA Citation) Research Paper

… In February of 1899, the Filipinos rebelled against American Imperialism in a bloody guerrilla war, but were ruthlessly suppressed by the United States. ("Platform") Also in 1899, in response to their nation's seemingly Imperialistic actions, some in the United States, including Andrew Carnegie and William James, founded the "American AntiImperialist League."

This group was dedicated to stopping American annexation of the Philippines and stated in "Platform of the American AntiImperialist league" "that the policy of imperialism is hostile to liberty and tends toward militarism." ("Platform") The Platform wanted the United States to stop all military action in the Philippines, and "concede to them the independence for which they have so long fought and which of right is theirs." ("Platform") The League then chided the American…. [read more]

American Revolution: Consolidation or Independence Essay

… American Revolution: Consolidation or Independence

The American colonies were administered and used by Great Britain, primarily for taxes and importation of goods for the use of the British. During the period of time when citizens in the colonies were getting restless and seeking some remedies primarily for the poorer classes,

Britain was involved in Queen Anne's War in the early 1700's and King George's War in the

Some colonial merchants were able to make fortunes during the Wars but for most of the colonial citizens, the people faced higher taxes, unemployment and poverty Howard Zinn 52.

Britain also forced sailors to serve in these wars and this impressment of colonial citizens led to a riot in Boston in 1747 Zinn 52.

The American Revolution according…. [read more]

American Imperialism of the 19th Century Essay

… American Imperialism in the 19th Century

American Imperialism 19th Century

American imperialism of the 19th century has long been a controversial subject matter. Many people believe that America had other issues that it should have been tending to, like staying home and focusing on the issues of the American people; however, there were many others who believed that America would not be able to survive without having to employ imperialist policies; industrialism, they believed, depended on imperialism, which was, for the most part, true. By the end of the nineteenth century, self-sufficient governments did not have autonomous futures. Empires controlled investments, international commerce, and they controlled loans; this means that every nation depended on another nation for something or other.

World expansion was needed in…. [read more]

American History Federal Government Post Civil War Term Paper

… American History

Federal Government Post Civil War

Many things may have led to the federal government's increasing gain in power and influence in the years following the American Civil War. The purpose of the American Revolution was to break free of the monarchy of England so that each state could gain more autonomy. The problem with this is that there may have been too many differences between the states with some favoring such acts as slavery and some wanting to abolish slavery. Under the constitution, the federal government was created to serve the states. However, in the years after the American Civil War, the federal government has gained more power than the states.

A major political outcome of the American Civil War was that the…. [read more]

American Revolution 1763-1783 and Jacksonian Democracy 1824-1848 Term Paper

… American History

As a generalization, it is my opinion based on the readings that the colonists who settled in the "new world" - most of them having immigrated from England to escape religious persecution or to start a new life - gradually became weary of being dictated to by a distant king. As to specifics, one of the main causes of the American Revolution was the British attempt to raise a lot of money from the colonists to keep their empire going. The British did this fundraising through various taxes, starting with the Sugar Act. According to the text (Faragher, et al. 2000) on page 148, the Sugar Act not only placed a "prohibitive duty" (tax) on sugar imports, it also regulated American shipping, and…. [read more]

American Revolution Describe the Social and Political Term Paper

… American Revolution

Describe the social and political climate in England; how was it different in the colonies. Although English culture was not as admired as French culture within the European community - indeed the English seemed "...only a cut above barbarians" (Middlekauff p. 10) - they had merchant ships worldwide and won wars with great regularity. The English were politically supportive of their King in the respect of foreign policies and military might, and Middlekauff asserts that on the domestic front, the English people concerned themselves with liberty and parliamentary government.

No nation in 1760 could match England" when it came to expansion, to concentrating power and energy to tasks at hand (Middlekauff p. 11). Moreover, when it came to English society, there was a…. [read more]

American Imperialism Reform World War and the Twenties Term Paper

… American History

The Forces Shaping American Domestic and Foreign Policy: 1890-1928

The latter half of the 19th century was rife with social and economic changes that would shape the development of American domestic and foreign policy between 1890 and 1928. The policies that would be created were drafted at the confluence of a variety of events. These included the lasting effects of the Civil War and Reconstruction, industrialization, demographic growth, imperialism, and statism. Combined, these factors contributed to the creation of U.S. foreign and domestic policy that was much more proactive and intrusive by 1928 than it had been in 1890.

The social changes that occurred in the wake of the Civil War during the Reconstruction Era are well-documented. Newly emancipated slaves changed social and…. [read more]

American History Term Paper

… American History

The objective of this work is to answer the question asking whether or not it was necessary to change the Articles of Confederation? Examined will be the factors that led to the drafting of the Constitution. The region represented will be identified as well as priorities notes along with noting concerns. Expressed will be the compromises that would be acceptable in order to preserve the union.

The United States of America was formed over time, through shared experiences and step-by-step working and focusing toward the Constitution. Many considerations, concerns, and viewpoints as well as opinions, standards and beliefs were that which formulated first the Articles of Confederation and ultimately the U.S. Constitution. When considering that which led to the changing of the Articles…. [read more]

American Experience Term Paper

… American Experience

Americans pride themselves on their nation, its achievements and its fundamental philosophy of government. Yet what is commonly thought of as the "greatest nation in the world" has frequently, systematically, and continually failed large segments of its society. The Declaration of Independence outlined lofty goals of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," and yet those ideals did not apply to one-half of the entire population: women; nor did the ideals apply to African-Americans. In fact, African-Americans were legally defined as three-fifths of a human being in the United States Constitution: a literal fraction of a person. Thus, embedded within the American legal and political system were safeguards to protect the rights of an elite few over the rights of others; to promote…. [read more]

American Revolution Book Review

… " Wood's first describes what led up to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, such as the increasing estrangement between the British and the independent colonists. John Adams explained that "the Revolution was affected before the war commenced." It was a change "in the minds and hearts of the people." The power of British authority was weakened by the settlers' decentralization. Although most of them once lived on the coast, they began moving further into the central areas of the country. At the same time, prices soared for exports of colonist agriculture and manufactured products. Despite its short shelf life, the Stamp Act's taxation in 1765 soured the relationship and the Tea Act made a bad situation even worse.

Wood may say that he did…. [read more]

American History the Reconstruction Exacerbated Term Paper

… 5. The major technologies that helped propel the American economy forward after the Civil War include the railroads and its related industries like steel and coal; and the development of the automobile. The railroad industry linked together otherwise isolated parts of the nation, helping make rural areas more economically prosperous. However, during the initial development of the automobile, roads and cars were not meaningful to the vast majority of Americans. Similarly, the booming textile industry touched Eastern seaboard regions but failed to make an impact on the Western territories. Therefore, although the rapid industrial expansion of the United States was a positive step forward in terms of economic growth and political empowerment, the industrial revolution had negative environmental and social consequences. Farming changed, and some…. [read more]

American Political Thought Slavery Term Paper

… American Political Thought-Slavery

This report is a combination book review, autobiographical evaluation and political and social review. That is because the work will compare and contrast two very great men in American history: W.E.B. DuBois and Abraham Lincoln. Each of these historical figures left their mark on our society questioning dogma and by speaking against what they felt was wrong. Their views were highly critical of the accepted norms of their days and therefore they each suffered public criticisms and hatred related turmoil. DuBois personal philosophies got him labeled as a socialist (a nice way of calling someone a communist in the past) and of course, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because of his views. This report tries to first get a feel for the Dubois…. [read more]

American Revolution -- Causes Term Paper

… The colonial reaction to these new taxes was more restrained than that associated with the Stamp Act but was just as adamant. The Americans were perfectly serious in their belief that taxation by the English government without their consent was a violation of their fundamental rights and was thus "unconstitutional." Beginning with a resolution by the Boston Town Meeting, colony after colony joined in the pact to boycott the purchase or consumption of English goods. In 1768, the Royal Customs commissioners filed criminal charges against John Hancock after the officials were denied from inspecting the cargo of a ship owned by Hancock. This affair signaled a renewed struggle between the royal administrators and the local business and political entities which furthered the decline in relations…. [read more]

American Culture Term Paper

… The last presidential election challenged the idea that American culture is secular, because many voters claimed to choose their candidate based on "moral values." However, not all Americans agree on what those "moral values" should be. Although most Americans come from Christian backgrounds, almost all the religions in the world are represented in the United States. Therefore, Christianity cannot correctly define American culture as a whole. If a visitor to the United States only spent three days in New York City and went nowhere else, he or she would not believe that the United States was a Christian society. Rather, from the kosher delis on the lower east side to Chinatown and Little Italy, New York presents an amazingly diverse array of ethnic traditions that…. [read more]

American Revolution: A Conservative Term Paper

… The 1764 measure to reorganize the American customs system was simply entitled to better enforce British trade laws, which had often been ignored in the past.

Other British economic prohibitions would strike the modern eye as unjust, however. The Currency Act of 1764 prohibited the colonists from issuing any legal tender paper money and would have destabilized the entire colonial economy over time. The 1765 Stamp Act taxed all printed materials. But even acts such as the 1764 Sugar Act were put forth in a vain attempt repair the costs done to British coffers, fighting the French and Indian wars for the colonist's benefit, and not simply with the aim of impoverishing the British nation at the colonialist's expense.

In other words, although the American…. [read more]

American Foreign Policy Term Paper

… Because the United States is geographically remote and isolated yet has substantial financial and military capabilities, it has been able to go alone in many of its military endeavors, with little military support from international organizations or other nations. Even the League of Nations, as founded by Woodrow Wilson, was not initially joined by the United States because of domestic opposition as well as isolationist sentiment, to becoming entangled in international obligations.

Yet unlike Great Britain, the U.S. has never, in terms of its ideological fabric, been overtly imperialistic. Although it may have shown a certain narrow mindedness and self-interest in its foreign policy goals, unlike the colonial powers, it has not actively used other nations to enrich itself. The influence of populists such as…. [read more]

Integrating Literature Into the Math Curriculum in Elementary Grades Research Proposal

… Integrating Literature Into the Math Curriculum in Elementary Grades

The integration between mathematics and literature for the primary or elementary grades is a subject that has attracted considerable attention from educators and theorists. There are many verifiable online sources as well as offline journals and books that advocate the importance of the interrelationship between mathematics and literature - to the advantage of both subjects.

A plainly written and informative resource that provides a good overview of this issue is Math and Literature: a Match Made in the Classroom. This article states clearly that,

If you are seeking a new way to add relevancy to your classroom math activities, the answer may be right in your school library! Literature is the ideal vehicle to help your…. [read more]

Huckleberry Finn Essay

… In this, Mark Twain is purposely creating controversy, which is often the product of one of our most exalted liberties, the freedom of speech. Twain uses Huck as an embodiment of the ideal American, who sees the hypocrisy around him and speaks out against because of his innate civil liberties which allow him to do so. Huck himself, is not necessarily flexing his freedom of speech muscles, but rather he is a carefully planned tool that allows the author, Mark Twain to do so and artfully at that. Twain is speaking freely and expressing his opinion that went against the grain, we cannot live in a society that is suppose to praise freedom, yet enslaves half of the population. He is truly American because he…. [read more]

Traditional Japanese Literature Interests Essay

… All these are context in which the stories take place and which further augment the impact the stories have on the reader.

At the same time, the characters are natural. Despite the fact that they are not the typical natural beauty of the Japanese standard, with proper make-up and embellishments, their natural beings are exploited to the maximum by the author. More precisely, all the stories presented by the author do not necessarily finish with a positive outlook but rather the outcome allows natural course of action to be followed, which sometimes includes death in the Japanese society (Saikaku, 1956). This is an important aspect because the author in this case did not tackle with reality and the natural way of being for the five…. [read more]

African-American Art Creative African-American Literature Research Paper

… The vast majority of X's autobiography, of course, spanned more than his life, it detailed the history of oppression of African-Americans at the hands of America, which the following quotation proves. "One hundred million of us Black people! Your grandparents! Mine! Murdered by this white man! To get 15 million of us here to make us his slaves, on the way he murdered one hundred million! (Haley, 1965, p. 216)." This quotation is indicative of the incendiary language and graphic representation of facets of slavery that X employed to recruit African-Americans to resist their American oppressors. This aspect of The Autobiography of Malcom X is a central component of the literature of African-American artists in the 20th century.

In summary then, it is quite plain…. [read more]

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