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Hispanic-American Diversity: An Overview Soy Latino Essay

… Hispanic-American Diversity: An Overview

"Soy Latino" seems like an uncontroversial statement for a Hispanic-American to make about his or her heritage. Yet even this simple identity claim is tainted by potential controversy. For many Hispanics, their identity is not defined by the words "soy Latino," but "soy Cubano." The label of 'Hispanic-American' is created by 'America' -- immigrants from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Columbia, as well as Spain and other areas of the Hispanic world come from regions that may be just as culturally distinct as Germany is from France. However, while people do not think of European-Americans as a homogenous group, there may be a temptation to elide the differences between different Hispanic-American identities. It is important to honor the differences of different…. [read more]

Hispanic American Diversity Research Paper

… True Diversity of Hispanic-Americans

The recent controversy over illegal immigration has centered almost entirely on people of Hispanic descent, primarily those making their way into the country over the Mexican border. This centralized source of the controversy and attention towards Hispanic minority groups is perhaps one reason that the term "Mexican" has become essentially indistinguishable from the term "Hispanic" the way many people use it. This demonstrates a definite and indeed almost willful lack of understanding on the part of individuals who use the word so indiscriminately. While the United States' history and its current border with Mexico have led to a large number of Mexican-Americans living in the United States, they are far from the only Hispanic group that makes up a portion of…. [read more]

American Disabilities Act Essay

… American Disabilities Act

American's With Disabilities Act

In 1990 the United States Congress passed a body of legislation regarding the rights of disabled people in the United States. In 1995, Parliament signed a similar act into law also guaranteeing the rights of disabled people. Though each of the laws have been amended to various degrees since their initial implementation, there is still a great deal of room for improvement. Among the primary differences between the two pieces of legislation is the extensive structure and scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) relative to that of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA). Among the primary pitfalls of the ADA is its seemingly vague and relatively undefined language as well as several loopholes resulting from such…. [read more]

Cuban Americans Research Paper

… Cuban Americans

The relationship between Cuba and the U.S. involves a history of tension, and, in the recent decades, a history of Cubans struggling to leave their country for the states. The presence of a dictatorship in Cuba and the promise of a dream life in the U.S. are both reasons for Cubans wanting to leave their native country. While it had initially been difficult for Cubans to have financial success in the U.S. because of racial issues, discrimination has ameliorated in the last few years. Cubans gained thus more and more chances of achieving something in the American society.

People in Cuba did not express a passionate desire to immigrate into the U.S. previous to 1959, the time of the Cuban Revolution. The Basista…. [read more]

American Creative Industries Research Proposal

… American Creative industries - the Role of the American Film Industry in Globalization

The buzz word of today seems to be crisis - media coverage of the economic crisis emerged within the United States and expanded throughout the entire world is intensive. The efforts made in order to reduce the effects of the financial challenges are tremendous. What is often left out is the explanation of how the American problems came to impact the international players. The answer is a simple one - the forces of globalization. Globalization was indubitably the buzz word of the twentieth century, but what has to be remembered is that the force is not only present in the economic background, but that it affected a wide variety of social and…. [read more]

American Dream vs. God Research Proposal

… American & God's Dream

The American Dream and God's Dream: Are they Compatible?

Americans love to talk about the American dream. In fact, the belief that anyone in America can become a success is at the very heart of what it means to be American and feel patriotic, even if different Americans have different ways of defining that success. However, there is a central belief that hard work and perseverance can lead to success, because America is a land of limitless opportunities. Traditionally, the American dream was tied to economic gains: early immigrants fled their countries of origin to get to America, so that they could provide their families with new levels of economic security. In fact, many new immigrants to the United States consider…. [read more]

American Street Gangs Term Paper

… American street gang problem is one of a layered problem. The image f the American gangster has been glamorized by Americans, and shown to be one way, perhaps the easier way, of accomplishing the American dream. Unfortunately, as anyone living in a major American city like Chicago, Boston, or LA can tell us, there is nothing glamorous about bullets ripping through the paper thin walls of a housing development or finding your own child lying dead in the street before he or she has even reached puberty as a result of gangland violence. American street gangs have evolved, spreading now beyond the cities, to the suburbs and are now doing battle for the rural areas in order to expand the operations that feed the gangland…. [read more]

Latin American History as in Other Nations Term Paper

… Latin American History

As in other nations around the world, economic development and social justice tend to go hand in Latin America, as is evidenced by recent events in three countries.

With the recent transference of power in Cuba from Fidel Castro to his brother Raul, there are signs that restrictions that previously limited the freedom of Cubans under Fidel's autocratic regime will be lifted. Cubans are now able to purchase such items as mobile phones, DVD players, and computers. It remains to be seen whether Raul will manage to open up new economic possibilities for his country, which continues to struggle with poverty on a massive scale.

In recent years, Brazil's Growth Acceleration Program has led to positive growth in the country's economy. Whereas…. [read more]

American Moderns: Fashioning a New Term Paper

… These are human feelings happening in Whinesburg as they happen across the country. This story of her being aggressive and approaching him with the idea of romance just goes to show that even in a small town, there are smart, strong women who are not afraid to go after what they want in life. The feminist pillar counter-culture is present in the conservative culture. Really what this displays is that there is not any counter culture in America, just culture defined by people willing and wanting what they value most, love.


This paper asked one to examine the specific period of time after the Civil War and how the men and women born of these decades until the First World War created a new…. [read more]

Theodore Roosevelt's Foreign Policy Term Paper

… American History

Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policies concerning nations in Asia and Latin America has brought only benefits for the United States at the expense of the countries that his administration had taken advantaged of.

During his term, the United States' control of the Philippines in Asia illustrates how Roosevelt sought to control other nations by providing financial and military assistance to poor nations. His administration had been actively involved in providing aid to nations who are struggling to gain independents from their colonizers. Thus, in the Philippines, the U.S. fought with Filipinos against Spain; it assumed a similar role in controlling the Cuba, Puerto Rico, and even China. Furthermore, Roosevelt brokered an agreement with Japan regulating the entry of Japanese immigrants in the country, called…. [read more]

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